Thursday, October 27, 2016

I respect people who are honest from the start, 
  not cowards who hide behind lies and deceit.
The evil you do remains with you.
 The good you do, comes back to you



Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.
– Aristotle

Let’s get one thing very straight: The vast majority of people you meet at work are nice, caring and considerate. They go out of their way to be polite, they help if they can and they truly care about the well-being of people around them.

Yes, there are inconsiderate, annoying jerks out there sure, but they are a minority. They may seem like they’re everywhere (just read Bob Sutton’s excellent book The No Asshole Rule for some great examples), but that’s only because we tend to let annoying people take up more mindspace, making them more visible than their numbers warrant.

So how do you deal with annoying people at work?

Outside of work, you can walk away. If your cab driver is a jerk, you can get off and take another cab – odds are you’ll never see him again. If the person sitting next to you in a bar is annoying, you can get up and leave. At work though, you’re not free to leave that easily. In most cases you’re more likely to want to stay and resolve the issue.

The very best strategy is to become less angry. If you can fix it so that it takes more to trigger your anger reflex, you will enjoy greater peace of mind and be more free to act decisively and constructively when you are treated badly at work. You will also be less affected by any petty annoyances.

With that in mind, here are some strategies that can help you become less annoyed on the job. Try some of these thoughts, the next time someone or something really gets your goat at work.

1: Staying calm means you don’t do something you regret later
Sometimes when you get really mad, you may end up doing something rash. If you can stay calm, you’re more likely to choose constructive actions.

2: Getting mad often means staying mad
If you get annoyed here and now, that bad mood may last for a long time.

3: When you stay calm, you really annoy those who want to annoy others
If that person is truly out to annoy you, the very best way to annoy them back is to stay cool. Deny them the satisfaction of getting you riled. They hate that.

4: You only harm yourself
Getting annoyed really harms no one but you.

5: Getting annoyed makes it easier to get mad the next time
You start a cycle of anger – which means it takes less and less to set you off.

6: Dreaming of revenge is bad for you

This is certain, that a man that studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green, which otherwise would heal and do well.
– Francis Bacon

7: Getting annoyed makes the memory stronger
Anything you experience while having a strong emotion, will be etched permanently in your mind. This is why some people can remember every little detail of that incident 8 years ago where some jerk cut them off on the highway. The problem is that the memory becomes so strong that it keeps coming back to you and keeps annoying you for years.

8: Instead of getting mad at annoying people – feel sorry for them
Jerks are very often jerks because they feel bad themselves. Hating them is really a waste of time – feel sorry for them instead.

9: Sometimes you’re at fault and blowing up just makes it worse
Sometimes it turns out, that the whole thing is actually your own fault. If you previously blew up at someone, then you look really silly…

10: It’s not about you
Most jerks you will meet are not really out to get you, personally – this is how they treat everyone.

11: It may not be intentional at all
Maybe they have absolutely no idea that they’re annoying you.

12: Losing your temper makes you look bad
Even if you’re in the right in the situation, if you lose your temper you can end up looking silly, petty or unreasonable.

13: Laugh about it
Most workplace jerk behavior is annoying sure, but when you really look at it, it’s mostly pathetic and ridiculous. Laugh at it, rather than get annoyed.

14: Is it a case of projection?
Few things annoy us more than other people displaying the same weaknesses and faults as we fear we have ourselves. If a person really, really ticks you off, maybe that person is just making you think about some weak sides you’d rather not admit you have.

15: Maybe it’s an honest mistake
And most of all: People make mistakes. Don’t read too much into it when people do inconsiderate things. It may simply be an honest mistake.

The upshot

I want to make one thing very clear: I’m not saying that you should put up with behavior that annoys you. This is not about being meek and humble and never complaining about the mistakes that others make. This is about not getting angry over annoying people, because getting angry is rarely good for you.

