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Terrible narcissistic whose kids live in planes

He is 53!? No way!

Yesterday Elle, today Sienna, tomorrow Paltrow again. Then repeat with more B listers.

Still miles better than that bony witch who masquerades as a humanitarian

Pics or it didn't happen.

Ok, we see a pattern developing with the tabloids. For now and for the foreseeable future, Brad Pitt will be dating, screwing, marrying every single, eligible, Hollywood female. Poor guy, I hope he has the stamina.

she acted like a laid back humanitarian who loved the world when she was a sociopath who just lives the rich life while making fights

Why does she seem to want everyone to be 'citizens of the world'. Globalisation is fine if you have millions, a private jet, and homes all over the world. Real kids just live in one country, and many of them just focus on the town or village they live in. She has unrealistic expectations.

This PR stunt was so predictable, but less and less people buy her attentionseeking manipulations.

Botox and fillers spoiled her face, she looked older .. Somewhere I heard that, Brad had long wanted to leave her first, but stayed for the sake of the children, she decided to hit him first. He is not a loser and has stand this confrontation and goes further!

Did her PR team write this? "Angelina appeared via video link to the amazement of children.." Haven't kids in England heard of moving pictures yet and so would be stunned by a video or her...or was it Angelina who stunned them by just being present in the room. Do 8 year old know who she is and why are they being made to hero worship her?

The psycho queen now lectures the children. Her egofest continues.

She is not an asset,may be a better idea to cut her off .These charities may be have better public support and impact without her .

She's a real Space Cadet !

Used to think she was cool, now she looks like a blowup doll.

How about encouraging children to be innocent children who are learning and growing and not be pressured to save the world.

I think she believes her own press.

Serious and complex? Angelina is a demoness masquerading as a humanitarian

I'm already used to Pitt without Jolie. I don't even remember them together anymore

Brad and Nick Cave know each other since they worked together in Johnny Suede, back in 1991 (Catherine Keener starred in the movie too). He did the score of "The Assassination of Jesse James..." and recently made a song for "War Machine" (both produced by Brad). They are old friends, nothing to do with Jenn, so stop with this stupid mess.

Very nice, that BP again actively participate in the life and publicly with his friends is to be seen. Without fear that a jealous woman with her control force would thwart this, or maybe even follow the friends hatefully.

Tabloid crap. They lie about people all the time. I thought he was going out with Kate Hudson. They will lie about anything to sell a paper. Leave them alone until you have the facts.

He is better off without her.

what a dumb role to put a kid in

We're starting to see the actual mess in their lives. I can see now why Brad couldn't leave. He just didn't know how to fix this. Now that Maddox's hormones have kicked in, he wants to be the 'man' of the family and helped Jolie get rid of him. Poor little Shiloh. She was turned into a boy because Jolie knew she couldn't compete with a beautiful daughter. I hope, if nothing else, Brad can get this child on the right track. Tomboys are one thing, this girl has decided she's a boy and is out-boying her brothers, if you get what I'm saying.

My feeling has always been that Maddox who feels he was there first is a big part of the problem.

Angelina had him before Pitt and the rest of the kids came. Even though he may have been first, he isn't the only kid.
I think Angelina also favored him out of his siblings, and I think she really did egg on Maddox to disrespect Pitt and turn the boy against him.

He is a manipulitive little bully, and she has allowed him to be that way

Angelina Jolie Is a nut job that child Maddox is too young to tell nannies what to do where is she sleeping and smoking

Shame on Angelina for confiding in Maddox. He is not there therepist, he is her son who she should have sent to school and disciplined. Along with the rest of the siblings. You do not need to vent out and talk trash about your husband to you son!
I am not sure if he really had a huge part in their break-up, but I bet he did add on tension.
Brad looked unhappy for years and years, and I think he wanted out for awhile.

I don't wish Jolie on a nice guy, she has shown how vindictive and mental she can be. Maddox looks really unfortunate and disturbed.

Agree. I wouldn't wish Jolie on my worst enemy. She is an ugly, vindictive evil, nasty woman. I hope whoever her next man will be( I doubt any man would want a badly aged 42 year woman with 3 divorces, a history of drugs, incest, anorexia, mental illness and 6 kids as a wife) will be really nasty towards her. She deserves to meet her match.

I can just see the visual with him giving all the hired help orders of what to do all the time .Im sure Brads parents are mighty glad their son is done with her!! However I'm sure they are not happy at the way she personally raises their grandchildren let alone Maddox being the " boss" of the family now. I know that we will never know what went down with that whole plane ride fiasco but I have a feeling that Maddox played a huge role in the demise of Brad and Angie's fight and breakup and Angie just allows it . What a shame , I think he probably is disrespectful to Brad if nit downright nasty . Oh well , hopefully Brads other children will see things for what they are as they grow older. I wish him the best!!

Well, Angelina herself was grew up hating her own father thanks to her crazy mother. She taught Maddox to do the same. Which is wrong. The boy will have some severe anger and mental issues when he is older.

