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July 16,2017

You give too much attention to this woman, and she just plays on the audience. Now there are many beautiful and more interesting stars than she, enough to discuss it.

Trash with cash.

Anyone defending her, please realise it's a proven fact (see "Angelina Jolie's Carefully Orchestrated Image" by NY Times) she calls the paps on her own children. And German paps also confirmed in biggest German newspaper Sueddeutsche a few years back. This woman is a thirsty, fame-hungry person who never drew the line at giving her children access to privacy or space to find their own lives - because her need for PR overrides any of that. This alone should turn you off her, and not to mention what she did to publicly damage BP when she was done with the relationship. Awful, twisted woman.

And once again I will say this: a hypocritical world and hypocritical Jolie and poor children.

A borderline person (as John Voight suggested she is) exudes charm and benevolence for outsiders. Once you become inner circle, you get mood swings, silent treatment, character assassination and sabotage (as her history with men and the cut off of her dad suggests.) Anybody can behave at work for a paycheck or adulation, which you experienced.

Shame that Brad doesn't get to attend these events with his kids. Shame that Shiloh is encouraged to act like a boy.

Jolie's PR team is working overtime to no avail, her brand is damaged beyond repair.

Too much pap strolls with the kids.

Pathetic....she takes HER kids to Disneyworld....and explain how this is news?

does she realize that it is summer??

does she care that the kids might be missing dad ? In the long shot she looked like Cait .

She always looks so frumpy in her private life. Why is she wearing that coat in summer?!

There is something of "a fake" and quite "unhealthy" in this woman. It is the children we could have pity on and feel sorry for.

When she decided to cut her ovaries off, she already lost her mind. This woman has cancer genes, mental genes, and g-a-y genes. They will be passed on to her biological kids. Poor kids won't end up well.

Has she resurrected her image yet?

I dont find her genuine,she seems a bit forced

Totally forced. She never used to smile but now she does for photo-ops, lol.

She has no one to blame but herself and her despicable behavior prior to the Saint Angie schtick. No one is buying it.

Some of us happen to find it astounding that a parent can be that calculating about using their kids for PR, along with being that calculating about taking down their ex in public in such a deliberate manner designed to inflict max pr damage. Don't drink the koolaid!

She is certainly showing up in a lot of pictures with her children. PR stunt to make her look like mother of the year??? Please, you are no Jennifer Garner.

It's obvious what she's doing: she's desperately clinging on to the only good cards she has left - saintly single mother. Celebs should and probably need to call the paps as a professional requirement. However, when someone crosses the line into using their kids as deliberately as she has (and not just once in a while to ease off pap pressure), it should be called out. Unethical parenting!

Hmmm I was thinking the same thing! Jeez I'm sure they she can arrange to take them to these public places incognito if she wants

Her daughter looks sad and anxious in most pictures.

why does she wear coat? it's warm in LA

Why so many pictures lately? These photos are obviously staged. There are thousands have famous people in Los Angeles. There are. It roving bands of photographers. Yet she is the one whose picture is being taken. Hmmmm.

What the F does she wear in summer? Poor Viv always looks sad, scared and insecure. that girl is going to have huge problem

Another pap stroll .... yawn

Coat? California? July?

Why is she wearing a coat when everyone else is in short sleeves?

Very, very hot and humid, sweaty. That poor coat!

does she realize that it is summer??

July 20,2017

Monica Lewinsky is the last person who should be commenting on other peoples indiscretions...

Monica speaking to Vanity Fair and still playing the victim will not help repair her reputation

She shouldn't talk.

Lol! The one who willingly got in her knees in front of a president is talking???

Crazy nut again plays on public. Taking advantage of her children, she continues the PR move. Without them, she can not even take a step now. Poor kids. AJ will a long deceive people, but one day her reign will end.

I dont think any of her children 'do their own thing'. I think she pushes all of them into what she wants them to be.

Couple more years to see if Shiloh will become more girly. When she hits puberty. My daughter was a complete tomboy down to the underwear. People thought she was a boy, then bam!!! All girl now. She's 16 now.

What an absolute bore. Shiloh is gorgeous though.

Vivienne has never looked more happy, talking with the help...

