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This story was planted here by her lawyers. She's a calculating player. I see they also make sure the comments are in her favour.

We know who Jolie is. This wont change anything. Look at the woman! With her monthly pap walks with he kids and tireless self promotion. She failed as a director, even with Brad's backing. She wont do any better without him.

She could have asked for a trial separation, she didn't need to do such a hatchet job on him.

She has acted very badly. If she wanted to split up there are nicer ways to do it.

Not buying it Angel. Use some discernment. One article is all it takes to sway your opinion? Watch peoples behavior. Hollywood is a tight community. They know the things the public never will. They gave Brad a standing ovation with open arms . . . . . . you don't see anyone coming to Jolie's defense.

I'm sure it wouldn't have been pleasant dealing with an ex drug addict or someone as weird as to wearing someone else's blood around their neck

It's not pleasant to live with a herion addict who has admitted to enjoying torturing animals, either.

Yes, is Jolie going to write another New York Times op-ed apologizing for her PR team's insinuation about this?

Savvy celeb blogs had her leaks ID'd from day one, but she doesn't have to take responsibility for what she's done/doing to BP's public image because it's all through leaks. Meanwhile she does interviews pretending to be forgiving and silence. Why is she always putting some front? Get a life, seriously. No one's going to hire her for acting jobs and we all know the humanitarian thing is as much about her PR as anything else serious.

Um, she's didn't just take the punches, she tried to get everyone to punch HIM. Angeloons are always in denial. This wacky woman tried to control the story from day one to take down her troubled partner in the worst possible way (for their industry), and the only possible answer as to the question of why (create a media storm) is that she wanted revenge against him and to come out ON TOP. She wants the world to believe she rescued her kids from a horrific man and she doesn't care if BP had to go down to do it.

sh$t who wouldn't drink with 6 FREAKING KIDS....AND HER CRAZY ASS....

Good luck Brad,wish you the best.

Good Luck in your recovery, Mr. Pitt.

His eyes say it all really.

OMG- I just found out that she has admitted killing pets when she was younger! - So, I was right all the time, she is a s o c i o p a t h! - That's why Brad has to take all the blame because she want to control everything, otherwise he won't be allowed to see his children! - This will not end well unless she also get intense therapy! - But most s o c i o p a t h s can't change unfortunately!

She's insane.

This seems like a publicity stunt, Brad take the blame in order to fix her reputation¿all so that he can either get back together with her or at least not be enemies. Well, the only thing he accomplished was tarnishing his own image, because I still don't like her. Brad looks like a broken man.

Another article? Their PR are going into overdrive trying to make this look as if Jolie didn't know about the interview's content. Sorry guys but we know they did a deal, the Brand is worth far too much to let it just die and they'll keep it going as long as possible. Angie wants to rehabilitate her image and Brad has to fall on his sword. He's the bigger star and will still get great roles but her reputation is in tatters, so Pitt takes the hit and then lies low for a while till it blows over. Job done.

He only gets to see the kids if he takes the blame - that way the evil witch might be able to salvage what's left of her career.

Yes she does have something - his children. And a huge ego that needs to be seen as a Saint.

He had a drinking problem. He addressed it and quit. Why is this getting spun like he was the root of the problem? Have you ever met Angelina? She was perfect for her Maleficent role. Brad will continue to act and produce good films. We don't need 3 articles a day on this "revelation".

this interview was clearly part of the 'deal' where he publicly admits drinking and then he gets to see his kids again

I hope he's not being forced to "confess" in order to see his children.

I think he's either trying to win her back or prevent bad press because people blamed her.

I cannot imagine I'd want to let him go if I were her. Read the GQ interview, I adore him even more now, faults and all.

Of course she knew. Its part of the custody agreement to take the hit and rebuild her reputation. She only cares about her image, nothing more. I'll bet good money if he hadn't done this he would have been forced to go into public court, dragging her behind him, to get custody of his own children, and all that would mean for the kids. So he takes the hit to protect the children. Poor kids, still used as a weapon against their own father, even now.....

