Monday, May 15, 2017


Oh goody, Santa Angelina blessed her father with dinner together. What a lovely woman. She certainly knows how to get the men in her life to tow the line, if they want her company, lol. She's got Brad dried out and spinning pottery like in Ghost, and Daddy knows to shut his mouth in front of the paps...

Did she end up selling that vial of blood on eBay?

she's a dumb beech.

He's a whack job, and she's a whack job. She's using him now since the split.

Angie wasted most of her life carrying her Mothers hate filled bitter grudge. Missing out on an awesome man. Her children missing out as well. Really who cares whether or not her cheated on your Mother. Thats between them. Mommy & Daddy issues should never make their way into a father daughter relationship. Now he is in the winter of his years, all that time wasted over a selfish ignorant grudge. Daddy issues Angie worried about who daddy was sleeping with! Is that what her Mother raised her to be ? A hater towards her own creator! Remember Angie without your father there is no you. Luckily for you Angie, your father has handled your ignorant insolence with dignity & class.

She's a clone of her mother. Every time she opens her mouth and says something inevitable PC stupid, I just feel sorry for him. I'm sure he's just trying to make sure his grandkids aren't as insane as she is.

Can't stand Jolie.

He is creepy as heck but you can't blame him for why Angie is the way she is. She grew up a spoiled rotten brat due to her mother,
Her mother allowed her to drop out of school, do drugs, sleep around and have a live in boyfriend at age 14.
Their mother hated that Jon left her for another woman, and poisoned the kids against the dad with lies.
Just like how Jolie is doing to Brad. She made up lies about him being a child abuser and a drug addict when all of that got proven false.

Those kids are going to have some stories to tell!

I never bought her crap at all. Glad that their divorce showed her true colors to everyone.
I really think she doesn't care for the kids at all. She cares more about her image and her movie career to worry about those 6 little things.
Very sad how someone like her was allowed to adopt despite such a ugly history, but good hard working people have to jump through hoops to adopt kids!
Brad Pitt made the mistake of his life having kids with her! She is absolutly nuts and vile!

Couldn't agree more! Reminds me of that "Mommy Dearest" movie.

Same here. I think her kids are gonna end up just like her. Which is angry, demented, mentally ill, drug addicted and mark my words none of them will even graduate high school or go to college.

I see Maddox in that situation.
Zahara and the girl twin will be like the Jenners girls I feel. Shiloh looks confused poor thing, I think she will be in need of lots of therapy and depression.
I don't see any of them being proper, independent adults.

 I especially feel bad for Shilo. She is definitely going to need therapy. I think Jolie went a little overboard with the transgender thing. I am guessing that is what she is doing.

Just photo ops for her

Empty, Soulless eyes.

How nice to get gifts from around the world. Brad was wise to get out of that refugee camp.

She does not age well and looks so miserable! !

She has ruined her face.

She is celebrating?? Someone should tell her face.

Angelina Jolie kissed her brother. Yeah, she did. You know it, I know it, and her dad knows it. That's why they hardly ever talk anymore. You can run away to Africa, but you can't run away from the truth. Oh, by the way, here's a tip for you: when this is over, go out and rent the movie "Gia." She's way naked in it, and makes out with another chick and everything


Nothing attractive about a divorced woman with 6 kids, an eating disorder and a double mastectomy

She's only 10% your daughter, Jon, because Angie is 90% DuPont plastic.

angie baby you're a special lady livin' in a world of MAKE BELIEVE

She needs help. Ang is crazy.

Happy Mother's Day to a woman who doesn't think Fathers are important.

Get...she is a nut case

Who is this old woman?

I like Brad.  I( always have.  He is a person like everyone else.  He makes mistakes and has opinions which he is entitled to which we all do.  He has done a lot of good in his life certainly a lot more than other Hollywood elites.

All you guys that criticize Brad Pitt are hypocrites. You're just jealous of his life. He's a human being and being that he has the same desires as everybody but his Temptations you can't even imagine that he's burden with. He's basically a very good person and that's all that matters.

Angelina Jolie is infectious like a black widow spider.  The girl effectively kills everything she fornicates with.

Jolie chewed him up and spit him out.

Another PR walk again? It's getting boring, she tries to play the role of the perfect mother. Always the fakery.

And the paps just so happened to be there. Coincidence

Strange way to dress for a low key walk with the dog

That dog has more common sense than the bunch of them, combined! He's trying to run away

I can't stand Angelina, I think she's a selfish, manipulative witch base on her behaviour over many years. However these terrible comments about Shiloh are unnecessary, she's done nothing to hurt anyone, she's just being herself. That's a GOOD thing.

Can you imagine having to deal with it? It must be hell. She is just unpleasant and unreasonable. Look how she treated your father. Be happy Brad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brad is smiling again

I wonder how much of it is Angelina's fault. She seems to encourage her kids to have certain personality. Shiloh was very young when she started wearing boys clothes. Just like she put red lipstick on Viv when she was very little as well. Mayeb Shiloh does really like dressing like a boy, I just hope it was her choice and not manipulation from angelina.

