Tuesday, January 10, 2017


Brad has shown what a true father should be in the public eye, Angie needs to stop bad mouthing.

 After she bash brad on social media, really grow-up Angie

of course she will after she seen what a great standing ovation Brad got from his colleagues!! stupid girl !! nobody likes you!! Brad made you who you are !!

Seriously her only fans are horny gamers nowadays

Good it should of been like this all along. I am not a Jolie fan

Angelina jolie needs to eat a cheeseburger

Team brad..

Ya...after she saw how Shunned she truly is

Just look at her, she looks crazy

 She's weird.

 She looks like a skeleton!

Oh oh ohhh yea she was too keep it classy now! After seeing how Hollywood is team Brad. She didn't care when us regular folks was on his side. But now that she sees Hollywood will back him before her the tune is changing. Ha! You will never be one of them Angie!!! Never!!! Lol

Nasty and negative takes a step back! Good for kids! He looks healthy and happy! Also good for kids!

She doesn't play nicely does she? I just don't trust her.

She has a creepy "Mommy Dearest" vibe. Always has to me. Wonder what the kids will say when they grow up, or if Brad is enough to keep them normal.

She got the "message" from Golden Globes.

Everyone who has ever worked with Pitt has stated that he is one of the nicest, most helpful, most supportive actors in Hollywood. I think the Golden Globes showed just how high he is held in the esteem of his peers.

It showed how much they don't like her and now she knows he's been carrying her butt all this time.

Angie is the one who needs to keep her story quiet, Brad was cleared by child services and the FBI, there's nothing negative to be said about Brad, Angie is a different story. I guess Angie saw how their contemporaries supported Brad last night and she knows she's done hung herself.

One of the Angeloons from JustJared has popped in. How does it feel to be a fan of a woman who's slipped back into the C-list by her own doing? She was who she was because of Brad. She can never do another film. Little alone direct lol. Her only chance is Europe and we don't want her! (sweden)

She has ruined her reputation.

It was only a facade to begin with. I never bought any of the blessed Angelina act. She was always the women she has proven to be.

She never had any. Read the leaked Sony emails. Back then people disliked her immensly.

Funny how she's being 'slightly' cooperative since last nights Golden Globes proved the love and backing Brad Pitt has from all of Hollywood. I wouldn't trust her with my goldfish
(Vancouver, Canada)

Blood n Bones must have been reading all the negatives written about her.

You mean AJ saw how lived Brad was last night and she decided to shut her trap

Did she see his standing ovation at the Golden Globes last nite and realize she won't win the public opinion war?

What is the point? Jolie will get someone to leak it anyway. ( Paris, France)

Regardless Jolie it's best for your children to keep your family llife from the public.

I always thought she was creepy. I hope Brad finds happiness with someone "normal".

My oh my, Brad's looking good!

Brad is looking fabulous. He really does.

Brad looks better than he has in years

No, Dad. Everything is NOT good. The Children miss their Father.

Brad bought into an illusion and an unsustainable pipe dream. It is painful now without his children but the courts will set this right. Angelina Jolie had a hold over him due to his pot smoking. Funny thing is that Brad was the much more active actor and earned the millions to pay for all this jetting around with six children and nannies and staff. Yet she vilifies him and keeps him away from the children. She probably treated like another one of her children.

Everyone is fine except Brad and the kids! I'm sure Jon has been told to stay quiet.
 (Geneva, Switzerland)

Just that two short sentences and I can see Jon Voight, the father is intimidated by his daughter....he is afraid to voice out his opinion, just give a lying " good" ! Everyone knew it was not good. So pity when you still have to pretend when your 78... Angie sure is one person that always get what she wants, her brother is living under her spells and didn't even have a life of his own... Very strange dynamic, this family. I wondered what brad had done to make Angie so upset. Probably not licking Maddox's shoes. (hong kong)

Angelina Jolie is a wack job. Brad has paid a very high price for his bad decision to get involved with this nut case. ANY man stupid enough to get involved with Angelina Jolie deserves what he gets. She's done this before to the men in her past - including her own father. Let this be a warning to any potential, future men!!! Whatever she claims Brad did or did not do will pale in comparison to the damage she is now doing to her children. Poisoning them against their father will backfire on her one day.

Jon is cool. He knows his daughter is NUTZ!

Voight may have been secretly applauding Brad Pitt .... he knows from first hand experience his daughter is hard to get along with.

