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1 June 2017
'I didn’t expect that I’d be able to come back [to acting], really,' she confessed to Closer Weekly. 'And I really loved being on that set.'
She bonded well with Pitt, she said, when playing his wife.
'Hollywood can mess people up, so I was shocked and moved by what a kind and decent person [Brad] was,' Meg offered.

'He’s such a gentleman, so thoughtful and went out of this way to make me feel comfortable.
'I’ve worked with wonderful actors, but he’s the most generous in terms of being there behind the scenes. He gives 110 percent.'

If you co-workers like you, you must be Ok

Everyone has worked with Brad has praised him. He is the nicest person in Hollywood. Brad took Chris Cornell kids to Universal Studio yesterday.

I was once in a small airport lounge with Brad Pitt and was struck by how polite and courteous he was to everyone especially the wait staff.

He was well raised.

I loved her in The Big Chill and Masquerade. Thank you, Brad Pitt, for casting a beautiful, over-40 actress who is allowed to look her age.

Brad's great reputation is not that easily ruined by his mental ex-wife. He is highly respected in Hollywood.

Nice to see he wanted her to play his wife and not some cookie cutter actress in her 20s or 30s as is the norm these days.

Yes, Brad is a nice guy, which is why p s y c h o s like AJ are attracted to him. A scientifically established fact.

Narcissists tend to gravitate to empaths, it's true. Easier to gaslight and easier to use triangulation to establish the false 'us against the world' mentality. Narcs have no friends other than people they can use, though they can mimic empathic traits in public. But it's always 'someone else at fault and the world doesn't get them'. Very interesting dynamic which is invariably kick-started with huge sexual energy and heat, the like of which an empath has never encountered. Gradual withdrawal of the favours and the feigned affection is inevitable, once the empath has been bound up with children, 'shared interests' etc and having had all their supporters and friends driven away. Anyone who recognises their relationship in what I written would be best advised to seek help to exit. Friends and family may mean well but they can put you at risk by 'talking it over' with the narc. It's always better to find support organisations, Citizens Advice Bureau etc to make the best getaway.

Everyone has nothing but nice things to say about Brad. All but one person that is...

She's working awfully hard to change her public image. Too little too late, Angie. At least the kids probably believe you're doing it for them.

Poor Shiloh,  her mom essentially robbed her of a normal childhood dressing her up as the opposite sex. I wonder if brad can take her to a therapist and ask her why she dresses the way she does? And if she would like to try to dress like a lady for once? Angie your mother would be horrified at you witch! Brad do something dummy!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way. Shiloh never said she wanted to dress like a boy from the start. Her infant pictures on People, she's dressed in a gray t shirt. Angie meant to make her into a boy from the start. Some women are jealous of their daughters. That's the only reason I can think of that would make her do something this awful.

Another ploy to make herself  look good,  since she bashed Brad, the people went against her. cant stand her. real phony, I really feel bad for her messed up kids.

Ha! She saw Brad's pics with Chris Cornell's kids. What a predictable pap walk again.

I'm disgusted with what she's done to Shiloh since she was an infant. Talk about pushing issues on a kid!! And lavished the African child with all girly things while depriving her own blood and making her wear boys clothing. Utterly despicable.

She always looks like she's going to a funeral.

She's always been goth plus she is hiding her skeletal frame.

Has anyone else noticed that these kids eat a lot of junk??

AJ always looks like she hates the whole world.

She often looks so miserable and the black color isn't helping her at all with that.

That long cardigan is just hideous.

I knew she'd be out for a pap stroll this weekend as soon as the photos of Brad taking out Chris Cornell's children appeared. So predictable

Oh look, she's wearing dark clothes again.

This woman has a terrible fashion sense.

She needs a stylist.

Why does she dress like in winter? She is such a weirdo.

She dresses so weird and looks miserable.

Who dresses like that for a daytime skating rink? Someone is hungry for attention.

Still looking miserable. Some people will just never be happy. Poor kids.

Notice all the toy shopping, candy buying, ice cream eating, take them to Disneyland, it seems she's trying to win them over.

I wish Angie would stop parading the kids in public like they're show ponies. What she's doing is not great for the kids.

I don't think you realize Angelina's true character. She needed Brad to change her image, and breed children with. Once she achieved in her plans, there was no need for Brad anymore. She's mimicking her own childhood and mother by becoming a single mother.

