Monday, May 22, 2017


He looks great!

Can't wait to see War Machine.

Looking better. Glad to see Brad, Dede and Jeremy together on stage.

I haven't seen Brad look so handsome in years. He always looked rough and unkempt in the red carpets when beside Angelina.

A brilliant actor. No question.

He'll be handsome even whens he gets 85!!

Brad has had a tough time of late but ever the consummate professional where work is concerned he knows he has a movie to promote. He is a dignified man and will be grieving in private.

He looks great. Like a 10k lb weight has been lifted off of him.

You look good Brad, do not listen to what the evil tongues say, you will always be the best for your fans !!!!!

Still one hell of a gorgeous looking man, obviously gets better as time goes on!

I love this man!

Still bloody gorgeous!

Looking incredibly sexy,. Maybe more so than ever

He's looking great!!

I'm sure that he is very hurt, but this his work, he is a professional in his business, he will cope with all this grief, time will heal everything.

Team Brad forever. He looks fantastic. You go Brad.

Looking good, back to his best

What a gorgeous man!

Getting his sexy back!

This Maddox is a very unpleasant boy. So cunning, slippery. zzzzzzzzzzzz

Shame on AJ for doing this to her entire family. Why should Maddox have to be the ‘man of the house’? I really think its not a good idea for her as a mother to be venting out on the son and discussing her issues with him. He is a child at the end of the day, not her therepist.
He is a 15 year old boy who should be in school, going out with friends, having his 1st girlfeind,etc but Angie isn’t giving him any of that. Instead he is stuck all day in the house with this 5 younger siblings and having to deal with his crazy mother.

Angelina's lost , he loooks amazing.

HOT Gorgeous beautiful handsome Brad Pitt

I feel like she's dating Maddox, I know that's messed up to say, but their is something off about her.

Well, she did make out with her own brother at the Oscars back in 2000, so anything is possible.

Poor kids, another pap walk with their crazy mother.

She has a lot of nannies, haha, you can't be so naive. You believe these pics?

So interesting how he seemed to morph back into Brad Pitt immediately upon splitting with Jolie. It's like we haven't seen him in 12 years and suddenly he reappears.

That's so true. She literally sucked the life out of him and he had to be boozed up to even be around her controlling psycho ass!

He looks better here than he has in a while.

It seems like pictures from his pre jolie days.

he looks fantastic. So handsome.

He's one gorgeous man.

He looks good, like a 80 lb weight has been lifted off him. Bones and all.

That face, that smile, that hair, that body. Brad is still the hottest man alive.

He looked horrible when marrying to Angelina, now he looks so hot. further prove Angelina is a witch.

Well, he and Depp are proof that once you get that demon off your back, you look more like yourself. Welcome back, Brad.

He's 53? What sorcery is this??

Angelina looks angry again. She has gone from the paparazzi being her best friends to probably being aware that no one is buying her faux image anymore.

She is full force with the pap strolls and kids and always a fashion comment. Zahara is wearing a five finger death punch tshirt....he is in Playboy and she is now all in white. Pathetic.

I don't know but she is just digging herself deeper and deeper. The stupidity of this woman just rolls on unchecked. A lot of people might not know how inappropriate White Chapel or 5 Finger Death Punch are but there is no mistaking a teen boy sporting playboy on his hoodie. It doesn't appear to be the actual playboy logo but there is still no excuse.

earth mother Angie. No one's buying anymore sweetheart and wearing all white won't make you look innocent and a victim.

It is sooooo obvious how she stages these strolls. She is the purified mother who can sometimes still be cool and edgy in black with her kids but can also be PTA mom. Is that a bottle of Grey goose or wine in paper bag under her right arm??

What is it with her and these old lady style dresses? What does she think she's achieving? She just looks ridiculous wearing dresses designed for a 70 year old whilst flashing her nipples like a 20 year old at the same time. She's nuts.

Those kids have no chance at all of ever being anything close to normal. They are all going to be off the scale batshit like her. Very sad.

she does not look like a happy person. poor me boo who. go live in one of those 5th world countries you are always saving. smile punk, it's your job to be smiley. and eat a double double with fries

He is hot

53 and looking this good. Awesome genes in the face department and serious hair goodness too.

Like a fine wine . . .