Please. He has no idea how his daughter and grandchildren are doing

Best thing he ever did breaking up with her... He's looking better than he's looked in LLLLLOOOONNNGGGGG time

He has to say this if he wants to see his grandkids. His daughter is a witch.

On another note, I think it's strange how Jolie would say that he's impugning her character, when all I have ever read is that he wanted the divorce documents sealed. How is that impugning one's character? She has been throwing the accusations around.

All you've got to do is look at the photos taken if Brad Pitt last night and see how good he looks. He's back to the old Brad and not the scruffy looking guy he was when he was with Jolie. He's well rid of her. (dublin)

Brad is looking better than he has in years.

Brad looking real good after that divorce!!!

Looks slimmer..looks younger..

Nice to see the lovely welcome Brad got, clearly no one believes the rubbish that Angelina has tried to put out about him. Delighted to see that.

Love Brad gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous hope he gets his life back on track away from that CRAZY narcissistic egotistical woman, lucky escape Brad xx


better now that he's away from that crazy devil-woman. you can clearly see it......she was stifling. thats probably why he snapped on the plane. still No bruise or bleeding photos. (australia)

Brad didn't have to be there but chose to in order to support the film. I liked his kind and gracious manner and he is still my favorite movie star.

The best he's looked in years....

Brad looks better than Leo, Matt and two Ryans, he is olden than all of them

Angelina is crazy, it is not news.every one knows. Brad is still a hunk at 53.

Matt Damon was one of the "clappers." Interestingly, he was in The Good Shepherd with AJ. AJ would have been watching this, and wouldn't have missed that the applause was recognising she'd given BP a hard time. (maldives)

Brad needs a decent woman who brings positive energy into his life not a crazy drama queen.

53 and he's still absolutely gorgeous. (united kingdom)

He soooo fine...he went through a look rut for a bit...but now he's back on top with his fine ass.

Lookin good Brad. Keep on fighting for your rights. (French Polynesia)

Everyone know Angelina is a fruit loop !

So nice to see him look like a movie star again.

he looks healthy again

He is back to being as hot as ever!! (Chester, United Kingdom)

It's pretty obvious who Hollywood is backing in the horrible cesspool of his divorce. Jolie's blatant vindictive manipulations are obvious to everyone it seems. (Sydney, Australia)

Hope that boosts his confidence.

Back to his gorgeous Jennifer Aniston era self, now that Angelina Jolie doesn't have her claws in him.

Did you mean her fangs in him? She is looking like a starved vampire these days.

Hes still got it!

He always had it.Vampire Angie drained it from him.

Well done Mr Pitt!!! You are looking a lot slimmer but with that "baggage" gone you sure look like a very happier and shave man. Good luck to you sir!!!

I know - and he can now spend time with old friends Angelina forbid him from seeing. In some ways he must find this freeing- I hope. He just needs to work out the stuff with the kids and then he will move on in no time. He also has a pretty good family, supportive etc. so he's good there.

Once a homewrecker, always a homewrecker! Now she wrecked her own family.. hahaha!!

Seems like she is calming down now Brad is looking good and enjoying life again. She was very selfish to splash this split all over the news from day one.

Who absolutely loved seeing Brad at the Golden Globes here?! I am! So very much.

It’s awful to see what Angelina Jolie has put both Brad Pitt and their children through. If ever there was an situation where the courts need to step in and put an end to the parental alienation that is clearly a factor, this is it. Pure maliciousness on the part of Angelina. She is making no effort to heal this situation, instead she is doing everything in her power to destroy this family. Those children need to be protected and Brad and his right to parent his children also needs to be protected.

 Did she finally "get it" after the overwhelming support Brad received at the Golden Globes that she can't so easily deceive people anymore? Let's hope so, because trying to destroy the bond between the children and their father shows that she puts herself and her agenda before anyone or anything.

That applause & cheering was awesome....from those that know them both. Spoke volumes

Guess the documents must look bad on her side hence the agreement. If it would have been the other way round she could've published it to keep him away from the kids.

 Angelina deserves a few booos! We may not know the full story but she definitely went about it the wrong way. And if it all started with Max. She failed to realise he is a teenager acting out probably jealous of losing her attention for years.
In the end I hope they both find peace and happiness.

It looks like Angelina watched the Golden Globes and realized after watching the crowd go crazy for Pitt, it wouldn't be in her best interest to keep dragging his name through the mud.

