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look at the difference this creepy brother is in love with her sister. she can deny that all she wants but his actions is so the opposite of that. up to now he is still not married. he follows her sister like a dog. she's the one that started this evil game anyways the moment she filed for divorce she and her "team" had been slandering brad's name, making him a monster and making him a bad person but sorry that will never ever happen. we know the truth, we clearly see who's lying and not. #teambrad

Angelina wanted an open marriage and to move to Britain to become the new Princess Diana, reveals the biographer who predicted her divorce

PUBLISHED: 22:28 GMT, 24 September 2016

  • Angelina wanted to move to Britain to pursue her political ambitions
  • She wanted to take the children and to have an open marriage with Brad
  • When he rejected the idea, Jolie reportedly flew into a terrifying rage 
  • Ian Halperin, the author of 'Brangelina, the Untold Story,' tells all here

When the end came, it was vicious and vituperative. Six days before the hotly disputed events aboard Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s private plane – when the allegedly inebriated actor is said to have verbally abused his 15-year-old son Maddox – Angelina said she wanted to talk in the airy living room of their sprawling mansion in the Los Feliz hills, with its panoramic views of Hollywood far below.

With their marriage in turmoil, the 41-year-old actress had, she said, worked out a plan. She would take their six children to live in Britain – increasingly the base for her charitable and political work as a United Nations Special Envoy for Refugees – while Brad would remain in Los Angeles to work on his film career.

To the outside world they would remain a happily married couple, she added. But each would be free to pursue whatever liaisons took their fancy. Furthermore, Brad would be able to see the children whenever he wanted to.

When Brad said his wife’s proposal was absolutely unacceptable, the famously volatile Jolie flew into a terrifying rage. In an instant, all the many fault lines in their tempestuous relationship were laid bare.

There were, friends say, allegations of infidelity on both sides, poisonous barbs from each of them about the other’s obsession with work. Most furious of all was the screaming row about the fate of their children, to whom Pitt is said to be devoted.

As has happened many times before, Brad is said to have struggled to cope with the sheer, frightening force of Angelina’s volcanic temper. He retreated to his room and locked himself in, leaving her beating the door with her fists and shouting for him to come out.

At the heart of the extraordinary confrontation was Angelina’s burning desire to move to Britain and devote herself to her wholly laudable political career, which has seen her campaign against violence against women in war zones, for the education of women in the developing world, and to ease the plight of the world’s millions of refugees.

She wanted to set up a permanent base at the couple’s rented £15,000-a-month home in Surrey, send the children to school in Britain, and pursue her ambition to continue the work of the late Princess Diana, whose life and role of champion of the landmine victims and AIDS sufferers she has studied in minute detail.

Furthermore, she has become obsessed with emulating her friend and mentor, Baroness Arminka Helic, by gaining a seat in the House of Lords as a platform from which to widen her campaigning work, and is prepared to give up her American citizenship to do so.

One friend even suggested that Angelina harboured a secret ambition to marry into the Royal Family, saying: ‘Prince Andrew is on her radar.’

When the family travelled to France last week, Brad believed the storm had passed. But Angelina was merely biding her time.

She had secretly consulted her lawyers, who told her there was only one way she could ever execute her plan: she needed to make sure by any means possible that she gained full legal custody of the children.

The best way to do that, Angelina decided, was to drag her husband’s name through the mud in the most damaging way possible by alleging he had harmed the children. Hence the headlines that Brad had physically abused Maddox on the return flight after he ‘got drunk and went wild’.

Brad’s friends say the actor was ‘crushed and devastated’ when he was hit by the double whammy of being served with divorce papers and simultaneously by allegations of drunkenness, violence to his son and an affair with French actress Marion Cotillard – rumours she has denied.

American newspapers have also reported that Angelina was fed up with her husband’s marijuana use. Friends say Brad may indeed have been drunk on the flight (and the FBI, which has jurisdiction over offences committed in mid-air, is making inquiries into the episode to see whether there is a case to answer), but would never have hit any child, let alone his son.

‘Brad is a pacifist,’ says one of his oldest friends. ‘He always shied away from confrontations with Angelina and is a devoted father. He is the one who plays with the children, not her.’

The friend adds that Brad was determined not to follow Angelina into the mud-slinging gutter.

‘He has always said he wants to take the moral high ground. ‘Whenever they have had “sell the house” arguments before, he has always pressed for them to go into mediation, divide their assets amicably, and agree to share the custody of the children before announcing to the world that they had gone their separate ways.

