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July 06,2017

I can't believe he's 53, he looks fantastic!

Brad's a beautiful man.

He's gorgeous!

Bulking up and it shows. Love Brad's tousled hair look.

BP is sexy again since he escaped the witch.

The witch is busy running around like a 'black sad sack' or like some people call it 'an unfinished burqa'.
Skeletina needs to drape herself in clothes for warmth because she has no body fat. Her daughter is healthier than she is.

She covers up because she has no body (anorexia) to speak of. Majority of the photos in mags were photoshopped and when she went out in public with those dresses on she had on enhancements to make it seem as though she had a figure. Her backside is as flat as a board and she has a box shape.

He's very well

Good-looking guy. He looks happy and relaxed.

He looks well.

He looks good, like his pre-Angelina self.
Funny how he looks good BEFORE and AFTER dating Whorelina. WHILE he was dating her they both looked like hideous Botox wax figures who don't know how to use a shower.. well Jolie still looks like that.
Vain Whorelina on the other hand doesn't look good - she's a skeleton with huge fake stripper torpedo tits who loves Botox and filler injections. She's done in HW and the only way she gets press is when she uses her kids for pap strolls or showing off her nipples.

Wow he's hot! Being single is making him look good again

Woooo! That is one hell of a man!!!!
Angie! How dare you leave him??? ......

Wow!!!! It's official....BP is back baby!!!
He looks soo good in these pictures!!!!!

He's sexier now than when he was younger, he was almost too pretty before.

Phew!!!!! Gorgeous!!

He looks hot in anything at all.

Definitely look hot in me.

God, he's gorgeous!!

Damn 53 never looked so good !

He seems like a nice guy. You never hear about his temper tantrums or bad behavior, only from his ex wife's leaks. Who knows but he doesn't treat anyone else poorly based on the press and they follow him everywhere.

He looks amazing! Perhaps gained back a few of the pounds he lost. Perfect now.

The looks so much happier since the divorce!

Looking good and happy !

A good looking man.. Lucky he is free of Jolie.

Why so HANDSOME??!!

he is still handsome

She openly denies her children the opportunity or privacy to make friends outside the circle of siblings. She takes them en masse to Disneyland where they are filmed by visitors like animals in a zoo, thus proving to them that all people except their siblings are bad. In twenty years time, when Angelina is dead and gone, all six children will still be living together in one mansion or another, surrounded by an ever changing venue of bodyguards.

I don't know what caused the split but anyone can tell that Brad loved her and the kids, I can't believe she didn't give him a second chance, he seemed like he would have done anything to keep the family together.

She looks scary.

I sure hope she lets her dad and Brad's parents see the kids as often as they want.

She's lost the plot!!


There is a darkness about Jolie

She looks like Morticia Addams, Angelina is a very creepy woman. Brad made a lucky escape.

Just once I would like to see her in something other than those weird loose fitting dark dresses. It's summer, how about a pretty floral print maxi dress.

AJ has done some truly inhumane things gainst the very people she pretends to help,

Both girls look like their dad.

The boy, Knox, looks like him too.

Shiloh and Knox look more like Angelina to me. They bother have her lip shape, nose, cheeks. Vivienne is the one who looks a lot like Brad. Face shape, lips, flared nostrils, eyebrows, forehead, everything. She's a little odd looking now but maybe she'll grow into her face.

She's always reminded me of a human spider . No wonder poor Brad needed a drink .

Holy damaged hair! And she's a regular Mom, alright. A regular weirdo.

Trying to show she's a good mom, which I don't think she is, anyone who lets her kids run the household with no thought about real schooling, sports, and interaction with other kids, and just lets them do what they want is no mother, a mother guides them in a direction so they will be happy and productive citizens, not a bunch of wild Indians who do what they want. she is probably in her bedroom while they are running wild.

Their daughter looks like a mini Brad!

She is dressed like a witch.

He looks hot. Divorcing that witch is the best thing ever happen to him, he shouldn't have hooked up with her in the beginning. It was the biggest mistake he has ever made. Now everything is right

He looks so much more relaxed now hes free!

dude rocks.........

