Sunday, February 19, 2017


I have nothing but contempt for Angelina Jolie! She's damaged goods. What she did to those kids & to Brad is unforgivable.

she is doing PR dragging out the kids, really who cares, husband stealer, whose next victim?

What tough time is this talking about?

nothing. Just dramatic language to convince herself and her fans that she is on some grand crusade on behalf of humanity

slow news day? WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

 i guess she considers Cambodia  HER family.

Angelina Jolie has it SO hard guys! She's only extremely rich and famous have some sympathy for the bourgeoisie

will your children see their father ?

 I very much doubt I'll ever have the frame of reference to 'understand' what it's like to survive genocide even with this movie.

 ..... who gives a flying jolie !!

As if anything even affects her, she lives in a protected elitist hollywood class.

why all the fascination with this actress and her globalist causes? Charity begins at home & Lord we have no shortage of them here

she should move to Cambodia, problem solve

Why doesn't she move there then? @AngeelinaJoIie  the world would be a better place if sh did!

Angelina phony ass grates my nerves....never thought I would say this

But is America bigger than her lips?

This from a woman who hasn't lived in the US for years.

Says from a rich woman not living in the US.

What is this woman talking about?  America is a democracy  with an elected President.  Does she live in this USA?

easy for someone who doesn't have to worry about Medicare and social security to say.

Right... Now she's a good person, unlike the time when she falsely accused Brad Pitt of abusing their children 💩

Who cares.  Tired celebrities who've proven they're barely hanging on themselves being put on undeserved pedestals.

another Hollywooder wanting to be in politics, #tiring

Again, who cares about cheap actors statements Remember someone else writes there lines....

another lost Hollyweed liberal lost - pls move to Canada or somewhere else don't need you in U.S. Tom sure doesn't

That's how she became "Saint Angelina", thanx to the sellout suck up media which she pays to always talk wonders about her despicable persona.

why cant she be in the spotlight without the kids..... still using her own children for her own satisfaction greed :( :( :(

This lady is disturbed due to her childhood and I fear she may also disturb her children's childhood.....

 PR bullshit

eating tarantulas?  What about not harming animals for the exploitation of making a sorry-ass movie?

@BBCWorld @BBCNews Why do you give this movie star so much coverage and platform? I'm for one  am not beside myself waiting for this.

Angelina Jolie - what a virtue signalling, pretentious self important person. I'd hate to have anything to do with her. Or watch her films..

 AngelinaJolie is not adept at policy& her history takes play out like her plotless movies. She does more harm than help. #Annoying

Angelina Jolie validates the HunSen regime. She points to the aftermath culture/chaos as "Cambodian culture". Just flat out wrong.

all for self praise!!!

 she's so concerned that she doesn't live here and doesn't adopt American children.

She has no idea what difficult is.  Is she some political genius in the eyes of the drmocrats

Nobody in the US cares about her.

Is that what the Brunettes in Hollywood are doing this year? Reminiscing on past genocides ? Is she going to adopt a Cambodian?

we don't give a rats arse what this has been actresss has to say.

OMG Angie what the hell are you smoking in Cambodia it has fried your brain ,now I know why Brad split

Just wish she was just as committed to her marriage as she is her philanthropy. #lostallRespect

no one give a fuck about Angelina Jolie she's another self promoting narcissist leveraging the poor

Crocodile tears. She is a master manipulator and I feel for brad and the children she uses

Looking for PR for her movie and sympathy big time.

What accent is she going for here? Is it Australian or British? Is she practicing for when she takes up her new role as leader of the UN and Queen of people's hearts once she's managed to get full custody of the kids so she can move to the UK? LMAO

I lost so much respect for her,and lies....

Don't trust you Angelina

 ever heard of defamation of character that's exactly what she did to Brad Pitt yes she does Good Deeds for children around the world but she's got an inner Darkside she always did

You gonna steal somebody else's husband you might as well stay with him till death do you part.

Well she kinda did steal him

oh please! ur full of it! phony also! u don't even want the kids around him! your hateful!

AJ is a worthless piece of filth. Hope Brad gets the kids. Lying about child abuse is not getting anyone to like you more, AJ!

That's what she gets for stealing someone's husband. What goes around comes around

 girl bye. The only peoplw i feel sorry for are those beautiful kids.

She is an actress even now...

Jolie is and always has been an incredibly ugly bitchy broad. Hate her.

Maybe she underestimated Brad?!?

I don't know what she did to her face but she looks bad. She needs to stop the fillers

U r a nothing w/o Brad!

She is crazy!!!!

Angelina Jolie, does read the press. She knew that her image took a hit after her horrible behavior during the split with Brad Pitt. Now we are going to get the PR treatment to try to do damage control. I'm not listening to any of it. My opinion of her behavior during the split will not change.

Every one sees her true evil color.