I still feel Brad has been manipulated here, and left with little choice but to take his "share" of the flack to appease her.

Perhaps he did it for the kids, for a number of reasons. Accountability. Humility works wonders.

Brad IS being coerced into doing this.

What about AJ's anorexia, heroin addiction, sociopathy and blatant lack of respect for her children's wellbeing?

Oh that's just great. He's evil and as usual nothing is her fault. FFS.

I would imagine he's taking the blame and trying to repair her irreparable image because she is probably holding the kids over his head. Believe it or not, women do that sort of thing. A lot.

She's getting hate not because she's divorcing a troubled man who probably gave her and the kids hell, but because she tried to take him down in public and created a media storm without taking responsibility ("sources close to Angelina reveal..."), all the while doing interviews where she's all sad and forgiving and discrete. Always pretending, that one.

Stop grovelling, change your therapist, regain your self worth - walk the Camira in Spain -

She made it into a huge scandal and embarrassed him, but all the while she was pretending to be nice and discreet in interviews. Is she going to take responsibility for deciding to involve the tabloid in what should have been a quiet divorce?

Yes. He admitted to his problems on "his side of the street." Do you ever think she will admit to the problems on "HER side of the street?"

What I don't understand is : why did she marry him only two years before ? If he was such an awful person to live with she should have left him ages ago ,and how can she said things like : he is a wonderful father ,in all the interviews and then this happened? They have been together for years and he become a monster all of a sudden? I'm not sure I understand . She also repeated in a few interviews that when she went through the death of her mum and her surgeries for the mastectomy he was absolutely fantastic and supportive, so how could he become such a monster ?

Yep, it's a mystery. Or not - Jolie is very active indeed in her own image PR and she takes no prisoners.

I fail to see what's wrong.
Shouldn't we be applauding the fact that he is willing to open up and talk about a very awkward personal subject?
I bet you wouldn't be mocking Angelina Jolie if she spoke about this subject, rather yo would be applauding her for being a powerful independent woman.

I know this is supposed to be somewhat funny, but it just screams vapid trite celebrity bashing for the sake of it.
He looks great, has obviously a story to tell and the backdrops seem like a good idea too.

I feel so sorry for the world's richest best looking man.

Guy looks great for 53...

If you read this article, there's no war. But it's an amazing interview.

Because he has class!!

I honestly feel bad for him. U can tell he lost his joy. His eyes are filled with sadness.

I'd drink too if I was married to her

Excellent acting in Babel !

I thought it was an excellent article, essentially a love letter to his ex wife, even if the pictures were excruciating - ten grands worth of clothes and jewelry in a swamp, a desert and some scrubland in the arse end of nowhere.
Also, he's smoking hot for any age.

I don't care how old he gets this man is still one of the sexiest men walking on this planet

I feel like I'm going to start liking him again. Daddy Brad was a bore. This new Brad is waaaay more interesting.

All the comments about him looking old. He's 53 and yes, people age. I think he still looks pretty darn good.

At least he admits to his faults... Glad he is on the straight path now~

Sometimes all the money in the world is not what you need. Brad could afford any accommodation he wanted. The floor was by choice and probably by a need to get back to raw basics of his life.

I loved reading this article. It showed a real human being. His eyes were so telling. You could see his brokenness and feel it in his words. I love how he is taking onus for who he is. Divorce and self reflection is extremely hard. Good job Brad for trying to fix the broken pieces of you.

honest and open. Very impressed. In these celebrity divorces, they never take self blame - well lets be real most people don't lol - so it takes a lot to come out and admit your faults. Good on him.

I'm confused. All these years in the limelight and all of a sudden he's some raging alcoholic? I'm having a hard time buying this even if it's he who's saying it. I Almost feel like he's having a stream of consciousness moment w/ these quotes where maybe he's being too hard on himself & making it seem like his alcohol use was bigger than it was. Who knows but I'd have thought something like alcoholism would've been leaked all these years being famous

I love him for his honesty . I will always go see all his movies . I hope he heals and moves forward with his life and finds a new significant other and becomes happy with himself and life.

