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She's freaking crazy !!!! So sad for the kids !!!

Looks like Brad Pitt is handling the breakup better

Jolie looks pale and unhealthy

Wonder if those students know they are being "taught" by a HIGH SCHOOL DROP-OUT? Way to go, LSE: pull in those celeb know-nothings to 'teach' in your formerly prestigious school!

allied by Brad Pitt ....hats off

Angelina is the one lie to DCFS and FBI and Angelina also let kids do what ever they want without consequences and Angelina has had the children be around her celebrity friends

What about the lies Angelina told to DCFS and FBI about Brad which is far worst for the children to hear their mother said than anonymous strangers online and lets not forget every Angelina Jolie fans have made some very vile comments on Brad Pitt

Will say, despite some of the crazy things he’s done (like marry Angie) Brad seems to be a whole lot more grounded and sensible than his ex-a GOOD thing for the kids Hope he is given chance to be there for those kids…

No Brad doesn’t talk to the Hollywood Lies or to the press

If he really wanted his kids to be normal he wouldn’t have given them Angelina Jolie as their mother.

He could have declined being at the ceremony because of the pending circumstances with his divorce but with class and perseverance he showed and his peers embraced him. Great job! He's still razor sharp. Don't let anyone take your joy away.

Pitt never lost it. He is it. Get your facts straight.

Brad Pitt never lost it at least in my book, best looking man in the world inside and out!!

well she is a bitch she can sleep with any man from whom she can get advantage

Stop acting like you do! Brad wanted it Private and she allowed the FBI to get involved! She didn't step in to stop them! She's never around for her children! She's a fake and a drunk!

 Oh now she's changing her tune, after the court of public opinion sided with Brad!

Antoinette Emily Yeah, so she airs here dirty laundry for all the world to see and get Brad investigated for child abuse! You got to be joking! What a mindless, silly cow!

Really. Jolie you were going to air all your dirty laundry to help think you got the upper hand
but Brad shut you down to protect the children's well being .You are a phoney

She's using the split to promote her film, all of a sudden she talks about it.

 She is after the sympathy card. The media & public do not need to know anything about their split. She should of stayed quiet. This says a lot about her & it's not good.

I don't like her, she is a home wrecker & she deserves what she gets!! She is just sewing what she reaped!!! Sooner or later it does come back at you!!!!

When things get tough she dumps her husband so now she feels sad oh well made your bed lie in it

It's all a lie can't believe anything that comes from her mouth now I'm so disappointed in her and now no longer a fan

No one will go see her movies anymore! Brad wanted privacy and visits with his children and she denied him that! She's Nothing! Maddox was most likely being a spoiled brat on the plane and this generation turns their parents in for parenting??? Seriously?! ENOUGH

 Keeping them from their father isn't what's best for a family

What a pathetic cow she is.

 She wasn't expecting everyone to support Brad.

I'm team Brad for what it's worth he's a great dad.

Attention Seeker!

Now Brad put away that knife behind your back!!! She did him wrong major league and was out to hurt him. I would keep one eye on her at all times!

She look like the type that would delete you un a minute. She's going to delete those kids too once there older, save this comment.

Seems she believes every woman behaves like her and sneaks around with married co stars...

Takes one to know one! She did "steal" someone else's husband after all, no wonder if she's paranoid

Marion Cotillard is a class act, and has risen above the stench that Angelina and Brad have generated between themselves.

I wonder why she'd feel another women would run off with her husband while filming a movie??

Hey Angelina, just because you have a long history of sleeping with married co-stars doesn't mean other women do...

Marion Cottilard is a Lady.leave her out of this dirt. .

Can't believe any other guy will be foolish enough to take on this complex woman & seemingly out of control kids!

What a p&ychotic woman she is!

I love Angelina but I always knew she had bunny boiler tendancies. Marian Cotilliard is a class act and I'm not surprised if Brad was attracted to her.

 I wouldn't be surprised if she starts an incestuous relationship with Maddox!

He is a true man

She jerked the Rug right out from under him - I hope he stays strong and doesnt get back in that web.

Brad..take the kids and run. She is a total nut case….nothing but psychotic. Run fast…

He's focusing on himself and keeping busy, trying to move on. He's staying strong! Love him!!hes soooo hot and great actor!

Wow they look so much alike Brad Pitt

Well seriously it’s Angelina….he should never trust her. Wacko! Good on him though for only thinking of the kids….she sure hasn’t been. Maybe now he can try to get his young daughter to look like a girl without crazy mom influences.

