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Great article

 this was a good read

He looks the best he has looked in years. Healthy and sober.

I don't understand why they got married to begin with. They had a good thing going and not being married worked for them. I think getting married is what was the end for them. It's sad now the kids have to live with her she's crazy.

Whatever you do Brad, God be with you.

He's still beautiful

He's such an amazing person to be honest about his shortcomings and the work he's doing to better himself.

You are a good man Brad Pitt. I wish you peace and happiness in your future.

Good choices just make you a better you. This is not an easy habit to drop. The good news is that the children all learn about life from a good dad example. Being the best Dad you can be is a great goal. It appears that Mr. Pitt is well on his way. One Day at a Time, with gratitude.

 At least he is owning up to his shortcomings and not blaming others for them. That is the step to healing. Marriage to 6 kids almost instantly is a huge undertaking for anyone and to be in the spotlight 24-7 due to his career and hers. Yes I'm sure it was bad, but if she truly loved him she would have stood by his side and helped him heal instead of taking the children and running. Look at Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. That is true love now he is at a better place to handle the divorce. It just saddens me how the world views marriage as something mundane

He still looks HOT! He had me at the Baby blues!

I wish him well.Being addicted to alcohol does not make you a bad person.Marriage should not be taken lightly.Perhaps they should've gone to counseling as a couple instead of globe trotting all around the world.You don't just bail on a marrige when things get tough.

You are amazing Brad! You absolutely should have joint custody of your children.

He seems like a decent enough person who wants to improve as a human. I'm still kind of Icked out that Angelina demanded everything be public, with no regard for the kids' privacy.

He's yummy no matter what.

Good for you Brad...the Most important will have in a Parent.....Pay Attention....Best to You n your Kids...Kudos....for Kicking the Booze Problem!God Bless!

Well Mr. Pitt you still have it even at 53. I respect you for being honest even though it's no business of others. We are only human.

Best of luck to you Brad! Wishing you all the Best! Everything happens for a reason .. May you be Blessed with your health n family...

Way to go, Brad! Moving forward with positive steps will create a better future. God Bless your family!

No matter what lies ahead, stay this course. Now, you are alive. Real pain, but also real joy. You look much better, though thin, with the alcohol facade off of you. Read the Velveteen Rabbit- you at least sound real. Best wishes.

He is not perfect and neither is she. Glad to see he is working on his problems with alcohol.

 Good for him, for getting his life back on track! Wishing him and his family all the best!

She has already received her "goes around". Looked at her lately? She looks like the scank she is.

Angelina is a succubus, a woman who sucks the souls of the men, Brad is now free.

I'd drink heavily too if I were married to Ms Jolie. She's pretty, but she seems like a major pain in the arse.

Brad keeping it real.

He didn't play the blame game. Honest and worth reading this article

She had to have him and took him from his wife. Then leaves him for something that probably could of been worked out. She's a homewrecking pig!

Here we go with all the karma comments & homewrecker comments. Give it a rest this man is hurting. He fell in love with another woman it happens . They both said nothing happened while he was married & we have no proof that he is lying. And for the record Jennifer Aniston 's current husband was in a long term relationship when he started seeing Jennifer but no one calls her a homewrecker. Im not a Angelina Jolie fan but you cant take somebodys husband from them.

the bitch is still manipulating him. He is trying to make nice and my guess would be that she will pull some shit in court and screw him out of his parental rights and as much money as she can!

Not a fan of him, but I applaud this. He was very vulnerable in this interview and didn't play the blame game. He acknowledged his faults and that he needs to grow as a person​ and father.

What a beautiful article.. Finally an interview worth reading!! I'm glad he acknowledged that his faults have been the cause of the end of another relationship. Angelina didn't take Brad from his wife, he walked away, almost over 10 years ago people.. If it was worth it, he'd still be with her but definitely was a boring-dead end relationship with Jen..

 I appreciate Brad Pitt who is opening up and admit his mistakes and own it. Sometimes it's hard for guys to show emotions

He's still hot.

He's gotten so thin! But he still has those gorgeous blue eyes, and he gets better with time IMHO.

It is incredibly sad to see how Angelina Jolie has been enacting her vow to destroy Brad PItt for the unforgivable crime of leaving her. He is such a good, decent person who has been self-medicating to preserve his sanity while trying to remain married for the sake of his kids. It's obvious he is walking on eggshells to keep that witch happy while he negotiates for the lives of his kids. There is no more hateful and hated actress than Angelina Jolie, and that is saying something.

I doubt he is 100% to blame. With all those kids I'd probably take to drinking myself, but I am sure Angelina has her own shortcomings and she obviously didn't feel he or her marriage was worth fighting for. They could have "taken a break" and worked on their marriage for the sake of themselves and the children. Coming from a dysfunctional home I can tell her now, she only thinks her kids will be ok. This will stay with them the rest of their lives. No matter how much counseling she subjects them to, she can't un-ring the bell.

i'm going to be honest and say that if i was married to ms jolie, that would probably drive me to drink too. she does not come across as having a very easy personality. i don't trust women who don't have any female friends (her own admission) and i was disappointed that she could not take the high ground when they broke up, and avoid trying to trash the father of her children.