She honestly though the public would believe her. The only credibility and likability came from her being with Brad Pitt. She thought wrong. She put her children through unrest due to her mental issues.

I feel so bad for Brad Pitt. He treated all his children so well! Getting angry with family members is part of life.

is she "transitioning" too? What is with the laser treatment on her hairline? Looks masculine.

Any real damage done to her family was orchestrated by Jolie. Now she is trying to do some serious backpedaling. Nuts.

Smells likes damage control

 She's the one who instigated this 'difficult situation '

Crazy person

Pretty sure no sympathy.

She screwed up. Brad is a good man. She really messed up leaving him. He was very devoted to her and the kids

No one cares Jolie. You're a bitch and we all know it. Everyone should Boycott your movies and EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. W H O R E

She's a weirdo.

hate her !

OK. I'll say it. She has issues. Eating issues/obvious disorder. She looks like a skeleton and you can't tell me otherwise. She has been looking like that for years, so yes, she has her own skeletons in the closet. Get real Angelina, face your issues and quit blaming Brad for EVERYTHING.

Since her divorce, I have lost all interest in Angelina. I think she is feeling the loss of an audience too. So she's trying to get back in the news. Yawn. She was only interesting with Brad.

She should go back in hiding. I'm thoroughly sick of her. She could have gotten a divorce without all the drama and newspaper headlines. I'll never forgive her for that. She's a black widow.

"Angelina is approaching it just as you'd expect: with grace, class, civility, love, and yes, a little bit of humor"......Perez you are an Ass kissing dolt. She tried to destroy Brad and failed. He may have been the WORST parent and husband, but Angelina negated that with her nutty antics and you ate it up with a Prader Willi appetite.

stick a fork in her..shes done.

Angelina needs to eat a burger, the lady looks like a bitch.

Ice cold eyes and a heart of stone, she isn't fooling anyone.

Brad Pitt will always be their father, rather she tried to destroy his reputation on the media to get the kids full custody, which was a low blow even for her aka a former drug addict with daddy issues.... "poor rich girl" who never learned the value of a real family and now is dragging those poor kids to her mud. Adults divorce all the time, but why the need to divorce the parents from the kids too? very sad.

Angelina Jolie is a monstrous woman and those poor children are bearing the brunt of her malicious and vindictive behavior. The truth has been obvious for years. Brad pitt is a good and decent man who made a terrible mistake choosing the mother of his children, and then was put in a terrible quandary by leaving her and trying to quietly lead separate lives. Jolie is widely known to be unstable and nasty in so many ways, while Brad Pitt is well-liked and respected by all. There was no way Angelina Jolie was going to destroy him despite all her threats. Ironically she only did harm to herself by doing such disgusting and inhuman things to the father of her children. Any mother who tries to alienate the children from their father is subhuman.

'I have a new movie coming out, let's talk about the divorce.'

"We will always be a family" ..... Spare us your crocodile tears. You showed us who you were when you filed for divorce. If Brad had rolled over and given you your way, he wouldn't have seen you for dust! That's how much you value family. Your tears are for the charred embers of your image, the only thing you've ever cared about!

She doesn't mean it. She is just worried about her PR because Hollywood stands behind Brad as does most of the public. Angelina did her best to ruin his reputation and she tried to keep the kids to herself so that she could move to Europe without Brad's consent. Her tears are fake, she's an actress and she was acting.

Seriously..... what a pitiful act!! she knows full well she has come out of this break up REALLY badly.... the above is a VERY POOR attempt at damage limitation.

Notice how she said 'my kids' and then she changed it to 'our kids'. Yes Angelina, they have a father. Its like she cant grasp that idea.

Fake! She rehearsed very well for this role. Exploiting the Cambodian's who died to serve her own PR needs, a-gain.

How convenient that she talks about this now when she has a new film coming out.

I used to like her but this divorce made me realize how fake she is.

In other words: please watch my movie

She could have just produced it & put up the money but NO she has to direct & then make the promotion all about her & her kids - typical Angie.

Anybody can say, we'll always be a family. But when she says it, it sure sounds weird, creepy and like a prison sentence.

Oh shut up and stop using your kids as weapons.

I just can't stand her anymore.

I never could bl 00 dy well stand her!!

Me neither - phony witch!!

Okayyyy...getting all teary eyed ! Cue (he ruined our lives)
But, usually, I just wake up trying to figure out who’s going to get [the] dog out, who’s going to start the pancakes and did anybody brush their teeth.”
Remember Pitt always talked about in many interviews how he was the first one up and he made the pancakes !
This was her official statement . I wonder how long she practiced this in front of a mirror.


Nothing authentic about her at all. Master manipulator (Antigua and Barbuda)

You can dress it up and put lipstick on a skeletal pig, and it's still a skeletal pig.

Maddox has certainly stepped up as alpha male to head the pack; sorry meant to say be big brother to the kids.

probably the same way Soon-Yi has "evolved" under Woody Allen.

