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 delusional and hypocrite.

The way she went public with her divorce and incriminating her husband made me lose a lot of respect for her. It gives even iniatives like this a bit of a bad taste.

 Divorce is messy for sure but he looks a million dollars on it

 it's because his hair has never looked bad. Ever.

Brad Pitt looks great.  #GoldenGlobes

Ooooo baby Brad Pitt's got that I'm single and don't have 17,000 kids anymore glow

Brad Pitt is so fine, it doesn't make any sense. Still.

 I think I just swooned...what is he doing to me

best he's looked in a loonnngg time.

Don't try to change people, just love them. Love is what changes us.

Sure the investigation was dropped against Pitt last year, so there should be no damage..

So true , people are so quick to judge you until it's them😮 . I like both of these guys very much and have a lot of their movies , they''re alright with me.

Actually while I was disgusted with Brad's publically humiliating his wife during his affair with Jolie she has a history of poaching men who are already in relationships. And I've always perceived her to a witch and that has not changed. She wants to run the show and when you don't set boundaries when rearing children you can expect to have problems later. I won't be surprised to see any of them involved in drugs and alcohol in the future. And she isn't above using the kids to punish their father, which is despicable. As for Depp, like McCartney he got involved with a much younger golddigger willing to try to destroy him for a pay day. Pathetic perhaps but this isn't the first time Heard has been involved in a domestic altercation so the common denominator is her.

I think Brad Pitt will come out of this as popular as ever.When all his celebrity friends come out to support him so adamantly ,they know something,and it is all about Angelina Jolie.

Nobody ever had love for you Angie. You are a homewrecker and have ruined countless relationships and marriages. Adopting kids from other countries hasn't improved your image, nor has seducing Brad away from Jennifer Aniston. Your smear campaign against him has only made things worse for you. You can do all the damage control in the world and it won't help. The best thing you can do now is to focus 100% on your kids and try to raise them the rest of their young, impressionable years into being productive, kind people who contribute positively to our world.

So tired. Beyond tired. Exhausted. Beyond exhausted. Happy. Here's a picture of Brad Pitt I found in the toilets of an Indian restaurant.

"We're so concerned with failure and success—like these two things are all that's going to sum you up at the end." - Brad Pitt

Don't trust that crazy witch!!!

Give me a break. You don't think she has 10 nannies for her 50 kids. Please......she needs a taste of the real world and what it's like to be a single, struggling parent with no sleep!!!

Made ur bed...... & she has lots of help, each kid has their own sitter. Here she goes with her neediness & attention grabbing self again. Can't deal with it give them to their dad!!!

Give me a break, you really think she takes care of them all by herself like "regular" moms. I bet she has at least a half dozen nannies on the payroll.

She is struggling with fact that she is getting older , also she's jealous of Brad , she is trying very hard to hurt him with holding their children away from him

Now that Brangelina is over I feel like I can finally express my love for Brad Pitt again, it's a good feeling.

Brad Pitt in Legends of the Fall.... I'm in love 😍

It is a known fact that the kids have had a nanny EACH, since birth. Last year in France they were photographed with the legion of nannies and other hired helping hands on the couple's outings and in the house. It is also known that these employees are there 24/7, not for a few hours. So, what is the article talking about? ANGELINA JOLIE IS REPORTEDLY STRUGGLING TO RAISE HER KIDS WITHOUT BRAD PITT, HARDLY SLEEPING AND NOT EATING

She's had issues for a very long time . I honestly think she brings it all on herself ! Time for the kids to go to someone a bit more stable .

She started she's complaining....make up your mind !!

She's crazy. Run Brad run

She is very hard headed and stubborn and narcissistic and selfish and she should have worked through her marriage went to counseling and made it work with Brad...

If she thinks Brad is going to come back she should think again. He is not coming back Angelina. Never.

it could be her own fault for trying to be so controlling....


Um hum. He's always been handsome but yes he looks yummy.

