Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Drug Tests, Therapy & More! Brad Agrees To Strict New Custody Deal

By Alex Hammer
Dec 5, 2016

Brad Pitt is going above and beyond to make sure he has a relationship with his kids! has learned that the father to Maddox, 15, Pax, 13, Zahara, 11, Knox and Vivienne, 8, and Shiloh, 10, has agreed to a strict new custody deal with Angelina Jolie.

Pitt and Jolie signed off on the deal on October 26, but it was just signed by an LA judge on December 2, Radar has learned. Court documents obtained by Radar spell out the family’s new reality.

Jolie will continue to have full physical custody of the kids for now, the documents state, but Pitt “shall continue to have agreed upon therapeutic visitation with the minor children. The frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitations shall be determined by” a team of doctors.

Meanwhile, Pitt “shall continue to participate in individual therapy a minimum of one time per week for no less than 50 minutes each session,” and also “shall continue to participate in group therapy a minimum of one time per week,” the documents state. He must provide proof of his participation as well.

Pitt will also take part in family sessions alongside Jolie and their kids, and the kids will have individual sessions too according to the documents.

At the same time, the documents state that he has agreed to “continue to submit to random drug and alcohol testing,” not more than once a week and and least four times a month.

As Radar reported, Jolie, 41, filed for divorce on September 20, amid claims Pitt, 52, had verbally or otherwise abused the children. After an investigation by the FBI and the LADCFS, Pitt was cleared of all allegations.

As this latest deal was just a temporary agreement, the custody battle is still ongoing.

Story developing.

not and source: RADAR ONLINE


12/7/2016 5:40 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Brad Pitt is going to court to keep his custody war with Angelina Jolie private, and sources connected with Brad say his motivation is to thwart her from further damaging their children by airing their dirty laundry in public.

Sources connected to the case tell TMZ ... Brad filed docs Tuesday in family court, requesting an emergency hearing. We're told he intends to ask the judge to seal all documents and proceedings related to his and Angelina's ongoing battle for custody of their 6 kids.

Several sources say Angelina filed the documents because she feared Brad was angling to change their temporary agreement so that he could have unmonitored visits with the children. We're told Angelina is relying on the family therapist, who says it's too early for Brad to have unmonitored visits -- but she does want him to have solo visits ... once the therapist signs off.

Sources connected with Brad, however, are calling BS ... saying the only document filed in the case is the one Angelina blasted out to the world ... exposing their 6 children to needless pain. Our Brad sources say there was no reason for Angelina to file a private agreement, and make it public other than to trash Brad and make the children collateral damage.

We're told he has made NO move to change the private agreement that was always meant to remain private -- and he feels by gratuitously making it public the way Jolie did ... it's evidence she's a bad parent.

Brad will get his shot within a few hours to argue the case should remain private. We're told the emergency hearing is slated for Wednesday morning.

not and source: TMZ

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Angelina Jolie’s voluntary child custody agreement becomes public, leads to questions about motives

 December 6, 2016

Angelina Jolie’s decision to publish her voluntary child custody pact with Brad Pitt in a new family court filing has sparked questions about her motives.

One source called the public paperwork gratuitous and harsh while another said the “Maleficent” star might be laying the groundwork for her next move in the couple’s shock divorce.

“It is another example of (Jolie) using a public filing or statement to use the children as a weapon against Brad, who has remained silent,” one source told the Daily News Tuesday.

“This is the exact same temporary voluntary agreement reached back in September. Nothing has changed,” the source said.

The agreement filed by Jolie includes a signature from Pitt dated Oct. 26.

It formally confirms details previously leaked to the media – including Pitt’s agreement to submit to random drug and alcohol testing.

“The random testing shall not exceed one time per week and there shall be a minimum of four tests every thirty days,” the filing obtained by The News states.

It says, “pending written agreement of the parties or further order of the court, petitioner (Jolie) shall have physical custody of the minor children.”

Pitt, meanwhile, will “continue to have agreed upon therapeutic visitation with the minor children,” it states.

“The frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitation shall be determined by Ian Russ, Ph.D,” it continues. “Dr. Russ shall at all times consider the best interests of the minor children.”

The six-page filing states Pitt is participating in individual and group therapy each week and that Jolie, Pitt and the kids “shall continue to participate in conjoint sessions.”

Jolie, 41, filed for divorce from Pitt, 52, in September after two years of marriage.

As The News previously reported, Jolie pulled the plug after Pitt allegedly fought with their 15-year-old son Maddox during a flight home from France.

Sources said Pitt did not physically harm Maddox and only wants the best for his kids.

