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My opinion of Mr. Pitt just went up in a HUGE way!! I admire him stepping up to be there for the family. It means a lot.

What a Great Guy Brad Pitt is!!

How kind and thoughtful of him.

That's one cool dude right there. And that's not a photo op either

Brad is so sweet and kind. What a man.

Sounds like a good thing for everyone involved. That was a very nice thing to do Brad

Awesome, am Team Brad now!

so nice of him but if you really think about it. They lost their dad and he lost his kids. They sadly feel the same but nice gesture from the adult.

Wow! What a great guy to do that especially considering what he's dealing with right now...aside from losing a great friend.

That's super sweet

He is the greatest man and the greatest friend.

That was probably therapeutic for the kids and Brad. It was a nice gesture as was said but the kids are going to have a lot of rough days coming to terms with living without their dad.

Brad's a good man and a good dad. Too bad Angie or their ungrateful kids didn't realize that.

Brad is true friend of Chris Cornell.

It's wonderful how Brad knows his place as a "bff" that's exactly what he should be doing to take some of the stress off Vicky-Bravo BP!

He is great after divorce.
Brad was a close friend of Chris
Beautiful attitude!

They look so sad. I guess Brad was just trying to cheer them up. He seems like he really likes kids. Angie was mean to make those horrible accusations about him.

This is why Brad is highly respected in Hollywood. People in Hollywood know he is a great person. Unlike Angelina, they know she is a trash.

He is such a sweet decent man. Angelina's loss

Very sweet , to show real support to a family during a difficult time, kudos! A true friend.

Very nice gesture. Good job brad

That's sweet...only a hater can make some of these negative comments

Angelina made a big mistake letting Brad get away. Big mistake .....

Way to step up Brad. Good friend.

Bp is a classy dude

Brad is a good guy. He made a mistake by falling for Angelina's lies of building a big happy home. Good that he got out when he did.

This is what real friends do.
I've always liked Brad. He's one of the good guys.
I hope he's happy.

Nice job Brad.

Brad is an amazing man.

Take notes

That was a good move on Pitt's part.

Wonder what Angelina will do next week, take half of Cambodia to Disney?

Brad is really a great guy.

dont care what the tnz trolls are saying. .this is how and when you know whom your true friends are..i hope brad keeps it up might help him heal in his own life

He is Chris Cornell's true friend.

He is such a great man.

In hindsight, this is how Brad rolls. I am now reminded of all those homes he had built for those victims of Hurricane Katrina.

You're right. After Katrina he was there doing what he could. I remember seeing pictures of him working on the houses. He may not be a carpenter but at least he did something instead of just writing a check.

Angelina drove that poor guy to the bottle. Now he's in a good enough place to do for others. Way to go Brad!

That was so kind and compassionate of him. He's a good person

Brad Pitt is one cool guy for doing this for Cornell's kids. Plus, I'm glad he got away from the Ice Queen that is Angelina.

That's really nice of him, I'm sure those kids need to get out of the house and just be kids for a couple hours. Their life just got much harder than it should be.

That was just lovely, so nice of Brad. Beautiful man in so many ways.

I agree. They need something like this.

What a Great Guy Brad Pitt is!!

 Those are two of the best men in entertainment right there.

 I love Brad Pitt, he is such a good guy! And the kids need time away from this tragedy, great thought Uncle Brad!

This is awesome!! A have great respect for Brad Pitt for being so loyal . We need more people like this in this world. A world with zero loyalty

 I think it's a little soon but if they had a good time it could help them recover faster from such an unexpected tragedy. the kids minds must be swimming with so many emotions. so perhaps brad has knowledge and experience with the topic of suicide. I'm sure the mother is needing peace and rest and alone time to properly grieve to regain her footing.

 I remember seeing pap pics of Brad & Chris taking their kids on a play dates.. I thought that was sooo cool. Just Dads, no moms.. Swear, when i see Angelina, Ima shake her & tell her shes nuts for letting this one go!

Great that he took them under his wing through these hard times!

And that is awesome of Brad to do that for Chris kids.

 Good for Brad - those children need some happiness for a little while.

As a survivor of the death of a parent, distractions are the only way to cope. This is good. I promise.

 Kudos to Brad Pitt!!! That's what real friendship is about...

 Love that he is stepping out to be there for them in more than one way!! Go Pitt❤️

 I don't care what his ex says about him. He's a good guy.

That was very sweet of him...

 we were just talking about how Brad Pitt is literally the best.

 Love Brad Pitt. Great actor. I remember him coming to the cage at MB and he was so graceful and pleasant to all.

That's awesome brad pitt to take the kid's to Universal Studios your awesome

They need some lightening up time after this tragedy...Hats off to Uncle Brad!!

That's what friends are for

 Nice gesture on Brad's part. Those kids need a little happiness right now.

 What a good guy Brad Pitt

Awesome.. your such a sweet heart Brad.

You are awesome Brad!

Class act Brad❤️

Kudos Brad Pitt! Your a faithful friend

That's kind of him. Good man.

Brad Pitt is a kind man and sensitive to the needs of others. I wish him well!

that's so sweet of him..........

That was nice.. Brad and Chris were really good friends, guess he is trying to help with Chris' children and to lift their spirits. Seems to be good a friend.

I hope they had a great time, losing your father in such a way is cruel.

I can't even begin to imagine what Chris' kids are going through. It's really nice of Brad to try to cheer them up.