He's looking like he did in Fight Club !

Good for him. You know Angelina might have been good for him at first, might have given him the family he always wanted BUT Angelina is just always all about Angelina! Travelling around the world, not settling anywhere becomes tiring and it shows, especially when your trying to parent 6 children without the help of your wife who would rather let her children be wild and without discipline! (TORONTO,CANADA)

Brad is beautiful from inside and out. Angelina's lost.

See what happens when you lose a soul suckin witch.

I would also hazard a guess that the enormous stress of the separation is behind some of the weight loss.

I bet Malevolent Maleficent was shocked as the entire Golden Globe audience demonstrated whose side they are on.

When Brad looked great pre-Angelina and post-Angelina, you know Angelina is the problem. She is toxic, poison and nightmare.

She is a psycho

U know the nannies r taking care of them!!!

Poster boy for healthy living, that is quite an improvement in a short time! (DUBLIN,IRELAND)

Good for him, he didn't take care of himself when he was with Angelina. Now he can really focus on himself and take good care of himself. He looks amazing.

Its not a good look when your ex looks about 100% better after you break-up!

Whatever you're doing Brad keep doing it as you look great.

She's so strategic, one day release a joint statement about the privacy of the kids, the next, have an article released by the Guardian detailing her new film

Those pictures are heavily Photoshopped yet still HIDEOUS!

Angie tries to convince the public she has a job. Nice try, but no banana, darling. There are no cameras and no hardware on this set.

No wonder she agreed to the united front. She thinks the public will forget her shenanigans and embrace her movie. what makes her think peiple are interested in seeing her work?
It's her rampant ego at work

 Brad looks better then I have seen him in years!!! ❤❤

That damn Angelina Jolie is a crazy ass!! Talk about A Blessing for Brad!!!

 That probably cuz he not with Angelina.

Same here. I like Him in "Legends of the Fall" He's good actor. Angelina made Him look Ugly 😝 Now He's back to good looking 😊😍

Unloading 115 lbs of CRAZY does a body good!

 He got rid of crazy

Poor Brad tho....that'll teach you to get involved with a bitch who traded blood viles and kisses her brother like he's her lover.

I'm thrilled BP looks like his old (young) self!!!

You lose Anglina....he is hot to trot!

Clean of his toxic wife. Good for him

Welcome back Brad....

Its not a good look when your ex looks about 100% better after you break-up!

Good for him, he didn't take care of himself when he was with Angelina. Now he can really focus on himself and take good care of himself. He looks amazing.

Poster boy for healthy living, that is quite an improvement in a short time!

Whatever you're doing Brad keep doing it as you look great.

I hope he finds a nice young lady to date. Angelina will flip out over a new girlfriend. It's going to be hard for her to find a man after all this drama. Looks like Brad is the winner.

All he needs now is for the courts to give him his due as a father and restore proper access to his children. Delighted to see him looking so well again.

still the sexiest man alive

Brad looks great, can't wait to see who he will date next. Find a beautiful, nice and fun girl Brad.

Most importantly... find a girl who is NOT crazy and vindictive!

Good looking dad

Brad looks fab. Best wishes to him. He deserves the best.

He looks happier than ever without Angelina. I'm glad he is not with her no more. I never like her.

I do think that Brad Pitt is more loved in Hollywood than Angelina Jolie is....

Yeah I think so to! She is like the "crazy one" he's not! Always loved No matter What! Never the bad one. Wish he all the best for him and the kids.

He looks fantastic. Brad is a good guy. He had a brutal year. He got a fair shake in the press because he deserved one. And he was cleared because everyone knew the allegations were all bull. They just had to go through the formalities because they would be under scrutiny for giving preferential treatment. Anyway. Here's to you Brad.

Well said!! I thought and feel the same :) it was really nice to see him, and I have never been a fan of Brad's...until now.

 Glad to see him out. The bitch would like to make it look like he's at home hiding in the closet. You know damn well he didn't do anything to those kids or it would be all over the news. She is just weird.