Both the FBI and the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services investigated the incident and cleared Pitt without changes.

“Assuming this (filing) wasn’t necessary, I would cry foul,” Alexandra Leichter, a family law attorney and private judge in Beverly Hills, told The News Tuesday.

But Leichter said Jolie could be gearing up for something coming soon.

“If they think he is violating the agreement, they need to have this entered with the court to complain. This doesn’t become an order until the judge signs it,” she explained.

Jolie’s filing on Friday asks Judge Kathleen O. Diesman to sign the stipulated agreement, which would make it an order and subject the parties to possible contempt rulings if they violate it.

“Another reason might be they want an order modifying agreement,” Leichter said. “Other than that, this might just be to make (Pitt) crazy. To make him angry and upset.”

not and source: NEW YORK DAILYNEWS

Angelina Jolie advised to claim Brad Pitt abused son: report

December 6, 2016

Angelina Jolie reportedly accused Brad Pitt of abusing one of their children in order to obtain full custody of the six kids and move to London to land her dream job, a new report claims.

Jolie, 41, has been receiving advice from two women in England — one in the House of Lords and another UK government official — who suggested she should get the Division of Child and Family Services (DCFS) involved in order to be granted full custody and move the kids to London so she could work for the United Nations full-time, according to TMZ.

DCFS has investigated Pitt over claims he got drunk and became violent towards the couple's eldest son Maddox, 15, while on a private jet in September. However, a source told the Daily News that the "Fight Club" star got into a verbal argument with his son, but was never physically abusive.

Pitt was ultimately cleared by the FBI and DCFS, who both concluded there was no evidence of child abuse.

But that hasn't stopped the "Maleficent" star from pursuing her plan to score a top position in the UN and move all six of her children to London.

The two women, who Jolie has allegedly been paying for their consulting services, have both reportedly convinced her that she could become Secretary General of the UN.

The longtime actress already holds the position of Special Envoy to the United Nations Refugee Agency after having served as a Goodwill Ambassador from 2001-2012.

A rep for Jolie told TMZ that there are no plans to move and that the actress is focused on keeping the kids in therapy with Pitt as part of their custody agreement.

Currently, Pitt is fighting Jolie in family court for joint custody of the brood, while Jolie is asking for primary custody while allowing her ex-husband visitation.

not and source: NEW YORK DAILYNEWS

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Angelina Jolie 'planning to move to London with her six children for dream job at the U.N.' as divorce battle with Brad Pitt continues

6 December 2016

Angelina Jolie has big plans for her life after divorce, according to a new report.

The actress is said to be planning to move to London to pursue her ambition to land a top job at the United Nations.

TMZ report that Angelina wants to make a permanent move to the UK with her six children, which is why she is fighting for sole custody during her divorce battle with Brad Pitt.

The report claims that Angelina, already a Special Envoy to the United Nations, believes a move to London will help further her prospects at the U.N.

Sources have alleged that Brad and Angelina's problems started over a year ago, way before her divorce filing in October, and Angelina has been 'looking for an opportunity to end the marriage' and pursue her career in London with the couple's children.

Any move would of course depend on the custody decision.

Angelina has reportedly been relying on the advice of two close friends in London - William Hague's former colleagues Arminka Helic, 48, and Chloe Dalton, 37, who have even told her she could become Secretary General of the U.N.

TMZ allege that Helic and Dalton even advised Angelina to involve L.A. County Dept of Child and Family Services officials regarding Brad's alleged altercation with son Maddox on a private jet, a case which has since been closed by the DCFS and FBI.

Representatives for Pitt and Jolie have been contacted by MailOnline for comment.

Previous reports have claimed that Brad was keen to make their marriage work but branded his estranged wife Angelina's friends Helic and Dalton a 'coven' after he felt she had been 'brainwashed by her inner circle.'

The Sun has reported that Brad, 52, did not like former Bosnian refugee Arminka's meetings with his wife.

A source told the paper: 'Brad sees the women as a coven. He was furious at some of Arminka’s decisions, [who were brought in to handle her public image - he is also said to have disagreed with some of the advice she gave regarding their staff.]

'He felt she and Chloe, who seemed to travel everywhere with the family, were brainwashing Angelina from the start. The rows they had at the London house were legendary. It was utter carnage.

'They have always made decisions together — suddenly it was Angelina making them with her two advisers. He felt he was married to a politician all of a sudden.'

A source told Daily Mail's Alison Boshoff that Lady Helic is ‘smart, strong, and impeccably loyal’, adding that she is Angelina’s ‘assistant, adviser and best friend’.

