Monday, May 8, 2017


She is really messing up those kids with her genderfication of her kids.

Is it me or does Shilo look sad?

This article makes me think of some of the greatest mysteries in the world, such as who built the pyramids, where is the city of Atlantis, The Bermuda Triangle and WTF was Brad Pitt thinking when he married Angelina Jolie. I've just always thought Angelina is a supreme witch and she charmed him.

I'm with Brad, and don't believe the lies spread by a certain saint.

Those poor children don't stand a chance.

shes been dressing shilo in boy clothes since birth but go on about how it was her own choice

You have a chance to live a normal and healthy life, do not come back to her!

Brad looks good! Always on your side! And crazy trolls let them be silent forever!

He is wearing those jeans quite well! :-D

Beautiful man!

Man can't even drink in the privacy of his own home his wife has to leave him. Angie use to bang H! Heroin for Christ's sake, but he can't take a drink? What a C!

Brad Pitt is looking very handsome and well! He looks like he did in the late 1990s / early noughties!!

Hot Brad is back bwitches! Whhhhooooohhhhoooooo! I never thought I would live to see the day when hot Brad would return as a gift for womankind. What a time to be alive. Sigh...

So hard losing your family unit (for both sides) but people need to remember their vows: for better for worst.....

Can't beat a bit of Brad to brighten your day!

I read, she goes to the Sudan at the end of May - again on a promo tour. I hope she doesn't take the children with her, in Sudan it is dangerous, assassinations, terrorism. Who can stop her? I'm afraid Brad can not.

he looks good, I'm glad he's still using art as an outlet and something to help him work through his thoughts and occupy himself. I think its important that everyone has something like that in their lives, something that isnt a career or pressured in any way.

He looks great, he's always been a handsome man.

This is the first time that I think Brad looks better. Great to see that he seems to be coming out of this too. Sculpting and whichever other form of art he's doing in that studio must be really therapeutic for him.

Yes, Brad looks really good in these photos.

He`s looking more like himself, finally.

He's getting ready for his new movie so weight will be ok by then. He appears happier, he did have great positve media feedback from GQ that would have boosted his spirits.

Just got online and saw the new pics. OK he looks way better than before. I noticed in the pictures from the TMZ thing he was looking better. He looks more like himself. and to the headlines going on and on about his "slim figure" many men in their fifties don't look like this. He looks younger than his years. he really does. I like to think things are coming out of the dark and into the light (cheesy I know but it fits)

Gorgeous man!


He looks mighty fine and hope everything are going well with his family. God bless

He looks younger and better, I think the interview was incredibly cathartic for him.

He's still got it.

Brad has always been lean and I think he looks AMAZING. He has his old vibe back again and looks better than he has looked in many years. I'm so happy to see him out and about and back up on his feet.

He looks amazing. He looks younger.

Brad looks better than Angelina, the divorce is good for him. Welcome back hot Brad Pitt.

He is a sight for sore eyes..hmmm

Brad can easily find a woman better than Angelina.

He is looking great without Angelina.

She tried to ruin him, adopting all those kids..

She tried to ruin him through leaks. And those poor kids have had their images sold for clicks from day one. And the any proceeds from pic debuts are "donated to charity"; i.e., to their foundation so it's tax free and then they can withdraw a nice salary for themselves.

He is hot

He is handsome forever

Some women just chew men up and spit them out...Brad you got your mojo back..keep at it..

He looks great, call me Brad

He is beautiful. Angelina's lost

He is gorgeous, he has great bone structure.

James Dean was not the first human nor the only human to wear jeans and a white T-shirt. Brad is not channeling anyone -- he is just being himself.

Newly single Brad Pitt is to watch. I don't think he will be single long. He is the hottest bachelor. What movies he is going to make is interesting to see especially his plan B is joining Megan Ellison's company. They will make some true art for cinema.

Brad gotta make more babies, we need more babies with his beautiful genes. Good thing is men can produce kids even when they are 80. Brad will have more kids for sure.

You don't know what you've got till it's gone

The heavy drinking is believable, considering the puffiness that is gone from his face. He looks lost. He's never been alone. And he always seems to take on the persona/style of the person he is with. He's been stripped, this is the real Brad. I hope he stays single long enough to own it.

Damn he looks so fine, I want some of that!

He is still the most beautiful man.

He is so handsome.

I have to add, he looks really good now, more like himself than in the past years with Jolie. I root for him and only for him.

I have no question in my mind that Brad is a good guy and sooooooooooooooo hot.

SO HOT!!!!!!!!!!

I wear jeans and white tee shirts I channeling? Didn't think so

that looks genuinely hilarious! i laughed multiple times through this trailer....will definitely watch it when it's released.

That looks quite amusing :)

We cannot help them and kill them at the same time, can someone tell Tony Blair, George Bush, Trump, Putin and Assad that too.