She isn't stable. She screwed his life up. He now has to recover and find himself again.

He looks amazing ! The people that go through rough time like this one is their own business and should respect it . Thanks Brad Pitt for your presence at the Awards , it was good to see you .

Love Brad Pitt. I think what Angie is doing to him sucks. No one should be kept away from their kids. He obviously loves them very much and for them to insinuate that he had hurt them is wrong.

So glad he's back in the public. I hope he knows we want to see him more and support him thru his hard time. Hang in their Brad. It will get better. You look really great

He looks so much better now that he is away from that weird Angelina!

I applaud him for appearing knowing there would be those people that would bash him or Angelina in one way or the other but Dayum is he looking good!!

I was also. Team Pitt all day.

Brad Pitt looks great and happier still good looking

Good for him..cant believe what Angelina is putting him through..

i know i should not say this but "i am a big fan and have supported brad during his trying times. Stay true to yourself and give the yourself time and space to heal your family! Trust me time does help to smooth the trying times, time may help fade the struggles,you will remember the good times and have the resolve to make the right choices for your family.

 Standing ovation & biggest applause of evening. We have faith in you Brad. You need a better lawyer, less counseling & a fair different judge.

Looking so handsome! Thinking being single is the way to go! 🖒🖒So nice to see you Brad!!! 😍😍😍😍😍

He married a weird psychopath. When people show you or others who they are, believe them! Who carries blood around in a vial around their neck? Who makes out with their brother? Her coup in all this was taking him from Jenn, now she's done with him!

I thought he looked better than he has in years. Lost a little weight..

The way she went public with her divorce and incriminating her husband made me lose a lot of respect for her. It gives even iniatives like this a bit of a bad taste.

 I found her approach too calculated in order to do harm and trying to keep their children away from their dad. If she would acknowledge what she did and would actually respect her former partner that would obviously change my perception of it not her that needs to be forgiving?

And that didn't take long... New story from "sources" up at DM. Apparently, according to "sources", Brad is looking better because of "clean living". I am assuming that this is another hit piece by Angie (whose PR people are being more subtle given the "agreement" I guess) meant to imply that Brad has laid off the drugs and booze she accused him of abusing and THAT is why he is looking good. The small Angie brigade over there is running with that implication for her.

 She is using her children as weapons in a custody battle. She should be ashamed

If HE has so much to hide (according to dragon lady Angie) than why is it HER who couldn't face her peers last night?? Because she's lying that's why.

Damn is it me or does he look better post divorce?? Normally it's the other way around!!

Brad Pitt looks gorgeous as ever, he should stay away from that  nut case, he's looking fabulous.

It's good to see Brad!

I love how everyone let him know the world still adores him. THIS TOO SHALL PASS. That women is a loon.

He look a little thin but he look grateful to his friends. Angie is a fool.....

 I'll always adore him! 💜

So happy for him. What he has to go thru. Hate what angie did to him. 100% in me believed that angie has mental illness.

Brad looks great, so happy to see him last night.

 Good to see Brad Pitt he still one of my favorite actor. He still good looking...Make some more movies, Brad.

He surprised everyone. He looks great.

I believe Angelina knows that her behavior was malicious and that ultimately this wasn’t really getting her anywhere or doing anyone any good either

She doesn't give a crap what people think because she's a psycho, so other people's opinions or advice don't figure in her decisions.

Just watched #LegendsOfTheFall for the 100th time. Brad Pitt, shoulder length hair on a horse= a very Good night

So she tried to pressure a 9 year old into being covered in live leeches?
And now she is trying to convince us that Maddox is some kind of director and producer on the film?
And she's making out it's a big deal she shot in Cambodia while in the same article admitting Tomb Raider was filmed there because it's nothing new.
And she's 'walking away from it all' in terms of films. Er, no. Nobody wants to employ you.