She has always seemed unbalanced to me. In all the pictures I've seen of her with her children through the years, I've never seen the expressions in the two of her with Vivienne. Perhaps I'm cynical, but they seem designed for display for the media to portray her maternal side to the maximum.

Angelina has used you, screwed you up like a paper bag and thrown you away.

She finally wears some color and she goes with horrid hot pink ?!?!

Awful dress sense

Awful woman

Holier than thou...she is so full of it! Hasn't aged well at all.

her new acting gig: Saint Angelina. What a fake !

As beautiful as she looks, the veneer has completely worn off. All her 'good works' reek of self-promotion.

Enough of this woman (Beirut, Lebanon)

She is a fake. I feel that she has ruined Shiloh's childhood by encouraging her to believe she should be a boy. I fear that when her age permits that she will actually go ahead with testoterone injections. It's very fortunate that both parents are millionaires as Shiloh will need every cent of her share to pay for therapy for the rest of her life.

This is exactly the kind of adulation she craves. She is a narcissist.

She's just annoying at this point.

She always morphs into earth mother mode full of peace and light when any press about her is negative.

she is mental.

Scrawny lunatic.


Brad is not allowed to travel with the children but Angelina is? And there's no extradition treaty between Cambodia and the United States, sure hope she returns home with the children.

it will change and the tables will turn Angie! She thinks it's all about her and she can just drag them around the around constantly and do what SHE wants!

AKA: Narcissistic Photo Op .Is she fooling anyone? Love the respectful bow. Meanwhile in her mind she's chasing Brad around with one of her many knifes.

I see the PR propaganda working. Nothing is accidental when it comes to Jolie. She brought the kids there for a reason. So she can get these pictures to the media.

SHE IS TRYING SO HARD HERE LOL. If this was diana she would have taken the flower and smiled genuinely ! this lady is putting her hands together so much and seems so false. She does not look healthy... botox and fillers have been put into her face

She is NOT healthy she is underweight you just can't see under those big dresses and of course she is happy to be rid of Brad and he did not get half custody (Yet).

She's just fake and what is going on on pictures 7 & 8? There we have her encouraging neediness in Vivienne. There's something very wrong with this woman, poor kids

Stop using your adopted children's experience for your "career." You do not care about the birth parents of these children or you wouldn't have changed a three-year old's name and "Americanized" it.

I see paid commentors are giving her positive comments. I wonder what PR flak she hired for this.

A good mother wouldn't keep the father of her kids away from them.

Appearances can be deceptive. Mi Farrow adopted a lot of kids from different countries decades ago and look at how her relationships with her children ended,,,

There's nothing gorgeous or good about a mother who keeps a father away from his children!!

Just because she is gorgeous and looks good with her kids in staged pictures does not mean that you are truly a good parent, don't be fooled. I used to respect AJ for her work, but this has faded very fast when you see her true colors! She has an agenda and does not appear to be sincere at all! A loving caring parent would never treat the father of her children like that and make heir problems public in order to gain sympathy and compassion from others-clears she has none for her own family or (ex spouse)! Sad

Wasn't she kissing her brother a few years back? I recall that. Let's fact check it. Yep, it's true.

Back in the spotlight? Lol. Under a spotlight, and we all see how gross you are. Run Brad Run. Don't look back. Run Brad Run.

she has aged ten years damage done love using her children to try and better herself we all know now it's a waste of time .

Horrid woman

Something about the way Angelina always seems to exploit her adopted children's struggles rubs me the wrong way. Those are their struggles, their stories, not her own. Always going on about how Zahara's mother died of AIDS (which is not true), and just her poor little adopted children in general. Like it beefs up her own traumatic survivor resume. Jolie is just another privileged, rich, celeb offspring, white woman from LA whose done nothing but show the world the extent of her mental issues.

the manipulative razor-blade is milking it for all its worth! Next, she will be wanting to misappropriate another child from its family and country... She shows the typical arrogance of the Hollywood kunts who believe a life with them is better than anything else - looking from here, it's not!

Oh for fuck sake..someone donate a pair of tits and a uterus to this kook , perhaps she'll get her mind back..

Brad got super cheered by the Hollywood bunch when speaking at the Oscars? I think those in-the-know know exactly what Angelina is like. And no amount of 'beautiful' makes someone nice.

Pink does not soften any of her malicious attributes. Why is poor Vivienne sitting by herself at the very end of the line? She looks so sad while Maddox is clearly arrogantly perched next to the man eater.

I can't believe anyone falls for her crap. It is all just another performance for her.

Best article I have ever read that nails exactly who she is and what she has done.
Without Pitt she is just a circus animal trotting around.