Here's the problem with whitewashing Jolie's issues as if she no longer has a problem - she has shown signs of using over and over in the past decade and also refused any therapy/ treatment for her personality disorder. Her children are isolated from others and used for pap-strolls. His interview, if you read it in full which you obviously haven't, says that he regrets having a lottery ticket in life and then boozing his way through it all. The Angieloonies are in danger of jumping on this as personal vindication without addressing any of HER issues. There are children involved! Pitt is a big enough star that he can take the heat and still get the big roles, but she really needs help with her image so he is helping her out. That's how the Brand works, it's Hollywood-speak for "We have done a deal and I am taking the blame". Essentially, they are still playing the public and working their Brand. She married him only recently but now says there were problems for years?

Save your children from Angelina, Brad! Especially Shiloh!

I love how he never talks crap about anybody ever. He's got the platform for it, but does not take the bait. Integrity.

No, she was not right, and it's a very onesided story now. Brad admitted his fault, but she doesn't, and it's obvious she is not a saint.

He seems to be very intelligent and a true artist, he is an interesting man.

Ok, so Brad admitted his issues, you're next, Angie....

she didnt seek help in fact she refused treatment or therapy for a diagnosed personality problem. Refused rehab - carried on using. Carried on selfharming. You fell for the classic Hollywood PR trick of 'admitting fault in the past to cover current misdemeanours'. She has looked as high as a kite on the red carpet at different times throughout the whole relationship, he had to steady her and calm her down.

Not a Brad or Angelina fan, but good on him for admitting his faults. Good luck to them both

to them she is a goddess who can do no wrong despite the evidence.

A mental case calls others mental cases when she doesn't even know them.

He was drinking for a reason!

He is beautiful even though he is unhappy at the moment, this shall pass. He just needs a nice woman to make him happy. That woman gotta be on amazing woman to make Brad happy after all this.

He now looks the best for years. When he was with Angelina, he was bloated, Angelina was singing praise what a wonder father he was. I guess Angelina was lying. but I don't think the divorce is only solution, she could get him to quit drinking.

He looks healthy in pics at art studio. Good for him. I don't think Angelina is good for him. it was wrong from the beginning. Now he fixes his own problem, find a better woman.

Jolie is having a moment of vindication but her issues and behaviours have not just gone away.

She has shown over and over in myriad ways that she isn't.

He looks sad but he is breathtakingly gorgeous. He is Brad Pitt

He has all the symptoms of an abused man. He took all the blame when she is the driving force behind his reason to drink. If she is a saint why is his her third marriage? Why would the two men before her ran away? All the kids should be taken away from her. He is the sane parent.

I wouldn't be surprised if she forced him to do this interview taking all the blame as a condition for seeing the children. Then she can go back to being a saint.

She has history of blanking family when they don't live up to her expectations.... look at her relationship with her father for a start.

Is he taking the blame as she wants a clear run at British politics.

One day he'll realise just how lucky he was to escape this woman!

sounds to me that old 'bo ob job can't wear a bra anymore' (yes indeed, sheeple ; ) Angie made sure he talked about his drinking issue. A to xic narci s sist like her would want the leverage of Brad 'admitting ' how bad he is too make her look good - esp. if he wants to see the kids without spending milions on lawyers. Too many have no idea how calculated NPD's are. They look to ensure themselves often being much worse is diminished or totally hidden...

Did she make you say these things so you could see the kids? Blink twice.

How many guys his age are as good looking as him? I would venture not too many.

I think he's pretty gorgeous personally.

I think he's aging well.

He looks good for a w h ite dude. He is aging fine. Looks distinguished..

People are harping on about how terrible he looks.....he's getting older ,we all age! Many are denied old age early. So embrace your laughter line and look upon your wrinkles as a face that tells a story.

Really like your honesty Brad - best wishes to you and the children x

Impressed by Brad Pitt's honesty. Wish him well.

Nannies at their ages.. comm'on. Also you eat what is served at the table... that's good education. But its not my business. It takes a lot of work, honesty and humility to admit your faults and even more to try and correct them. Bravo to Brad Pitt for taking the right steps.

Life is truly a one long lessson to us live and learn from your mistakes which goes to say 'older and wiser'. He knows he has made mistakes and learning it and that is commendable.....some people just don't learn from their own mistakes! I say good luck to Brad and wishes him happiness will find its way to him again.

Their backgrounds were vastly different and this usually becomes a problem when the kids arrive. Angie grew up with nannies no normal schooling, living in separate quarters from her grief stricken mother. Brad grew up with midwestern values and attended public schools.

Not entirely convinced he hasn't been coerced into giving this interview to ensure he gets access to his kids, and dispel the myth that being married to Angelina would drive any man to drink!

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