Also it's interesting that they say people don't want to talk about it, mistrust foreigners and think that the film and story would have been better made by a Cambodian. But she's still being lady bountiful saying she's making it for them. Ugh. And she is "allowing" young people to find out about their grandparents? The arrogance is just breathtaking.
And they're complaint about some poor farmer being difficult by not wanting his hut burnt down!
She's just so patronising towards the Cambodians.

She still looks like a walking corpse though.

No wonder she agreed to the united front. She thinks the public will forget her shenanigans and embrace her movie.

She is expecting controversy on her Feb 18 premier in Cambodia.
Promo starting here-The Guardian
“Becith a month to go before the film is shown in Cambodia, Jolie was at home in California, fretting about the complication of what “general release” might mean in a country largely without cinemas and a population that has not confronted the realities of its genocide.
“There are many smaller screenings we are going to be doing, which I am most excited by. It may just be a sheet and a projector out in a pagoda in the more remote areas,” she told me in a recent telephone interview.
Whether it will be possible to show such a film in the Cambodian countryside will depend on the availability of monks or therapists to help organise the screening and deal with the fallout. There will be time set aside for discussions after the screenings, and in some places Jolie plans to set up town hall meetings the morning after so that she and the cast can answer questions.ause I did it in partnership with Luong and Rithy, it really wasn’t me leading it. It never was. And every day on set, it really wasn’t. I had to always defer to the Cambodian people who were there,” Jolie told me. “It’s not my story.”
She is now not claiming this as hers.

don't you think the whole thing is coo coo and crazy, here is three days ago ,they were nasty to each other publicly, then suddenly they come up with this coo coo word of like a civil war " United Front" and then this movie news the next day. Despite for four months of I am scared of this man for my children. to don't see I have movie. It is really crazy.

You only can congratulate Pitt for his new freedom. Gosh living with this camp event must have been hell.

Brad Pitt is a god😍😍😍

The media have always known how crazyland insane and how volatile Jolie could be. They've seen her in those manic periods. As that fellow from TMZ said, they don't call out a parent on some behaviors or on drug use, because they do not want to cause mental anguish to the kids.
Jolie got a free ride from the moment she adopted Maddox as long as she wasn't shooting up on the RC or actually foaming at the mouth or actually hitting someone. I hate the BS that Pitt has pulled against the ex, and I always figured that she kept quiet, first, because she's classier, but also, she and the industry know that Jolie would have pulled out all stops to win and that there'd be no gutter Jolie wouldn't stoop to in order to bring Aniston down if Aniston would have responded or in any way publicly opposed Jolie.
Not excusing Pitt, but for years he has been using those soothing motions to keep her calm. We used to laugh that he was petting her like a dog, but he was keeping her from flying off the handle.
That Jolie quickly attacked Pitt with the in the best interest of the kids angle as though he abused them...and the pot the #1 ploy for Jolie and the way the loonies were trained to attack with Transferring Jolie less acceptable behavior onto others. We've seen it for years the way she attacked Aniston. Casting those tags before they can be cast at her is her most established habit. Leaves those she attacks having to defend themselves or repeating her actions back at her which puts the person in a childish position. Jolie is perfect at that trick.

But we must keep in mind that Pitt is the one who ultimately gave her a bigger stage to stand on and therefore the ability to cause more damage to others, including those kids. For shame.

It's even more breathtaking for the fact that she obviously doesn't understand how she comes across. Leeches on a child?? How about you use fake leeches? Complaining about a man not wanting his hut burnt down?? How about you build a hut and burn THAT down? She's asking these POOR people to sacrifice and suffer for HER so-called art while she poses prettily for more publicity using them as props and backdrops.

He always looks like he is telling her to calm da fuq down.

He's clearly trying to calm her down here, look at his hand making the "easy, easy" gesture. Those poor kids, their expressions say it all.

Agree, he definitely is pacifying a flipped-out Jolie.