So are they all staying out there til March & that film festival is done? That's a fairly long time to be away especially in the middle of a custody proceeding, unless she has been given special dispensation by the court to go for a few weeks.
Still find her whole show utterly bizarre & transparent but maybe it's just me & my bubble over here but it seems to me that it's working less than it used, more people see through her charade & her obvious media games & aren't buying it. Barely heard anything about this except for at the Daily Mail & loon sites. Has any legit Hollywood/film sites covered this? From a purely professional POV it's like she barely exists as a film entity right now.

Angeline is well documented to have a borderline personality disorder, hence why she keeps adopting all these kids and having surgeries she does not need. As for understanding what her kids birth parents went through, why use shady adoptions agency. I visited Cambodia shortly after she adopted from there and these US agencies charge up to $40k, over child who is getting the money, certainly not the country the child is coming from. Cambodia does not allow for US adoptions anymore.

Hollywood's biggest serial adulteress is looking healthier than she has for years. Poor Brad is the one who has lost a ton of weight because he misses his kids, but she has got what she wants as usual. Can't stand this lying, evil, female mutt.

There has very logical article which published at pagesix a few hours ago about this loon's ongoing action. Folks, go to read!! It seems Jolie has begun to realize that so much of her star power and goodwill was on loan from Pitt. True!

Look at her fake "I love my daughter so much" face with eyes closed and trout pout. V gives it away looking straight at camera. What a fraud.

She is doing this to mess with Pitt's head. Disgusting. I really don't like either of them, but he deserves full custody. She is insane, and look at poor Viviennes face.

I think it's a multitude of things with her, she wants to sound more "intelligent" so has refined her American accent, made it sound less stereotypical Californian, seems to me to be adding in quite clipped tones that more often appear in southern British accents (though to be clear she is not doing a full British accent, it's more just tonal & enunciating all the letters clearly but still with an American accent). I also think she's doing her "oh I'm so emotional but just holding on" thing which she often does for speeches & things that mean something to her, it's part of her show, I'm sure she managed a few tears at the end or at least some watery eyes with all the pride. Watch her other speeches where she puts on an emotional affect & the speech patterns are similar, it's like part of actor's playbook or something. And I also think she's speaking slower & purposefully more clearly so everyone understands her.
Maddox clearly did not put much effort into his speech & while I'll commend Shiloh for learning any language at all, let alone one so far removed from her first language, it's clear that that little speech was learned specifically for this event, like a drill. Neither of the kids looked especially comfortable or thrilled to be up there but you could tell they'd be instructed & coached to do X, Y & Z & like a child at a school play, was just trying to get it over & done with.

At that point she does that hand over her heart gesture too. As you say, the Actor's Playbook.

This back cleavage underlines her square shoulders. Whoever suggested that dress to Jolie must hate her with a vengeance.

I think V has a very anxious, insecure personality, very clingy, seems to need a lot of reassurance. Wouldn't surprise me if she genuinely wants the affection from her mother (& father when he's around) but the lifestyle they lead & the personalities of her mother & father haven't given her a solid attachment that she actually trusts so she clings to them, she's needy & sensitive with them etc etc. Knox on the other hand seems kinda oblivious to everything, he always seems happy off in his own world to me.

I actually don't think this hug is about the kid or her insecurities, it's about Jolie, it's a photo op. Look at Jolie's carefully pursed lips, closed eyes and rapturous expression. The whole thing is clearly calculated to communicate to the world, and probably Pitt, what a devoted, loving mother she is.
The picture, heck the whole premiere is all about using the kids to promote herself and her project. This isn't remotely a family friendly film, there's no real reason for the kids to even be there. Except for the fact that their presence increases the attention and press she'll get and she knows it.

The hug is purely for PR, the coordinated outfits, all of it, especially Jolie's fake "tender" expression as she hugs Vivienne Most decidedly in the direction of the cameras. It's nauseating.

Looks like Angelina had surgery while in hiding after the divorce.
Fillers and Botox will help with minor improvements, but here is no way her face could look this dramatically better without surgery. She looks a bit swollen to me as well. Not filler swollen, but like she's 6 weeks out from face procedures.
Seems like most celebrities take any sort of extended absence from the public eye to get surgery done. Look at Kim K after the Paris "robbery"....when she finally made a public appearance it as obvious she had gotten some work done.

She's such a terrible actress. Posing for cameras is all she knows how to do. Everything else is just bad acting. She didn't even really direct this film. I wonder how much she payed RP to stand back and allow her upstage him and his work. This movie took a long time to be released- her pitiful attempts to direct were probably edited out and reshot without her just for there to be a movie at all.

 Tacky, tacky, tacky.

Angelina and Maddox will be together for the rest of their lives. I mean who wants that weird looking thing except Angelina.

Look at her fake "I love my daughter so much" face with eyes closed and trout pout. V gives it away looking straight at camera. What a fraud.

Her reptilian tail is showing here :lol:

That poor kid looks completely stressed in every single photo, when she's not looking downright terrified.


The ho requires clingy, she is too.