‘That’s why Brad feels so bereft and betrayed now. He can’t believe she is trying to trash his name and reputation because he has always said, despite the advice of his lawyer, that he would never bad-mouth the mother of his children.’

Despite the seismic shock among their Hollywood friends at the sudden and bitter nature of their split, few who – like me – have studied the evolution of the Brangelina phenomenon for more than a decade will be surprised that they are going their separate ways.

Another point of conflict was the role played by Angelina’s brother James Haven, whom she was memorably pictured kissing on the lips on the red carpet at the Oscars, prompting her to deny their relationship was incestuous.

Haven is said to be paid ten per cent of her earnings to act as the family’s full-time nanny – a role Brad is said to resent.

They rowed, too, about the way that Angelina liked to drag the children around the world. Brad, and his worried parents, believed the children should be given a more settled upbringing with regular schools and the friendships that brings.

Such was the stress of the relationship that Brad took to drinking, friends say, and Angelina struggled with an eating disorder that saw her become dangerously underweight two years ago.

Nevertheless, the marriage endured. Indeed, contrary to recent speculation, Brad’s friends insist that he has never regretted leaving his former love, actress Jennifer Aniston, for Angelina, if only because he adores being a family man with six children. His only regret, they say, was that he didn’t do more ‘due diligence’ on Angelina as he had no idea at the beginning of their relationship that she was prone to violent mood swings.

But now, their friends maintain, Jolie has made the momentous decision that her life should take a radically different path – one that leaves the film industry behind. Angelina, sources add, has long felt a deep sense of inferiority when she compared her Hollywood career – which she feels stalled after she won a Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Girl, Interrupted in 1999 – to her husband’s much-garlanded and hugely successful body of work and reputation as one of the most acclaimed screen actors of his generation.

Some say Brad believed she was being paranoid when she complained she had effectively been blacklisted by the Hollywood studios, and point out that he has always been devoted to his craft.

He continues to take acting lessons to this day and seeks to improve his performance with every film appearance.

Jolie, however, began to imagine a different life as a politician.

She first tried to persuade Brad to emulate Ronald Reagan by leaving his acting career behind to launch himself on the road to the White House, with her as the First Lady.

But while Brad has frequently supported liberal and Democratic causes, it is said he has no interest in a political career.

His reluctance to enter politics is said to have infuriated Jolie, who set out to create her own power base by campaigning on humanitarian issues.

Even those friends who are wary of her volcanic temper are convinced by her sincerity and sheer hard work in her campaigning. But it is clear that her ideas have gained more traction in Britain – where she was made an honorary dame in January 2014 – rather than in her native America.

According to my sources, Jolie is as charming and hardworking as she is ambitious.

She is also an inveterate networker who became close to David Cameron and former Foreign Secretary William Hague.

However, her closest pals and mentors in Britain are Baroness Helic, who fled the war in her native Bosnia in the 1990s and became an adviser to William Hague, and Chloe Dalton, another former Hague aide. Baroness Helic runs Jolie’s charity, and she and Dalton are said to advise her on everything from foreign travel to childcare.

It was Helic who first made Hague watch Jolie’s harrowing 2011 film In The Land Of Blood And Honey, a love story set against the backdrop of the conflict.

‘Angelina has become convinced that she can become something like a cross between Princess Diana and Mother Teresa,’ says one long-term confidant.

‘She has studied Diana’s life in minute detail and thinks she can carry on her work.

‘She is also prepared to give up her American citizenship to become a member of the House of Lords, which she thinks she can use as a platform to push her project forward. She has talked about it for years.

‘Don’t underestimate her – she is utterly charming and absolutely persuasive with people who are in positions of power.

(not after this)

‘She has always got what she wants and always moves onwards and upwards, just as she did from [former husbands] Johnny Lee Miller to Billy Bob Thornton to Brad Pitt.

‘Now she thinks she’s outgrown even him. I think she wants to emulate Grace Kelly by moving seamlessly from Hollywood to European royalty.

‘Her goal now is definitely to hook up with a high-profile politician or a Royal. She thinks she fits Prince Andrew’s profile and I believe he is on her radar.’

It all leaves heart-throb Brad having to cope with the unfamiliar humiliation of suddenly being surplus to Angelina’s requirements.

