Saturday, July 8, 2017


July 08,2017

I am so glad that Brad Pitt's appearance dropped jaws.  We would
have been inconsolably disappointed if it had only raised eyebrows.

never looked hotter? see him in thelma and louise, and legends of the fall and get back to me on hotter

He looks more relaxed and happy.  When you're happy you automatically look great.  Good for him!

Since he left nutty Angelina he has gotten himself together.  It must've been hell living with that woman.

That's what dropping 130Lbs of dead weight (his ex) does for ya.....

He looks like the weight of the world is off his shoulders. Probably feels like he's been released from the nuthouse.

He ages like fine wine. His hot body is back, he was fat during the darkest time with that evil wife. He still has beautiful face and nice hair. Angelina on the hand, her hairline is receding and she depends on botox and fillers, her body is a skeleton.

He looks amazing, effortlessly handsome

Knox: "Mom, can your nipples take me to the toy store?" Nipple-ina: "Let me put on a top and a trash bag and we'll go...after I call the paps"

We'll be reading the Mommie Dearest books about vile Jolie in 10 years time by which time most of those poor kids will be in rehab. The 6 nannies do their best while Jolie just uses the kids for photo ops. Do you remember it was leaked that Jolie has a separate house rented to get away from her kids or checks herself into hotels?

The evil witch is back using her kids for publicity again and tipping off the paparazzi. Too late Angelina - the public has turned on you and they're not coming back.

Stop using your kids for publicity by engaging in fake shopping trips for the cameras you creepy woman.

WHY THE CRAP ARE HER NIPPS ALWAYS STANDING AT ATTENTION??? I mean in every pic of her they r!!!! U would think it would make her kids uncomfortable, i kno I would be!!!

Maybe wear a bra next time Mom. She is so unlikable.

Just because she does not like her own father ( Jon Voight) she is keeping her kids from being close to their own father. She is and has always been a completely selfish woman.

Worth millions, yet, can not put on a decent outfit. smh

the clothing is a ploy as is every act in her life. The skirt and sweater say I"m an innocent simple housewife from the Midwest in the 50's. She is always trying to portray an image and as you can see, she does not know who she actually is. I would say the long dark caftan best represents her true personality. Have you ever seen a simple t-shirt and jeans - a relaxed look? The mind of a borderline is never content with themselves.

She looks like a bag lady.

Why do the kids always look so unhappy with her. They are never laughing or smiling. And apparently Angelina calls the paparazzi everytime she takes a kid shopping.

Brad has the lucky escape from this crazy woman. She lost her looks and her minds years ago.

She looks like a bum!

Complete and utter nut job...

Hotter than most men in their 50's, that's the truth.

Good for him for keeping himself busy. Looking good.

Of course he looks great, he got rid of the hate in his life, Angelina!


Why doesn't she wear a bra? The

Is she entering a "naturalism period" where her pap strolls are designed to look un-organised-pap-like?

She dresses like an old grandma, but she is showing her nipples. Must be mental problem.

Plus a show of her bone thin legs. Not attractive at all.

Brad's not missing a thing without this goofy sack of potatoes except his children, who unfortunately have to live with her.

She should have stopped at Target and bought an iron. And then hired someone to show her how to use it.

She doesn't have a good body, she is just a skinny minnie, which is probably why she covers up a lot.

Children have not lost any of their parents, they have lost the integrity of the family. And this is very bad, now their mother will manage everything...poor kids....

Brad Pitt is such a cool person, even at 53, he looks super. I'm glad that he regained his beautiful form. There are some envious people who, apparently, are unhappy with this, they are easier to see when he is thin, sick and vulnerable ... do not wait! He is a great man, and he is loved by millions, and you do not change this with your gloomy and stupid comments ....

Yes, he is great, but he was forced to take the blame for himself for the divorce, it was a bargain with Jolie. You probably did not hear about it or did not want to hear, like many Jolie fans. For the fact that he recognizes himself guilty of divorce, he will have the right to see more children. Jolie had long planned a divorce with him, she specifically provoked him to a scandal. She wants to manipulate everyone, in that case and children. She used them as a weapon in divorce against her father, it's such a shame. Now all online commentators scoff and laugh at them. Marriage is not spoiled by his addictions, but more her narcissistic behavior, she blames everyone for her troubles but not herself. She has big problems with the psyche. But Brad acted like a real man. He deserved all the best after all the suffering that Jolie had given him.