A kind gesture by Brad, indeed; Chris was blessed to have such a good friend that will help look after his kids. But in seeing these two worlds collide, I can't help but be stuck by how sad all three of them must be in such a similar way. On one side, you have these kids that have had their father taken away from them suddenly, and on the other side, you have a father that has just as suddenly had his kids taken away from him by his ex-wife. Hopefully by spending some time together they can in some small way help to fill a void in all of their lives.

These photos made me cry. Years ago a close friend of mine passed suddenly, (car accident) leaving her two young children behind. Their father wasn't in their life, so they were truly all alone. From that day forward, they were invited everywhere my family and kids went. From the most mundane trip to the park or movies, to our actual family vacations out of state. Sometimes they accepted, other times not; and while they were often withdrawn and moody, we never stopped inviting them. My husband and children were so understanding and sweet to never once object; we just became one big extended family. It wasn't always easy, but it truly was a blessing. It wasn't until years later, and after they were grown, that they both thanked me through tears and conveyed how much it had always meant to them, and how it greatly helped them through the grieving process. To this day, I'm as close to them as my own children. These pics just brought it all back, and I respect Brad so much for doing this.

Bless you, for being a friend beyond the end and a wonderful human being. I'm with gaffer-grl, that totally choked me up. Gratitude.

Very sad he cant be with his own kids. Jolie is the most selfish person ever known in Hollywood.

I used to be a fan of Jolie... but once the news broke they were getting divorced it was like a smear campaign against Brad. The thing about abusive people is they know exactly how to make everything feel like it's your fault.. which I'm sure Angelina did to Brad more than once.. poor guy. He seems like such a caring man it's sad that Angelina has alienated him from his own family.

Brad has a big heart. What a man.

Brad is such a great friend of Chris.

I am not surprised by this because Brad is always this great person.

Because it is not so, you look at the poor quality of the photos, it shows that the filming was amateur, not custom-made, he just helps this children

Please leave those kids alone, they've been through something really traumatic, they deserve to go to a park to distract themselves and not having strangers snapping pics of them.

Such a good hearted thing to do. He could have been consumed with things in his personal life, but he chose to open his heart to his friends kids.

Glory, this is awesome! I had no idea they were such good friends, seems like an unlikely duo. But, awesome nonetheless.

Good move Brad. Very cool

As if we needed anymore reasons to love Brad Pitt ❤️❤️❤️

This is fantastic. They need an ear someone to listen and someone to let them know that...Life...will go on. The greatest thing they can do is honor their father by living and laughing...and when necessary cry.

Brad Pitt is an amazing soul, I would have done the same for my good friend's children!

Brad Pitt is a loving, caring person!

only a true friend can do that

 What a kind hearted gesture ❤

Wonderful caring loving man

Wow what a true friend !! You rock Brad !

Brad is a good man with a huge heart.

He's not just a talker, he's kind & generous person

 just watched benjamin buttons last night saw it twice...loved it

Thank you for the kindness you have shown the children. It takes a very special person to dedicate their time especially as busy as you are.

As if I needed to add to the reasons why I'm completely in love with Brad

How lovely of Brad, especially with all that he has been going thru, being there for Chris's kids. He is truly a beautiful person inside and out.

I have new found respect for him. That was a very nice thing to do

Wow what a great man it takes a real friend to be there for his family a lot of people who loses a friend loses contact with there friends family and he is standing up like a good friend would I have all of respect for u

No wonder your relationship failed, in stead of what s the problem and how do WE solve it, you decided Divorce was the only solution . Like it or not you will never get rid of Brad , learn to communicate and compromise because even with a Divorce you will have to resolve issues .

 He wouldn't want you back anyway you scrawny bitch, don't flatter yourself.

That 's good news for Brad. He is better off without her

He better off...without you lunatic..crazy

Brad Pitt is the Man! I don't care what anyone says but I think that he is one of the realest famous people out there....

That is so kind and thoughtful of Brad Pitt. True caring.

Brad Pitt is a Class Act.

 Brad has a big ♥ and those kids won't forget his kindness

Just 1 more reason to like Brad Pitt

He's letting them know there's a man who is there for them in the physical world.

You're amazingly awesome, Brad Pitt!!!

I admire him stepping up to be there for the family. It means a lot.

Another reason for me to love Brad

Beautiful man, huge heart, love him!

 What great act of kindness!

Good on you Brad.

My opinion of Mr. Pitt just went up in a HUGE way!!

Good for Brad!

Bless him

Good people do good. Keep it up Brad. Those kids will remember this.

That was a classy thing Pitt did.

Pretty awesome of Brad to spend time with the kids.

Kindness is always welcome.

What a sad situation all the way around. Brad did the right thing by taking the kids to Universal Studios; he helped lift their spirits and let them know they aren't alone.

Brad Pitt doesn't just talk the talk...he walks the walk. Righteous dude, indeed.

I love that Chris Cornell and brad Pitt had an authentic friendship. It speaks a lot to Brad's character how much he adores those kids and the impact his friend's death must be having on him.
I wish them all well as they try to overcome their grief.

Way to go brad. You are a natural. A real father figure. I'm sure chris would appreciate your caring support for his kids. I'm sure it helps you as well, to feel close to chris. I hope real answers Are forthcoming. I'm so sorry for his passing

He always seems like an authentic guy

Class act!!!

Brad Pitt seems like a cool guy. He's probably breathing easier now that he's got AJ out of his hair.

Wish I could have a Brad Pitt of my own

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