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You've been my hunk since Thelma & Louise!

Her idea of being a stay at home mother will be dragging the chilrens all over the globe in a circus of never ending pap remind us all what a brilliant stay at home mother she is. Righto.

Notice how she's dragged Pitt in to her story, despite the fact that he certainly won't be a stay at home Dad a) because she won't let him be any kind of Dad if she can help it and b) he needs to keep working to pay for her obscene spending and continued silence.

Ho Fax - I am not unemployed, I am being a mommy

It is not for the kids. She is unemployed (and blacklisted) and he is going along with her PR spin in order to keep her psycho levels to a minimum.

Oh boy, the BS is more than knee deep on this puff piece!
For 12 years they have traveled around the globe. For 12 years they have had small children. For 12 years, those children have been used and abused for PR purposes.
In this article, they are now using those children to explain why they have no work. With the youngest at 7 years, most women are typically returning to work after staying home with them (think Garner).
So it's all bullshit PR using children, once again to explain their purpose in the news.
They will be singing a different tune as soon as she finds work.

I'm not sure that she will find work though. Maybe Malevolent Junkie 2, but only because they would have given her an option on the sequel when she signed for the first one. She certainly will never be earning tens of millions of dollars on a movie again. That kind of pay packet was only down to her being part of "the golden HW couple" and now that Pitt has checked out she's back on the scrap heap of mediocrity where she was before; AND she is 13 years older.

Of course it is PR bullshitt. The Ho is being forced to stay put in LA and is desperately trying to cover her humiliation at being completely shunned by HW. This is why we have the forthcoming camp event in Ethiopa. She gets to escape and pretend to be relevant for a few weeks and earn money from pimping the kids to the media at the same time.

 She is really desperate, has nothing else going on than letting thise kids running amok, and pimpjng them every week. It's a shame really.

Even her fauxmanitarian bollox has been suspiciously quiet lately. I think she is gearing up for a MAJOR camp event in Ethiopia. What is going on there at the moment? Is she going to be piggybacking some crisis and dragging the birthday girl to a scene of devastation instead of giving her a birthday party? Nice.

Notice how this fax comes out on the heels of OUR mocking her "unemployed" state and talking about her blacklisted status. And people think she "doesn't read here"!

Because her only link now to acting is that it's is the DeMille house.

Angelina Jolie has no class.

Brad is giving her just enough rope to hang herself. He protected her before by creating the compound in the first place. This kept her crazy out of view for her. Brother is gone, so she has nobody invested enough to reel her crazy in right now. I predict some behavior soon that will be so outrageous that it will even have her fans scratching their heads and asking WTF?.

The old skank has zero class. We saw that when she sat in front of the Archbishop of Canterbury with her ginormous nipples poking through a thin top. Or left her chest uncovered, nearly to her cleavage and didn't cover her head when meeting the Pope. Although not obligatory to cover one's head anymore, it is considered good form - even the ghastly Trump women managed to do it. 
So, she bares chest flesh and refuses to cover her head for the Pope, but is only too happy to prance around in hijabs and ankle length bed sheets when she tours Middle East refugee camps where the women volunteers are there to help, not pose, and wear modest and sensible clothing but not necessarily Muslim dress. GO FIGURE.

she's too far gone now.

It's just humor with a bit of truth... Who doesn't love Brad and his fine self?

Unfortunately, people do not understand the seriousness of climate change. What Brad Pitt does is good. He's an actor, I think he's not afraid to criticize and tells us the information here through such a ridiculous form, I like it. But we must remember that all this is really serious. People should not stay away from the problem. Meteorologist is back, because then not everyone heard him!

Some people do not believe in climate change. Here in Australia we have had only 0.02ml of rain for the month of June and it is winter, this is after a summer with 46 degree days, we need the rain. If humor can raise awareness, get people talking and some restorative action, then a livable outcome will be had. Brad is gorgeous and yes he can do funny.

53 and looking good!!

These Doomsday Weatherman skits are hilarious. The kipper tie is the perfect touch. Hope he does a few more of these before Ad Astra starts filming as its good to see his sense of humour back after a decade of absence

Love everything BRAD!

He's so cute.....don't care if this is a bit cringy.....I'll let him forecast my weather any old time

I can't believe there are people don't believe climate change. You go Brad.

Such a gorgeous man.

Can someone please remind me of how old he is because his sexiness seems to have no signs of slowing down lol

He is a very Handsome Man.

You go brad!!

Imagine dying for your country just for some site to call you 'Angelina Jolie' of your country instead of your actual name. Tragic

She has the worst everyday dress sense for an A list celebrity

She is not 'A' list anymore. That is, when she was tied with Brad Pitt. She already back to 'C' list where her belong.

Why is she wearing a coat and boots in sunny CA? Such a strange woman.

Brad does the Jim Jeffries show and the very next day she's out shopping with the kids, how predictable

It's summer, she's in LA, and she's wearing a wool coat with leather pants and leather tall boots?

More knives for the little ones?