Love brad so much, he is going through a rough time, being humiliated and smeared in public, accused of horrible things, being kept away from his children, and he showed up anyway, what a real man, he has a great reputation with people, I never heard a bad word about until now, character count.

E! clearly is on Angelina's payroll.
Brad's reputation has NOT been tainted AT ALL. I haven't read a single comment in all articles based on that demon's scam to make him look bad in which people actually think he did something wrong.
It's ALL HER. She is the one who will NEVER recover after this.

 She just bit*h that only wants what Angie wants, and will put her kids through pain just like she was younger, she wants full custody so she can go back to EUROPE for her House of LORDS , Angie is just a me,me,me person

As long as anorexia angelina keeps her mouth sealed in public, that sounds like a plan..

She is s self-obsessed woman - needing some psychiatric help

 Now that she sees she's has been shunned


 Brad looks better then I have seen him in years!!! ❤❤

We do not know, but we see how she is using those kids. She needs a friend to tell her to knock it off. You chose him to be the father of those kids, now deal with it. Or those kids will turn on her.

 He always looks good to me ❤

Unloading 115 lbs of CRAZY does a body good!

That probably cuz he not with Angelina.

He looks happier than ever without Angelina. I'm glad he is not with her no more. I never like her.

 I do think that Brad Pitt is more loved in Hollywood then Angelina Jolie is....

Yeah I think so to! She is like the "crazy one" he's not! Always loved No matter What! Never the bad one. Wish he all the best for him and the kids.

He looks fantastic. Brad is a good guy. He had a brutal year. He got a fair shake in the press because he deserved one. And he was cleared because everyone knew the allegations were all bull. They just had to go through the formalities because they would be under scrutiny for giving preferential treatment. Anyway. Here's to you Brad.

Well said!! I thought and feel the same :) it was really nice to see him, and I have never been a fan of Brad's...until now.

Glad to see him out. The bitch would like to make it look like he's at home hiding in the closet. You know damn well he didn't do anything to those kids or it would be all over the news. She is just weird.

Love Brad Pitt. I think what Angie is doing to him sucks. No one should be kept away from their kids. He obviously loves them very much and for them to insinuate that he had hurt them is wrong.

He looks amazing ! The people that go through rough time like this one is their own business and should respect it . Thanks Brad Pitt for your presence at the Awards , it was good to see you .

So glad he's back in the public. I hope he knows we want to see him more and support him thru his hard time. Hang in their Brad. It will get better. You look really great

Angie is a crazy psycho!

 crazy psycho? I don't get it a psycho granted by a judge temporary custody of her 6 kids? I just don't get it.

He looks so much better now that he is away from that weird Angelina!

she heard the applause he got at the GoldenGlobes and realized no one was on her side

I find it very bizarre that they would make any statement about this at all! Why not just move forward and actually do it? That makes me think her camp had to release it. She is the one who was on the hook for not keeping it private so now she wants everyone to know that she is on board with the privacy thing.
I think she is crazy enough that she will carry on with her smear of him. Even though it's obvious that absolutely no one is backing her, I somehow don't think she will ever really be able to absorb that reality.

No one wants to see her pallid old drama queen face. She's out of friends and out of sales pull. She's gross to people at this point. She's lost ay leg she could stand on by using her kids and trying to humiliate him in the press. No one will work with her again.

Also probably because they are going to avoid that Jan 17 court date so this explains why that is not going to happen . I bet this moves forward quickly now. She has to know she has no cards left to play .
Judy Smith is the PR guru - she has advised Jolie to take this step. Next, she'll try to repair her image, though I don't know how, so much damage has been done. There will be some sort of sympathy card played I'm sure, whether it be an illness, or she may ride the PC wave and claim she is a lesbian and has been "living a lie, and couldn't any longer" and come out with Dalton :tounge:
We can certainly expect some PR image damage control. The ho won't go down without attempting to fix what she broke.

If she accuses Pitt of that type of abuse, it will bury her even deeper than she's buried now.
It's also completely ironic considering she surrounds those kids with OBVIOUSLY creepy people, including creepy, born-again Christian, uncle Jamie whose license reads "Shhiloh"....

I was also. Team Pitt all day.

 Brad Pitt looks great and happier still good looking

Good for him..cant believe what Angelina is putting him through..

