Thursday, May 18, 2017


She is desperate for attention

Two things:
1. Let us never forget, she is signing off paparazzi release forms before these pics are taken.
2. I didn't recognize Shiloh. She's a boy now, why even doubt it?

It is tiring Jolie and her Oscar desperation every year and failed followed. even I feel sorry for her
anyways what happen to the Perfume that will be the highest seller in the world ?

Even the dog looks depressed!

she's manipulative and cunning.

The only Oscar she will win is from Oscar Mayer. Because she is full of bolgona.

Ohhh nooo..I don't hate her but she looks awful!!!

She looks absolutely terrible. It looks like the decades of substance abuse and anorexia finally caught up with her. Even her top dollar surgeon can't save he now.
She's ruined herself with her excesses and extreme nutrient deprivation.

fun fact both Colbert and pitt are 53

She doesn't look happy at all. She realized she is hated and the brad interview to save her image didn't work out. Now even him is being hated on for that same interview because of his lies. How the mighty has fallen.

1. She looks ridiculous
2. When in the hell is she going to move back to Europe. WE DON'T WANT THE SKANK HERE

Since the split, it's been a constant parade of the bios. It's like the adopted kids barely exist or only outside of the bios. Even if the two older boys choose to skip certain things I would think Zahara would be with these kids.
Also, these kids look like they live inside. It's like they have seen no sunshine.

she's not happy.

cheer up , it suppose to be mother day, not one child date.

Serious, is it just me or has Brad Pitt only gotten sexier!

Damn!!  Brad is looking great.  Can't wait to watch him tonight with @StephenAtHome.

she has never had an appropriate sense of style. Once she had to rehab her image she became miss demure but it just doesn't come off as authentic on her. I think others are right and she is trying to co-opt the style of some legendary people but it doesn't translate on her. Now that she is single again she is starting to show up in tight clothes and boots so she can be sexy Angelina again. I don't even know what to say about her constantly inappropriate nipple situation when she is at serious events.

I love it that she was identified as 'By the Sea' star.
And while the dress was described as chic, the media, which has been in the hot seat lately for 'fake news' didn't even try to call her 'gorgeous'.

Brad Pitt has got a fine sense of humor.. I mean that dude's jokes can leave a dispirited "ANGEL IN A JOLLY"

Brad Pitt is a person of good conscience.

leo and his dad visited brad pitt's art studio can you hear me screaming at the top of my lungs
May 12

Brad Pitt has aged with GRACE

Just because she thinks she's a saint doesn't make it okay for her to wear white before Memorial Day! I am appalled.

Here I am, paparazzi. Get those shots!

Pax is counting down the years until he can split from this circus!

No way in hell my 7th grader would be wearing Playboy apparel.

She's just a nasty woman.

Angelina collects little minority kids like you collect dogs or cats...

She treats them like key-chains. You know, when you visits another country and collect their tourism stuff.
She doesn't view or treat her kids like human beings, more like accessories and shields.

She needs to eat more. I've seen too many photos of her where she looks malnourished and unhealthy.

She looks like she needs to go to rehab, and fast. This woman is going to collapse from being too thin or get a heart attack. She just looks like how Karen Carpenter looked before Karen died.

AJ thinks she is so important like ghandi or jesus . what has she done except pose nude in that gaia movie ... lol . ok bod nothing special

Her kids are growing up. Does she plan to adopt more? Lol. Maybe steal someone else's husband?

Nowadays, it's only news if Angelina Jolie actually eats something.

where does she find the money she hasnt work in years,stop spending Brad's money!!!!!!

Well, since she doesn't eat herself, and feeds her kids bugs, she probably still has every penny she ever made;-)

Lol people are still wearing playboy apparel after 2002?

She could literally be hanging out with any kids and we would have to assume they are hers. That's just where we are now.

Angelina looks angry again. She has passed the paparazzi being her best friends to probably be aware that no one is buying her fake image anymore.

Who wrote this crap? 1st who lets their child wear a playboy hoodie at 13 stop with sexuality these young kids. 2nd who says these kids are models? Because they're a sup par movie star adopted kids doesn't make them cute. Stop sucking up to her she's an awful woman

Just can't stand her.

I predict drugs and alcohols in Maxipad I mean Pax adulthood with a wacko parent like Angelina.



PAX looks like a very angry, extremely spoiled young man.

I can't wait till these kids write a tell all.

I hope she is not influencing them to be mean, crazy, and spiteful, the way she is. how sad would that be!

I just don't care for her much. Find her to be a hypocrite. I am however jealous of her money!

She treats those kids like slaves. You don't see her bio kids carrying anything

She dresses like an old woman. She must have eaten a cracker and felt really fat that day.

Maybe she's trying to replace the kids emptiness of having no dad now with material stuff.
She's a blood drinking,spider eating snake killing illuminati.
Team Brad on this one.

Angelina Jolie and her servants on a shopping trip.