Jolie: "Everyone, respect my children's privacy!!!!"
Two minutes later:
Jolie: Releases picture of Mad on her latest film set.

This, just photos of her pretending to be interested and concerned.

She's doing that pointing thing she always does, and she looks scary as hell. Notice how that little girl isn't even looking the way Jolie is pointing? What a poser.

She should not be allowed around children, particularly with her spirit cooking association.

Agreed, there is something disturbing about this picture. That little girl is not happy, no matter what is going on.

She's so delusional she doesn't even realize it is awful. These poor people probably sacrificed so much for her film, she takes advantage of whoever she's around.

Decent thrills & powerful romantic emotional in part of WWll . Everything detailed and excellent. Worthy. #AlliedMovie

BradPitt did it again ... #amazingmovie #topclassacting ... #alliedmovie — watching Allied Movie at Centaurus  Cineplex.

Allied , one of the best movies Ive ever seen !  #AlliedMovie #BradPitt

Finally saw #alliedmovie - what a stunning and heart breaking story. Beautiful #film thank you, well done to all involved ❤️

Allied is definitely worth watching cheers @eVent_cinemas @IndroEvent #alliedmovie

Just watched #alliedmovie & sobbed... #BradPitt is the most #beautiful man I have ever seen...seriously though... #inlove #beautifulbrad 😍😍😍

I read an interview with Jolie (not certain when, it was a long time ago) that her mother gave her and James middle names that they could use as stage names i.e Angelina Jolie and James Haven. Looks like Jolie had the same idea for her own kids.

Quite clear to me what she's doing here, she's laying the groundwork for the PR campaign & making sure she has a defence in place for if/when she gets accused of cultural appropriation & taking another country & people's story away from them with the white Westerner charging in & telling their story. So much of this article is her going out of her way to make sure you know she had Cambodians involved at all stages, she at one point basically says she didn't even want to do the film but Maddox made her coz HE wanted to do it & she couldn't deny him. Like a child, barely even a teen at the time, is somehow the driving force for a large budget production that employs literally hundreds of people...ok Jolie, that sounds sane.
She's definitely setting it up as this is "more than a film", it's political, it's personal, it's a work of passion rather than Hollywood, it's "authentic" (note the comparison with Killing Fields) this is all PR with a very long term goal. Also laying the groundwork for if/when it doesn't make much money, she's already making sure she sells it as being for Cambodia, rather than the world/traditional film audiences. This is very careful but very obvious base building to cover all the possible PR routes over the next months. Oh & her kid is more fair game than ever before in terms of publicity then if she's throwing him out front & centre as the driving force for this & boasting about how involved he was, can't go whining about privacy now.
Only slight surprise is the mention of Pitt & it being vaguely positive (he was the one looking after the kids...the guy she now says is unsafe to be around them at all) but then she does make sure to throw in that line about beer so even that tiny mention is working her other PR campaigns well.

He's private life has nothing to do with the fact that he is a great actor

He looks good, no stress, and we know he's working on it. We prayed for him.

Don't get involved for a long time you need some time by yourself and family and friends . Your a good looking man .

Shake the dust off your feet Brad, and go get em

 He does look good.....his latest movie 'Allied' was really brilliant!!😊

Thanks for coming back to us! Looking mighty fine!

My God. And he looked like a trillion dollars, our beloved Brad. #teambrad

I was so happy when i seen you coming out on Golden globes it mad me cry (BIG SMILE ON MY FACE ,wishing you the best with your kids hugsssss

 It was good seeing him. He was humbled by his peers response.

Well you can tell everybody in The audience thinks Angelina is an asshole

 I never like Angeline she's worse than Mariah Carey

 Love you Brad - I have loved you for over 20 years and will until the day I die

 Hold on tight Brad you are great we love you. You will find love again!!

He deserves those applause 2016 was a very hard year for him wish him the best and his family!

I hope you find the ryt woman who worth for your kindness and loyalty.Luv u Bradd

Boo!!! She's a crazy biatch.

