Friday, May 26, 2017


My favorite is Legends Of The Fall.

Thelma & Louise. Absolutely!  So gorgeous in it!  Made a lasting impression.

Impossible to choose there are too many cult movies

Top joe black, interview with a vampire and fight club

When I think of Thelma and Louise Brad Pitt is the last actor I think of being in that movie.

Assassination of Jesse James. His best work IMO

as a matter of fact it is.  Pitt at his best

Legends...Troy.. Thelma/Louise in that order

And been in screen love with him ever since...

#Warmachine hilarious/portentous  new film by David Michod , Brad Pitt is brilliant, see it , opens globally May 26th #GoSilent (Russell Crowe)

 I watched War Machine on Netflix...I swear Brad Pitt is a beast! He never fails. Great film. Netflix keeps dropping hits after hits!

War Machine on Netflix is great. Worth watching just for Brad Pitt. He was brilliant.

He looks great!!!!

Brad you beautiful man

He doesn't need to be funny when he looks like that. I'd take that any time.

He is so handsome, that's enough.

He may not be a comedian but he was pretty funny in Oceans series.

Good. Movie star is better than sitcom star. Remember seeing him interviewed once and he comes across as a really down to earth guy, one of the very few of his calibre who seems nice

Brad was too gorgeous to be limited in sitcom.

I watched #FightClub for the first time today.. and I must admit Brad Pitt killed his role

Angelina is a skeleton with huge f@ke breasts

Brad's hot again. The last time he looked that good was when he was with JA.

He is a beautiful man.

He is so handsome

Damn, he's fine!

He is one gorgeous man!

He is HOT!

He needs cheering up.....I will personally nominate myself for the will be a long hard struggle to erase the pain Brad but I'm up for the challenge....;))

He's just attended the funeral is his friend.. of course he looks sombre. He's hardly going to dance his way out with a great big smile and jazz hands!! How disrespectful is it to print photos of people mourning? Shame on you DM.

He looks gorgeous, damn he is in great shape. I always think he is too good for Angelina. He will find a better woman.

Jolie you lost a good one

Good cause she sucks

He looks better than he has in years. He's not puffy from the alcohol anymore. Damn he looks good!

Gorgeous as always!

He is really beautiful

Brad is such a busy and interesting person. He makes a lot movies, he has many hobbies: sculpture, photography, architecture. He loves music. Angelina is really boring, besides with her kids, she has nothing. Once a while she shows up for UN photo-op trips, she has no other interests. She is quite boring. Brad needs find a woman who has same interests as him, not a child obsessed collector

He is hotter as he gets older as long when he is away from that crazy beetch.


He looks effortless cool

He has the old school movie star elegancy especially when he wears suit. Gorgeous man.

Hot Hot Hot! Yikes.

Shame on her and what she has done to that child - dressing her like a boy from she was a baby. She had no choice. Not only that but they reinforced it by constantly praising her and bleating on about how she wanted to be like her brothers. Kids like praise and it is easy to manipulate them. The child wants continued praise so continues to behave as she thinks her parents want her to. It is abuse of the worst kind. Not only that but they don't go to school so can never learn social skills and how to interact with their peers. Angie should be reported to the CPS.

Hideous hollow woman.

She looks like a looney toon!!!

On her own???  Please...She has a slew of nannies and body guards.  Its amazing that my mom and dad raised 5 kids on their own.

Not the way a mother dresses with her kids in public. Attention , please every one notice me I have no bra and my im -plants are showing. Disgusting.

Forget about Angie, I can see why Pitts mom never liked angie. Anyone who dresses my granddaughter up as a boy from birth would be in jail for mental and emotional abuse. What a smdisgustinh demon she is!

Angie is gross. Brad please take your bio kods from this evil demented witch. Poor Shiloh looks like she's suffering 24/7.

Kids need their fathers and Brad is a good one. She is not doing anything by herself, she has servants do everything including raising her kids.

Where's your bra skeletor?

Haha, Radar this was so ridiculous. On her own? Always surrounded by bodyguards and nannies and helpers like those paid British witches. And about the staged photoop without bra: trash always remain trash.

What kind of nut would want that many kids anyway?  She's a nutcase.

All her life she was this attention seeking wh***. Limo sex with BBT, kissing her brother on the lips etc. remember?  No use to explain her trashy behaviour with the operation. She has always been a mental PR wh****.

There are no excuses for Jolie for her lifelong trashy and mean behaviour. None.

Because with these staged photo ops she invites us to comment. And most of us don't like what we see, she is so fake. If she doesn't parade the kids every other day we wouldn't say a word.

cunning, manipulative, smug, egomaniac, vile, isolated, lonely HO

She's so fake.

What a mean b*** h she is. That's why she has no friends. Just look at how she treated her father and husband, and everybody knows she is toxic to deal with. She has only paid friends and is determined that the kids cannot have a normal childhood. It's sad for the kids but Brad should move on and have kids with a sane woman.