He also faces an agonising decision: does he defy the advice of his lawyers and insist for the good of his children that he will continue to inhabit the moral high ground by staying silent about Angelina’s split personality.

Or will he swallow his principles and fight fire with fire?  

good luck with her political ambition let's see how will that prosper after all of this.  
her true colors are back and her pasts all makes sense now.
she's sick in the head.

not and source:DAILY MAIL

RACHEL JOHNSON: Angelina trampled over the one golden rule of divorce...

PUBLISHED: 00:32 GMT, 25 September 2016

The break-up of the Jolie Pitts has turned into a total Hollywood starmageddon, so far sucking actors George Clooney, Jennifer Aniston, Marion Cotillard, Jon Voight and Billy Bob Thornton into the black hole of a couple’s death spiral, but in all this there is one thing that I can’t get past.

As the daughter of divorced parents, and someone who is married to a divorcé, this much I know: never slag off your partner in public, and never, ever slag off your ex in front of the kids.

My parents were married for 17 years, and have been divorced for 37, and in that time I have never heard my father say one unkind word about my mother. My husband, who had a brief starter marriage in his 20s, would not dream of letting the side down either.

It’s bad manners. It’s unpleasant. Some things are very much not better out than in.

After all, I’m sure many of us, settled in a long-term relationship, have at some point secretly daydreamed about being the brave, bereaved relict in widow’s weeds, weeping at the funeral, after one’s beloved other half has somehow met his maker.

This fleeting fantasy (or so I am assured by a couples’ counsellor!) is completely normal, natural – even common, as life is short but marriage can seem very, very long.

According to figures out last week from the Office of National Statistics, more than a million people are miserable with their spouse or partner: there are 15.7million married and cohabiting couples in Britain, and of these, one in 20 – five per cent – declare themselves ‘extremely unhappy’ in their relationships.

A further 3.5 per cent were ‘fairly unhappy’,’ with only 5.9 per cent declaring their relationship ‘perfect’.

And this, too, is normal. ‘Happiness goes up and down, and just because you feel unhappy one year, it is not a reason to throw away a relationship,’ says Harry Benson, of the Marriage Foundation. And yet, or so we are led to believe, Mrs Jolie Pitt didn’t hang on for the either happily or unhappily ever after, nor did she put her best foot forward for the sake of the kids.

No, she pulled the plug after an alleged fracas on a private jet, while Brad was, again allegedly, loaded on weed and booze. She filed for divorce, and the papers seeking the dissolution of the marriage of Angelina Jolie Pitt and William Bradley Pitt after of only two years and one month are up online for all to see.

Unforgivably, in my book, Angelina also claimed this was for the ‘health of the family’.

In four brutal words, she told the world that Brad was a Bad Dad, a possible addict and abuser, and as a result of her course of action, the entire eight-strong J P clan is in complete meltdown, surrounded by the paparazzi and in the middle of the biggest media firestorm since the parting of the Waleses.

Now all this slightly, to my mind, suggests that Angelina does NOT have the best interests of her family at heart.

If that was the case, she should have done what Madame Tussauds did, when it just moved the wax figures of Brad and Angelina apart.

She could have spoken to her husband, instead of leaving him to find out they were getting a divorce.

Ideally, they should have spoken together to their hundreds of children, and after that they could have consciously uncoupled or whatever you do in LA, and then marked the triste occasion by toasting each other with vials of blood or whatever their current poison is. They could have moved apart.

‘He was appealing to her to do this quietly – not to save the marriage but to consider the well-being of the children – and it was ignored,’ a friend of Brad told the US magazine People.

Angelina could have done it his way. But she did it her way. She took their relationship from Mr And Mrs Smith to Kramer v Kramer – and as Brad, formerly one half of Brangelina, said, ‘unleashed hell’.

Having got that off my chest, I still hope he never says a word against her.

not and source: DAILYMAIL


 UN get a new embassador! Angelina can not heal world pain. She has no empathy. She is heartless. Those sad faces she shows for the UN duties are all fake. Angelina is delusional. There should be a petition to drop her as UN representative.

I feel so bad for Brad. A good father should be crying for the loss of his children. All he’s ever wanted was a family and she has ruined that for him. I don’t think being strict makes him a bad father, but one who cares enough to keep his children in line and teach them manners and respect. Leniency only shows them what they can get away with.