Glad to see he's back to his own self. Being henpecked by Ang was not good for him.

Angelina is a miserable nutcase, she'd make any good man miserable. Men look better when they are not with her.

He's so much more attractive without the baggage.

He looks great! What was it about his relationship with Angelina that made him look so sickly?

He is gorgeous, there is something about him that makes him likable.

 can't stand Angelina's phony

Brad is looking good. Angelina is bad for him.She is a mother Teresa wannabe.

No one will go to the cinema just to see cum dumpster Heroina nowadays. She's done in HW and needs younger, hotter, more popular co stars than her to make her new floppy movies a bit interesting.

Jolie doesn't understand that it's time for her to go away. No ones buying what she's selling anymore. She was known only for her looks and now they're gone. Her image crumbled with her divorce when she tried to destroy the father of her kids. She thought she was a bigger star and more popular than he is and quickly found out that she wasn't when the public sided with him. Now shut the door on the way out, Angelina. Go look after your own kids who will write Mommie Dearest 2 one day.

Brad is looking FINNNNNNE


Whorelina, the three time divorcée, can't keep a man. Obviously life with her is a nightmare, Brad had to depend on alcohol for staying with her.

I wonder how often this sooiled, pampered, arrogant cunt throws temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants.

I'm shallow on this but Brad looks great, and I don't mean health-wise although that's true too. I love his hair this length and he looks nowhere near 53.

Single life is good for him. He looks yummy. He lost the hotness when he was married to that crazy woman. Now he is yummy again.

He looks good pre-Angelina and post-Angelina says a lot about how toxic Angelina is.

One fine looking man! Angie who?

Divorcing Angelina is definitely good for him. He looks so much better than when he was with her. He looked terrible during the dark time with Angelina. After divorce, he is back to be hot again.

This guy has physically improved so much ever since he rid himself of Angelina. What a burden she must have been. Hello Brad!

He looks so much better without the weight of that mental case Jolie.

Looks great and even better since he's no longer with Ang.

Sexy man. There are a lot beautiful women out there for him. He should date all of them. Enjoy the freedom away from that mental wife.

He is great. New life

Gorgeous! His ex is crazy!

That's a tall Drink of water. Divorce looks good on him.

He looks so much better after Angelina. She must have sucked the life out of him.

Brad looks sexy. He is a sweet person. He looks like he wouldn't hurt an ant. But Angelina looks evil and cold. She always posing when she is out, she knows where the camera is because she calls the papz.

she looks like a emaciated witch with huge fake stripper torpedo tits and she needs her kids to stay relevant. If she wouldn't have any kids with Brad, no one would talk about her anymore. She's a fucking has-been.

She's a piece of shit and these freaks don't see it.

We strongly dislike the bitch. And with good reason.

And the entertainment industry hates her. The standing ovation Brad got at the Golden Globes this year was proof of that. They are very much on his side, as they should be.

Getting rid of that thing he married did him a world of wonders, he looks very handsome, fit, and like he has life back in him.

Sexy Brad is back ladies


Now there's the sexiest man alive we know and used to lust after....


He looks great!!!

So handsome

Looking good

Remember when she was concidered an actress and A-list? I wonder who she blames for the destruction of her career? Certainly not herself, that's for sure!

He is one handsome piece of man.

People magazine...take note...Sexiest Man Alive!!

Obsessed, he is looking fine.


He looks fantastic. So glad he worked on his issues and became pro-active about his health. It shows and it's not an easy thing to do, way to go Brad!!!

Current mood: Delicious

His body is like 30 years old man's body, lean muscles.

He is so fit, can't believe he is 53. He is effortlessly cool.

Uh! Uh! Uh! Hot damn!!! Brad Pitt is still fine and sexy as hell. I didn't even notice the iced coffee he was holding until pic #5. What I wouldn't do to be that straw. Lawd have mercy. The man is just fine!!

Gorgeous! His ex is crazy!

Good to see that you're back Brad! Good riddance to nutty Angie.

He looks SO much better than a few weeks back where he was looking far too skinny. He looks great now again.

Starting to look better...

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