She's so weird. The other thread, where neg comments are blocked, have her and her girls (nipples) showing obviously. She really needs to get some t-shirt bras.

Her children are homely and she looks unwell~

What a menagerie~ at least Brad can have some peace and quiet now~

very good looking man

Why is the new Angelina thread heavily mod? Must be many negative comments. My comment didn't' show. DM is clearly Angelina's PR machine. LOL. Anyway i just watched War Machine, hilarious and brilliant movie. Brad's performance at least deserves Golden Globes Best Actor in Comedy nod. The movie criticizes everyone: left wing, right wring, white house and president Obama, The honesty in the movie will offend many people. Brad, the director, plan B and Netflix have the guts making this bold, brave, raw movie, their courage needs to be congratulated.

It's been a hard year for him so far. I hope it gets better, he seems like such a nice guy.

My god, he looks HOT. Like the haircut

Looking a lot less stressed now he's not with Angelina

Why does she parade kids around and obviously call papers every time she does for photo shoot

Nobody is buying what Angelina Jolie is selling. She can parade the kids all she likes..A lot of people hate her because of the heartless,disrespectful way she treated Brad.Brad has stood by her side through her multiple health issues and faults.We never heard him complain when she was going through all her surgeries. When it was her turn to support him,she tosses him out and files for divorce. She has lost a lot of fans .The best thing for Angelina to do is stop the divorce.Do it for the kids and stand by brad.

Angie is running out of personal things to talk about that don’t violate the privacy agreement of her divorce.Digging Marcia up out of her grave is quite predictable

Kids also need their father. Brad was there for Angelina when she went through her health issues. Angelina should be there for Brad as he gets therapy.Brad is getting help.Angelina should stand by his side not divorce him.You don't kick people out when they are down. Her kids will hate her when they get older for treating her husband badly.Angelina should put a stop to this crazy divorce going on. What kind of humanitarian is she anyway? She treated her husband poorly.

Angelina Jolie is an irresponsible erratic mother.A 41year old woman acting like she is in her twenties. Filing for divorce after being together for 12 years with 6 kids without consulting Brad. That is very irresponsible.Always thinking of her self. Angelina should know she is not indispensible. She is not God either. Angelina has had her own faults and health issues that Brad has put up with for years. He stood by her.Now when he has this problem she tosses Brad out like he is a nobody. A 53 year old man with 6 kids and she treats him lwithout respect.
Angelina should call off the divorce. If they divorce, Brad will probably remarry, have more kids and wont have time for Angelinas kids.
Also I read that Brad is always working and rarely sees the kids.If Brad and Angelina are a family,these things should not matter.Angelina should accept Brad the way he is. Some families have just a mom or Dad and still do okay

Parenting include wrecking others married? Mmmm....sorry but just funny...

Do these kids even have any friends?! Or just always with each other? So Angie has two 'friends' girls fly from Cambodia to pretend to be her friend? Does she even really know them that well?! Do they really even have friends? Like out here not orphans they fly from a another country for their birthday

Kids are always with Angelina ! Brad is their father with same rules. It's a shame

Another pap-stroll, another opportunity to plug herself, another time these children have to be on best behaviour and pretend that their mother's latest pet-project colleagues are their friends. One day they will leave their compound life and realise everyone in the outside world had friends, schools, team sports, arguments and make-ups with their peers ... I wonder what they will think?

"low key Angie" - Angie has never been low key in her life - high maintenance that one is. Love how the faces of the children who aren't Angie's are pixelated - do you loons want to keep insisting that Angie does not use her children for PR?

All we hear about are Brad's faliures... Is Angelina the perfect Mom?

Reeks of PR - "Isn't she wonderful"

There is something secretly evil about her. Shes tries so hard to portray this great Mother figure but I just don't buy it at all

I hope that Shiloh has the opportunity to celebrate her birthday with her father too.

Quality of these pics speak volumes. She brought her own cameraman. She could've made it private, but since Brad got sympathy, again, for losing his close friend, so she has to get some exposure. Brad was honest about his shortcomings as a parent. When will this woman drop the facade?

Amazing how the paps knew she was going to be there.Almost as if someone tipped them off.

I was very much a tomboy growing up, but I didn't wear boys' clothing or a boys' hair cut.

She's working really hard to be seen on her her daughter's b-day. Wonder what's up. An image rehab tour of sorts?

I love that her children dress like real children and not little fashionista's. Is it me or is Brad Pitt getting better looking with age?

Vivienne is a mini-Brad.

All the kids look like Pitt.

Jolie thought she could destroy Brad. I still remember all the mud Jolie slung at Brad when she left him in that nuclear split. It made headlines for days. She's hoping we will all forget. We won't. I bet Brad really hates her now.

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