Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Fake and evil woman. Her actions prove it, no pap stroll can change it.

the two eldest triads are going to give them heaps of problems soon . . .

Her PR is sill trying hard to save her images.

She looks like a walking dead.

She looks horrible. She lost her looks 5 years ago. Looks worse every year. Brad can do so much better than her.

She needs good fats and micronutrients in her diet. But she probably lives on fruit platters, wine, and ciggies. I don't understand why people let themselves waste away and deny their bodies what they need, because they're going to have serious bone, internal organ, cosmetic/skin, etc issues as they get older - AND they will likely have mobility issues.

This is a smug grin, not a happy smile.

The walking dead skeleton angie is hungry, run brad!

I think more people would agree with you if they hadn't seen for themselves how she uses her children for PR, turns up on the red carpet as high as a kite and turns everything into self-promotion - she even managed to turn a breast enlargement into a crusade against cancer. The fact that she shows so many signs of continued drug use over the years is an anathema to most people when she promotes herself as a Saint. She still smokes and drinks too -not really the paragon of virtue that she is trying to sell.

Angelina is FAKE

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