Looking so handsome! Thinking being single is the way to go! 🖒🖒So nice to see you Brad!!

 I thought he looked better than he has in years. Lost a little weight..

 My man Brad is looking good! He gets better with age! He is like a fine wine!

 She is using her children as weapons in a custody battle. She should be ashamed

He married a weird psychopath. When people show you or others who they are, believe them! Who carries blood around in a vial around their neck? Who makes out with their brother? Her coup in all this was taking him from Jenn, now she's done with him!

 I love the way the audience let him know how glad they were to see him it was very obvious! Good for him!

 Brad Pitt looks gorgeous as ever, he should stay away from that nut case, he's looking fabulous.

It's good to see Brad!

Damn is it me or does he look better post divorce?? Normally it's the other way around!!

 He looks amazing. I thought he looked bad the last several years but he's back.

Someone needs to give that scrawny woman a cheeseburger.

 How the heck does he continue to be so gorgeous??

 The truth came out on why she suddenly play nice it's b'coz she has that netfix film to be shown in cambodia this february. Her team just realeased a very lengthy pr for that movie in The Guardian just a heads up Guardian is very much a site that sides with Angelina you can say that it's like they are on angelina's payroll

I hope that Angelina keeps her word ... don't know if she is to be trusted ...

The only man this witch will get in the future will be a dildo! Oh, Yeah, I forgot, she’s a dyke!

Have no doubt that Brad is serious about working out all issues in private, but Angie, we will just have to see. The second she doesn’t get her way and feels like she isn’t running the show, she will be back to the big smear of Brad. This is what’s best for the whole family if Angie can just be trusted. Hard to believe she will play nice on joint custody, time will tell.

She is losing bad in the court of public opinion and his appearance at the GG shows whose Team most celebs are on…..Team Brad, baby (austin powers voice). What she is trying to do to him is absolutely unbelievable and no one is going to want to work with her. She may have most of her original body parts, but this bish is as fake as they come. Can you say “Manipulator”?

Team Brad all the way

I don’t believe her .. she has something up her sleeve .. one thing that she does is go behind your back .. hard to trust her

I hope this finally gets settled with full joint custody and no further efforts on Angelina’s part to drive a wedge between Brad and his children, but I would not be in the slightest surprised if Angelina just keeps leaking mud slinging statements to the media, while denying that she is doing so. Truly a sad situation.

Amen I’m in Brad’s corner

Angelina was and is no saint. She is a crazed nut job at times.

Brad has been building houses in Louisiana since Hurrican Katrina. What have you done?

Oh yes the eternally sweet Angie, who after having an affair with a married man, did a full layout with him in a magazine without any thought to the callous display to the woman he had just left her for. Now she is a saint. Give me a break she is a calculating home wrecker that is now dragging her kids father’s name through the mud so she can win. I think after watching the Golden Globes she is aware her master plan isn’t working out so well for her after all.

Hopefully if they get joint custody she doesn't carry the kids blood around with her to feel closer when they are with him. She's wacko! I would have HER checked out!

Yes, I honestly think she has quite a few screws loose. He is definitely the sane one of the two.

Omg can't discipline the kids you might damage them! She's a freak. No matter what he did, they need their father also,,you stupid women.

So great to see Brad Pitt present the movie he produced, win best drama picture and receive a huge audience reception & standing ovation! Looking gooood too.

Poor Brad married into Crazy... Hopefully life will be better now.

Maybe she heard about his warm response at the Globes, he has friends! Hope they work out shared time with kids

In other words you are repeating unreliable gossip.

It wasn't just in the tabloids... it was in her lawyer's filings and in her accusations to DCFS (remember the ones that Brad voluntarily submitted to drug and alcohol testing to refute... not to mention the multiple child abuse accusations that had DCFS crawling all over him for months until they were satisfied that they were untrue).
Go back even further and they are in the tone of her first public statement that she was seeking sole custody "for the health of the family" while at the same time leaking accusations that Brad was an abusive drugging drunk.

Did you see People magazine site? they issued a joint statement:
“The parties and their counsel have signed agreements to preserve the privacy rights of their children and family by keeping all court documents confidential and engaging a private judge to make any necessary legal decisions and to facilitate the expeditious resolution of any remaining issues.”
It concludes: “The parents are committed to act as a united front to effectuate recovery and reunification.”
Angelina finally knows she has made mistakes, her people monitor DM comment sections and know everyone hates her, she has lost PR game, and last night HW has clearly shown they are Team Brad. so she knows if she still wants making movies in HW, she has to behave nice. she is not smart, she should have thought of consequence before her actions. Now everyone knows her true color, and how evil she is capable of.