 I've always been a fan and will continue to be a fan.... go Brad!

Amazing to see him own up to his lifestyle and not make up excuses. Gotta applaud him for his mature acknowledgement of his problems. It's not easy to do and it's commendable since many people can't seem to face their own realities. So many choose to live a life of lies and hide behind their poker face. Good for him. ❤ & respect for the man, entirely.

Well , he can come sleep on my floor

He's hot

Man oh man is he a magnificent human being,I've got to pick up this issue

He is a Great father.. but his ex is Crazy!!! Why he married her!!!!

Still Fine! I wish him nothing but the best though

So honest with his weaknesses. Happy he has claimed them and working on reality in his life.

Let's not make her out to be a saint. Everyone forgets that she was running around with Billy Bobs blood in a necklace. Lol

If I was living with that whacko Angelina, I would have to drink every day as well.

always thought she was a freak

That's an understatement. Tongue kissing her brother and carrying the blood of Billy Bob Thorton around in a locket necklace is beyond crazy! This woman is a freak of nature. This is the best thing that could happen to Brad. He should run for his life and never look back!

Didn't read the article , just wanted to post Angelina is a wacko !!!!!!!!

She seems like a real nag.  Stop drinking, get a job, get off my sister, nag nag nag...  Who needs it?

She's someone who will never get satisfied.

Jolie had been planning on divorcing him for months.  She was just waiting for the perfect moment of legal leverage.  Wonder which of her boyfriends/costars gave her that idea?
I really feel sorry for the children.  Having to learn from your nannies who these "parents" are must have been a shock.

She would drive anyone to drink!

Sounds as though this could be a good thing for him. I'm sure it was hard, but he is clearing his mind and hopefully getting healthy.

I want to know when trashy Angelina, the one who tongued her brother on the red carpet, wore a vial of blood around her neck  of her ex husband and who blared out to the world that her and nasty Billy Bob just had sex in the car, became this image of class and grace?

He will be just fine and will emerge stronger and better than ever before. You can see in his face that he is a broken man, and is now purging, the first step towards healing. A good man who really loved her. Now on her behalf, all of this discord did not happen until she had the surgeries. I think there may be a hormone imbalance and a feeling of being less than a woman enhanced by medications she takes making her difficult to live with. Who knows, when all is said and done, they may end up back together. Sometimes absence makes the heart grow fonder. It remains to be seen. All the best to both and to the children who carries the burden.

It was his own fault for this mess, She was a lunatic from the get go and he should have known better than to get involved with her. Who's her next victim?

If I was married to her, I'd be boozing, too ...

She slandered him, he did not beat his son. Maddox decided to help his mother destroy him. The quarrel was provoked this obviously. Pitt is probably tired of listening to her hysterics so on the plane and that why he drank. Well, his interview is very doubtful. It can be seen that he has taken care of everything, she will give him joint custody for this! The whole truth is ...

She drags her kids all around the world with no real education and no friends. That's not putting her kids first. They're nothing more than props for her to parade around the paparazzi and then throw over to the nannies when she doesn't want to deal with them.

And I doubt that he really was drinking so much, he took the blame to cleanse himself, because she is in politics pretentious, but she needs the reputation of a poor victim of a drunkard

She has a ton of mental health issues. Even beautiful women can be whack jobs.

I have never understood why he wanted that nutcase jolie in the first place. Now her plan is to go into politics. I feel sorry for the kids.

Guess she didn't take her wedding vows very seriously......most likely married knowing she would divorce but want Brad to adopt the kids so she could rake in the child support...

Men are just a fad for Jolie.  She likes them, goes after them till she gets them, and then just throws them away when she feels done, and wants a new one.  She has broken up many relationships.  Jen and Brad was not her 1st.  It's like a game to her.

She will probably end up blood sacrificing the poor kid ...

Hiding her soulless eyes behind those shades ...

She is, she eats the souls of men .. lol

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