Angie had to have plan this for awhile it just happen to fast .. she has been talking to an attorney who found her the house so quickly and started a fight in the airplane which was a dangerous thing to do. Now she wants complete control of the children so she can move from the United States. Brad will never let her move with the children and Angie knows that. This is my opinion only but she has been planing this for a long while. We can now call her tricky Angie……..

It is heartbreaking to see Brad so destroyed by the divorce from Angelina.I have always thought she demeaned his self-worth as his deterorating appearance indicated.Brad is. Decent man whose family means everything to him.Perhaps,now,he can get back into living his true life.Angelina was never good enough for him.She’s evil.I am sure he’s devastated by the abuse accusations.Team Brad all the way.

So hey Angelina! Removing the kids father from their lives is not being a good parent. It’s selfish. Respect that your man has his right to parent as he sees fit as well. You don’t have the right to deny him that.
Compromise or BOTH of you get counseling on parenting. It’s called compromise. Never a good idea to allow the kids to play one parent against the other and all kids do. Parents need to put up a United front for their kids.
Maybe in denying Brad structure, you may be the cause of what is going down. It’s arrogant to think only you know what is the right way to parent.

She is a nut and always has been. Brad is a good man and a wonderful father. Hope everything works out for you Brad and your family. Karma will catch up to Angie someday and she will look back and realize what she lost!!

After the interviews on how he was a great guy, great love, good father, etc., NOW he’s a horrible abuser? I don’t believe it! After years of no structure in their relationship and those kids lives, travelling from place to place and no privacy, of course he must have snapped and lost his temper! It looks like Angie is just finished with him now and wants those kids to herself! I feel bad for him now.

She's no "Mother Theresa" or "Mandela ".......She's a rich actress with narcissistic and megalomaniac tendencies

She's an unfit mother.

This woman is just nuts - the more I read about here, the more I have really wonder about her mental stability.

How about she go to university, take an actual job with the UN (not a celeb photo op job) and climb the ranks to build experience. She is beyond deluded if she thinks she has the expertise to manage such a massive organization.

Ms Jolie needs to be told about diplomacy; something vital when dealing with world issues and a concept she has failed to grasp in her personal life. I don't think someone who has described heroin as her favourite drug should be allowed to work for the UN.

Hey Angie, start to bring some peace with the father of your kids before wanting to lead the UN or hoping becoming the new Lady Diana ..Your children are already traumatized because of you

She is totally self deluded

She is too used to getting her own way.

Angelina reminds of a Siamese cat. Beautiful to look at but l can imagine highly strung and very difficult to live with and be around. To be admired from afar only. Brad is better off out.

Good god the woman is actually crazy!!! Maybe it's Brad Pitt who should get full custody....

Angelina had been a very unstable woman before she married Brad Pitt. I get the feeling that he managed to provide some stability for her that might not be there after the breakup. I have no doubt that this woman will become unhinged and it will not be pretty with all of those trophy children to take care of. My prayers go to the children.

Look at her swanning about. She wants to be a guru. She wants to enthrall everyone with her presence. She's just an narcissist.

She will never be Princess Diana or ever like her. Princess Diana's charity work came from the heart. Angelina's comes from a need to be noticed and praised. #teamBrad

Well she has severely tarnished her brand now.

I agree wholeheartedly. This woman is vile, and is capable of anything to get her way. I truly hope he fights her. If he has to get as dirty as her to win, so be it. They are his children he's fighting for. Here's hoping he doesn't have to, but can't see that happening.

Any woman who stops children seeing their dad out of spite is wicked. It's damaging and cruel.

The poor children will be hurt the most. I don't understand how she can not see that she is putting her own ambition before their emotional needs and the destructive way she split will leave scarring on these poor kids.

she will never be diana and we don't want her!

Angelina is one crazy, mean, and vindictive person masquerading as a concerned mother and worldwide peace envoy...her behavior with respect to hiding and alienating their children from their father is a keyhole into her mindset and it is disturbing. I highly doubt that Jon Voight will get involved. Sometimes alienating and ghosting another parent is so hateful and unforgivable that the non-custodial parent simply gives up and walks away. Guess who suffers? The innocent children who are terribly and irreparably hurt. Somehow I think Angelina would love to have Brad give matter the cost to their children. I'm beginning to believe she schemed and plotted this entire ruse just so she would have an excuse to become a single mother so she can do as she pleases with respect to their children. I feel sorry for Brad.