Is she going to fill the house with orphans?  Who needs a huge estate?  #hypocracy

she's like Adolf, collecting anything heavenward.

Once again, congratulations to Billy Bob Thornton for getting out in time.

She is a witch...broom and all! Go make out with your brother by blood again...dirtballll!  Carrying viles of blood these days?

Pretty awesome. Pitt has matured to become one the very best at his craft but more importantly he seems like a good human being. The loss of a parent for children so young has a devastating impact that I imagine takes years or possibly even decades to process & come to terms with. His family & the world lost one of the very best talents in music history...

Classy gesture. It is always comforting to surviving family members to see the love and positive feelings that have reverberated out a great distance, like ripples in the water, from the life of a loved one.

 Brad gets Super Hero points for this one!!

Now THIS is what real friends do. Very proud of how Pitt has handled the passing of his good friend. I look at him in a new light now. He must really have a big heart.

Brad has always had the empathy and willingness. Love him.

Good man Brad.

What a wonderful guy

Whst a kind gesture! Good for you, Brad Pitt!!!

Great Gesture From Pitt

That's awesome brad pitt to take the kid's to Universal Studios your awesome

Those kids are lucky to have pitt

Brad you are so awesome

He still manages to make that "Every Weatherman Suit" look hot as hell. The man is still SO sexy.

He's getting more handsome since the last few months, and ditching Jolie.

He's not JUST AN ACTOR. He's a human being with feelings and opinions.

He is getting healthier and looking great. He will start filming new movie in July.

Brad's looking better all the time. Congrats on another plus for his fabulous company.

He looks so hot

Brad is looking good.

Brad's looking good!

Good for him, he looks great... back to his old sef. I'd be hitting the sauce too with that shrew.

Can't wait to see who next Mrs. Brad Pitt is going to be. Angelina is obviously isn't right for him. He is too good for her.

Single life suits him, he looks great. He looked horrible when married.

He looks fit, healthy & younger, go brad we support you 100%!

He still looks damn good ! Get well soon Brad - cant wait to see him on the big screen again.

Brad is looking hella fine these days ! I'm glad he's getting healthy and staying sober.

Looks fine, rested, I'm happy for him !!!!!

DM, can you stop pushing the Jolie narrative? Anyone with an iota of sense knows he took the fall and blame to whitewash her image as her lies blew up in her face. He shouldn't have done it, she's still smearing him by leaking lies to the gutter press. She's a piece of work. She'll be wearing her "UN concern face" for the paps with children as human shields by the end of the month, trying to con the public all over again. You watch

He loves children and does everything for them, and took the blame for the divorce on himself, only for their sake!

Good luck, Mr.'s good to see you taking responsibility for yourself, and looking out for the emotional welfare of your kids. They love their father, they want you to be alright keep it together, and progress as a person too.

Good to see him getting out and enjoying himself!

Looking hot Brad!

Damn it he is sooo fine!!

You took the words right outta my mouth. Fine fine fine!

"Sober Brad Pitt"..... Really?! How about, just calling him,Brad Pitt.

Becoming Brad again.

God what a seriously beautiful man

He's still got it

This man could wear a plastic bag and make it look good. Utterly Gorgeous!

Ok, yeah, he looks good here.

He looks better in ANYthing than you would

Brad is getting a little bit of his swag back. Good for you handsome. Single looks good on him.

Looking good Brad!!!

Yum yum he looks fantastic.

He looks really good in suits.

He looks so much better and happier without the mental wife.

I wouldn't mind waking up next to Brad Pitt. ;)

Looking good, Brad! Looking good.

Angelina was very bad for his health,that is clear to see.He's looking healthy again thank goodness.

Hot Brad is back.

he looks great again......what the wrong woman can do to a man

There is such elegancy in him that I haven't seen in other actors. This man is classy.

Angelina who? Brad is so free and happy and looks good. Angelina always looks depress, miserable and unhappy.

He wears that suit.....well!

He is work of art, god's masterpiece creation.

Get that witch jolie out of your system rid yourself of that evil woman

Hey, it's Brad Pitt !!!

Better mood.

Still has it.

Weird how he looked better before Angelina and after.

Bradley still HAS the HUNK factor!!