Read a while back that Jolie 'depends' on Maddox. Why? He's her child, not her husband. And she hasn't devoted her life to her kids. She's busy running around the world and dragging those poor kids with her. As for meeting a nice guy, no nice guy will have her.

She reportedly is venting out on Maddox and talking about her problems with him.
He is a 15 year old boy, not her therapist. She needs to go seek therapy for her issues.

And what man would want this ugly looking, nasty, vindictive woman as a girlfriend or wife?
Angelina is a mean lady, I would not wish a nice man for her.
I wish her the worst type of men. She needs to get played the same way she played around the  men in her life for years and years. This lady doesn't even treat her dear old dad with respect. Thats probbaly where Maddox learned to be disrespecful towards Pitt.

angie has been known to have inappropriate relationships with her male family members - would not surprise me if angie pulled a woody allen.

Who would take on this nasty ugly woman?
I would not put is past her to do a Woody Allen-Soon Yi Previn realtionship either. She is a mentally ill woman who needs to seek a therepist!

She confides in Maddox because she has been unable to foster any true friendships with other women....and we all know why that is!  Maddox is a child....not a man and Angie should keep her discussions about her private feelings to a therapist and not her son. I suspect Maddox may have wanted Brad out of the picture.

I have a gut feeling this kid is going to turn out to be a monster and I mean that in a bad way

None of the kids will turn out good. I have a feeling many of them will end up suicidal or in depression. Maddox looks like he might be on drugs or in jail.

If she treats him as an equal, then she is dooming the boy. He is not her equal. He is  her son. I wouldn't doubt her manipulating him into turning him against Brad. And him, being the impressionable kid that he is, went along thinking it would give him freedom and power. She is making the same parental mistakes her own mother made. Seems her and Brad had different ideas about parenting. He wanting strcuture and discipline. Her giving them all the freedom they wanted. Brad should fight tooth and nail for 50/50 custody. If not , these kids are gonna turn out to be monsters. At least with Brad, they'll have a chance.

Back at the ranch, Brad is his legal father.

Wouldnt surprise me if Angelina and Mad had something going on. Maddox looks like a little sh it who always has a smirk on his face that screams 'I got rid of Brad". Angelina's relationships have always been weird. Tongue kissing her brother ( and would it be any surprise if other things went on especially since she was on drugs?), her brother on the other hand is creepy especially if he wasnt on drugs as well during that time. Drugs, anorexia, daddy issues, her mother f'd her up as well she just doesnt see it, drinking vials of blood, calling her bio kids blobs and feeling less inclined to feel for them....just many things about her is not normal.

I wouldn't put it past Jolie to do a Woody Allen-Soon Yi Prevein realtionship.
I mean, she did sleep with her own mom's boyfreind at 15 and made out with her brother!

What kind of fruitcake would let her child  dictate to her how to live her life.  Those kids need Schooling and structure

Homewrecker literally means "one who wrecks a home."
Jolie will wear this tag till the day she dies.

Why can't she do these things? It's wrong for her to let a 15 yo do this. She's so incredibley man-dependent that she's doing what so many single mothers do, make their son their "husband". SMDH.
Maddox  On The Other Hand will never accept another man in that house. She must know this. He didn't get along with Pitt, he won't get along with any other man.

Even though I think Maddox is an ugly spoiled brat, I do feel bad for him.
Angelina used this boy only as an means to an end for every little problem or thing she wanted.
She adopted him in 2002 to fix her image as a disgusting homewrecking brother lover.
She then used this boy as a way to lure a very much married Brad Pitt away from Jennifer Aniston. She trained the boy to call him 'daddy' on the MAMS.
And now she used him as an excuse to file for divorce and involved him in a lie that Pitt was abusive and all.
I really did not think she could stoop lower, but she did. She is using her son as her confidante to speak and making him feel responsible when he shouldn't.
The boy is gonna grow up with mental and rage issues. And its his mother'a fault.

Considering Angie is a hypocrite and a liar, the question is why does she say one thing and do another.
When she said she wouldn't sleep with a married man, that turned out to be a lie. Now, do you think she did it because she wanted revenge on married couples? Or is she just like her father? She has problems with men and blames it on her father's past history. I think she's just like her father and relished in the thought of breaking up a marriage because she came from an unhappy and miserable home.

All of the "my mommy, the sweet gentle earth mother, my best friend" crap from the ho about her mother never rang true. Especially when you consider the fact that she was busy partying in NOLA with Pitt when her mother was dying. And also the bitching she was doing about her mother wanting her money in the drugged up phone call to the person that she was supposed to hate so much, her father. Hmmm.
Let's face it, Jolie was not the most attractive of children and I'm guessing that old Marcia Lynn made sure that she knew it and let her know that she did not match an ideal. Which is why she's a nut-bag of insecurities, eating disorders and self harm now

She's ALWAYS been mental. I think she must have done something (or he found out something about her) during the time she adopted Madox, because that's when he went public about her mental problems. I also believe that that's the only reason why she cut him out of her life, and not the bs she said about him cheating on her mom.
I think that Madox and Zahara adoption was illegal. She didn't adopt them, she bought them.

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