And the German newspaper who reported that Angelina calls paparazzi when she wants their photos taken was right. It's just so obvious.

She always looks like she's going to a funeral.

She always dresses for funeral.

She always looks joyless.

I used to be a Jolie fan but she's changed so much.. she was gorgeous, healthy-looking - now she's just miserable and unhealthy-looking.

almost two decades later and I'd still fuck him...
brad's not so bad looking, either

Can't believe this man hasn't won an oscar. Especially for the Assassination of Jesse James.

Stephen "do you believe that beauty is only skin deep?"
Brad "i don't know, I've never taken my skin off"
Fair enough, the guy could walk around with a shirt that say "i'm more awesome than you" and everyone could only agree with him.

He is still so fucking Handsome Brad Pit so hot

Damn Brad still has it. 53 years of age and that bone structure is just as chiseled and magnificent as it's always been. Never thought I would be swooning over a man that could be my father.

Brad Pitt is the definition of big star. What a legend

The guy is 53 and still has the same hairline from when he was 10,it just isn't fair

 LOL Brad's laugh is simply delightful!

Pitt doesn't even care when he breaks, he just laughs freely

Damn Brad.fucking hot

I love 💖❤💖that mans laugh😊
Brad Pitt just ages like fine wine🍷

Brad Pitt looks good even when he looks rough.

This had me cracking 😂 I love Brad, his laugh is genuinely delightful💕. The pet names were hilarious. "Bradimir Pittin" was the best LOL

Aging like fine wine! looking good Brad, and Stephen too.

Angie using those poor kids again for her constant need for attention. You would think during this divorce she could not call the paps but no - Angie has to be mother of the year. Those kids look absolutely miserable - not engaging with each other at all - sad.

Angelina is a bad person. She was the one who maked Shiloh like this. During the childhood children start with the personality, Angelina decided for her. Bad bad and evil person. But there is. God

She is so weird, who dresses that to walk dog? She has no clue dresses properly. She is clueless of everything. dumbazz.

He's gettin' the ol' mojo back - thin is not the story here. His face is what I read. Good luck to him.

Brad you look good, but go buy some new clothes my friend, you can afford it.

He looks bohemian and over it all.

He looks great. He is so handsome.

He looks very handsome and his pants are baggy. So what?

He looks great and happy. Every man should be happy when he is out of Angelina's evil claws.

We all wish we could look that good at 53!!!!

He is beautiful and happy. Team Brad.

Lookin good!

He looks great for a man of 53. Just needs a new wardrobe.

Those pants look horribly big! Come on stylist!! Help this man get a bit more w the times! He really is still good looking for his age and could be hot!

He will always look good

That man is too handsome and he doesn't age AT ALL

Such a gorgeous man, he will still be gorgeous at age 90

Just wearing an oversized suit and looking hotter than ever for it!

Arms don't get shorter when you lose weight! Weight loss has nothing to do with his rolling up his cuffs!

He doesn't look thin to me - he's wearing looser clothing. Maybe he prefers being comfortable.

Hottest man alive, still holds the throne, survived that witch Angelina, makes a total come back and now in all of his hotness he is torturing us with these giant pants. Bad look but I still love you forever Brad.

Brad you look good, but go buy some new clothes my friend, you can afford it.

I actually like his clothes, they're different/stylish. He doesn't have to dress the way YOU want him to look.The man has good taste if you ask me. He ain't following no sheep.

Personally I prefer his new relaxed look over the "primped to an inch of his life, matching outfits with Angie to keep her happy" look

He is prepping for his next production apparently. Actors gain and lose weight for their roles.

He looks great. He is so handsome.

Eye candy.

That face bone structure. He is gorgeous at any age.

He looks very handsome and his pants are baggy. So what?

Brad's problems are nothing compared with Angelina's .....she has a long history of drug abuse, self harming and mental problems. However she turn the tables she is not on top....I worry about those children who will end up like her...............

I expect she wanted and needed help when her own demons got bad. Shame she didn't have the selflessness to help her husband. Brad is too good for this ice maiden.

No one is at their best during a divorce. I hope they figure it out for the kids sake.

Im the same age as Brad but I look more like his Granddad.Life aint fair

brad there will always be stupid gossip. You look great, you are on the right path and please do not let the haters get to you. You got this!!!!

He messed up getting together with her in the first place. Move on quickly Brad. I really wish you the best!

He won't be short of options that's for sure.

love his positive attitude. Go Brad. get a new babe

Brad, you may no longer be a husband but you're still a father. Focus on your kids. You've got the funds to do whatever you need to -- work, don't work, produce -- whatever. Your kids will go from being t'weens to teens to adults and their desire to spend time with you will come and go. Enjoy them as much as you can. Hollywood's not going anywhere, it will be there if you want to distance yourself for a time.

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