Like a fine wine.

Brad was really funny as the personal trainer in "Burn After Reading"...

Love that film!

Came here to say this, he was brilliant! He really suits these roles.

I can't wait to watch it

omg hilarious !!!!

i like his acting, def will watch

Brad has always been lean and I think he looks AMAZING. He has his old vibe back again and looks better than he has looked in many years. I'm so happy to see him out and about and back up on his feet.

Oh suddenly he's good enough. 🙄🙄 she's so annoying!

yes and brad has been thrown under the buss and like she is a saint always with her sex drug and rock and roll kissed like French kiss her brother at the acamedy wards too faced

Trying hard to mend her image...we see you Angie, we see you

Yes - and we know her true colours.

Now this one looks good – i was on the fence before, but now feel excited to see this. Funny.

Looks absolutely amazing

Brad’s performance looks great here. I expect War Machine to be The Big Short of war films/sociopolitical satire.

I liked the trailer, I hope the film will be successful, good luck to you Brad!

I'll definitely watch it, Brad always has interesting projects.

The trailer looks great.

Brad is good at comedies. Angelina has no humor and she is no fun and boring.

The trailer is hilarious. I will definitely watch it when it is out.

He is probably the only A list movie star who loves making indie movies.

Love it. He looks so healthy and young.

Wow he's still got it!

To think this man was near my area. Sheesh I gotta get out of the house more often. I keep missing all the good this dramatic photoshoot.

Loved the interview and I can write a whole book about the way he looks😝😍😍

Finally angie relized that jon could save her bad reputation, poor angie..

First, up pops the ex saying ' I'm just a drunken baby so blame me' Then, give it a bit of time and the father is trotted out and look at how blameless she is. Publicity agents are on overtime but who's buying it? Not me.

Smokes & doesnt eat..unhealthy physically & mentally ;(

Angelina Jolly ,Oops ! Jolie, the most miserable celeb around and to think Brad Pitt gave up Jennifer Aniston for her, beggars belief.

I think his assessment was bob on, nutty as squirrel poop.

The tattoos on her back are gross,like huge scratch marks. Who in their right mind would want anything like that?

Super borderline!

Angelina is skeletal.

She seems to fall out with everyone in the end. What a waste of time she is.

it is about time she come to grips that she is like her dad an he is like her. they are both guilty of the same sins in life as well as being identical in giving blessings. Her hating her dad was just her hating herself. She hated her dad because he left her mom. Angie has left more partners than her dad. She left her kids fatherless just like her dad did.

She is a toothpick with ears who has serious mental issues, herself.

She looks awful. In desperate need of food and sunlight!

In the beginning of divorce she was so confident that she will succeed to beat brad down but now she relized that her tools to attack brad become boomerang that hit perfectly on her face, lesson for angie: always be nice to everyone!

i feel sorry for the kids

Now that Brad is gone, she needs daddy's connection again. Haha, her father who said the truth about her publicly, that she should have seek help for her mental isssues.

I used to like Angelina...many years ago. Her 'mental problems' are absolutely there, they are impossible to deny. I don't believe in blaming people for their own mental problems, however. It's not as though mental illness is a choice. I grew to dislike her intensely after she wrote such horrible things about Shiloh and how she treats her adopted children better than her natural born children. And she tried to publicly humiliate Brad because he, in her words, 'lunged' towards Maddox who was acting disrespectfully on a flight. Numerous accounts state that she REFUSES to instill any sort of discipline in her children. When Brad would try to put limits and curfews on the kids, Angie went ballistic. She is not a good mother.

She seems to fall out with everyone in the end. What a waste of time she is.

You never see her with girlfriends! She doesn't have any! That says a lot about her!

She helped break up Brad Pitt's marriage, drove him to drink and now she conveniently fixes things with her father.

He should have never married Angelina , she's the worst woman

He's being honest, I so appreciate that. He's getting well.

He's Awesome honest and he's got a great soul.

Totally taking the high road… I admire him for that.

Glad he is in therapy - amazingly difficult to share with public

It's about time Angelina came to her senses, she doesn't seem to realize she's on the cutting edge of her desirability an I seriously doubt she could do better than Brad Pitt.!"

We say the glass is broken once can't be united like before

Didn't she get married to someone else oh wait she's getting married again

No no no! Big mistake Brad. Don't do it...

Brad pitt is good looking so am not suprised

 I'd drink too, if I was married to her.

 I'm not the greatest fan of his, but I'm glad he stepped up to admit his problem, seek treatment in order to be a better partner/co-parent and a father to their children. Kudos. That takes a lot of courage.

You mean she went to the restaurant, watched Pax eating and then left again.
We all know (well except her crazy fans) that Anorexia Jolie doesn't eat dinner.

Brad was the best thing to ever happen to them.

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