I wish she had kept true to herself. This humanitarian, earth mother BS was not her true self.
And it makes me mad how she starves herself, does drugs and doesn't seek help for her mental issues when she has 6 kids!
Why bring in that many kids when you don't want to change for them? I don't get it.
I mean, yeah atleast Brad acknowledged his issues, when is Angie gonna step up? Because she is far from perfect. She is infact very messed up.

This woman is not very stable, considering she has 6 kids who should be settled down and in school. The chaos she makes in their lives now, will be a problem for them, always.

She thrives on the chaos. It is her narcissistic supply. Brad no longer supplies fodder for her ego so its over to the children. They don't figure. Consequence to them is irrelevant as long as she gets what she wants. By gaslighting the a.b.u.s.e card, to them and the world, the extent that Brad can shield them from it is seriously limited.

In years to come Zahara will have her own story to tell.

Those houses are too close together. For $25 million I'd want an estate with acreage and privacy

I think it is odd they don't go to a real school. There are plenty of schools with Hollywood children attending. It is not good for them to only have each other as friends. They will grow up strange.

Ghastly woman, what with the leaks to take down her ex in public (none of our business what happened and leave it up to law enforcement) and calling the paps on her kids since day one. At least send them to school and give them a chance to develop an identity outside your own self-satisfied mythomaniac bubble, Mommy Dearest.

Poor Zahara. Should have been in school all along so she could have friends. At this point she no doubt is aware if all the crazy at home.

Sure she has moved on, take what she wants, gets bored with it, makes a big fuss, cashes in and looks for the next victim. Same 'herd' as Amber

This woman was the perfect actress to play Maleficent. She went way overboard in withholding the kids from their father and she is a big phony doing all that supposed charity work and living like a bazillionaire.

A wolf in sheep's clothing.

Playboy and Five Finger Death Punch those kids are wearing? Angelina is so inappropriate and is too much of a succ ubus to ever be angelic!

Those kids should be in school and have structure in their lives, not out shopping with Mom every day!

I agree, these kids should have a chance at a semi-normal life and go to school, not carted around the world whilst her multi-millionaire parents "do good" but in actual fact are as far away as you could be from actually knowing what normal life is!!

A 13 year old boy shouldn't be wearing Playboy brand clothing

Angelic? Who writes this drivel? Although I'll concede its miraculous she's still walking about for how emaciated she is, angelic isn't her path. Her halo choked her the day she gaslighted a.b.u.s.e to take six children from their father. This is not angelic by any definition

Frankly they all look miserable. No one is even cracking a smile. How does this get described as looking like she hasn't a care in the world and that they are having a blast bonding? smh

Angelina doesn't deserve Brad Pitt.. He's not a bad guy!

Angelic? Her head could spin at any moment..

No matter what she wears, always looks like granny. Her fashion taste is weird. She never dress properly for occasions. Overdress too much. She doesn't know how to dress casual doing shopping, she is so weird.

She is trying to be elegant, like the French upper class women. Obviously, she is failing.

Angelina always looks like she hates the whole world.

Angelina Jolie wow's in Angelic white....What you won't do DM to stir up some controversy. Jolie is enough to drive anyone to drink.

Of course she has no cares, she isn't moving a thing or lifting a finger.

This family always looks like a big hot mess

The way she shows her children to be vicious and hateful to their father, their kids will be vicious and hateful people when they grow up. Angelina is the product of her mother bitterness and hatred toward her father.

This woman so bitter & full of hate, hope jon succeed to bring her into mental help

She is getting attention but largely negative ones . The public got wiser.

Jolie's history speaks for itself. The way she instigated the divorce in such a cruel manner is what gets most people.

There is nothing angelic about this nutcase.

Angelic? On what planet?? Her PR people must be working overtime.

 I want to lay on a blanket with Brad and get deep 😍😍😍 Damn he's still so f'n hot!!!

There's definitely room for me in the middle there

Lol I love this. Does Brad even know how to age?!

Wow the nastiness in here is suffocating. Just because the guy is rich doesn't mean he isn't human.

Enjoyed his latest movie Allied. It was not what I expected.

so handsome!

Don't go back brad

How do you respect someone who falsely reports you for child abuse?

There will only ever be one Brad Pitt!

It looks like Jolie spent Mother's Day in hell

This nut head should not be the mother of these children .

 When your wife values you LESS than her 25 different progressive political "causes".

Hope Brad can find a woman he truly loves and will not get hurt again...i hope the best for this guy...

She's such a F*ng bitch. He's only doing it for the kids. I'd have nothing to do with her. Yuck, she's nasty

 Pretty sure Brad is doing the happy dance since leaving that psychotic, blood drinking nut job.

Pitt can wear anything he cares to and he still Brad Pitt, I wear it and get laughed at. I'll pass

Hats off to him! Most men view speaking about their issues as a weakness. Only when they start working through these issues is when they begin to heal and, ultimately, become a better person. I wish him the very best!