Once in a while, getting angry may be just the ticket. It can be exactly what’s needed to unlock a tight situation. I wrote about one such case here – the time I learned to say “no!” at work.

But as Aristotle said – it’s not about getting angry, it’s about getting angry in the right way. And in most situations, keeping your cool is better for you, and produces better results.

not and source: POSITIVE SHARING

Wednesday, October 26, 2016


This is the most beautiful movie poster I have seen from Hollywood in decades. (allied)

2015 - "Brad is the love of my life and the greatest father". 2016 - Angelina's continued "destroy the father of my children tour". #BS-PlantedByAWomanScornedandHerMinions

Doubt she will ever work in Hollywood again after all this. Her own movies she makes will continue to bomb at the box office. If she's after a career in politics I doubt any rational person would vote for her. Stunned the UN continue to have anything to do with her

Doesn't the FBI have better things to do??

Angelina is mental, get help

Elle ~ We don't know what Jolie has told the FBI, but we do know how she behaves. Fours hours.......Wow, that must of been quite the performance, Angie. Those FBI agents were given the full treatment of her acting skills. Her elaboration must of been Oscar worthy. She gave it her all. (Vancouver, Canada)

What a controlling drama Queen she is.

Indeed....I'd say that since the FBI is investigating this matter, one of the things they should be taking into account is the amount of pre-planning - SECRET planning - that Ms Jolie put into the intentional breaking up of her marriage! I would consider carefully the possibility that she manufactured a situation in order to be able to complete her plan and that this would be fairly easy to do on a plane .... in other words in an enclosed space. I'm quite sure she would also have realised that the FBI has jurisdiction in the air.

She is worse than Amber Heard. both screamed abused.

I'm sure she put on quite a show in that four hours.

That's because she has had more experience, after three divorces. She has planned this divorce, every step of the way. She wants to move to England with the kids, ergo, Pitt is in the way. Her goal is to get full custody, live in England, and become the Queen. Quite the neurotic, narsissist, controlling all those poor children.

Jolie the witch, trying her utmost to ruin Brad's good name.

Right along with the pre-coached children.

The FBI. Was there a terror plot involved in this argument. Jeez

Physically abused or disciplined? that's the problem with today's youth, all they do is ok, no matter what.....that's not how the world works or the type of citizens I want near me...
(Goteborg, Sweden)

this is just another one of her "PR Game" another lie from her. look at the timing of the so-called new accusation that he verbally abused the kids on many occasions then why didn't you report him from way back then why just now?. and remember his movie "allied" just released a new poster. see her game she desperately want to ruin him with lies she thinks this can affect or damage his new movie but sadly the public won't and will not buy her dirty evil ways. instead worry about the movie you directed in cambodia b'coz the public will boycott your film.

Doesn't LA's DCS have anything better to do... are all of LA's children all set? Angie will poison the kids against Brad... Brad will have no choice but drag this through court if he ever hopes to see them. I get that Brad might be a slacker, but he and the kids are doomed by Angie.

Poor stupid Brad. It looks like mother teresa's true colors are finally coming out. I feel sorry for those kids being controlled by their nutjob mother, and alienated from their dad. What an evil woman.

I hate to say it but Maddox looks like a real handful and then some. If anyone needed structure in that family my guess is it would have been him. It's too late now though. He's in his mid-teens.

So disciplining your kids has now turned into verbal abuse? An ex-nanny said AJ would let the kids do whatever they wanted, whenever. Brad wanted to discipline them, she would have none of it.

I know. I find it terrible that anything goes is alright, but it sounds like any sort of discipline is cause for an investigation. This world...

Angelina won't stop till she has ruined Brad and taken the children. The minute she has won she will go out all the time and leave the kids with nannies. Poor Brad will see very little of them. Angie has the eldest boy smearing Brad for her and her help will lie or lose their job.

More pr spin from AJ "crisis" team. Stick a pin in her, her career is over.