She looks like she had botox done severely. Angelina is really ugly looking now sorry to say. She used to be beautiful but wow! She is only 41 and looks like this?
If I didn't know her age, I would say this is a woman in her mid 50s or 60s.
BTW, Jennifer Aniston recently turned 48, and she looks amazing! Suck it Angie!

Her TV movie that she co-directed is violent I heard. She should not have brought the younger kids like Shiloh, Zahara and the twins.
This is is sad. Just last week there was an article about an insider who said she likes to use chairty and her kids as props for her image, and look what she is doing now.
She brought all 6 kids to fix her image and promote her awful movie. And she dragged them all the way to Cambodia too.

Aww, she made those people give her a standing ovation for her S*** movie! I guess she really didn't like that back in Beverly Hills where the GG took place, that Brad got one?


and nobody cares

An excellent read, props to Maureen Callahan @PageSix for this magnificent exposé of (St.) Angelina Jolie

Who cares? #bbcangelinajolie is a self-centered, fame hungry adulterer.

First They Killed My Father RECEPTION: Ung's first book has been criticized by members of the Cambodian community in the United States, a number of whom believe that it is more a work of fiction than an actual autobiography. She has also been accused of misrepresenting the Khmer race and playing on ethnic stereotypes for the purpose of self-aggrandizement and over-dramatization to increase sales and publicity.

Among the complaints that some Cambodians have about her works is that she was only five years old when the Khmer Rouge began its reign, and that she could not possibly have so vivid and detailed a memory of the events as they have been documented in her book. Her detractors also claim that, as a child of a Chinese mother and a Khmer father highly placed in the Phnom Penh government, she paints a very unfavorable picture of Khmer villagers.

There is a picture in First They Killed My Father that was supposedly taken "on a family trip to Angkor Wat" in 1973 or 1974. A civil war had been in progress in Cambodia since 1970 and the Khmer Rouge was in control of Siem Reap (the location of Angkor Wat) from 1973 onward. Critics state that it is not likely that Ung's family would be vacationing at that time in that region of Cambodia, that the picture was taken at Wat Phnom, which is in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia, and that Ung's memory is therefore unreliable.

She will go to a place where she thinks she is loved in this case she went to Cambodia. There people adores her, spotlight and most importantly attention all on her. She loves the attention, praises and claps for her. Cause right now America, Hollywood is done with her.

Angelina may have the kids, but Brad has custody of Hollywood

By Maureen Callahan February 19, 2017


Marion Cotillard on... Brangelina, motherhood and Marine Le Pen


Saturday, February 18, 2017


What a strange world these people certainly isn't a real one!

I can't hack this one's dual personality - that exaggerated sainted look that she applies to her Mother Theresa persona, while we all know the life of debauchery she's led and the home wrecking she's responsible for, not to mention the awful way she's isolated Brad Pitt from the kids. And also there's that matter of instilling gender confusion in Shiloh. Little girls grow out of tomboy phases, she encourages Shiloh in looking like a little lad. Jolie is a creepy weirdo.

Open your eyes to her twisted personality and you'll see the damage she does.

She just wants attention. I agree with the person who sends condolences to Jon Voight. Angelina is imbalanced and she has enough money to avoid all treatment and buy her way into doing anything she wants. She is spiteful, vindictive and dishonest. It is a sad illustration of how money, looks and fame do a person so much more harm than good. When these people take a wrong turn there is nobody to stop them.

First, they killed my father.... Sound similar to what she did with her father and her children's father.... prentending they don't exist.

Another of her vanity projects

Too much free time on her hands.

Keep the kids away from the press -- until it comes time for my movie premier

Does she have them make out with each other and wear viles of sibling's blood around their necks?

Wow, Shiloh looks just like her dad.

REALLY? Who cares? Another over rated actress that knows nothing.

blah blah blah.

if maddox really loves his home country the why don't he visit it from time to time??

Won't ever watch anything she does again! Tone-deaf Left wing Hollywood!

not one person with a smile showing teeth..weird

Haha Haha !neurotic bitch!

BBCWorld Are you the PR agency for Angelina Jolie?

The kids look so unhappy.

she looks frail and gaunt the kids look miserable

Once again, using her children to try and win back public support. Instead of this film she needs to make one about the effect her behavior and lies have had on the kids relationship with their doting father. She let them run wild to think they could say and do as they wished. He was the father figure of simple authority and manners. The way she used her son to tell lies, called the FBI from the plane etc, was despicable and selfish behavior.All the children were so happy they kept urging the two to get married.Without her brainwashing - what do they think now?

Hypocrite. Another film I will never watch.

Publicity stunt?

She is determined to make Shiloh into a boy

She looks different and its not good different, her brow is lower or something.

And a two hour movie will provide so much detail and insight into what these people experienced? Shallow. Just shallow.

Angelina should win an Oscar for her continuous role as Mother Theresa. What a phoney bologna.
so fake.

