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that little girl is not a boy. stop letting her have her way from something her mom started when she was just an infant. she is a little more than half grown now and still is wearing a very short hair cut and 100% boy clothes.
if she was just wearing boy clothes and not having her hair cut like a boy but like a girl that would be different but her look since she has known she was in the world has been that of a boy and not girl. she has two other sisters that dress and look like girls.

Run Brad ! Run !

the drum stick weighs more than the person holding it....this family is not well...

This reminds me of Joan Crawford's line at the end of the show Feud. "When I'm not acting, I don't know who I am."

It appears that there is no eating happening, That turkey leg is just a prop.

Heroina loves telling people about her health issues and yet never addresses the 3lb elephant in the room, her obvious eating disorder. She has zero muscle mass on her legs. She has eating issues.

Shiloh looks extremely miserable all the time because her freaky mother won't let her look like a girl. Angie makes my skin crawl. She claims to be all about helping children but can't even meet the needs of her firstborn child. Maybe she is afraid of the competition. Shiloh looks like she would be really pretty dressed as a girl. She already did in Jennifer Anniston for her kicks and then cast her husband to the curb with phony evil allegations against him.
I think she is a horrible pitiful person with severe psychological problems. She thinks her dad is so bad but she had a good life. She is just so full of herself she can't make room for anyone but her ego.

Gotta go out and pretend to be normal! Psycho narcissist

What's Angelina doing with that turkey leg? Eat it? It would do her no harm. So, she's on a new strategic PR-tour, look at us such a normal family visiting a Renaissance fair!

The turkey leg weighs more than she does.

You know that turkey leg was just a prop. She didn't eat that thing. No way.

She was gone in 60 seconds

Angelina looking like a skeleton... check.
Shiloh looking like a hostage and probably blinking in Morse code for help... check.
Angelina once again trying (unsuccessfully) to salvage her ruined reputation by using the kids as photo op props... check, check, check.

Of course she "sans Brad". Why would they be together?

Look at Angelina's legs! They're like sticks.
There is something seriously wrong with that woman. No doubt she's a nut. I fear for all those children.

She only eats spiders. she is mental

Scorpions! There is a video of her frying them, then serving the cooked bugs to her kids who happily them.
That is so messed up. I've known children who wouldn't eat food with parsley on it, yet her kids goggle up insects.

I guarantee they are all severely abused, mentally and physically.

you are correct, they are all damaged and ridden with lots of issues at this point. She won't even let them see their grandparents!

How many lives will Angelina Jolie destroy before enough is enough? She nearly ruined Bill Bob Thornton. She has now almost devastated Brad Pitt, and I'm sure she makes the lives of those poor children a living heck. CPS might have to step in an open an investigation, because emotional harm can be just as dangerous or even more so than physical harm. I don't believe Angelina Jolie is hitting her kids, but it seems like she could be causing internal harm, scars that might never go away.

AJ may not be physically abusing the kids but I feel like she manipulates them into doing or saying things that they don't want to do. I also can't stand what she is doing to Shiloh! That could be considered physical abuse!
You are correct about the lives she destroys. She ruined all the married men she has come in contact with and she made her own father's life a living nightmare.
She tried to destroy Jennifer Aniston when the affair came out but Jen was a tough cookie. Brad needs to learn how his ex-wife was able to fight the Ho and move on with her life.

she's has borderline personality disorder with co-morbid narcissism. people with those conditions are all about putting on a show of how perfect everything is, but create emotional havoc and instability. children grow up never knowing if mom's going to shower them with adoration or criticise them for not being as good as their sibling for e.g. it's an emotional landmine. often the children grow up anxious, neurotic, dependant (including on substances in later years) and often repeat the cycle of what they know.
and it's not necessarily conscious. they're filled with so much internal pain and no ability to self regulate that pain that they end up lashing out at other people in disproportionate and totally unexpected ways. they always believe they're right because they can't face the pain of looking at their own flaws in seeing the pov of the other person. AJ's described entering dissociative states in the past because the pain of the moment she was feeling was so overwhelming. that's another defense mechanism where the mind shuts down because it's literally incapable in that moment of processing those feelings, and has nowhere/one to project them onto instead.
i don't believe AJ hits her children or anything like that. she loves them and desperately needs them to love her. but she's not of sound and stable mind - that's obvious. she truly believes she's doing everything possible and right by them, not realising the weight of the emotional impact and responsibility she can have on them also.
i'm hoping the entire family being in therapy is a good thing and teaches the children tools and coping mechanisms. mainly, the understanding that it's not their fault. they're only kids. the weight of issues etc with either of their parents is not their responsibility.

Shiloh looks like she could use some help.

Why would Brad be expected to be there? In case you haven't heard, they're getting divorced

God seeing that child makes me sad. Why is Horlina so bent on making her into a trans kid?
I think she used all for those kids a reason. I don't think she cares about them expcet when they help with her image.
She looks very ugly and thin. When will the witch drop dead from her issues? Its bound to happen unless she gets some help. I seriously think she won't make it to 2018.

AJ is a scumbag. She is both ugly on the outside and the inside. Makes you wonder what she is really like behind closed doors and just how nice she is to her own kids.

True, she's definitely manipulating their kids. Let's face it, the kids are and will be 4ever nobodies. They will never make something great in and with their lives. I'm not a fan of Angelina AND Brad but he still deserves someone better than her. I will always support him and I hope she will get her Karma one day, this isn't enough what's happening right now, IMO. Imagine when he has a new hot young girlfriend - her head will explode, esp. because she can't control the situation and him anymore!