I thought the same ..Angelina s just thinking about herself and who is looking at her ...Vivienne looks the happiest I ve seen any of the kids look ..and funnily enough it's with the nanny...say no more

There is something dark about Jolie

Can you picture her closet? Is there anything in there NOT black?

Another pap stroll. Her reputation is destroyed. People see thru her.

So true. Her cover has been blown and no amount of pap strolls with the kids with the photographer tipped off will get her back in the public's good books.

What has happened to her? She looks and dresse like Mortica

Always shopping for toys. Surely they have more than enough already!

You would think by now they would have everything in the toy store......would love to see the inside of their house .

Jolie is  batshit crazy! She shouldn't have any kids in her care.

They've ruined the poor girl. I bet she wishes she could get treatment to become a 3rd world orphan so her mother would love her.

Walking the children for pap-strolls is her new career, since the movie offers dried up. I expect she will announce that she has 'put her career on a slow-down to be with the children'. She must have really upset the industry to be shunned like this and end up pap-strolling like the Kardashians.

You cannot buy or force the public's sympathy.

July 24,2017

He left the grip of her and found himself again.

July 25,2017

Very nice, that Brad supports this young singer.

Spike Jonze hasn't made any movie since winning Oscar. Maybe it is time he and Brad make a movie together.

Brad is such a beautiful man and he is too good for Angelina. Brad, go find a decent woman to marry and have kids. Angelina is never a wife material, she is mistress material.

It was said Brad's parents and friends were against him hooking up with Angelina. They warned him but he didn't listen. I am sure he regrets and he should have listen to his parents and his friends.

Brad had a romantic idea about a big family, he only thought of good sides, he didn't expect the headache sides of a big family. Plus Angelina's health problems and surgeries, it was a hell he had to live in. HE WANTED A FAMILY.

It's just that Pitt's fans managed to see the true colors of his wife and her hypocrisy, so they do not want any more for him such a life. They wish him happiness and only the best.

The kids and marriage caused him to heavy drink. The kids were chaotic and the wife was mental. I would too.

I remember when the news of Brad leaving Jen for Angelina was out. My parents and my friends all said Brad lost his mind. No sane man would leave Jen for the mental Angelina. Now this is proved to be true. Brad is paying heavily for it. EVERTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON.

Frank is the power of music.Brad needed a friend like that. He probably went through Dante's Inferno having his family destroyed. Frank is the truth.

Sorry Angelina and her loons. Brad is just too gorgeous to be a bad guy. Angelina on the other hand always look like a witch. I just don't like her.

It was so beautiful, such a sensitive song, Frank is a special performer. Brad Pitt played well. After the divorce, he became more pleased with life. I'm so happy for him, great Brad.

No relationship lasts when built on lust and cheating

It's good to see Brad having fun, and we can comment on it without moderation unlike the articles for a certain mad ex, who drags the kids for daily pap walks, and doesn't stand any criticism. Brad has always loved music, and he clearly has a lot of friends.

I'm not hating but I tell what I see, and I can't stand fakery and hypocrisy. I can't stand a woman who accuses her husband falsely just to get rid of him in the most damaging way. The one who lied and has a sick mind is Jolie, and I will be always vocal about it..

Brad looks so great post divorce. Most important he is free to do everything he loves: music and art. Good for him. Angelina on the other has nothing else to do but parading her kids for PR to try to save her images. LOL

Brad has a lot friends in the show biz. They respect him and love him. I can't say the same thing about Angelina. She is looney bin.

How cool Brad show up at Frank's concert. He is so gorgeous. The man is always elegant and classy

Angelina never deserved to have Brad in the first place. His Mrs. right is somewhere waiting for him to discover her.

God works in mysterious ways!

Brad looked the worst when he was with mental Angelina. He looks damn good after rid of her.

Brad is so beautiful. God bless him. What a great man

I'm glad to see Brad and Frank. I did not think that I would see them on the same stage, a pleasant surprise. Frank's songs are real magic and the voice is so gentle. In general, he is a great singer. And Brad, I wish you all the best, be happy and never be sad. The world is full of love, beauty and good people.

He still looks so good at 53.

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