Well all can say is IF this is true, which I totally doubt, it only makes Angie look like a desperate woman who put a man BEFORE the needs & safety if her babies!!! I think, honestly, it's Angie and/or her 'camp' who's leaked these little tidbits of info since the plane incident happened, & it's all going to backfire on her goofy ass!

 This is so stupid! They are investigating him for verbal abuse when there are kids dying everyday from neglect, severe physical abuse etc. There are constant reports of abuse of those children but because their parents are not famous and rich nobody cares.

She's a wack job, he wanted out and she's making sure he never sees his kids again. I always disliked her and this confirms it!.

Don't believe this at all, he probably disciplines his kids like parents done in the older days & kids turned out better!

I still get verbally abused by my parents and I'm 25. Get the fuck over it. It's called discipline.

She has never had a mind to lose. This is no surprise to me that she is dragging him and their children through this. She was psychotic when he met her and that has not changed. She needs help!

See she is a f----ing lunatic. Honestly, when I see how women work the system and don't care who's life they ruin I thank god I am gay.

This is ridiculous. Seriously that woman has some mental issues for sure.

 I hope they also investigated Angelina for emotional abuse.

Um they need to focus on real child abuse cases. These are trumped up charges by Angelina. There's nothing worse than a woman scorned.

Don't believe it..if its true it would have happened before now!

 isn't there an odd relationship with her and Maddox? I don't mean a sexual relationship, but maybe one that is very dependent on one another or some other unhealthy emotional bond between them. I've heard about that from time to time.

They should be investigating her mental state

 Angelina just lost credibility and her career is over.  I used to like her, now I hate her!  She is a liar too!

 ugh this is getting so overblown

 Brad ain't done nothing wrong his soon to be ex wife is behind this as she wants full custody 

Marion Cotillard is in LA right now, I heard she and Brad are going to do a joint photoshoot together (october 25,2016)

 She's such a bitch

I'm sure she gave the performance of her life.

Jolie is playing the role of her life as the bitter vengeful ex wife out to destroy her former husband. Bet Pitt wishes he never went there 12 years ago. He should have listened to all the people, including her father, who said she was crazy.

Jolie's gone nuclear and is in full "destroy" mode. She wants to ruin Brad Pitt. Problem for her is she gave interview after interview including on tv talking about what a wonderful father he is. All Pitt has to do is get the footage and show it to a judge or the FBI. She is just now to try and ruin his relationship with his kids. Evil vindictive woman.

she is interviewed for four hours and this is her going "radio silent" as reported by TMZ

How come the investigation of a domestic incident is now the remit of the F.B.I. ? Will they now be investigating all such incidents in the U.S.A. ?

what's got the FEDERAL bureau got to do with a divorce?? I would like to charge HER for wasting police time. ( Italy)

Why exactly are the FBI investigating?! It's all a bit over-dramatic, isn't it?

They wasted 4 hours on this? Lol America is doing it right
(Auckland, New Zealand)

Ms. Jolie... YOU ARE SO FINISHED. Nothing is repairable for you image. NOTHING!!! Live with that!!!

Oh so the incident on the plane went no where so Ooops, there's more?!!! Every family fights, her jealousy and revenge is so palpable, it's sickining. Who's hurting the children here? It's called parental alienation.

Jolie's gone nuclear and is in full "destroy" mode. She wants to ruin Brad Pitt. Problem for her is she gave interview after interview including on tv talking about what a wonderful father he is.

Doesnt seem she is teaching their kids any morals or ethics. But then she thinks its ok to make out with her brother. The wrong parent is being persecuted here and why they let her adopt so many kids is beyond me. Are they allowed to make out with each other? Does maddox make out with her?

