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La Luna Sangre

July 06,2017

Carla Jean‏ @DaeanHart
 Kathryn's has soft features but she can skillfully make her appearance&expression look fierce. Bravo Kath, bravo.#LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

béa‏ @thisisbeyuh
 i wasnt informed that LLS is a reunion for KN's movie/teleserye casts 😂

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 That shot of Malia is worthy of a big-screen moment. Shiteballs dude.
Just, bravo 👏 #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers
credit: @wayne_kyle26

Carla Jean‏ @DaeanHart
credit: @DaeanHart

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
OMG. BRAVO TECH TEAM 👏👏👏 #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

BerniceJennifer‏ @BerniceJennifer
 So many twists and turns! Expect the unexpected for each episode. #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 This show needs to release a no-lyrics OST ala Titanic.
The scores have been outstanding so far.  #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

ㅤ‏ @kxthniels
 Malia's focus reminded me of a scene from Wonder Woman. She is really a representation of a strong woman! #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

johnron p.‏ @JohnronP
 Kinda expected La luna sangre too be good, but not this good! to think that it just started, wow #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers
credit: @JohnronP

Carla Jean‏ @DaeanHart
 Malia's character is beautifully made. Kathryn's skill to portray her is pure talent. ✨ #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers
credit: @DaeanHart

johnron p.‏ @JohnronP
 what an episode. every scene. just wow. speechless. #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

Carla Jean‏ @DaeanHart
 When Malia feels she is alone&weary she always have the moon to rest her worries upon.✨🌕#LaLunaSangreMoonchasers

"Being a fan doesn't mean you were there from the beginning, it means you are willing to be there until the end"

“...And out of everyone, it just had to be you. It's hard to remember you're not a part of me anymore, you know?"

Val‏ @vfmnr
 Pag pinatay niyo si Victor Neri mag-aaklas talaga ako!

Carla Jean‏ @DaeanHart
 "Nagkita rin tayo ulit,kahit saang anggulo ka tignan...ang ganda mo pa rin." (Malia)

When in doubt, always be kind. You never know what is going on in someone else's life. #KindnessMatters

Flow Galindez‏ @FlowGalindez
 Ang ganda nung scene na nakatingin si Malia sa city tapos kumikidlat  #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers
credit: @FlowGalindez

------‏ @itislove25
 Ang ganda Nung scene ni Malia with lightning effect! 👏🏻

Wayo‏ @ThePJGulmayo
 That scene of Kathryn Bernardo with that epic thunder in the background is the highlight of tonight's episode. #LaLunaSangreMoonchasers
credit: @ThePJGulmayo

K‏ @kahrluhmei
 Kakilabot ng scene Malia. Para din naman talaga siyang kulog at kidlat. Dumadagungdong at nagbabadya ng pagbuhos; nagbabadya ng panganib.
credit: @kahrluhmei

July 07,2017

 ❤em ❤️‏ @emeerald26
 I think slowly her powers are coming out..ung fast reflexes nia sa nahulog na buko then now ung senses nia..

BerniceJennifer‏ @BerniceJennifer
 Malia won Eric over. I think he saw how brave she was and worthy to be called "itinakda" #LaLunaSangrePeligro

Julian Mauricio‏ @JulianMauricio
 That was another ~excellent episode. Can this serye run for two years or longer, please? Its quality is really amazing. #LaLunaSangrePeligro

BerniceJennifer‏ @BerniceJennifer
 Lil bro: "Kath will save the world!" With feelings! #LaLunaSangrePeligro

BerniceJennifer‏ @BerniceJennifer
 Oh my God Kaaaaaaath! #LaLunaSangrePeligro

Julian Mauricio‏ @JulianMauricio
 What if Malia's powers haven't manifested because her werewolf & vampire blood are fighting for dominance inside her? #LaLunaSangrePeligro
credit: @JulianMauricio

Julian Mauricio‏ @JulianMauricio
so #LaLunaSangrePeligro's Malia could very well be a werewolf-vampire hybrid. Let's see...

Julian Mauricio‏ @JulianMauricio  3h3 hours ago
If Gael dies because of Veruska's foolishness, I will NOT be pleased. I really love seeing my boy @iambryansantos_ on #LaLunaSangrePeligro!

Julian Mauricio‏ @JulianMauricio
 IDC if Malia has no powers. She's brave and has a strong sense of duty, like the actress who plays her. @bernardokath. #LaLunaSangrePeligro

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 Let's all prepare ourselves cos there will be deaths, it'll be an insult to the story if no one dies on that battle. #LaLunaSangrePeligro

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 Malia's powers are showing: quick reflexes, high sensory.
credit: @wayne_kyle26

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 She worked hard to get where is she is. There were no shortcuts for her.
That's why she's a BELOVED QUEEN #RespectKathryn

AJ‏ @wayne_kyle26
 Digital ang karma.
Underdogs are beloved by the masses, let that also be a rule to remember - hardselling leaves a bile taste in the mouth.

‏ @kxthniels
 “Malia, isang karangalan sa akin ang makasama ka sa laban.”
The Lunas have deep respect for her. #LaLunaSangrePeligro


‏ @kxthniels
 Malia's scenes are always so intense I forget to breathe. 😂 #LaLunaSangrePeligro

ƙῗᴤℌ⍲‏ @kiiisha25
 Ang ganda-ganda ni Malia friends noh? Iba talaga sya! 😍 #LaLunaSangrePeligro

Jinky Fabelico‏ @jinkyfab
 Ang ganda ng clean face ni Malia. #LaLunaSangrePeligro
credit: @jinkyfab

Rakizza Sibil‏ @rakizzasiibiil
 kathryn bernardo in la luna sangre represent the strong woman, who will do everything and sacrifice her life for her family and community☺

 Kathryn Bernardo! You're indeed an actress. You can do whatever genre, not just you can do it, BUT YOU ALWAYS NAILED THEM!! BRAVO!!

B‏ @fastidiouss  Jun 28
 Malia might have not transformed (yet), but Kathryn Bernardo has transformed from a child star to a versatile actress. Bravo.

‏ @sarsmjln
 Standing ovation, bow heads, round of applause & hats off for KATHRYN BERNARDO!! You nailed it again @bernardokath So proud of you❗️

MJ‏ @bonesmati
 Last thing I'll say-- the best were never the favorites.
JLC, Judy Ann Santos, Kathryn Bernardo.

Leonard Florida‏ @leonardfloridaj
Kathryn Bernardo is a true brilliant actress every now and then  #LaLunaSangrePeligro

Leonard Florida‏ @leonardfloridaj
Kathryn Bernardo literally can just nail every role with such high charisma and passion!  #LaLunaSangrePeligro

July 08,2017

Starmometer‏ @starmometer
 #KathrynBernardo portraying a mystical character in #LaLunaSangre is truly captivating. #LaLunaSangrePeligro

Mata ang unang nagmamahal, hindi baba pakshet

Lahat tayo inuuto ng mga artista! kailangan nila ang mga fans at support para sa kanilang mga project! Kung di kikita project nila goodbye showbiz! To keep the stardom, kailangan utuin ang mga fans di ba???

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