Saturday, June 17, 2017

Filipino Cultured: Filipino Love Teams

Filipino Cultured: Filipino Love Teams: Angel Locsin es una actriz filipina. I just wanted to take this time to talk about how amazing of an actress Angel Locsin is. I was first ...

 Love teams are a fallacy that the Filipino masses - especially the C-D socioeconomic classes - eat up. Of course, they're not real, the two actors play together, and pretend to flirt with each other to appease their fans, only sometimes does that ever lead to true love, but either way, it always started out of a social pressure to flirt with each other, in other words, they were forced to flirt with each other because this is your love team, this is what's required, this is how you should play it, flirt with him and maybe you'll find love, but you should do what's expected out of you as an actor/actress, because your career is on the line. Every Filipino actor/actress from Piolo to Judy to Aga down to even the youngest littlest newest ones knows that those are the rules, but they're unspoken rules.

But they both know that it's just show business, the actors have their own lives and own private love lives - but the masses, especially the uneducated, don't know that, and it's helpful to their own lives to escape the harsh reality of poverty and delve themselves into a made up world of a current Angel Locsin-Piolo Pascual, Dingdong Dantes-Marian Rivera, New Actor-New Actress love team. It's not real, it's completely fabricated by the TV networks in the Philippines to make money, but the Filipino masses due to their lack of education believe that it's real, they believe that Piolo Pascual has a secret crush on Toni Gonzaga, they believe that their favorite love team is just hiding their true love for each other and will end up together in the end, they believe in the love they see when their two favorite love team actors sing on live tv to each other, they believe in the fabricated world of Filipino showbiz in front of them because they don't know any better, and don't realize that in the end, the love team system is a fool-proof Filipino invention of genius and a money making system for Filipino TV networks and sponsors that will never go away as long as the Filipino public continues to remain uneducated about it, and they will for a long time in the future to come, and in the end, it benefits everybody.

It benefits everybody.

It benefits the masses as their kilig (Tagalog for sentimental) escape from harsh poverty and reality into a made up fantasy world of love and romance. It benefits the actors, who make money from that illusion, that they themselves participate in. And it benefits the TV networks of course who rake in the pesos and overseas dollars from the many times poorly-scripted, poorly directed (but not always) movies that they put out there, many times not for artistic expression but for the sole purpose to make money.

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