Never mix again with the devil woman Angelina Jolie.

lookin good brad, lookin good

It really is quite amusing how Aniston, Theroux and now Pitt too are all having the better life than Vampira, after her machinations against them and her fame-hungry attempts to be number 1 and bring them down. Great to see good triumph over evil ... and their success and happiness triumph over her grey-tinged plotting and remote-leaking of rumours against them. See kids, in the end you cannot fool the world forever.

I don't hate her, I deplore her. And despise how she repackaged her breast implants as a medical necessity, which doctors around the world have rejected. There have been articles in the medical press from doctors deploring how healthy women have been influenced to remove body parts because they trusted what Jolie said against what their medical professional advised. Detestable behaviour from a woman determined to achieve Saint status, by fair means or foul. Jolie said she hated her post-pregnancy body, has surgery and turns it into a PR circus for 'Brave, sad Angie'. Just deplorable and yes - it's a strong word - but maybe even evil. And she is the only woman post-surgery who cannot wear a bra? With all the mastectomy bras on the market? Or just another opportunity to wear a diaphanous robe without underwear to a refugee camp. Yep, I absolutely deplore this fauxmanitarian who will do absolutely anything to advance her image.

Best mum in town doesn't stop her children from seeing their father for months because the parents have a problem. She's grotesque.

I think Angelina specifically did so, she wanted to get full custody, so she went to the dirtier methods of fighting. Some women do this sometimes, although I do not like this.

Foreboding sense of dread and doom. Too many unruly kids and a slip'n'slide and a cement edged pool don't add up into a good scenario.

And meanwhile all those refugees around the world sit in overcrowded camps with no future and wait for visits from celebrated UN representatives such as Jolie, Clooney and all the others thinking that these visits are going to help them, as they zoom in on private jets with body guards and media and then give a talk at the UN and then everyone knows they go back to their worlds and have babies in £8000 a night hospital suites and buy mansions for millions so their kids can have a theme park in their Hollywood homes......the thing is, the world would be better if these people didn't live such lies

The new Mia Farrow....and we all know what happened there.

Not only is it dangerous sliding down that slide, it's also a danger going up the ladder with wet feet. She needs her head examined for putting up that big of a slide.

I get it, the kids don't got to school, live in an amusement park, and have no schedule or bedtime. And if dad tries any parental controls, he's turnedd into a pariah.

Of course she keeps them away from schools, she wants to control them and use them for her PR and Brand. Children that have little peer contact are easier to control and mould and far easier to project your view of the world onto. Narcissistic parents always control, mould, project. She grandiosely said she wants them to carry on her work - unbelievable ego of the woman. Let them be themselves and be free in the world! Regular schooling offers friendships, team sports, different opinions, how to settle arguments without adults, how to deal with enemies and bullies, how to function in society and express yourself in the face of opposition, how to be an individual in a crowd etc. I considered home-schooling but decided against it (tho some children thrive under it). She wants mini-mes who sympathise with her like a little army and make her look like a Saint. She admits that she leans on the children, for goodness sake! She's the worst kind of pap-strolling HW mother.

Best mom? Treated her daughter like a boy from day one? The kid was dressed as a boy before she even knew what gender meant.

Spoiled kids coming our way!

Snowflakes all the way.

I have a feeling that then these kids are adults, there will be lots of books written about their childhood years. It may look entirely different than it really is behind closed doors.

The children never look happy, perhaps they want a normal life with routine, friends and school.

Best mom in town, let me puke. Craziest mom in town is more suitable.

This is why her children are rude, entitled, spoiled twits.

Who wrote this headline: best mom in town? She has prevented Brad from seeing his kids; and she has been screwed up since she was a kid.

"Hey, kids. I've smashed the family up and driven your dad away. Come and play on the slide!"

Humanitarian, what a joke, can't even make peace within her own family. Feel very sad for those kids.

"Best" moms don't go scorched earth on the father of their children. The word you're looking for is indulgent mom.

Best mom? The way she instigated this cruel divorce so publically had to be devastating to the children.

She is really the dumbest parent I have seen. The kids don't go to school and have no friends. She just keeps buying toys or things for them and they just play all the time. She is basically raising losers.

She definitely has mental problems, she needs help.

Really desperate to stay in the news. Boring.

Looks better than he has in a very long time.

I love HIM.

Any man who would marry and stay married to a blood letting psycho like Angelina, have children with her, watch her do crazy things like having her breasts taken off before any diagnosis of cancer, she becomes an embassador to our country-her parenting is questionable

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