AJ is mean spirited and pathetic. Pitt will keep on contact with her but he won’t ever be freindly with a woman who falsely accused him of child abuse and called the FBI on him. What she did was downright wrong and dangerous.
She won’t ever be kind to him, because deep down he never truley loved her like he did with Jen.
We are most likely to see him back with Aniston then being pictured with Holie again.
Holie is done for and gone. She showed her true colors in this divorce.

LOL what lies!
Why would you love the person who made up nasty and vicious lies about you and called the FBI on you based on false things?
She is a vile human being!

If your wife,the mother of your children, tells the world you are a child abuser and feels your children aren’t safe alone with you, YOU WILL NEVER EVER FORGIVE OR FORGET THAT!!

I don’t think they will work it out. Angie I think is a control freak! I think things are her way or no way!
I think Brad will try to be kind for the kids sake but even though she’s over him she’s will want to control who he’s with because of the kids. Actually she just has to be in control. I believe Angies already looking ahead. The kids are old enough to say who they want to live with, except the 2 smallest ones.

Those are lies, he was cleared by several agencies, so nothing serious has happened. Angie wanted to vilify Brad, because she thought she would gain public sympathy. Big mistake, the public is no fool and won’t forget that she accused Brad falsely. I wonder how long she can play nice, this is not in her nature.

 Brad's talent doesn't get the recognition it deserves because he's so good-looking.

 Getting over her should be easy.

I'm glad Brad Pitt is no longer with her she was poison for him

 For what so she can finish what she started since she couldn't do it when she lied about abusing their children PLZZZ don't be an idiot she is no good and if I was him I would send her where the sun don't shine...

If he were smart, he wouldn't ever speak to her directly ever again.

 He didn't "take it on the chin." My opinion of him never changed. Always loved him, admire his film choices, and what he's done with PLAN B and the great, interesting and worthy films it produces. Her, not so much. The divorce move/investigation, "I love my family more," "drag everything private into public," looked like a p.r. move and made me side with him all the more. If it's true he wanted to live in one place with the kids, and not drag them all over the place, I'm with him.

Thursday, March 23, 2017


I would bet a million dollars, that if the public had taken her side and Brad has been crucified in the media, Angelina would not for any second show a single ounce of interest in speaking highly of or directly to Brad. She would still be 100% pushing the story of him being an abusive father who didn't deserve any custody, if he hadn't been so warmly greeted at the golden globes. She is a snake and only changing her actions because she wants to save her reputation. Sorry, Angie, it's too late - you exposed yourself as the vindictive sociopath that you've always been.

The week after this dumb globalist idiot preaches, there is a terror attack in London.

She said she want to take away the kids from him for the kids sake, now they talking because for the kids sake. I wonder how this thing works?

He looks better than I have seen him in years.

let it be known that the beauty/crazy ratio with Jolie has always been 1:4, means shes 4x crazier than she is hot

dont go back!!!! Shes only keeping you around cuz she cant make it on her own

Angelina Jolie distorted the history by a movie called “UNBROKEN” and forged a fact. “UNBROKEN” draws a Japanese soldier at the time of World War II like the devil of the cold-blooded brutality. The contents of “UNBROKEN” are all lies. As for the fact that a Japanese soldier at the time of World War II tortured to lobsterback with a U.S. soldier, there are none. “UNBROKEN” was able to decline the screening in a movie theater in Japan. It is because the content of the movie was content to plunge dignity of Japanese into by a lie clearly. Contents of “UNBROKEN” are things entrapping the dignity of the Japanese citizen, and the Japanese Government is angry very much. The Japanese Government thinks that prohibit entry in Japan in Angelina Jolie seriously. Angelina Jolie hates Japan, and most of Japanese think it to hate Japanese. And people disliking Angelina Jolie increase now in Japan. A Japanese nationalism group may prevent entry of Angelina Jolie if Angelina Jolie comes to Japan. And “UNBROKEN” did not become the software so far. However, it is going to finally become software in Japan. However, nobody buys the software of “UNBROKEN”. And nobody watches the software of “UNBROKEN”. Angelina Jolie wasted a production expense of the enormousness and time of the enormousness. “UNBROKEN” does not become the topic in Japan. Angelina Jolie is a super liar.

Why did it take you so long to realise, she's mad.

Why is he doing better? He is no longer around her and her toxic personality.