I wonder if poor Maddox is now wondering if its all his fault they've moved to Malibu and his parents are divorcing. She has USED him to undercut her husband and I know from my own mother's hatred of my father that it can take decades for kids to unravel the truth and end up seeing Mum as the bully when she had been painting Dad as the bully.

Completely agree with Rachel Johnson. The way Jolie has handled this split is narcissistic in the extreme. I was indifferent to her before, but now I actively dislike her. My guess is she doesn't have close friends, just these Hague-created sycophants. I feel sorry for her children.

"I have never heard my father say one unkind word about my mother." You are absolutely correct. My mother would never speak ill of our father after their divorce, stating that "He is still your father even though we had our differences." I have always respected her for that.

She has lost all credibility. Her plan to smear Pitt will backfire spectacularly.

Agree with this. Jolie spent years telling the public what a wonderful partner and father Pitt was, not to mention her devoted tattoos. Suddenly, she is dragging him through the mud. She doesn't take the children to the only home base they have known, instead, she rents a property elsewhere. What about the familiarity of the things they know while they go through such a tumultuous time with their parents? Hideous behaviour on the part of Jolie, if she cared at all about her children she would not be behaving in this way. Not to mention, the dragging them around the world part where they are unable to have friends or any stability, sad all around because I'm willing to bet their dad was the only good stable thing in their lives.

When you have kids together, you need to be much more aware of the effect you might be having on them. Slating Brad publicly is unacceptable. She should come out and publicly tell people that he is not abusive. It's a bloody disgrace!

My sentiments, exactly, about Angelina Jolie. I believe she is no longer fit for the role of an ambassador for the United Nations.

sounds like borderline personality.

I am more concerned for her children than anything else. The woman has mental health issues not to mention the fact that she's delusional. The Brits do not need another Diana, we had the real thing and Angelina could never walk in her shoes. So dream on.......... Good luck to Brad, and I hope Angelina's strange stories do not stop him from being with his children.

Hell, I guess I should be in jail. My son is successful because of rules. Timeout does not work for some children.

Great parenting skills on her part , teaching her kids if you want something so bad and can't see the other persons reasoning just do it and hurt the one you love .

 I couldn't imagine taking my kids to a country that's suffering. I could see when they are older and can make some decisions. She's bat shit crazy and I have a feeling he had more common sense then she did.

Does anyone notice the smear campaign being laid on Pitt? It started 20 minutes after Jolie announced their split.

She's a whacko. Remember she did this to almost everyone she's had in her life. If every time a parent yelled at a teenager resulted in a divorce then we would have no marriages. Do parents lose it with kids? Sure but I think her past explains her reaction.

She is in agony? She chose to make this public! What BS! She is a nasty woman who finally got her karma.

So the smearing of Pitt and releasing statements calling him a bad father are necessary? Sorry, but Angelina is a grade A fame whore. She is choosing to make this public. What's even worse is she is dragging her kids into the mess.

She is a psycho...plain and simple. It didn't surprise me to hear that she has a volatile temper. She's in agony? bullshit

Don't really get this Brad Pitt 'child abuse' situation. Didn't realise celebrity kids weren't allowed to have discipline

Brad Pitt is of course the victim of a false accusation.

i hope they get married and let johnny depp experience hell again after his nasty divorce with amber heard. he's gonna be Colin Farrell of 2016.
she is a more dangerous type of amber heard.
He can hump her all he wants b'coz she will never get pregnant anyway he will not have to worry on putting on condoms. This is unleashing hell this is what she wants so lets. Sex for her is nothing if she wants you and you wants she can give that to you. and maybe after a few months of humping depp will realize the situations he's gotten into and will leave her.
just an advice for him do not let your guard down for a minute or she will destroy once she's done with you. be prepared plan ahead of time.

her "TEAM" started this very agressive nasty move against brad. now that people are seeing the truth and saving brad suddenly we are bad one's for standing up for what's right. you do not need to be a genius to know which one is lying it's so obvious. #teambrad...

Brad Pitt ‘Crying His Eyes Out’ After Losing Angelina Jolie & His Kids

Sat, September 24, 2016 11:44am EDT by Will Mendelson

This is so heartbreaking! Brad Pitt has been more upset than EVER since his shocking split with Angelina Jolie. has all the EXCLUSIVE details on why he’s been CRYING for days!