This is ridiculous!! I see seriously unfit loser parents who are able to keep their children while living off the government because of said kids while failing completely at life, but Brad Pitt will lose his if he got loud or angry with his?? GMAFB!!! (Give me a fucking break)

This whole article is complete hearsay and speculation. This is just a lawyer talking about IF Brad was under investigation, IF Brad was verbally abusive, all these IFs and dreamed up ‘scenarios’, that there is NO PROOF that even happened! Not to mentoin, The LAPD already CONFIRMED that they NEVER investigated Brad, as well as the FBI stated that there is NO CASE, did not investigate Brad; and the DCF BY LAW is not allowed to even state whether they are investigating him or not, including details and and parenting plans drawn up. There is NO PROOF that the plane incident ever happened, along with being investigated by DCF! Brad hasnt been since since the filing of his divorce, so for all we know, he could be isolating himself in a vacation to destress, not allegedly in LA crying and cooperating with DCF to visist his kids, all whil;e these DCF lies and alleged visit swirl on! THis article is a form of libel.

This is going too far not fan of Brad but he never abused his children

Pathetic. St. Ange should be the one under investigation. Someday, those kids are going to grow up and spill the beans on their psycho mother. I feel sorry for all of them… except little miss crazy. They should absolutely be taken away from her. No doubt.

Why not just let Angie keep Maddox! He looks as hateful and manipulative as she does! Concentrate on your other kids Brad!

Jolie should not have allowed him to intervene. Kids are not referees in parental fights. It sounds like she and Maddox set this up since she already had her new home rented before she traveled. What a manipulative woman.

15 year olds can be very manipulative, do not give him too much power and control, they are not developed enough to handle it!! I would be concerned with alienation issues.

Oh please she wanted all this to go down the charges are outrageous.

She is really sick. I used to admire her. This smear campaign she is waging to get the upper hand in the divorce is really disgusting.

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Dorama World: Ozawa Maju announces the arrival of her second dau...: Ozawa Maju announced the arrival of her second daughter on 26 October through her Facebook page. In her post, she revealed that although t...


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●1位 石原さとみ

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not and source: ZASSHI NEWS

Tuesday, October 25, 2016


Woman always starts some Bullshit

"Wow". Brad Pitt went from a lover a friend, a Father, to child abuser no way...

completely blown out of proportion , and - she needs her a-- kicked .

 These rich pampered celebrity liberals. I bet all Brad Pitt did was raise his voice to one of their kids and Angelina wanna call in the FBI. lol

Hundreds or thousands of kids are being abused right now and DCFS is investigating Brad Pitt?? THAT is the problem right there!!! Investigate legitimate claims. Please!

 Ugghh cant stand her..
Sounds like her and Amber Heard have been trading notes

you're telling me the FBI has nothing better to do like solve real crime instead of dealing with this petty bs? It's some family drama Wtf not a murder investigation get real

I believe if there was abuse going on someone from their inner circle would've noticed it over all of the years they were together. I think she's a woman scorned. Nothing good ever came out of involving children in adult matters.

She s wack she just wants to paint him in a bad light so she can whisk the kids away to England london school of economics house of lords wants be the next Princess Diana DELUSIONAL NUT JOB he should be glad she left

 If it was really that bad, then why did she wait this long to do something about it? I mean common! She waited till Jennifer Aniston got married to Justin thorax before any of this came to light.. It's like she was more worried about her pride after wrecking a home, now she's wrecked two one being her own..

Brad prob told the brat he couldn't have some million toy or couldn't hang out until some ungodly hour and now it's causing an investigation...#byeAngie

I think its her. Shes seems a bit off and like collecting kids it seems lol. But is anyone really mad? I mean karma right

I'm Team Brad on this one She is a Psycho..

She's a sick individual ever since kissing her brother she has never been a role model why start now

I don't like her she's full of s*** she's got too much going on she's mentally unstable

I think she was the one who would put her hands on Brad, She is a nut.

So many abused children on the streets and right in front of our eyes... And they waste their time and money on Brad.? Jolie can rot

She is nothing but a drama queen

Angelina needs to get over herself

She is such a hateful person

Sounds like someone may be coaching the kids about the other adult

She will regret this crap someday

Beating your kids azz is not child abuse you dam idiot

Jolie is way wrong in this matter. Feel bad for Pitt. Totally get having teens

Whoever decided to get "the system" involved is an idiot.

anyone who believes this guy would ever lay a finger on a kid to hurt them should have their head examined.