Headline: Is Brad Pitt Dating Again? Total Mislead. Story about nothing. Headline should be: Is Brad Pitt having a few old friends over? Gotta stop clicking on these stupid non-stories.

She is weird.

Don't be fooled by her again Brad, she cant be trusted, and those friends that are back in your life, they are important to you, they are the ones who have proved that they are truly loyal and supportive.

Dating after narcissistic abuse isn't easy. Best of luck to him.

Aniston is not part of the story stop trying to drag it out a decade later. You sound like lunatics.

Can't stand Jolie. Team Brad all the way.

Bradley is definitely the more likeable and friendly person. Angie actually scares me.

He's getting healthy again. He had definitely lost himself with her. That was easy to see.

She is a very difficult and hard woman who likes getting her own way. It must have been exhausting living with a person like that.

BP might be free but what about the kids? They should be released from their designated-at-birth roles of Mummy's Pap Mascots and be able to go to school and develop their own social circle instead of being dragged around the world for Mummy's humanitarian campaigns. Someone should start a campaign on kickstarter called Free the Jolie-Pitt Kids!

I'm pretty sure that the kids are his first priority right now, not a new woman. He's fighing for joint custody - and he'll get that - we all know she hates it that they have a father and she thinks they are hers, not theirs.

Angelina has tried smearing him but that didn't work. She is doing PR damage limitation now.

That sums it up, she is selfish self absorbed and so jealous of others that she even isolates her own children by dragging them round the world with her.

Angelina will throw temper tantrums when he has a new gf.

It will be handbags at dawn

Good to hear that he's happy again. He also looks very good again since the divorce announcement.

I think we would all be surprised how few true friends the world's 'A' listers have.

True friends are hard to find no matter your profession or fame status. If you have just one friend you can call at 3am to come and rescue you from somewhere you are lucky.

She's so fake.

Let you be lucky Brad in everything, I really respect you as an actor and I'm waiting for your triumph!

I love how DM simplifies it to ¿they both said bad things¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿¿.. I mean, SURRRREEEEE¿.she only falsely accused him of child a b use and sub stance ab use too, plus anger management issues and a drinking problem, fighting to deny him access to his children and prompting a several months long investigation by both dcfs and the fbi which ultimately cleared him of any wrong doing and declared him a fit and healthy parent¿¿¿¿¿¿¿.he basically said she¿s a pr w h or e¿¿¿yeah DM, totally DEFINETLY the same level there¿.

You can tell who's PR is paying the DM!!

i bet her kids can't stand her and write a tell all book someday.

this woman collects children. that is not the same as being a mother.

She is a snake, I don't trust her.

she falsely accused him of child and substance abuse and is fighting to take the children away from him. she made it all VERY public and played dirty - all of this very easily been settled using private judges from the start but AJ used the public court system and even opposed having the documents sealed, until she got major backlash and finally agreed over a month later. BP was investigated by multiple independent authorities and found clear of all charges, dcfs even stated they were "totally unsubstantiated" and would testify he was a fit and able parent who deserved custody in court. he also repeatedly tested negative for all substances (16 clean tests in a row!). it was also revealed that AJ had the divorce pre-planned - she had a secret house rented weeks prior which he new nothing about and a full legal team in place with papers already drawn up, so the assertion that it was because of some "incident" is BS anyway. he was left blindsided and scrambling to gather a legal team.

She's as calculating and manipulative as they come.

She's only speaking as she needs to repair her shattered image which matters more to her than Brad or the children. How does she get his consent for globe trotting if she continues as she has? She's just using him for her own ends, as usual. Hope he realises this and doesn't let her start gaslighting him again

She is a deranged woman, can't stand her.

 I wouldn't be saying a word to her if I was him.. No words for her at all after the way she dragged his name through the mud..

She is a nut case

Just let her go! She's a psycho!

Angelina needs help. She tried to ruin Brad.

She is disgusting

 He looks so much better these days.

 He really does!

 Beautiful man with beautiful heart ❤️

He looks way better

 Sexy man still

he is looking real good

 Think she got a clue that people know she is batshit cray cray and has to play nice now.

An additional source close to Jolie told ET on Thursday that "Brad is doing his thing and Angie is doing hers. They have both put the media drama behind them and are moving on."
After she threw her initial fit and accused him of abuse, involved the FBI, and released names of the children's psychiatrists, we don't forget you slore.