Guys, our hearts are seriously breaking over this! An insider tells EXCLUSIVELY that Brad Pitt, 52, has been more upset than ever before in dealing with his divorce from Angelina Jolie, 41 — and it all has to do with their six children. “Thinking about losing them cripples him,” our insider tells us. “Brad can’t help but break down into tears thinking about it. He’s been crying a lot, probably more than he ever has. It’s heartbreaking to see this good man be brought down like this. But no matter how bad he’s hurting, Brad won’t let himself fall to pieces. He will dust himself off and be strong not because he wants to, but because he has to for the kids. Protecting them is all that he cares about.”

This is SO upsetting to hear. The source revealed to us that Brad’s six children are “his life” and an escape from everything else going on in his life. Our insider even detailed how Brad loves helping them to bed, brushing their teeth and cuddling with them. Aw! This is seriously too cute to hear!

As we told you on Sept. 23, Angelina actually fell out of love with Brad a year ago. She had been pushing him around and their fights had only gotten worse, despite the hunky actor believing things would change. As for the reason why the actress was so upset with him? Sources close to Angelina have revealed it’s because of Brad’s marijuana and alcohol use. (which is a big fat lie)

not and source: HOLLYWOOD LIFE

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Brad Pitt Abuse Allegations: Expert Reveals What He Needs To Do To Defend Himself

Fri, September 23, 2016 5:40pm EDT by Lauren Cox

In order to fight back against the abuse claims, Brad Pitt really needs to have patience. spoke EXCLUSIVELY to a legal expert who provided sound advice for the actor… just in case these allegations are taken to court.

Both Brad Pitt, 52, and Angelina Jolie, 41, have a long road ahead of them as their divorce continues to unfold amidst the accusations of child abuse. As Brad continues to fight the allegations, spoke EXCLUSIVELY to Patrick Clancy, a trial defense lawyer and the founder of The Innocence Legal Team, to find out what the actor’s next steps could be.

I would tell him to keep his mouth shut and wait to see the evidence. I would say lets wait and see what they have. I would want to see physical examinations and personally I would advise him not to make any statements,” Patrick, who does not represent Brad legally, told “In custody cases decades ago people would fight over who was bonded more, I fed the child, I changed the diaper, I drove them to school and back.”

Patrick also shared that, unfortunately, family law courts are all “abuse” cases these days. “It’s in almost every custody case and I believe that a lot of it is caused by family law lawyers seeking to gain an advantage,” Patrick explained. “False allegations are so rampant these days they’ve come out with an encyclopedia on the entire thing. There are heightened occurrences during divorce proceedings, this is a major problem in the family law courts. Out of all the cases that go to child protective services 60% are dropped because they have no substantial proof.”

not and source: HOLLYWOOD LIFE

Not so fast on full custody, experts say of Jolie's demand

The Associated Press - By By ANTHONY McCARTNEY -
AP Entertainment Writer September 21, 2016 9:11pm

LOS ANGELES (AP) — In the global hubbub over the Brangelina divorce, Angelina Jolie Pitt's demand for sole physical custody of her six children with Brad Pitt has attracted its share of the attention. Yet experts say Jolie Pitt won't have the final say, and that Pitt and the couple's eldest son, Maddox, may even have a voice in custody arrangements.

Stacy Phillips, a veteran divorce attorney, called Jolie Pitt's request for sole physical custody a "wish list," one that could change as the divorce progresses. Phillips, like many, saw the request as a message to Pitt, although what the actress is trying to convey won't be known for some time, if ever.

Pitt has yet to file his legal response to Jolie Pitt's divorce petition, but each actor released statements Tuesday indicating their children were the priority. The pair has six children, ranging in ages from 8-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne to 15-year-old Maddox.

"It's not uncommon that a person would seek sole physical custody in their initial filing," said divorce lawyer Lori Howe. "That doesn't mean it is what they will end up seeking if they resolve the case through settlement or in a courtroom. ... She very well could change her mind as well. And there's nothing to stop her from doing that, despite having checked those boxes on her petition."

California law favors joint custody of children, and judges can generally consider the opinion of children who are 14 years or older about which parent they want to live with.

Divorce lawyers, however, say the couple can avoid placing their children in the middle of a divorce if they work out an agreement in private.

"The parents should be parents, as opposed to letting the children be the parents," said Phillips, an attorney in the Los Angeles office of Blank Rome LLP. "They didn't ask for this. They need to be kept as children."

not and source: WOW WAY