Let's not forget what the fight was over. She wanted to take her kids to a war torn country

not buying abuse either. Discipline yes.Then some wuss who doesn't vaccinate or have rules saw & said that's abuse. I'm calling cps

she is making it up and influencing the children so she can get custody she is a lying scheming drug addict  I think

those children are really spoiled. Brad did nothing wrong

Angelina is a poor excuse of a mother. already turned children against Pitt. HE needs SOLE custody of kids.  NOT HER!


Brad ain't done nothing wrong his soon to be ex wife is behind this as she wants full custody

my step son just lost his Xbox for acting like an asshole. I wonder what time the FBI will be here to investigate...

why do I get the feeling she may have taken this too far

gives her time to pay off the hired help to lie and turn the kids too. Who leaks this crap? Not the DCFS.

According to TMZ it was her sources who leaked this. You have to wonder what reason, other than to try and ruin him, would she have for doing this? As an allegedly "caring" parent, and for the sake of her children alone, she should be keeping this private. Perhaps she is not as unselfish as she would like others to believe.

But then how & why did Angelina Jolie get job with the UN? She's not qualified!

Unbroken →A fictitious story is falsified like the truth.
Angelina Jolie→The person who incites a war 

This woman doesn't know what means *discipline*, so much psychology kills it. I will not surprise to see Maddox in the future as a drugs addict. Sorry Angie, but sometimes you need to deal with the crocodile tears of your children and say them firmly *No*. Basics.

I'm sure most of us shout yell and ball at their children.. not something to be held against their father!!! I'm sure somewhere in Angelina land this all makes perfect sense

Incidentally, the only funny thing I've heard in all this is that she's looking to come to the UK and work with the Mekon, sorry William Hague. I mean, who in their right mind would dump Brad for Hague?? Ffion must be cr@p ping herself at the thought!

I verbally abuse my kids at least once a day.....I'm not allowed to go up the side of their head.

This woman must have a lot of time on her hands in between saving the world

This is a waste of time & resources to investigate Brad.T

Of course Angelina doesn't want to discipline the kids..... she wants them running wild so they don't bother her while she's gacking heroin and nodding out.

Apparently no physical abuse, now on to verbal abuse? lol,go away Angelina, you crazy woman.

Wow Angelina, just divorce him and move on. You don't need to completely destroy him. You loved him at one time ... didn't you????

Who doesn't shout at the kids now an again. This is getting ridiculous. Awful woman.

Verbally abused???? Don't they mean he is a parent and yells at his kids which he has the right to do?????

The physical abuse story wasn't adding up so now she's going with verbal abuse. She's throwing everything to see what sticks as they say. I've posted before that a friend of a friend worked at a school Maddox attended for a short time and staff said they were surprised how far behind he was in reading and math skills. I've no doubt that she lets them do whatever they want, she let Pax buy a swearing finger toy, and I take it she allows her children to talk however they want so I dont know why she is making a big stink about 'verbal abuse'....give it up angie

You have to do as Angie says or all h e l l will break lose. She is controlling. Very toxic person.

The reason Angie is trying to get sole custody is so she can move to england with out brads approval. If they do divorce and share custody they must live in close proximity. She wants all the control so she can selfishly follow her new dreams! Selfish narcissistic personality disorder. She wants what she wants when she wants to, everyone's else be damned! Poor brad.

Could someone please introduce me to a parent who doesn't shout at their children? What nonsense!

I am certain there are other children who are dealing with much worse than Brad Pitt's children. Please, can we use our resources to save the poor kids who are actually living in horrific conditions with awful parents!