 Brad is better off without her

For what so she can finish what she started since she couldn't do it when she lied about abusing their children PLZZZ don't be an idiot she is no good and if I was him I would send her where the sun don't shine...

No Brad dont do it !! shes a snake !!

She's just not mentally stable.

A nasty split sickens you for some time at least he is taking time to heal

Worked with Jolie on her most recent film, First They Killed My Father. I will never work with or for her again. Complete narcissistic horror show. Certified.

She is a deranged woman, can't stand her.

People demonize her because she lied: accused Brad with abuse, but Brad was cleared by several agencies. This is not something the public forgets in a minute. Angie showed her true colors during the past months.

Yup finally his night mare is over, God bless him!

good for brad to have again the normal people around him after have live 12 years with mental illness angie

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

George Clooney's superfan has her eye on Brad Pitt



The only reason she is speaking to him is because she knows that all of Hollywood in the court of public opinion is on his side. She knows that treating him terribly is not boding well for her. He is the one that all of Hollywood respecate, not her, and treating him badly only isolates her more. Hollywood tolerated her only because she is Brad Pitt's wife. Now that she is not his wife they will not tolerate her at all so she needs him on her side. I have tremendous disrespect for her as a mother and person in the way she tried to damage him. Despite everything she tried to do to him he took the high road. #TeamPitt

Exactly, it was after the warm response hr received at the awards show that she suddenly decided to change her tune!

Brad needs to keep her at a distance.

By The Sea is a horrible movie, she was nothing but a drama queen in that one. She's a terrible director.

Brad needs to get his rights as a father properly reinstated and steer well clear of the manipulative Angelina.

She must be a nightmare to live with. In the end Brad will be happy that she ended their marriage.

Because shes realised she cant be nasty anymore everyone has turned against her. Cannot stand her

She's only speaking as she needs to repair her shattered image which matters more to her than Brad or the children. How does she get his consent for globe trotting if she continues as she has? She's just using him for her own ends, as usual. Hope he realises this and doesn't let her start gaslighting him again

More like a PR from her team no doubt. why would you announce to the world that you are talking with each other, for what to gain sympathy? to repair a damage broken image?

She's crazy! I hope he gets his kids and his parents and her dad help him raise them! She needs only visitation!, so right! but, we as commenters can't help... wish we cud!! love brad Pitt, great human being. Any not playing nice in the sandbox...

meant Ang. not playing nice in sandbox...

Look at her history! It's not rocket science!

If I had to choose who is more concerned about the welfare of the kids my vote will go to Brad. Hands down.

I wonder if she couldn't stand being married (as opposed to living with Brad) and used a situation as an excuse to get out of it. She seems more the type of person who prefers to keep her options open and who prefers to be completely in charge. I'm glad their situation is becoming stabilized.

I will be happy Brad, when you will be happy!

see told you it is from her TEAM it came out also on NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. the site that always praises angelina from day 1 of her divorce from brad. the same site that said that angelina doesnt need a publicist bcoz apparently she can manage her own PR/IMAGE well.

Why are the paps stalking him and publicizing his precise whereabouts to the world? Geez... give the guy a break.

Those definitely aren't "skinny jeans" and he's definitely not wearing a "hipster" uniform

He looks better without her

Highly doubt that he's hiding.

Hey kids you don't have to eat crickets. Dad will take you out for a good 'ol cheeseburger.

it's too much travel with Jolie. You could see they were tired.

She thinks she's "ALL THAT" and more. Nope, Angie, you're NOT. BRAD IS ALL THAT AND MUCH MORE.

He's doing the right thing. A lot of haters given his resources would self destruct. Power to him

Angelina is a witch!

Brad will be fine....everyday away from the Psycho Witch makes him stronger and smarter.......whew !  ....she is a bad load !

She screwed him over....   all he wanted was a family and now it has been taken away......

You have to remember, SHE, is, a Billy Bob throw away!

I used to think jolie was hot but now she looks like a freakazilla.  All I want from either of them is some decent acting in good movies,  I could care less about their dirty laundry or their political views.

He looks a lot healthier.

I usually don't comment about stars, but I really like Brad Pitt. Missouri guy. I'm a Missouri gal. He is a good guy, and a great Father. Very special talent, too.

He was caught up in her being a freaky deaky. And he's been looking real clean-cut for a change. Not trashy and rough like when he was with her. He always looked dirty when he was with Angelina.

Hes being railroaded. Legal teams need to move. Tragic for the kids.

Love him ❤Always my favorite!