The brand without Brad. Imagine she could not exploit these kids. Would be a neverbeen instead of a hasbeen, what she is right now.
Who in Cambodia is going to see Netflix flicks? 5 people?
It's a disgrace how she either takes advantage of poor people (refugees, her brats), weak countries (Cambodia, bosnia) or eldery people (Louis zamperini) for her PR. :x
Karma is still on her

 I especially noticed the relentless masculization of Shiloh. She (I'm sorry, Shiloh is still a 'she' legally and medically) looks ridiculous, and the suit with its very light beige tone was chosen to make her stand out against Jolie and the others.
This is sadly her best effort at "good mothering" - dragging those kids once again on a long, mind numbing flight so that they might watch their mother feign modesty and pontificate and shill some product all at once. This is also Jolie's definition of an education. Eventually, those kids are going to be asked to show someone where exactly they were on a map, or how to calculate how many crickets they will need per day to repeat the journey, or what constitutes a constitutional monarchy.
What a farce. Can't believe Guerlain is mixed up in this. They should have named the new fragrance Charade.

 And look, who is the one using the kids again: Jolie. Pathetic.

Human rights activist bows down to the dude who is violating human rights in Cambodia.

What's the point to bring these kids along other than for PR? They aren't going to see that flick neither have any genuine friends there...

Wondering if Maddox is dealing with his Oedipus complex !

Dragging the eight year old twins to audiences with the cambodian king, where they cant hear or understand a word he is saying, all with the aim of expanding their mind and their mothers profile and bank balance. But do they enjoy it. How brad must be hurting seeing their pics, sitting alone at home.

Nobody is buying your Mother Teresa's act.

Mommy Dearest, turning her kids and the public against Brad Pitt.... It's not working....

her kids look miserable #forcedfun

Angelina looks deranged and poor Shiloh, she never stood a chance at normalcy

What happened with her face?


No thanks she is the evil women herself

Angelina who ??????

A lot has to do with the fact that she sold her soul

Trust me this gal has a long track record of coo coo. Always walks out of her marriages like its nothing if she dont get her way. Just ask her own dad that she would'nt talk to for years when he was caught off guard by a squirrely news reporter and said she has been doing some crazy things lately back then.

Trying to make herself look good again after she let her crazy show! Lol

Thanks for nothing Angie, why did you try to ruin Brad, but you failed.

Doing good for people who do not have to see the real you is easy peasy...

I think her motives are questionable

That smile.....pretty sad looking. No warmth or happiness there.

 I do not believe one word coming out of this woman's mouth. She is using her kids.

 Is it me, or does she look like a man with long hair in this photo?

Eww nasty. Can't stand her.

She always walks out of her marriages like its nothing. Very selfish.

 I have never been a fan of Angelina.

Home wrecker!!!

She looks strange

She's nuts

Who cares she needs help

Where has she been over the last decade?? Your image was shot, when you decided to have an affair with Brad! At least Jennifer A. can sit back and enjoy the karma that's catching up with you

I don't think her image has ever been upstanding. She made out with her brother at an awards show, married Billy Bob Thornton and wore his blood around her neck then the whole brad/Jen thing.

The worst thing you can do to your kids as a mother is to falsely accuse their father of abuse just to hurt him and keep him away from the kids. It's mean and vindictive. She obviously thought everyone will believe her just because she's woman.

look its about 15 years to late for her to clean up the public view of here and yes she has done great things yet honey just move out the way and put the energy into your kids she has the time and money for it

They're all getting so big but they always look so sad.

Brad didn't need her,she's to much controlling freek.brad is alot better of without her.i hope he wins soul custody of those kids.hes a great father and oppion.

Vivienne doesn't look healthy.....and I totally dislike that little prick standing on Angelina's right....spoiled.

I just find it so sad, for any family, that Dad is dropped so easily from the picture. Ms. Jolie was in a relationship with Mr. Pitt for 12 years, waiting 10 to marry him. I find it hard to believe that he just all of a sudden turned into some horrible monster. I hope that he will be reunited with his children soon and often.

Aww, the one on the end looks just like Brad. (shiloh)

Everyone looks so unhappy

The children NEVER look Happy.

She's picked up a few more along the way I see.

The kids look so sad.

At that age shiloh already knows she likes to dress like a guy????

Shiloh needs to learn to dress like a girl! Come on now!

 Who cares!!! Kids are adorable but with a mom like her....i feel sorry for them!

They never look happy.

Kids don't look that happy

They look sad...

She can stay there

Angelina Jolie slithers out of her snake pit to feast on the rotten carcass of sacrificed animals and drink the blood of the innocents. Bloody witch.

Hopefully she isn't using the Cambodian citizenship she just received in a ploy to keep Brad's children from him by moving out there. She is sneaky!!!

Aah. Shes not pretty anymore. Take her out with the rest of the trash.