I agree. Those kids probably have a horrible life with an evil, psychotic "mother".

it will be a few years but I know that one of them will one day have the guts to come out with a tell-all book, that will be considered a sequel to "Mommie Dearest"

you know that in the mind of a mentally ill person like her, she probably sees herself gorgeous. And yes she uses those kids as PR props, to dodge any kind of negative press on her own image or behavior. If the kids look like they're happy in their public outing, then it can't all be that bad, now can it? That's exactly how she thinks.

AJ is mentally ill. Such a dangerous woman to have 1 kids with yet alone 6!
Brad needs to do something about this! How can he be okay with his daughter being turned into a boy for the whole world to see!
Seriously what terrible parents those kids have.

Get lost. AJ is a terrible woman and mother and does have issues she needs to get help with. Why doesn't this selfish woman atleast do it for the kids?

Angelina seems like the most unhappy successful person in the world.

She wasted her youth away being promiscuous as hell, and as someone older she wants to be respected as some great United Nations champion of (fill in blank for latest leftist complainers) but can't shake her past.

look up borderline personality disorder. she was diagnosed with this. it's an emotional landmine of a mental condition and basically all the erratic unstable unpredictable behaviour comes from intense internalised pain, that causes them to lash out because they can't self-regulate and control those emotions appropriately.
it's not a fun condition for anyone. the people who have it live their lives feeling empty and in constant pain, trying to distract themselves, and the people around them take the brunt of that and go through life feeling uncertain, guilty, responsible and "not good enough".
there's a good book on this condition: it's called "walking on eggshells".

Shiloh looks like a prisoner of war

That one huge turkey leg did she actually eat it or just holding it for looks..

Maybe she thought it was a weapon, I am surprised she can hold it up with those twigs for arms, look at those legs?!

Photo op prop.

Obviously holding it for looks. That's how she operates. Heroin addicts do not eat.

Looks like she's holding it in case she gets bothered by autograph seekers.

She's a very kinky girrrl, the kind that likes to kiss her brother

stop pretending she's not responsible for her actions also. it's a two way street.
and angelina never entered into a relationship with a single man.......all 3 of her husbands were in long term relationships and all 3 left their partners for her. yes the men are responsible, but don't try and pretend she's not also.

I can relate to Brad. Just seeing pictures of Angelina makes me want to consume copious amounts of ethanol.

 There's nothing wrong with being born transgender but poor Shiloh was forced to be trans by Angelina. As you said, Angelina dressed Shiloh as a boy from the time she was born. This is mental abuse imo.

With all that money why do they look so malnourished? I guess eating bugs just isn't enough.

Those Mommy Dearest books should be epic..

Her legs ... I bet her boots weigh more than she does!

The headline reminds me of the Enquirer. Why would Brad Pitt with her considering their circumstances? Stupid headline.

Turkey legs and corn on the cob? What about those yummy spiders Angie munched on in Cambodia??

Hey kiddo's, who wants to come and join me for a fun photo-op day?

Angie looks so different when she smiles, I felt like I was looking at two different women.

She likes pap strolls so much.

I am just curious. When you have that many children, how do you decide who goes and who stays at home to an event like that. If I had that many children they would all want to go. Maybe she uses straws for the longest and shortest picks to determine who goes and who stays behind.

Which rock do you live under? I come from a family of 12 and we went everywhere together.

What's Angelina doing with that turkey leg? Eat it? It would do her no harm. So, she's on a new strategic PR-tour, look at us such a normal family visiting a Renaissance fair!

What a nasty wench she is.

Is Angelina starving herself to death she is sickly thin

She looks horrible. Especially in the pic where she is laughing. She looks like has has a full blown eating disorder.

She's doing what she doesn't do too well, act.

She's really the new Karen Carpenter, I'm surprised she's able to walk with those insect legs.

Poor child. She would be a gorgeous girl if she wouldn't dress up like a boy.

I agree. I think Angelina forced this on her bc she's been dressing her like a boy since she was a baby.

Gotta go out and pretend to be normal! Psycho narcissist

Heroina loves telling people about her health issues and yet never addresses the 3lb elephant in the room, her obvious eating disorder. She has zero muscle mass on her legs. She has eating issues.

AJ made him go gay. She looks like a man herself with her skeleton face and her ugly Bruce Jenner look-alike face lol!

I bet her boots weigh more than she does!

She's happy now. The control is perfected.

I wish she would drop out of the public eye.

tHe fans claimed that she gained weight when she was in Cambodia with their children but that is obviously not true. It were really Botox and fillers who made her face fuller.

Ah the predicable "look at me, I smell of roses" pap stroll......

Looks like the filler injections and Botox she had in Cambodia don't work anymore.

The nannies aren't in the camera's view.

Well the nannies also always have to use side entrances at airports etc so that they can pretend not to have any nannies.

Each child has 2 nannies. Mom spends her time preening and weighing herself, then planning and plotting to make the public like her. She went so overboard with that after she dated Brad after Jen she practically turned herself into a saint.

Poor kid looks miserable.

Her daughter, and yes that's her daughter never smiles or is happy. I wonder why that is? Maybe because whacky Mom insists that she's a boy instead of what she actually is. Trouble is brewing Angie, big trouble.

Eating a turkey leg while standing on chicken legs.

Angelina Jolie's "I'm so normal" tour begins.

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