Isn't he a dreamboat

Better off without her.

Allied was great no matter what the reviews said. Blown away when I saw it!

He looks so much cleaner and handsome now. He looked so rugged with her.

He looks better now that he's away from her he can start over

He looks better now than he has in years...

Angelina Jolie is a classic case of a severely mentally unbalanced woman. She would do her children a huge blessing by getting this treated and to not put her children in the middle against Brad. I am sure he's not a Saint but he has,stood by her all these years with her severe eating disorder. He's put up with more with her than anything she has had to deal with him.

I agree, she's done things that make me think she's got psychological and emotional problems. Fame can mess u up. I think he stood by her for years through all her issues. Eating Disorders cancer scares whatever. The public will never know exactly what happened to make her file but, bottom line He deserves to spend time and have a good relationship with his kids.

Not to mention her daddy issues. And her low self-esteem which is why she purposely uses her sensuality to take other women's husbands.

Angie wanted kids she really needs to let them have a solid home life with access to both parents. If her home base was LA the kids could see their Hrandfather, Uncle, Dad and it would be easier for Brads parents and siblings to visit. Instead of bouncing from country to country all the time. I think her charity work is honorable but she should put the kids needs first.

He actually looks a lot better!!!!

I'm surprised that Angelina would go this far to put her kids in the middle of her and Brad's divorce. I don't understand what happen between them but I believe she went too far with it....especially if there was no evidence that Brad did anything wrong. I'm proud of Brad staying out of Angelina's way and not responding in public to what was going on (as MANY celebrities "don't do"). He kept himself busy, occupied and out of the spotlight during this whole incident. I wish Brad well.... I truly like him. And, I wish the best for the kids that they don't have any impact on their lives. Looking forward to seeing Brad's next film..

He looks so healthier

I think Jolie has done a rotten number on him for whatever her reasons. I very much doubt he has ever been a bad father.

He looks better without Jolie... My favorite always

He looks healthier & refreshed.

I think it was time for the other side of the story don't you. Angelina's campaign to make Brad the "bad guy" was pathetic. I feel sorry for their children to have a mother who is so manipulative.

Men are far too often restricted from their children after a break-up. The equality for father's rights within our court system is laughable. Meanwhile mothers become professional victims and rally for control over the children due to their own personal fears of inadequacy.
The truth is Angelina calls Brad a good dad; however, she remains to be the most prevalent obstacle in the way of Brady's parenting time!

Can't stand anything about her. Her fake teaching gig and her acting on screen are both awful.

I just can't stand her anymore.

I used to like her, even defended her but this divorce made me realize how fake she is.

Maybe she has finally realized that she's nothing without the brand Brangelina.

I hope Brad will find a great woman he can grow old with at his Chateau Miraval.

He looks really good since he's single - started to take care of himself again.

I'd really like to know what kind of things Angelina says about Brad to her kids. We all know she hates it that they have a father and she thinks they are hers, not theirs.

You are yesterday's news, Angelina.

she absolutely 100% does care what hollywood and the public think of her - neurotically so. no one tries to manipulate their image as much as she does. and as for the's not just hollywood and the public that will take his side - courts will too. she has no legal basis to stand on and her demands for sole custody are completely unreasonable and unjustifiable. especially in comparison to his demands for joint custody co-parenting. his win on that front is a given. it's just a matter of officiating the specific details of how that custody will be divided that will take some time.

she's only speaking to him due to public backlash

she thought she had the public on her side when she went public with the divorce but she thought wrong, that's why the 180. She was always so worried about privacy and always chose where and when to be found by the paparazzi- she chose to make the divorce public, she chose it all and it backfired on her.

Highly doubt that he's hiding.

i hope Brad doesn't take her back. she is vicious and selfish.

What was she thinking when she started a war on Brad? She can't undo what she has done. dumbazz. I have seen her true color, I won't believe a word she says.

She figured out that the public turned against her and despite her PR driven tours and being guest lecturer, public still wasn't budging. Gasp! She needs Brad. So now, they're "talking". Feel bad for the kids. All this push-pull and moving from one place to another must be taking its toll on them.

He won't take her back. He just wants to have good relationship with kids.

She's been advised to talk to him and make peace for the sake of her own PR image. Damage done with the general public though.

Good for them. When you have kids in the situation, you should always try to keep things civil

This divorce opened my eyes, never thought Angelina could be so vile to Brad or anyone, I used to be her fan, I thought she had a big kind heart to anyone. I was wrong. I am sad to see her true color, she pretended well for a long time. Brad please don't ever take her back. I hope all men stay away from her.