 Promoting movie & needs to look good in the public eye. That's what's going on here. She had over 10 yrs to do this but picks Now. Promotion.

Probably hoping to pick up another kid on the way through...

Not the same without Brad. He's the fun one!

If you haven't seen A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall, or Thelma and Louise you haven't witnessed Brad Pitt at his finest.

If a dysfunctional heroin addict can go around the world collecting children to pass on to a nanny, it makes you wonder why good people are denied the same opportunity.

I wonder what it is like to be a Publicity Toy.

Cray Cray as Ever....sure hope it hasn't affected the children's future. Sad money can afford you the privilege to adopt whether you are sane or not. But a poor sane person would not have had to opportunity to do so.


How do you know that she's not sane?

Eoin every man she sets her sights on is married or spoken for? She snigged her own brother and wears vials if blood around her neck!! She's hardly all there lol :)

Divorce had aged her...

Not the same without Brad. He's the fun one!

Shiloh looks like a boy! Wth? and I think Angie did Brad like crap! She was the home wrecker in the beginning, then tried to bring him down and take his kids away! I really wish Shiloh would have taken full advantage of her beauty and actually glammed up! She could probably be a super model!

She has been looking like a boy for a long time. I haven't seen a pic of her in a dress or anything since she was like 2

No longer team angie. Sorry.

She is creepy

I still see the horns on her head!! lol 😈😈

Me too shes probably already screwing someones husband

 the psycho mom lets them do whatever they want and Brad brought structure and dicipline to the household. Kids always love the "good" parent and feel intimidated by the "bad" one.
Their loss.

Looking for another married man....on a film set near you!! Her first husband was in a long term relationship, her second husband was living with Laura Dern...she only found out Billy Bob was with Angelina when she came home from filming to find he had emptied the house out and got married, and her third husband was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time she got her claws out!! Seems to me the woman isn't interested in having a healthy relationship with a single man!! And she wonders why it always goes wrong lol....

She never had cancer. Ever. She had the genes and had elective surgery to remove her breast tissue and ovaries I believe.

She lies

These adopted children will continue to keep her in the headlines. A calculated decision made by Jolie ergo the removal of Brad Pitt from custodial rights. Her plans are to permanently move to the UK and apply for citizenship while receiving assistance by the political activists there helping her along

Get out with this BS. She is Batshit Crazy... Unfortunately Brad found out the hard way because he acted like a SUCKA. But he will recover.... But she will not- She will go down in history as a psycho home wrecker . Poor Kids


These kids don't dress normal

Shes so creepy and evil

Great movie to take the kids going by the title!!

I'm so sick of Angelina and what she has done to Brad.

Mean spirited woman. Now she wants to drain his pockets as if she has no money.What a joke!

Poor Shiloh.. She never had a chanc

 Brad was maddox"s father figure. He,should give him the,respect he deserves. I can not picture Brad hitting a,child but I wasn't there.

Jolie's adopted kids and the one girl that dresses like a boy, are all weird and ugly. Just like her. I cannot stand Jolie. She shouldn't be allowed to be a mother.

She is one strange person.

She's a freak

She is a wacko. She dissolved the marriage. Her kids do whatever and whenever. Wait u will see. Move on Brad. You deserve better

Nasty woman loves the limelight

used to love she is an evil witch.please do not keep Brads children away from him and also your career is over

She tries wayyy too hard to make her daughter gay for the attention of it. Has never let her decide who she is for herself

Of course she brings her kids. She uses them as a shield.
She's finished.
She's been exposed as the snake she's always been.
Her teary smiles convinces NOBODY.

This woman needs GOD !

Who cares. I feel sorry for the kids having such a psycho mother.

She is so fake.

For some reason, I imagine one day these children will be similar to Joan Crawford's kids and write a 'tell all' book about their mother. And, it won't be kind .... Shiloh is a beautiful young 'girl' and since she was born, her mother has forced her to look more like a boy. It's sad ..... People can say she has a choice, but she has been made to be a boy since she was born. So it's not a choice by her.
One never knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just like Joan Crawford. But I really believe this woman, Angelina puts on a good show for the cameras.

She is a player and out for vengance AGAIN for what ever reasons. WHY she had to return to our town of Crested Butte, Colorado when for years this has been Brad's go-to, safe, quiet, sacred place--- she had to ruin that for him--- and for all of us locals. I have since moved but we all knew what she was doing and that she was using the kids to do it.
The lowest of low.
She is wholly self-abosrbed. It's all about her- and her alone.

why cant she be in the spotlight without the kids..... still using her own children for her own satisfaction greed :( :( :(

Being gorgeous not a given that you normal .

Black Widow Man-eater!!!!

Normally I find german (the language) ugly but damn Brad Pitt speaking German got me fucked up

 her film should be retitled to first they killed my father then I falsely accused my husband.

