Saturday, October 21, 2017

Kim Feel - Like Being Shot | 김필 - 총 맞은 것처럼 [Immortal Songs 2]


October 21, 2017

Jolie doesn't look well at all and just look at her arms/hands - her wrist is so thin and those veins are scary. She has zero body fat, she's only skin and bones now. Jolie used to be pretty but she's not aging gracefully.

Her huge fake stripper torpedo tits look ridiculous on her anorexic body.

inflated breast + flat arse + oversized dress + a harsh pasty white face + slithery grandma lips = Angelina Jolie

AJ is aging badly and the veins on her arms and hands are getting worse.

I watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith two weeks ago, looks like two different women now, she bought herself a new face since that movie.

Not looking good now.... was lovely and few years ago...

She used to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, and now. Meh.

She doesn't have a clue how to dress herself or the kids, but she is a master at breaking up relationships. This female does not like woman.

One of the most sanctimonious irritating people on the planet.

She looks like an old woman. That dress does not for her.

There are much more beautiful actresses and people than she. Her PR for years inspired the world with lies and nonsense about St. Angelina.

Virtually makeup free? In what world? Essex?

Haha that made me laugh :)

OMG What is happening to her? She has lost muscle & hair. It's just skin & bones and her hairline has receded. She needs to go to a nutritionist.

Yes she is not looking good. And her hair is usual u a warm brown, now it looks like is dyed black.

Angelina doesn't look well.

Gosh she's not looking great ... looks a bit fragile in more ways than one

She looks skeletal

She needs to eat some food her wrists are so thin, it¿s also ageing her

This is not a good look for her - she looks emaciated and ill. A new stylist plus a few hearty home cooked meals wouldn't go amiss!

It's official, Angie Jo looks old.

She looks absolutely exhausted, poor lady.

Dear god, give her a HAMBURGER!

Little Vivienne is the most sad child I have ever seen. She's adorable but always looks so troubled.

Vivienne always looks stressed and unhappy. Jolie looks like a walking skeleton, and much older than her years.

Vivienne looks miserable!

Vivienne looks really sullen.

It always struck me that when Shiloh and Zahara were little, she bonded with Zahara and never quite seemed to bond with Shiloh. I feel sorry for Shiloh. She seems like a lost child.

Never thought she'd turn out to be so dull.

Yeah....her children are her everything. That's why she subjected them all to a CPS investigation because she was insecure Brad was cheating on her.
And before you Angelina zombies defend her.....CPS found absolutely NO abuse. None. Zero. Zilch.
And if you want to argue otherwise....provide a credible link or stfu.

Angelina looks so frail !..her arms and legs are so small you can see all her veins in her arms!..she needs some nutrition !

 I believe she fills their heads with lies

She loves her biological and adopted ones more than Brad. Poor Brad.

Weird how everyone comes out the woodwork at once

"My acting career is going into the toilet and I need to get my face an brand (name) back in he public eye. So my PR people and agents say this is the best bandwagon to jump on (it failed with Cosby and Trump but should work this time)."

No sympathy at all, it seems that at a time when they agreed to this act it suited them , otherwise why would they wait to talk about it for so many years. An attacker should be stopped there and then ,not keep quite beacause it’s in their own interest

Why didn't you speak up? So it's okay to kick Tim Allen off ABC because of his political views because we all know his show had great ratings, but you Hollywood hypocrites just push everything under the rug and NOW you want our fact we are laughing at you right now. Not because you were victimized but because you said nothing when it happened (afraid your pocket book would shrink). I wouldn't trade places with these people for an hour. I'd rather live paycheck to paycheck knowing I come home to a family that loves me and friends that love me for who I am.

Why wasn't it mentioned at the Women's March? They are responsible for any and all victims that came after them. Morally and ethically if not legally. That's some phony feminism and impowerment right there. 
I wonder which victim and sob story will be on the cover of People magazine first? I'm not buying it but I never do.

Holy c*ap the floodgates for the most vile people in hollywood are being released,keep em coming

Oh here we go, all the dirty liberal Hollywood elite slappers are jumping on the bandwagon now for a bit of free publicity.

I am sorry but for these women I have a hard time feeling bad for them. They've thanked him for their Oscars, been photographed with him, etc. and said nothing so they could advance their own careers instead of doing what was right and keeping it from. The pictures tell everything, Kidman hugging him,Paltrow kissing him,Streep calling him God. They all wanted him, he gave them their roles, movies, awards.

These nasty women should have spoken up sooner rather than benefiting from this man's influence.

Yet they said nothing about it, despite having a platform to stop a sexual predator. They opted instead to complain about microagressions from men who have never interacted with them. Hypocrites find no sympathy here

but not one word about it before. You are all hypocrites. You let him do it because you wanted the fame. I don't feel one bit of pity for you at all. Because none of you spoke up at that time, he continued the behavior. How many other directors/producers do this to women and how many do it to the children (A LOT I BET) Pedophilia runs rampant in Hollywood and they know it!

she looks so sad.. her wrists look so thin and she just looks kind of sick and malnourished here..

Am i the only one to think that she doesnt look good in the pic!. And tht dress looks like it belongs in a convent.....just saying..

Brad Pitt can never doubt his paternity. Wow!

Angelina is beautiful but she looks ill. She just looks unwell.

I agree, Angelina looks sickly, she is too thin. Take cate of yourself first.

Oh, I adopt black children and I steal white women's husbands !! The bitch is back !!!

Woah, Angelina’s new boobs look HUGE! Easily a DD? I hope she starts doing action movies again, although not sure how mobile she’ll be with those beasts on her chest.

She looks like a meth addict with boobs

Both her biological daughters are dressed like boys why

Can she not dress her like a little girl??!!

ugggg go away far far away

Now all she needs is one of the kids to be transgender then she will be the face of the perfect Hollywood family 

wow! looks like her other daughter is transgender too now?...this is what happens when you confuse kids!

Andelina look like Caitlyn Jenner

It's official, Angie Jo looks old.


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