I would prefer to see her broke and without any custody after what she did. Fortunately, Brad only wants joint custody.
If I were him, though, I would not settle for one minute less than 50% physical custody, control over their education and a provisions that she cannot take them out of the country... her idea of a vacation includes war zones.

A vicious, vindictive fruit loop ...

And a satanist.

She's been like a slow motion vampire feeding on his life force

Brad is using nothing as proved by testing... Angie on the other hand has no such tests to prove that she isn't back on the smack.

e is tested for everything (including alcohol) for months now, and he passed all of them. This was just a vicious lie from Angie who should be drugtested every week. (Budapest, Hungary)

Angelina has mental problems. She is going to be crazier and crazier. This is Brad's lucky escape.

I pity the next sucker who ends up with her.

Oh, don't delude yourself. Angie is hated in Hollywood because of her behaviour (not just during the divorce), just go and read the hacked Sony e-mails.

There's not a single actress who is friendly to Jolie because she can't keep her clothes on around their partners.

Generally people who jump too quickly into a relationship don't know what they're getting into...unfortuately he didnt know it would end this way...hopefully he has learnt a valuable lesson in life...at last after all the crap she is agreeing to something...a little too late who will ever forget what happened and how much she blew it out of proportion

Brad cleans up nice....

Obviously she has finally realised she is one of the most reviled women on the planet. The standing ovation Brad got at the awards, said everything. Angelina's nasty. ( Auckland, New Zealand)

She got the "message" from Golden Globes. (United States)

She sure did! Spot on comment of the day.

james - get a real job. 10% of your sister's salary isn't going to cut it much longer.

Brad is distraught over the custody issue and the stress of having to deal with looney toon in the public sphere. He tested negative for drugs.

I hope Angie is still on her methadone and medical regimen for heroin addiction management.

Everyone who has ever worked with Pitt has stated that he is one of the nicest, most helpful, most supportive actors in Hollywood. I think the Golden Globes showed just how high he is held in the esteem of his peers.

It showed how much they don't like her and now she knows he's been carrying her butt all this time.

Brad has friends, Angelina has adults on her payroll

Angie is the one who needs to keep her story quiet, Brad was cleared by child services and the FBI, there's nothing negative to be said about Brad, Angie is a different story. I guess Angie saw how their contemporaries supported Brad last night and she knows she's done hung herself.

She has ruined her reputation.

She never had any. Read the leaked Sony emails. Back then people disliked her immensly. (sweden)

Funny how she's being 'slightly' cooperative since last nights Golden Globes proved the love and backing Brad Pitt has from all of Hollywood. I wouldn't trust her with my goldfish

Did she see his standing ovation at the Golden Globes last nite and realize she won't win the public opinion war?

It was only a facade to begin with. I never bought any of the blessed Angelina act. She was always the women she has proven to be.

Like I said, Angie has lied and lied throughout this process.

Yes but if we can question Wasser's reputation (after the many years of having a great reputation) and the media is, how can people in Hollywood not question it? I do think her reputation is damaged by this. The Depp/Heard divorce wasn't silent but it was Amber blabbing but this time it was Wasser's client who made accusations in the media and nobody is believing them. Especcially since AJ hired another house secretly before splitting and the fact that Brad was cleared by the DCFS and the FBI. So everybody thinks she is vindictive and has other motives, they question her mental state for denying Brad access to his kids.
I think Wasser pushed for this sealing of the documents and a "joint" statement to salvage a little of the mess AJ and LW have made of this. If not, Wasser would have faced serious repercussions in my opinion. This had to stop. Even now people are crediting LW, not AJ, for agreeing to sealing the documents. It proves the public's opinion regarding AJ. I think either LW or her law partners had a serious conversation with her.

their mother has undermined his attempts at instilling discipline and now they are a product of her permissiveness.

Good luck to her though, she's permanently damaged hers.

