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Divorce is not your first option in a marriage!! Nobody ever said it was easy! There WILL be thick and thin, good and bad & sickness and health!! I have been married for 8 years and it hasn't always been flowers and sunshine!! There were times we wanted to kill each other, wanted to walk away and cried many tears!! Our love and commitment toward our marriage and children is what held us together and made us stronger today!! I wish them nothing but the best!!

Really. She is such a bad mother. They don’t go to school. They don’t have friends. She takes them miliatay shopping and overindulge them. To not let them see their father is vengeful and selfish. She clearly has personality disorder and needs to be right. She would drive anyone to drink. He needs to do something.

Her PR works good.... Several hours..... Happy father's day Brad! God bless him!

She will not regain her reputation yet, she will not be satisfied. Soon you will see another PR photo session from Africa

She could do a prepared statement and not go to the event. It wouldn't be the first time she's done that. She did it on purpose. Happy father's day Brad! God bless him!

You are the only outlet reporting this. Strange you don't have photos of the kids being dropped off. I hope it's true as every other outlet is only reporting the kids aren't with Brad on Father's Day. Whenever you see your kids, it's Father's (or Mother's) Day. A day early doesn't matter.

I think that Angelina Jolie saw the negative in the comments quickly and gave refutations. All the same, it's strange that she decided to go to Father's Day, I hope it's not for something to hurt him, because it's folding up, that's it. In general with the holiday you Brad, do not be sad!

She could have used the celebrity gate. Instead, she wants that one last photographer to capture her PR moment. Kids are just props, but they seem to be enjoying the celebrity status they bring to her endless pap calls.

7 bodyguards, the children are regimented & she tells them what to do from the looks of it here. In California the law states that the papparazzi have to have parental permission to post any photo of minors & it appears she is giving them paps permission - for $ most likely.

What else can we expect from her? It was predictable.

This seems really odd why would she be taking them away from their father on father's day, I don't get it hasn't she had enough bad press. It's really odd that you never see him with his children anymore, sad.

It's about 100 degrees Fahrenheit (about 38 Celsius) here in Los Angeles this weekend. She's wearing boots and a raincoat? Weird.

Photos make her look like she's letting herself go grey

That's very mean of her. Cold.

I feel so sorry for these kids. Their true home is an airplane. Just dragged, dragged , and dragged everywhere! No consistency but airports and airplanes. Grow up Angelina already.

I thought Angie was always being together as a family? Then why is she not letting her kids spend today with their father? Very sad

I have always followed Brangelina. But now Angie is saying that "they will always be family." Is that why the children aren't spending Father's Day with their dad? I am greatly disappointed and feel that she is playing to her audience and the media.

Allowed? He's their father and should see his kids whenever he wants. this is what the legal system in the USA has done. Given all parenting power to the Mother and the father has to beg to see his kids even when he's paying child support. Come on, this guy is not a bad guy.

We forgive you Brad! A lot of men make the mistake of marrying a royal bitch and that's all pretty and fun till it all comes to an end! She's the kind of woman that would cut you as look at you when she's done with you! You messed up buddy, and now all any of us can do is watch the Train Wreck!

Actually it was Angelina airing their family laundry and using her jigh skills at publicity that turned me off. If you want to protect your kids you don't air your family issues, you work it out privately as much as possible.

If I had to live with her I'd drink too. She has no soft features. Instead, she looks cold and icy.

Wow, how generous of Jolie to ALLOW Pitt to see his kids for Father's Day. What a fool he was to get hooked up with her.

"Allowed" ?! Seriously, She has ZERO say in the matter. Either report facts, or STF UP!

Allowed? Brad still has joint custody, he has visitations, stop with the BS, Angie's no angel.

He looks so much happier and healthier now that he's out of that circus. Leaving has taken ten years off his looks.

Allowed, this is huffpost Fake news just to get a rise out of people!! All BullShit!!

So Majorca and Benidorm were fully booked so of course you would take them to Ethiopia

Seems like she intentionally booked a trip on Father's Day.

She seems to treat her family like its her sect ... She has such aversion to anything slightly normal and I suppose she can control them easier if she does not allow them to interact outside of their relationship with their mother.

This woman is evil . She treats her men like dirt , and what she is doing to a Brad is beyond words . He is the father of those kids whether she likes it or not , and her behaviour is just typical of a woman who even hated her own father for years . I have been through this , and know the pain he must be feeling when a woman uses the children as a weapon .