Wow :shock: she is actually admitting something? This must be under duress. I imagine the real people directing and working on this film may have insisted on this disclosure.

She knows it's a mess. She is already starting the finger pointing.

Jolie is saying that's who cares the dangerous father I told you three day ago, who cares about the abuse I want to go to premier in month .that is why I am agreeing

Exactly it's protection for herself if it's crap, it's protection for herself so she can't be accused of appropriating Cambodian stories. It's protecrion from being the entitled white American who can't even speak the language but felt she was right to make this film & that she has enough ties to the country that it's ok. She can sit back & say "oh but it wasn't me, look at all these pther people who are involved, look at all these Cambodians, look at my son!!! I'm just trying my best to help however I can" You know she'll try for that high road where she'll say she just wanted to get this important story out there & give the people of Cambodia the stage. You know it, she'll use them to bask in the glory of just what a supposed saint she is.
She will also claim that awards NEVER cross her mind meanwhile sending off any & all screeners to anyone she possibly can & hoping she gets a Nobel Prize or something for highlighting the plight of Cambodia.

It's like a tourist buying a samurai sword and suddenly thinking that makes them "one" with the Japanese culture. She's really embarrassing. Unfortunately the trinkets she brought home were children. She's been doing this for ages now.

I can't wait for this to flop. When it does that should put the kibosh on her directing career and hopefully she'll go away for a good long time. I feel bad for saying this because this is a tough business for women and I usually like to support female directors. However, I find her whole directing career off putting because it's so clearly the result of cronyism. No way with her track record would she still have a directing career if she wasn't Angelina Jolie. Plus she's so incredibly self-aggrandizing (already this promo is All About Angelina) without the talent to back it up. Hopefully without Pitt to hide behind she'll stop inflicting her vanity projects on the public once this film sinks.

she even drop Child abuse case with in three days, so that she can go to movie premiere with in month. Just like she left her ant funeral so that she can go to movie premiere.

The pics were taken when she was "filming", so they're not recent, although with all the heavy editing, I was surprised she didn't edit out that ring! :lol:

Flop it will. I don't even see how she continues to get any funding at all. Every script she touches turns to shlt. She destroyed the Louis Zamperini's story, and don't even get me started on the atrocity that was In the Land of Blood and Honey....

He looked good and relieved!!!

Will the real Brad Pitt please stand up 😍😍😍

Brad Pitt is so handsome!

And, still looks very handsome 😍

He looked amazing! So glad to see him back in the public!

Brad looks great.

Brad got his sexy back!!!

He looks Soooo handsome!! I really like Brad Pitt!!

Brad Pitt you look great and happy sense hes away from angelina

the man is still flawless...

Still handsome 💕

 Team Brad!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS MAN!!! He can do no wrong!!!

Brad looks like his beautiful self again without Angelina

He still looks so hot !!!

OMG!! I still love Brad 😘😘😘 he looks freaking amazing

Looks so good looks like brad again...wonder why

He looks great!

Looks great!

Love you Brad, looking as handsome as ever.


Him getting rid of Angelina has done him good he looks hot!!!!!

He looked good & healthy too. Nice to see him out & about again.

Awesome to see him! Rather see him than Angie any day

And looked fantastic

Brad looks good without Angelina

 So happy to see you Brad!!

 It was a pleasant surprise ❤

Great to see the support he received!!

Love him. Can't stand his wife, never liked her.

 And more fine than ever..........😍

He lost 100lbs of crazy!! He looks wonderful!!

Yeah if you're not taking care of 6 kids, can get rest, have quiet time to yourself, a chef prepare you meals and exercise OF COURSE you should look good. Duh!

He looks better & healthier without Angelina! Good for Brad.

The funny part he looked like crap when he was with Jen and Angie... Dude stay single don't get married again because women age the hell out of you.

He looks so much more like himself again! He looked so homeless all this time with her.

 I didn't comprehend a word he said, I just kept uttering "he is so gorgeous".