Love u. Brad Pitt😘

Good for him. I bet he'll come through this stronger than ever.

❤❤❤ he looks great


Oh spare us with the lies and Angelina has six nannies for her children and her PR team already admitted Angelina is the one who made up lies about Brad and no Angelina dones't have support worldwide lol

oh please...that's not what Americans think. She's a manipulative witch who tries to control Hollywood and uses her kids as pawns. She is unstable, wears vials of blood and has had breakdowns. Doesn't care about Hollywood? I'm sure all actors who "don't care about Hollywood" move on to directing.

Just be careful Brad. You never know about Jolie. It might be a setup to throw more accusations about you. Not to be trusted.

He has his family who live outside Hollywood. His parents live in middle America and understand what is going on. I am glad his family has values.

i think ms jolie was hoping that her allowing the public to think her husband abused their children would be a PR winner that would allow her to relocate with the children. when that became counter productive she had to change tack. i think the american people are very suspiecious of her actually.

Brad needs to dump Angelina as quickly as possible and get that divorce.

Self-absorbed Angelina sees her biggest trouble/problem every the mirror......

The  faster Brad is rid of her the better.  She pretends to be a good mother.  Every time a camera is near she holds the children's hands and smiles at them.  The rest of the time is nannysville.
Hope Brad enjoys his new hobby sculpting---

He got with a woman who was ok with destroying at least 2 other marriages besides his....Here's your sign.....


Why so Angelina can make up more lies about him that be worst than lies she made about him last year?

it is from her TEAM it came out also on NEW YORK DAILY NEWS. the site that always praises angelina from day 1 of her divorce from brad. the same site that said that angelina doesnt need a publicist bcoz apparently she can manage her own PR/IMAGE well. She's been advised to talk to him and make peace for the sake of her own PR image.

Dont fall for it Brad......Remembered she played an evil witch!

Lets just say I don't think she needed to dig very deep into her psyche to access all of those ugly backstabbing selfish destructive impulses to play an evil witch her childhood into twenties was full of it. Brad should be nice its what the kids need but always be smart play offense from here on out record everything and always have a witness around her never drop your defences to do so would be naive you have seen how ugly she can false accusations the full smear campain so now proceed acordingly.

Run for your life, Brad!!!!

Jolie is what she is, a user of people masked with a nun's exterior own it Angie

She is doing such because she does not want him with anyone else..She knows how much the kids mean to him..Don't do it Brad..She already put your business out there when their was no need to...Stay by yourself and enjoy life with your kids!

I would not talk to her.

Run brad, you will never have a healthy relationship with mental illness jolie

Now they are talking because after she ghosted Brad she realized public opinion was going against her because she was keeping the kids from seeing Brad. She seems very selfish. Hopefully, for the kids sake, they are talking and Brad gets 50% custody. He loves his kids.

Attention seeker? Is she? Uuuhm??? You are right!!!

Yes Angelina did indeed destroy two relationships one Billy Bob Thornton was engaged to Laura Dern when him and Angelina hook up and the Angelina sunk her claws into Brad while they're filming Mrs and Mrs Smith

She screwed him over....   all he wanted was a family and now it has been taken away......

Brad will be fine....everyday away from the Psycho Witch makes him stronger and smarter.......whew !  ....she is a bad load !

True. I don't even believe they are speaking to each other but Jolie needs the public to think that she wants what's best for the kids. I don't believe anything about the kids' well being registers for her at all.
There is a big difference between a few words in a press release and actually walking the talk. The obvious example is how Jen Garner has handled things with Affleck. Clearly, she truly does want what's best for her kids. I'm very glad to see that Affleck finally seems to have gotten on board with doing what he needs to do. Regardless of whether he and Jen can reconcile, it's clear that she has been committed to him as the father of her kids. This is a couple that I could see splitting and actually having a genuine love and concern for each other.

Angelina is the aggressor in all of her relationships. She is shameless in her actions and innuendo. Don't forget how she was rubbing on Colin Farrell during the Alexander interview. SHE has never had her name attached to someone who was not in a relationship already. The entire set saw that set up. She was going to his trailer...Maddox was in hers.

 Angelina Jolie chased him and seduced him, even training Maddox to call him "Daddy".

 I want her exposed for the fraud she is.
Love doesn't need to be perfect; 
It just needs to be true.

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