Congratulations Angie! You have made the divorce more traumatic than it had to be. Now the children are adjusting to the turmoil which you have escalated. It would seem, that if Angelina was really thinking of the kids first, with all the time that Angelina and Brad had apart for movie roles, that Angelina would have made the transition by weaving it into their different schedules. Instead it seems, that Angelina as the mother, made the divorce as confusing and as complicated as possible; no matter what this intentionally brewed chaos does to the children.

Verbal abuse? Is this Angelina speak for disciplining his kids? Being a parent? Clearly her wishes for sole custody aren't being agreed on by Brad so more mud needs to be shovelled his way to force it along. This is clearly payback for the children keeping on asking after their father. I'm not buying it. This is just her way of keeping the issue alive until he rolls over and gives her the children. The longer she isolates them from him, the more she can manipulate them to her way of thinking. Poor kids

 Angelina Jolie will not cooperate with law enforcement if there's a move to file child abuse charges against Brad Pitt ... TMZ has learned. We're told she'll go "radio silent" if authorities make a move to build a case against her estranged husband. and now this The Angelina sources say some of the children have been fearful around Brad, and Maddox in particular has problems with his dad. We're told the meeting Brad had with Maddox last week ended quickly because Maddox didn't want to be there. SAYING IS ONE THING AND DOING IS ANOTHER.

this is just another one of her "PR Game" another lie from her. look at the timing of the so-called new accusation that he verbally abused the kids on many occasions then why didn't you report him from way back then why just now?. and remember his movie "allied" just released a new poster. see her game she desperately want to ruin him with lies she thinks this can affect or damage his new movie but sadly the public won't and will not buy her dirty evil ways. instead worry about the movie you directed in cambodia b'coz the public will boycott your film.

Angelina is up to no good

They're probably just keeping the case open to keep an eye on how sexy he looks every single day

The FBI and children services should concentrate on the missing children and the ones who are physically abused, neglected, not ones that got verbally abused on a private jet with their bodyguards,nannies

Nobody wants to deal with CPS so let's create an " incident" on an airline so the FBI gets involved. Nobody will figure out that I'm trying to destroy my husband and keep the children for myself because I'm so slick

Has anyone noticed that in every pic of her here lately she has resting bitch face lmao like she has no emotions or anything, I for one don't believe he did anything wrong, if my 15yo got up in my face we would have problems because that's disrespect and go figure look who their mom is so they are all probably spoiled rotten to the core , that boy knows where his bread and butter is so he's not going to go against mommy , I think it was planned honestly , he should have stayed with Jennifer but that's just my opinion

Omg really? Shouldnt they be worrying about kids who actual are bein abused and need help, not a rich kid who got yelled at? It really sucks to see that money rules all.

Everyday children are being physically abused, neglected and even killed by their parents yet child services are so "understaffed and under financed" and these poor babies fall through the cracks in the system yet this is being heavily investigated!! Blows my mind. Maybe child services should try to protect babies that genuinely need to be protected!!

Smh. Shes pathetic. All this noise n only person she hurting is thoae kids. I dont do baby daddy drama. Keep ur family life private

I smell a witch hunt, probably because of some do-goose who thinks you can't tell a child off for being a brat, and someone who lives in some fairytale land of unicorns and well behaved children. Seeing as their mother famously didn't believe in discipling her children we can only guess what Brad had to do to equalize it.

People really like Brad Pitt and she will tank her own career acting like a controlling nut job.

 If she wants to divorce him she should, but this whole trying to destroy the man is disturbing!!

I bet her acting skills were in high gear for that interview. 

What an ugly person she is.

She's acting. She's a lunatic liar

What a vicious witch.

 What a vile woman to start all this crap , his kids Are a lucky to have him well feed , well dressed, and to adopt kids takes a special heart but no not good enough for the fake mother all kids need rules and discipline a telling off does no harm it teaches respect, brad find a true lady not a bunny boiler 

So she wasn't worried about him being that way when they were together? So now they are separating all this is coming out? Really now