Angelina watched Lady Helic be admitted to the House of Lords in 2014. They often travel together; recent trips include a visit to the International Criminal Court in the Netherlands and one to Burma at election time last summer.

Boshoff adds that the baroness’s place in Jolie’s inner circle is so central that she was with her at the moment the news of her divorce became public.

She adds: 'Officially, her job is to head Angelina’s charity Jolie Pitt Dalton Helic, known as JPDH.

'It is named after Angelina, Lady Helic and the peer’s friend Chloe Dalton, who writes speeches for the organisation.'

'Set up in London in the spring of 2015, JPDH works on issues from women’s rights to refugees, health, education and violence against women.

'Lady Helic and Dalton are said to be paid £300,000 a year — thought to be around triple what they were previously paid as special advisers to Hague.'  

The 41-year-old Maleficent actress filed new court documents this week that detail when the 52-year-old Allied actor will see the kids after the shock September split of the two stars.

According to TMZ, it will be up to one therapist to decide whether Pitt can see the kids or not. It was also mentioned in the papers that the actor will still have to undergo random drug and alcohol testing four times a month. And it was added both Angelina and Brad will have to do group therapy with their kids.

A judge signed off the papers on Friday.

Ian Russ has been named as the psychologist who will decide when Pitt can see 15-year-old Maddox, 12-year-old Pax, 11-year-old Zahara, 10-year-old Shiloh, and eight-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne.

In the documents it was revealed the 'frequency and conditions of the therapeutic visitation shall be determined by Russ.'  Pitt's rep had no comment.

It was already claimed in October that Brad must have therapy sessions with the children, but in this new document it was clearly outlined that only one man will be making that decision. This is the first time the psychologist has been named.

It is also new that the actors, who wed in 2014, are still being asked to do group therapy sessions with the children. It is not known yet if they have done even one.

TMZ added the terms of this deal must stay in place until there's a court order, or both parents agree to change it.

As far as Brad's drug and alcohol tests, he must submit to them at least four times a month, according to the documents. He already did a drug and alcohol test after the split and the results were negative, according to TMZ.

The Salt actress filed for divorce from her Mr And Mrs Smith and By The Sea co-star on September 19 after a fight during a flight from France into the US.

It was reported by TMZ he either slightly struck or tried to strike their eldest son Maddox, who she adopted before she met Pitt.

The FBI and the DCFS became involved and launched an investigation. Both investigations have since ended.

Jolie's rep said the actress was 'relieved' that the investigation had concluded.

'Angelina said from the beginning that she felt she had to take action for the health of the family and is relieved that after their eight-week involvement, the DCFS is now satisfied the safeguards are put in place that will allow the children to heal,' the statement read.

Angelina still has primary custody of the children.

not and source: DAILYMAIL

Angelina Jolie Angling for London with Kids and U.N.'s Top Job ... Sources Say

 12/6/2016 1:00 AM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Angelina Jolie has an endgame in her claims Brad Pitt abused one or more of their children -- she wants to move to London with the kids and score a top position in the United Nations ... sources connected with the couple tell TMZ.

Several well-placed sources say Brad and Angelina have not gotten along for more than a year, and she's been looking for an opportunity to end the marriage and bolt for her dream job ... with all 6 children in tow. We're told she knew that would be nearly impossible unless Brad's right to joint custody was in jeopardy.

As we reported ... Angelina told L.A. County Dept of Child and Family Services officials Brad brutalized Maddox on a private jet and engaged in other conduct that endangered the children. We know Brad strongly denied intentionally striking Maddox or engaging in any abuse, and DCFS clearly saw it his way ... closing out the investigation without taking any action.

Our sources say Angelina's move to involve DCFS was orchestrated by 2 women she's been relying on for advice for more than a year. One is a member of England's House of Lords, and the other also holds a U.K. government position. We're told they've been in Angelina's ear, convincing her she could become Secretary General of the U.N. if she plays her cards right.

Angelina, who has been paying both women handsomely for their consulting services, is all in and taking their cue that a move to London would help get her closer to the U.N. gig.

The rub, of course, is in order to take her kids out of the country ... she'd have to prove some sort of parental unfitness on Brad's part. So far she's struck out.

Jolie's rep denies there's a move planned and says Angelina is focused on the health and well being of her children. The rep adds, Angelina wants to continue therapy with the kids and Brad.

Our sources are clear and insist Europe and the U.N. post is the ultimate goal.

The custody war is now in family court -- she wants sole physical custody and he wants joint. We're told Angelina has a slim to none chance of taking the kids 6,000 miles away from Brad.

not and source: TMZ