Love is blind, he fell hard...she had issues all her life, she's the product of a liberal-like free spirited woman and THAT does not work on kids. Kids need stability consistency and discipline for structure before being introduced to all that free spirit do whatever you want mumbo jumbo.

She's a piece of work. Someday the kuds will figure that out.

what is wrong with that woman?

She is utterly selfish

Those children need a stable home environment. And they need to go to school. She's a lousy, fame-hungry mother

Those poor kids, being used as pawns by Angelina in her failed marriage. Why on earth is she taking them to Ethiopia? They should be settled and allowed to live a normal life, attend school regularly and go out with friends.

Because she gets more attention WITH THE KIDS - that is the only reason she takes them with her - selfish woman needs her ego boost - the paps are oxygen to her!

And she took them EXACTLY on Father.s day

He will always be their dad no matter what she does or takes them!!

He should have chosen more wisely his family partner. Completely different situations: to have fun and to create a family. He was more than an adult. And all these years, he was living under her lifestyle pattern. Completely different things:to be low key and good hearted and to be diffident and passive. Brad must learn from his wrong life choices and try to be happy.He deserves it!!

Who can not grow, so it is she. Lives in her LaLaLand,

Angelina ruins everything, so there is no surprise here. She is a textbook case of a typical narcissist, who is vindictive and mental.

The witch has no feelings, she does not love anyone except herself and Maddox!

Angelina Jolie plans to move with children to Africa
The actress intends to take the children away from Brad Pitt
The 42-year-old actress even bought a mansion in the immediate vicinity of her children’s father’s house so that they could spend more time with him. But, insiders say, this is just another deceitful maneuver by the celebrity, and in fact, right after the divorce, Jolie plans to transport the children to Ethiopia: “Angelina knows how to get her way. She was tired of litigation involving divorce and custody of children, so she decided that it would be much easier for her to “appease” Brad, so as soon as possible to sign all the necessary documents and become finally free. She does not think about reconciliation.
All this is done in order to get one-to-one custody and take the children away from Hollywood and their father. “Recall that since the announcement of the divorce, Jolie has repeatedly tried to deprive the former husband of his father’s rights, accusing him of ill-treatment of children (which she never managed to prove), as well as the abuse of alcohol. In turn, Brad admitted that he really was addicted, but, in the opinion of the actor’s close friends, Pitt did it only to satisfy the ex-spouse, who promised that if he takes all the blame for their parting on himself, she Will give him the opportunity to see children.
Beware Brad, she is playing with you, she will deceive you and flee. She’s a witch!

I never understood the fascination with Brad Pitt when he was younger. He didn't look like much to me, but he has aged like a fine wine. He's of the Silver Fox crew now... so sexy. Haa

Good to see Brad is enjoying life after so many years with that weird woman. Six kids are definitely too much. Two and you can enjoy and go everywhere with them.

Sorry but what a silly comment from an immature person. Music has no age limits. Festivals like these draw from all age groups. No limit on enjoyment.

Since when does music have an age limit ?

My father is 60 years old and he still goes to concerts. And what does it mean that he did not grow up? What stupid associations. Even a person in age has the right to relax and go to a concert.

Good that Brad Pitt is getting out and moving on with his life after nasty split with his ex wife.

Brad has been seen in France, Italy and now in UK. He has been having fun time of being single.

Good to see Brad out having a life after being tied to a ball and chain for so long..

Enjoy your freedom Brad.

He loves music, he hardly went to concerts when with the crazy wife. Now he is free to do whatever he wants.

He wasted 12 years his precious time on that witch. It is time for him to truly enjoy life.

Brad seems to be enjoying himself. Good on him.

Man! Brad Pitt is and always will be HOT!!!!!!

I've loved you since Thelma and Louise Mr Pitt. The love continues.

Jolie is doing nothing important, this is what you don't understand. This is just another egofest of her, noone wants to hear her fake opinion about anything, and nothing will change because of her video message. She is just delusional and thinks this is the shortest way to sanctihood. She is too lazy and evil to do a real work.

 he is enjoying his freedom! Good for him, at least he behaves like a normal human being.

Brad could stand next to a pole and the trash mags would be saying they are doing it. Sheesh.

They aren't starstruck in the slightest, they're fascinated at the technology being employed to gain their attention, it must be rubbish living in London just now with all these commies about mangling everyones brains to think like a row of politically correct cabbages.