He has shown true class and great character. My hats off to you Brad Pitt...

 I love Brad, as an actor and a man, thank you for sharing and to humble yourself and making this public to help others. God bless you and your family

a man that can own everything is refreshing

Brad Pitt is getting more and more beautiful everyday i mean how omg he looks so good in everything

Superb actor!

this dysfunctional family always look unkempt and dirty.

AJ is one ruthless woman. She makes madonna look like a teddy bear.

He's too classy to call her out. She's a train wreck.

Role model? Come on...she slept with another man's wife, got pregnant before he was divorced. She had 3 children out of wedlock. I dont want my girls to be like that...a home wrecker.

My thoughts are with Brad. He loves his kids.

Sad juxtaposition of Brad at a funeral alone while the rest of his estranged family celebrated a birthday at Disneyland without him. Tough day for him. Not taking a shot at either of them. Just a somber reminder of the fragility of life.

She couldn't wait one day for her estranged husband to join the family on the child's ACTUAL birthday? Sounds like she deliberately chose to exclude him from the celebration.

The judge obviously told her to stick with one address and stop hauling the kids around the world. She has no viable career or friends in Hollywood, but that's her own doing. It was clear he was miserable and never said no to her whims. I just hope she doesn't get her hands on his production company. I don't think the world could survive another Jolie "directorial debut".

A person shouldn't be able to identify Jolie's children this easy. If she truly cared about their privacy (as she should) she wouldn't parade them around. Julia Roberts' kids - wouldn't recognize them. Matt Daman's kids - wouldn't recognize them. Denzel Washington's kids - wouldn't recognize them. Maybe it is just me but I think a kid's privacy is a big deal.

You do realize this is on purpose right? Angie is purposely trotting out the kids, "John" included (Shiloh, she calls herself John with Angie's blessing), because she wants family court and public opinion to see what a wonderful mother she is so that their children only reside with her and Brad has no custody. She is a terrible mother. Terrible.

so why Angelina doesn't dress Vivienne as a boy too? Vivienne is a very cute little girl like Shiloh and is always dressed as a girl.

She has no friends. only hang out with her kids and her kids never go to school.

Watched War Machine, the new dark comedy from Netflix last night. Brad Pitt puts on an incredible performance as General McMahon.

The poor kids, they will grow up as weird, lonely and mental as their mother. None of them will have happy relationship by the way she raise them.

I think it's a shame the way she more than likely forced gender confusion on Shiloh. She just loves being controversial, and I don't think it's beneath her to exploit her kids to do so. Normally a child would have outgrown a 'boyish phase' by now, but I think she has brainwashed that poor child.

Big blended brood - who writes this drivel? Probably a big blended boob!

A Role Model? Really? Which part, The druggie, the live in boyfriend at 12, the sleeping with girls, the estrangement from her dad, the multiple marriages, the sucking of blood, the making out with her Bro, the affair with a married man or the zillions of tattoos? She's a train wreck.

She also slept with the boyfriend of her mother when she was 16 (Google article name 'Angelina Jolie 'slept with her mother's lover at 16')

They should've let Shiloh decide who she wanted to be. Instead she was put in boyish clothes from the age of 18 months, when there's no way she'd know the difference between girly and boyish things. Personally I think she will live her life as a boy, because I've never seen her in girl's clothes. And she doesn't seem to be interested in any girly things. She'll obviously be like Cher's child. Still it would've been better if she wasn't deliberately pushed into this direction at such an early age.

Brad looks really good, not only physically, after everything that happened to his family, and now with 2 big tragic losses from his friends, cancer and sucicide; In the end perhaps because of what he went through, sought help to treat the drink and therapy to deal with the feelings, he was much more prepared to deal with all this.

Brad got rid of the witch.That’s it !!!!

He should get them removed,OK!I’m still hurt and shocked that they’re not a couple but life goes on.As long as they are getting along for their kids. Brad,you’re looking mighty hotter these days. ;)

Watched about half of #Warmachine  you know Brad Pitt is good

War Machine might prove to be a critical (it already is) and commercial dud, but as far as film production goes, it shows the future.

Online streaming companies like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu are here to stay and contend with many more global and local rivals.

And not only will they rehash rights for existing content but as Netflix and Amazon have shown, their focus is on original content.

Traditional studios and the movie industry might well ow scoff at them, but it is surely an idea whose time has come.

And a major star like Brad Pitt headlining a Netflix produced original movie is a big deal. A big deal that shows the future of cinema.

Decades from now we would be looking back at War Machine as a movie that started it all. The eventual reimagination of  filmmaking business.

Inglorious Basterds is Brad Pitt's greatest feat as an actor

Looking like himself again

Looking good Brad!

Brad looks amazing! but please he must get rid of the baggy pants!

Reservoir Dogs look. Pitt is cool.

Love you Brad.. be strong:)

He is so handsome and elegant. Angelina's loss.

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