You are right, he made a great contribution to the development of cinematography, I learned about Brad Pitt earlier than about his wives, he has achieved everything in life himself. A simple guy from an ordinary family, it causes a lot of respect. He's a legend. All young actors strive to be like him, copy his style of play. Brad Pitt has long earned and received his Oscar and this is not a statuette - it's universal love. Unfortunately, this is the only thing that no one will take from him. It is possible to take away all the money from him, try to take away the children and encroach on his reputation, but this particular relationship and love for him will not fade. Much of my respect for Mr. Pitt and as an actor and as a man!

he looks so so so so so so hot in these pics. so glad to see him back to his old hot self.

Angelina has more problems than Brad. No matter how was, he will always be the father of these children, he loves them and fights for them. His alcoholism, I repeat, was greatly exaggerated by the team of Angelina, she had long planned a divorce, she had to find the reason to make him guilty, she is very tricky. Jolie's fans are uncomfortable reading good comments about Brad. But it's true he's handsome and hot, he's better than her as a person!

to reproach him for doing something now is stupid, he got stuck responsibility for a divorce and is responsible for these children, he did not refuse them, he struggled for them. Brad is a good man and he has already proved it, he does not need to justify himself before you.

Contributed 10000% more to cinema than AJ ever will.

This doesn't make people accept her fake acts just strengthens the belief she is trying to manipulate the public to save her ruined image.

She has been very good at deflecting negative news and manipulating media. When people criticized her making out with her brother and suspected in-cest relationship, she hooked up with Billy Bob. When people criticized her for ruining Bill Bob and Laura Dern relationship, she joined UN. When she divorced Billy Bob, she used her adoption, and refugee and UN as deflection. When people criticized her for ruining Brad and Jen's marriage. She got pregnant. During 12 years with Brad, she kept using adoptions, pregnancy, refugees, UN and marriage glorify herself. Now she and brad divorced, she used her kids, refugees and UN again staging pap strolls with her kids and refugee visits and other UN acts. But now most people are more savvy, they see the patterns of this woman's behaviors and they are not easily manipulated by her anymore except a few braindead people.

Also remembered her comments about "welcoming" Jennifer Aniston to contact her for a sit-down, during early Pitt-Jolie years. Cringe-worthy! Someone less false would have been honest and just said it's probably not on the cards.

Only braindead brainwashed people defend her.

Angelina has been a laughing stock pre-Brad and Post Brad. The only time people respected her was Brad era.

Angelina has power in the media, good acquaintance with mighty people, it helps her to poison other people!

She was good at deflecting the Sony leaks too. Instead of answering the question directly (about herself), she immediately turned the attention on to Sony's CEO, saying she was worried for her because she had kids and she knew it was going to "unravel" for her. Kind of an underhanded stab in the back. Typical Angelina Jolie interview deflection. Well, Amy Pascal has done amazingly well since the leaks as a successful producer.

She doesn't have much real left in her. Most of her are fake.

I think Brad does not care. He should not excuse himself to anyone, he has already proved that a good person and his audience know this and this is the most important thing!

Wow Nasty Angelina fans attacked Brad's niece on twitter. Her fans are low life like her. They are disgusting.

I saw that. Her fans insulted Marion Cotillard on her instagram before. She has despicable fans.

Zoey13~Jolie lived with Brad for 10 years and she didn't realize it was a problem before she married him, BS! They are both actors therefore, they heard more about other actors through the grapevine than we will ever know. Even I knew that Brad had an alcoholic problem back in the day, and yet she's sleeping with him and having his babies and doesn't know? Get real girl and stop trying to defend this POS called Jolie!

He looks ageless and hot as hell!!!

He looks so happy without Miss Miserable..she might be happier if she

he looks so good

Looking good!

Looking good and happy

Fortunately..what comes around..goes around..Karma's kicked her ass pretty good...and she's earned it.

Not a fan of hers anymore.

This is where I admire Jen/Ben putting on a united front for the kids. Too bad Brad could not have joineShiloh forced to promote mom's agenda I see. Don't forget, in the state of CA, you must give permission to have your children's photo or video taken..

Shiloh forced to promote mom's agenda I see. Don't forget, in the state of CA, you must give permission to have your children's photo or video taken..

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