Jolie doesn't understand that it's time for her to go away. No ones buying what she's selling anymore. She was known only for her looks and now they're gone. Her image crumbled with her divorce when she tried to destroy Brad. She thought she was a bigger star and more popular than he is and quickly found out that she wasn't when the public sided with him. Now shut the door on the way out Angelina. Go look after your own kids and stop worrying about other people's.

Jolie's implants are too big. She needs to go down a cup size.

Haha. The Mother Theresa act doesn't work anymore now the world knows what a nasty H0 she is.

I see a few new commenters who ONLY post on Angie articles and ONLY post positive things about her. Her PR team is working hard, and they're doing their research by reading comments. It's obvious they finally got through to her to put a bra on for once, as it looks crazy when addressing kids.

So she can still move her face enough to talk a little. A pity.

Funny how she talks all over the world but never to Native Americans, since her stepfather was John Trudell, native american political activist.

Is she essentially telling them to think/act like global communists?

How about staying home and raising your 6 kids! Goodie 2 Shoes you're not. Practice what you preach to your own brood of 6. Try getting along with your Dad and Brad before u preach to the rest of the children in this world you haven't bought.

What about the rights of her mother when she slept with her mum's boyfriend or who can forget her homewrecking past (how she obtained all 3 husbands). Apparently those people didnt deserve human decency?

oh go away already!

I think she believes her own press.

I think the children would much rather listen to Mr Tumble than to some Hollywood superstar!!

It's alarming how much time she spent on make-up, hair, lighting and pre-shoot botox to get her look just right, rather than spending the time asking herself whether she should really be promoting a dystopian world view to impressionable children. In fact it's not alarming, it's sick. She is the perfect UN shill - vain and empty-headed enough to believe that she is important and achieving greatness while they keep feeding her the lines and agenda to spout

She's telling kids to "fight"...for universal human rights? Children should be going to school and 'playing'. There will be enough stress for them, when they become adults.

As predictable as always, her PR is working overtime especially when there is news about Brad.

She looks like her brother in a wig.

How about rights for children of divorced parents to see their dad whenever they like to?

Her face is so plastic! How can anyone actually believe she is genuine?? She receives so much applause and accolades for 5 minutes in front of a camera, meanwhile REAL humanitarians make it their life work and look for nothing in return.

She never says ANYTHING! It's all amorphous generic nonsense. What does any of that mean to a kid. She needs serious therapy and medication.

You nailed it. My thoughts exactly. It is all fanciful language that absolutely means nothing to anyone, especially children. What the children going to do, take up arms? Most are only concerned with their next meal, a family (if they have one) and finishing school if they can go. This woman is delusional.

She is trying hard to stay relevant.

Kids, don't listen to anything this woman has to say....she's in it for herself.

Americans cannot give universal human rights to people in countries with leaders who do not value human rights.

That's the problem with Hollywood and celebs. They also think WE believe their press.

In a few years these kids are going to grow up and look up her credentials and troubled past and ask themselves, who the hell let this woman send words of wisdom messages to us?

I don't hate her but she's s a big joke

She's a fine one to talk about the rights of children. She's been transgendering her daughter since birth and none of her children have proper schooling. They are NOT home schooled, she has "tutors" hanging around to satisfy the necessary authorities that they are being educated to a minimum standard. That's all. SHE sets their curriculum and I doubt that there's anything hope of much meaningful scholastic achievement. They spend more time trailing after her being papped left right and centre than they do learning anything useful. She's violating their rights by not giving them access to a proper education and ensuring that when they reach adulthood they will be as clueless as she is.

It sounds as if she is telling children that she knows better than what the adults in their life do and that they should listen to her instead. She is so desperate to be seen as a leader that she is now having a Pied Piper fantasy. She is crazy, and if I were the parent of any of those kids I would have a few choice things to say to whoever made the decision to play her "message". She is in no way shape or form a role model for children. It's a travesty that she is allowed to be around them at all.

I Know, Right her own kids were pawns in her grand scheme and tools for self grandizement. Her own little accessories to show off and her own cheering section.
Way to burden kids who should just be told have fun , play. She is terrifying them.

She is such a hypocrite.

She is delusional and calling to arms a child army. It is no accident that these were British children. Her insane quest to be the queen of England has not been diminished by failure, it's just being aimed at the next generation now. She's insane and needs to be committed. Shame on whoever ok'd her to do this.

.....and this right here, is what Brad Pitt has to live with each and every day.........a psychotic drama queen. No wonder why he drinks and does drugs....can you imagine how exhausting it is to be around her??

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