It seems to me Angelina Jolie is more proud of her adopted kids than her on flesh and blood kids. She uses them to promote herself!

Public Apparence with all six kids wearing soft makeup ... check Public Appearance wearing a "Statement Dress" check PR's attempt to re establish her image ... fail Angie while you may be beautiful your inner beauty know seems diminished.

Friday, February 17, 2017


Feb 17, 2017

In the mid-2000s, Angelina Jolie did a successful image turnaround that still baffles a lot of people. She went from being the weird Oscar winner who kissed her own brother to becoming Saint Angelina. She adopted a bunch of kids, became a UN Ambassador, and became one of the most beloved celebrities on the planet.
Still, at times, chinks in her armor started to show. In January of 2007, the New York Times published an article titled “After All That Goodess, a Sudden Fall From Grace.”
“Before she set a toe on the red carpet at the Golden Globes last week, Angelina Jolie’s carefully molded image as humanitarian and mom was already showing some cracks,” wrote columnist Caryn James, adding that she had just called her daughter a “blob,” had ripped apart Madonna’s adoption, and ran into other PR problems.
Around the time she started being associated with Brad Pitt (while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston), Jolie started publicizing her work in third world countries. Some saw it as a PR tactic to take away attention from the speculation that she helped Brad Pitt commit adultery. And it worked. However, Angelina’s image as a saint has taken major cracks during her divorce with Brad Pitt.
According to Page Six, Raoul Felder, a famous divorce lawyer, has said it’s too late for Jolie to hire a new PR agent since the damage is already done.
Worst of all, he said, “The real skill would have been avoiding the PR problem to begin with … Angelina has for years used her kids, and used the UN, for her own benefit. Now, even with great PR, her image issues are not going to go away.”
Since the news of Angelina’s divorce broke last September, many believe Jolie has tried to make herself look like the innocent victim while making Pitt look like the abusive father. As the Independent noted, it certainly worked at first. The article noted how Jolie waited until after the Emmys to file for divorce so the media could give it more attention. She also helped shut down allegations that Pitt was having an affair with Allied co-star Marion Cotillard so the media could concentrate on his “abusive” behavior.

Around the time she started being associated with Brad Pitt (while he was still married to Jennifer Aniston), Jolie started publicizing her work in third world countries. Some saw it as a PR tactic to take away attention from the speculation that she helped Brad Pitt commit adultery. And it worked. However, Angelina’s image as a saint has taken major cracks during her divorce with Brad Pitt.

According to Page Six, Raoul Felder, a famous divorce lawyer, has said it’s too late for Jolie to hire a new PR agent since the damage is already done.

Worst of all, he said, “The real skill would have been avoiding the PR problem to begin with … Angelina has for years used her kids, and used the UN, for her own benefit. Now, even with great PR, her image issues are not going to go away.”

Since the news of Angelina’s divorce broke last September, many believe Jolie has tried to make herself look like the innocent victim while making Pitt look like the abusive father. As the Independent noted, it certainly worked at first. The article noted how Jolie waited until after the Emmys to file for divorce so the media could give it more attention. She also helped shut down allegations that Pitt was having an affair with Allied co-star Marion Cotillard so the media could concentrate on his “abusive” behavior.

However, as TMZ reported, it certainly became clear that Pitt wasn’t the abusive father Jolie made him out to be.

“Brad Pitt has been cleared of abuse allegations by the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services, TMZ has learned, and that gives him a huge advantage in his custody war with Angelina Jolie.”
The article added that the case, which involved everybody who had anything to do with the allegations, was intensely investigated. This not only gave Pitt his reputation back, but it also meant that he now had a clear standing when it came to any custody disputes.

A couple weeks later, TMZ reported that Pitt accused Angelina of hurting their kids just so she could grab a headline.

“In Brad’s new legal docs, he says Angelina knows better… they are famous people and the kids are damaged when she airs their dirty laundry in public. He suggests Angelina going public has humiliated and embarrassed their kids and could even endanger them.”
TMZ also revealed that in the documents, Pitt’s lawyer said, “Angelina apparently has no self-regulating mechanism to preclude sensitive information from being placed in the public record, or she has other motives.”

A lot of people in the comments section agreed.

“Again, Angie reported (falsely) what happened on the plane. She then made more false abuse accusations in October when DCFS was about to close their investigation and got the investigation extended. She did it with malice aforethought in order to be able to take the kids and keep them from their father (forever if she could),” AmyH pointed out.

“In the custody debacle, ALL blame lies with Angie. It is unconscionable how she has chosen to try and perform a parentectomy on their children via false and vile accusations,” claimed Ladyinred5.

Since the report, a lot of the mainstream press has switched to team Pitt. Do you think Angelina Jolie tried to falsely smear Pitt? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.


Moonlight: How Brad Pitt helped make Barry Jenkins' drama happen

Jacob Stolworthy