She cannot change. Her mental issues are not able to be altered into a normal way of thinking and acting. She cannot take in criticism and use it to alter her thinking or behavior. She had 12 years of Pitt's protection and perhaps the protection of others as well. As long as she was a profitable asset, she got away with al her nonsense. Now that is not happening any longer she has no ability to adapt to the new situation. No talent as an actress. No career in HW as an actress, director, writer. All have failed. She has a career as the nuttiest person in HW, though and will likely continue on that path completely unable to see she is harming herself and her kids in the process. And where is James? He must see what is happening. He will stay until she can no longer support him or Dad gets him a better situation.

 here is the real reason she is speeding up the divorce
The world premiere of First They Killed My Father will be held in Siem Reap on 18 February, seven months before its global release via Netflix. “I went to [Netflix] directly,” Jolie said, “because I want to make the kind of film where I don’t have to compromise and put a famous Chinese actress in as the mother, or make it in a different language in order to get people in the theatres on the first weekend.”
https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/ ... uardian%29
This promo piece is date Jan 11.

 That's why I despise her, I'm fed up with her constant lies and manipulations.
Her "movie" will be another laughable piece I bet. Welcome to her fourth directional bomb.

Wasser. I tend to think she's been trying to get Jolie onboard from the beginning to negotiate rather than litigate. That is her standard MO.
I have little doubt that she's probably been telling her client that "going nuclear" isn't in the best interests of the kids AND that she is seriously damaging her own reputation at the same time. I also think it's highly likely that she has probably told Jolie that if she continues to ignore her advice, she should consider finding a lawyer more in line with Jolie's tactics.
It wouldn't surprise me AT ALL if Wasser herself planted the article about herself so that she could point to it and tell Jolie, "I don't play to lose".
The fact that Pitt was so warmly welcomed at the GG's was undeniable proof to Jolie that her tactics have backfired.
It shouldn't come as any surprise that "bad for Jolie" is what finally tipped the scales towards making things private. Pathetic and sad, because clearly "horrible for the kids" didn't do it.

Oh great, we get to see premiere pics of the ho in February then. You're right, she sped up the proceedings so between now and then she and Judy Smith can work overtime to "attempt" to repair the damage done. Wonder if more than 2 people will watch this flop on Netflix

They are going to premiere the movie elsewhere seven months before it goes on Netflix?
Why so long? That seems strange.
Don't they know rips of the movie will be out within 3 weeks of it playing in Siem Reap? By the time they debut it on Netflix, everyone that was interested will have already seen it (and realized it's garbage, if this is a "Jolie pas production" or good if she didn't do much and let the assistant director do all the work)

 Brad has been a Class Act through the whole thing hopefully Angelina has seen this Plus the Golden Globes

But only after damaging him publicly first.

 She's a wack case! Definitely lives in s bubble!

Bout time she shut up..

She'll screw him over " again" in time.

I wondered if it was a coincidence that Brad spoke about "stand at the treshold of change and forgiveness where we only grant acceptance and love to ourselves". Of course he spoke about Moonlight, but still I found it telling.

I found that enormously compelling, incredibly touching and heartfelt. His eyes were deeply tender and sincere.
Re Wasser: I've been saying this for a long time. It is an attorney's duty to reign a client in and work in their BEST interest. This includes guiding the client, not being led by the client. Wasser has done a horrible job. Clients will ALWAYS be emotionally driven. Attorneys must work in their best interest and lead the client, not be led by them. Wasser must be under Angelina's spell. She has done her an IMMENSE DISSERVICE.
Regardless of what went on between Brad and Angie, he did love her. They have real emotion and love can turn to hate very easily. That is why the attorney MUST remain calm, to not worsen the situation.
Wasser ought to be sued. I am 100% TEAM BRAD, however Wasser has EXACERBATED an emotionally charged situation and made it FAR worst.
She is a self-impressed fame HO who is under Angie's spell. Regardless of what was found in any investigation, whether there was an affair ( they had an open marriage, newsflash: those don't work), is irrelevant.
By this time, they ought to have let Brad see his kids. She is an atrocious excuse for an attorney, regardless of what was found because it was HER reports which revealed the details, and that Brad feared for the truth coming out, that was not Angelina, that was WASSER's wording. She is being provocative, and perhaps critically unable to have objectivity in this case.

What we know is that AJ wanted out (that's why she hired that house secretly before the plane incident) and then apparently blew the argument between Maddox and Brad out of proportions to try to get sole decision rights to take the kids anywhere she wants and continue travelling the globe.