Springing back to life and it's nice to see. Looking much better than he has recently.

I have lots of respect for him. He seems authentic and true to himself. And besides, he looks great.

baby boy smiles like sunshine

If completely clean shaven, he's look 30 years old. He defies age.

When marrying to the wrong women, it shows on appearance. Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp are the proof. Now both are back to their hotness.

He looks great.

He looks much better now, like his old self.........But, I have always thought he's very ordinary looking...which to me is a good thing.

Looks good. Very wise of him not to get fillers - Tom Cruise is already looking weird from too many fillers.

He looks almost as good as he did in 'Thelma and Louise'! Should have dumped her right after filming 'Mr/Mrs Smith'.

DM 'writers' seem to think he should writhe in deep depression or something. He puts on a brave face? Ummm, he doesn't have to put on anything. He seems content and healthy. That's a strong male right there.

He looks so much better and hotter than when he was married to that evil woman.

He is hotter as he gets older. Whoever he dates next is one lucky woman, I am jealous.

Very handsome,I think he will stay away from women for a while and who could blame him.

Looking incredibly sexy,. Maybe more so than ever

Got to give him props! Not easy for a man to admit his faults in public like that. It's one of the reasons we love him so much because he doesn't try to hide the fact he's human! Still as sexy as ever too! I can relate to Brad in many many ways. I hope he can find happiness and love again!

it's amazing how quickly his looks have returned. he looks fantastic here - decades younger! still wish he'd go clean shaven, but this styling's great. i love that jacket - i want to get it (well, an affordable version) for my boyfriend. go great with his colouring.

He just looks like he needs a good hug. A good, solid, motherly hug.

I love him!

He looks better than he has in a very, very, very long time

Safe to say the poor bloke has been going through a tough time. Many well wishes to him. (He's still handsome, too).

He looks great.

He is so hot especially the press conference pics.

He is the king of cool, he can make anything look cool even the oversized pants.

I bet Angelina will stage a pap walk with her kids soon. Brad seems have a great time of his life. He is finally free from the evil biiii@tch.

She has them timed to be at least weekly and is proven to get her bodyguards to call the paps before making a grand, "I'm just too famous" arrival with the jetlagged and tired-looking mascots (kids) in tow to show how great a mother she is. Ghastly person.

He looks so cool. the swagger, the charisma.

Brad looks great in anything.

Very handsome, he looks better without crazy Jolie

He definitely looks happier.

Have to admit he is a very handsome bloke

Brad is still a cutie!

Many things can be said about Brad, but you certainly can't say he's not handsome.

Brad is such a handsome guy! He looks younger than his actual age! Happy to see he's doing good, he looks good.

I think he looks fantastic. He has grappled with a lot of bad things as of late, and I am pleased to see him looking healthy and well.

Bachelorhood is looking great on you Brad! You look healthy and happy and ten years younger!

I am so glad to see him happy. Love him.

you look so beautiful in white.

David Beckham's looks older than Brad.

The man could wear a bin liner and still look delish!

Soo handsome . He used to be too boyish but age really really suits him. He's gorgeous.

He looks so cool. the swagger, the charisma.

He is perfectly fine. She has the problem

He is still one of the hottest ones out there! Plz make a Mexican part 2. I love his character in that film

Well I pretty much think all looks on him would be ok

Well...duh...he doesnt have to do anything to look handsome

Still Handsome 😍

God bless him! He does NOT look 53!

Still a 10!!!

Go Brad! Go! Keep up the Faith!

He is doing better now the evil one is gone

Christ leave the man alone. He probably wanted to wear that suit purposely. He has enough money if he wanted a suit that fitted him I'm sure he would have got one at the snap of his fingers. Plus he looks lovely just because he's lost a little bit of weight doesn't mean he has a problem

He looks amazing for 53 yrs old wow

Rather a ridiculous headline! The guy is an actor & there may be a possibility that he had to loose or gain weight for a acting part or perhaps is slender due to the fact he has been put under alot of stress of late & of course Is getting older.

He still looks good

He looks yummy to me! Lol

Totally agree with Brad Pitt.Movies should not be judged by their weekend openings.So unfair.

Looks dammmm hot to me

He always looks good

Dont care if he is shrinking, he's still got it! Go brad!

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