It seems that she is always taking her children on shopping trips. I wonder how she spends quality time with them when they are not shopping.

I wonder how her kids are going to be as adults, they have a very bizarre life...

So predictable, when Brad has something going she is out with different set of kids in her witchwear. It's getting pathetic. I find it utterly despicable that she called the paps again and paraded poor Knox for pr purposes. No other celeb does that, it's time to call out her on that, and on her odd behaviour, her mental state, drug use etc.

"Mom duty", with a dozen nannies at the ready.

"Mom duty" ... so long as it is just the one kid at a time eh?

I bet it took her hours to get ready for just shopping with her kid. What a high-maintenance narcissist bi@tch.

Based on what was wearing, you think it must be cold in LA, but it was 85 degree hot. She is sick in her mind and body.

Brad dresses simple and looks gorgeous. Angelina overdresses and looks trash. Brad need find a woman who dresses simple still looks gorgeous and also healthy and non-cray.

Morticia out and about. Shopping for knives and machetes.

It must be very cold in LA.

Brad definitely married and had kids with the wrong woman. He can do so much better than Angelina.

Well done Brad, move on, you'll be all right! We love you!

You go brad...move on! Brad is still brad without Angie, I don't know will Angie be still be Angie without brad? somehow, she seems to lose all the glamour of being half of the high power celebrity couple. I do hope he gets to see and visit his children regularly......

Brad is so handsome! He's moving on well, good for him. Still cringing looking at Angelina's 'leggy display' Academy Awards red carpet pose

She reminds me of a vampire...

I still remember when she had a vial of Billy Bob's blood on a necklace. This woman is cray cray.

That 'leg' dress on Angelina still cracks me up. She thought her leg looked so good!

Maybe he saved this tree that was going to be cut down anyway. Stop being so judgmental. His home is very Eco Friendly.

Its quite normal and healthy to remove memories of an ex from your home and make changes. Its reclaiming your own territory. Moving onwards and upwards. Keep it up Brad, she's the past. Don't look back

He's better off without that herriton.

Looking good there fella, thank God that greasy limp long hair has gone, looks so much healthier now.

Looking good my man!

Who you? Answer only for yourself, he is a successful person, a millionaire and absolutely not a loser.

Getting out of a toxic incompatible relationship/marriage does great wonders to one's inner and outer appearance. He looks great!

He looks 30.

Such a handsome man.

Brad's looking hot again!

Divorce looks good on him.

He looks 1000 times better than when he was married to that witch.

He looks gorgeous in t-shirt and jean. The real beauty.

Looking better than he has in a looong time. In fact, that would be before he got with HER

Hot man alert!!

He looks great pre Angelina and post-Angelina. Angelina is the problem.

53!!!!! Looks 33 here. Best he's looked since met ang!

Wow, he looks great!

He looks incredible. Why does Angelina always dress as though she's on her way to a funeral. Why not dress casually when out with their kids, she never looks relaxed. The all dark clothes are so aging.

So Brad Pitt, putting a tree in his garden is headlines? lol

Just make sure never to get intimate with Angelina ever again. She is a true devilwoman

Good for him... trees are very calming and beautiful.

That is a big house. I wish we could see inside of his house. I remember Jesse James director Andrew Domincik said Brad's house is an art. He sail most celebrities houses are like luxury hotels but Brad Pitt house is art.

Jesus, he looked really bad with Jolie, That woman must have been toxic, nothing is good for her, never an honest smile.

Totally looks human now since he left the nut nut. Who sleeps with mum's boyfriend. No wonder mum didn't spek to her after that. Slap- ton.

Just watch, the next pap shots will be at some refugee camp. Some humanitarian, can not even bring peace to her own family.

Children still don't go to school, don't have other friends and go with her to dangerous, not safe, travel destinations.

Obviously I don't know their custody agreement, but it does seem odd for them not to see their father on Father's Day. And they are actually leaving the area. But perhaps they spent an early celebration together. At least I would hope. Life is short. My (grown) children will not be spending today with their father, he passed 2 weeks ago. Spend time with those you love. If he has an addiction problem, but is in recovery, he needs support. Of course, if he isn't addressing his issues, that's another story. They have so much, and all seem to give back, so I wish them well. Only they know what goes on behind closed door.

Seriously? Couldn't she wait for another day !!???

Take your kids to see their father on Father's Day! Set your feelings aside and do what is best for THEM!

Disgusting! Can you imagine if Brad had kept the kids from her on Mother's day?!?

Don't appear to have a very grounded childhood. I appreciate mine much now I'm older

Those children are gonnae be so messed up...she keeps them in a bubble and they are so insular it is bound to affect them in the future!!

They only deal with nannies, have no outside friends, don't attend a regular school. They will never survive on their own two feet outside their bubble.

And then he looks back at his life and realises he is free from the chaos.

Taking his children away from him on Father's Day, shows her true colours.

Why did she chose this day of all the days to take the kids away... Shame on you, Angelina. It's not nice, and it's not clever. SMH

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