He looks better than he has in a few years. Stressful situations make me lose weight, too. I forget to eat, because my mind is elsewhere. I hope they come to a healthy agreement in co-parenting their six beautiful kids. They deserve happy parents.

He looks sexier than ever now that he's divorced from the wicked witch of the west

Yeah well he's still one of the best looking men alive, and he will do just fine now that he's got rid of that nutball! Hope you learned your lesson Brad!

he looked the best he has in years

He has got his balls back finally

Never pathetic!

He looks 15 years younger.

They say when you leave a narcissist that you become healthier.

He's not under the thumb of his crazy wife anymore. He actually looks good and happy.

Poor guy... I can only imagine what she put him through :(

He looks normal now not that crazy look he had when hanging with Angelina

He looks great! Can't believe he is 53!

I wonder if it feels weird driving a car after riding the crazy train so long

 I'm liking him now (again) that he is not with that stick figure

Well good for him for taking care of himself. Now to sweep him off his feet! Lol

He looks polished. He was looking pretty scraggly there for awhile.

Nothing like stating the obvious! Lol. Just look at him!!! He looks fabulous.

 That's cause he dropped Angelina. She was the extra weight dragging him down and aging him.

He looks damn good. This man gets better and better.

Brad is still hot no matter what! Angie evil one u lost a great man!

I gotta say he does look 😊 good

You look better without her Brad.

Always handsome

Well whatever he is doing keep doing look amazing and HOT!

No munchies?? You know that heifer kept that in her back pocket til she needed it. I have always liked her...til now. #TeamBrad

He looks great!

He looks amazing. Better then he has in years

Losing 98 pounds of psycho looks good on you Brad!😉

 He looked gorgeous at The Golden Globes!

 HOT! Best he's looked in years!

Well, whatever his weight. He sure looks good!

 Always handsome ❤👍

A big weight was lifted from him.

He looks amazing, and younger!

He looks damn good, better than ever actually

Love him

 He looks so damn good

Yeah - he lost about 102 lbs of CRAZY.

He looks like his old self. 😚


He looked great and happy at the award show

He looks great!

 Bless his heart ❤

Finally! He's back! Looking good!

Glad he's rid of the crazy

The evil succubus is out of his life now

 He could have declined being at the ceremony because of the pending circumstances with his divorce but with class and perseverance he showed and his peers embraced him. Great job! He's still razor sharp. Don't let anyone take your joy away.

Brad Pitt never lost it at least in my book, best looking man in the world inside and out!!❤

this is the worst headline in the history of journalism, dating back to the 4th Dynasty of Egypt. Pitter never lost it. He is it. Get your facts straight.

he looked ten times better than you ever will

Brad Pitt will always stay Brad Pitt!!!!

This man is a GOD.  Forget Ryan Reynolds or Chris Hemsworth.. this man heeds to be back on People's Sexiest Man Alive!

He's gorgeous and he gets better with age.😍

Looked great for a man who is battling a loony toon in real life.

 He looks so much better than he has in the last few years. Single looks soooo good on him.

She's becoming another wicked witch!

Yes always thought she was nuts

no doubt the warm welcoming he received at the GG had something to do with this....I'm sure she is trying to preserve her image by agreeing to play nice now...

 With all due respect, that's what she should have done in the first place. Please put your ego aside and put the children first. The things she's claimed are concerning, but he was cleared of them, so it makes her look really bad. 😕 I've also given this advice to my ex but he sadly won't listen, being childish doesn't help especially when I don't want you back.

Based on the cheers he received at the Golden Globes, I think Angelina realized playing it out in the press was making her look worse.

 She is yesterdays trash. Wanted a pack of kids, got em, then went on to ditch Brad and keep the kids from him, that's just wrong on so many levels Angie

I think she realized the people weren't on her side but rather Brads and decided if it wasn't going to be helpful to her she'd rather have it private lol.hypocrite is what she is.

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