I also agree that Brad should be allowed more time with his kids. Again, this is not only hurting the kids and Brad but definitely public opinion on AJ and LW, that's why the huge cheers and applause from Hollywood during yhe Golden Globes - all potential clients for Wasser who now might decide to hire another attorney for their divorces.

He is definitely better off without her. How great he looked after divorce.

Brad looked AMAZING!! It was terrific and heartening to see the crowd's love and support for him! Loved that PLAN B was thanked!!

Brad looked so hot tonight at GG. Hollywood is team Brad.

He looked amazing! I gasped when he came out on stage!

Tonight was really stood out was the tenderness in his eyes, it was sweet.

He really seems surprised at the support he gets. I think he was so beaten down emotionally by Angie, that he seemed to expect that from everyone. Part of healing from an abuser is figuring out that their treatment of you was neither normal nor earned. Hopefully, the support he is getting is helping him realize that.

I am so glad Moonlight wins GG Best picture, hope it will win Oscar Best Picture.

Me too! What perfect timing in his life! This is probably part of Angie's crazy reaction, her fear of his independent success without her. By The Sea was such a disaster, and he is successful with or without her. Better off without!

I wasn't expecting him either but I am very glad he showed. He needs to know that he has support and that he has no reason to hide.

People love him for a reason, he just seems to be a very genuine person. Well, hopefully he is seeing his support everywhere, in Hollywood AND in all of these places!

She probably saw that clip of Golden Globe applause, effusive applause.

why wouldn't they be? He has more respect in Hollywood than Angelina ever will #teambrad

Billy Bob clapped the loudest. He knows that chick is bat shit crazy

 I don't know what is or isn't true regarding his and Angelina Jolie's relationship but I swear he looks like a deep, dark fog has been lifted from around him

so true, he has done nothing wrong. he should go there support and celebrate Plan B's movie

Brad attended the Golden Globes and accepted the award for best picture for Moonlight (he is the producer). He got a standing ovation. Man, he was rocking that goatee and tuxedo. Hawt.

Pagesix has an article on both Laura Wasser and Angelina destroying their own reputations. it says Laura Wasser either lost control of Angelina or she didn't follow her own practice, she should have dropped Angelina if Angelina didn't listen her advice.

Wasser has been awful as Angelina's attorney, because it is her job and duty to reign in a client, no matter how emotional the situation. She has a responsibility to do her best for her. I hope her reputation as an attorney suffers for this. Clients can be emotional, it is your job and duty to control the situation.

He looks the best he has in years ❤

I thought it was interesting that he got such a loud and big applause for something, like they were showing him support for what he's been through with her. Hollywood is glad he's back obviously.

 I never really had a "thing" for him, especially when he was with her. But tonight 😍

He really does! He has looked like shit the last few years, but suddenly he's HOT af again!

Right! He looks better now

Because he is out of the grips of a succubus!

He looks better without her

 I am still in aww. We had Brad Pitt, Matt Damon and Ben Afflack in the same room. Trifecta.

I wondered when he was ever going to wise up - she has always been nuts. Guess he had to learn the hard way. Glad to see him back in public.

 To be honest he looks much healthier and happier than I've seen him in a while.

He's still handsome as ever ❤❤

 Damn he looks good

As he should. I adore him and he is amazing. Team Pitt all day everyday

He does 😍😍😍😍

She's been a whack job from day one. She's been no angel, and priests who preach gods word have raped children. So what ppl do in the public eye means little to how they are in private. On both their sides. I would bet she is far from blameless, and she has always praised what a great father he is. People get in fights. She is playing the role of a lifetime.

Angie is a manipulative bitch. A wolf in Sheep's clothing. She's always been a whore. Brad was an idiot for leaving his good wife for a crazy slut.

don't judge a book by its cover there's always layers and just because she's done good doesn't mean she's not still the crazy person she use to be...her track record is not good! Don't forget she's a home wrecker taking America's sweetheart (Jennifer Aniston) husband! That speaks volumes of what kind of person she is.... Billy Bob tried warning Brad 

his woman used to wear a vial of blood around her neck and brag about drinking it. Just because she has used her money to help underprivileged people does not make her less of a lunatic. She is also alienating Brad from their children, and making their mess public for all to see (which is FOR SURE not in kids best interest).

He took a drug and alcohol test immediately after her accusations and passed with flying colors. They do hair samples which test as fair back as three months.

Without her...now he's looking better than ever! #Bradelicious 

She needs to eat, or she'll be a ghost.

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