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The public supports him because Angie has said a million times what a great person and dad he is.  She now trashes him - lies.

Brad Pitt gets THE most amazing reaction at the Golden Globes after latest Angelina Jolie drama

Brad Pitt wore head-to-toe @TOMFORD to the #GoldenGlobes

I can't get over how good Brad Pitt looks. That breakup did him good ! It brought him back 👏🏾😍#GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt looking like it's the 90's 😻

Brad Pitt
Such a handsome guy 😍

 #BradPitt makes a surprise appearance at golden globes 2 present a movie he produced,Moonlight he's so classy,elegant!Stay strong Brad

"Moonlight" wins the BIGGEST award of the night. Best Motion Picture #GoldenGlobes well deserved

is he even 53?! he ages just like Benjamin buttons😍

Dear Nature,
When will you stop letting #BradPitt be smokin' hot!?
Okay. That's cool.

Shout out to #BradPitt looking hotter than ever at the #Globes

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Glad to see Brad Pitt. Applause showing support through the Angelina drama. We love you #BradPit #SPMGMedia

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Brad Pitt you still look hot

OMG BRAD PITT LOOK HOOOOT. Split with Jolie done him good 😍😍😍😍😋😋 #GoldenGlobes

@goldenglobes so happy to see Brad looking so good.

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Brad is looking great. He was looking old with Angie. Maybe she sucked the life out of him. She's so weird.

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Pitt was flawless n his presentation as taught by Studios. Never show your troubles! Be positive🌟🏆💖🌟True Star

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Everybody sides with Brad, not fake hypocrite Angie, who's playing the victim, really Angie? victim, come one.

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov he looks great! teambrad!

Jesus, this guy just keep looking better and better? WOW!! Fuck him!! Love you Brad ..Goddamn!!

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Wow Brad looked good!

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov I'm sorry, was there an award show? All I  saw was Brad Pitt! 💙

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov He's gorgeous! Looks 10 yrs younger. Like a weight has been lifted off

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov Angie knew he smoked weed n drank before yesterday, what a hypocrite she is, I'm on Brad's side, not sicko Angie

@goldenglobes @moonlightmov love Brad forever😍

He's still HOT af!!!


#MerylStreep speech & #BradPitt suprise appearance

Brad Pitt really is Benjamin Button, not just in the film, he looks 15 years younger #damnyoubrad #GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt last night. He's 53.

So Brad Pitt admitted to having a terrible hoilday away from his kids.He will wake up 1 day & b apprecative that he's no longer w/that witch

is it 1997 again? he looks like he did in Fightclub... wow

Brad Pitt Stuns Golden Globe Crowd, Receives HUGE Ovation

Golden Globes 2017 surprise appearance by Brad Pitt receives huge cheer of support especially by Matt Damon!!!

Brad Pitt was looking FINE at the #GoldenGlobes last night...I didn't know he's 1 of the producers of Moonlight

Brad Pitt makes a very handsome return at the #goldenglobes

Brad Pitt looks amazing. I'm speechless. There aren't words for how incredibly handsome he looked last night. Dear God😳😍😍

I'm 26 and already considering the need for wrinkle cream under my eyes and Brad Pitt is 53 and looks like this

Brad Pitt makes triumphant return to cheers of support from friends at #GoldenGlobes

The Curious Case of Brad Pitt.   #GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt looked better than ever last night 😍🤤 #GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt's company has funded a few of the last best black films out in recent years. It's a great thing

Brad Pitt looked happy and healthy last night

He's 53 years old and look at him! 😍

But also, NO ONE will ever beat Brad Pitt. Like immediately when he came on the tv the room was silent and all of us were like 😍😍😍🤤🤤🤤

Way to go Brad! Good for you. Brad you deserve so much better and I hope that in time you will find that one, the one you will spend the rest of your life with. Angie’s loss will be someone else’s gain. I hope that at the end of this nasty divorce you will get the one thing you want most and that is custody of your children.

Brad did look good but still to thin .. would never spend a nickel on anything that had anything to do with Angie .. never care to much about her before or even after Brad .. I hope that Brad gets full custody of his 6 children and makes Angie beg to see her children………..

Good on him, life goes on and its nice that he clearly has support in this horrific ordeal crazy ange is putting him through…….

So true and once upon a time I was a fan of Angelina but those days are over

I think divorce somehow made Brad Pitt younger

Missed few minutes toward the end, specifically Brad Pitt looking hot af

Brad has not looked this good in years. I guess his split from Angie was the best thing that could of happened to him. As for giving his kid a smack for mouthing off, I am glad he did. More kids need a good walloping. Too many liberals do not discipline and that is exactly why the crime rate has risen dramatically. Brad, you look so damn handsome.

Brad Pitt looked good for someone going thru a divorce.

Well at least I'm glad he left that 'old hag' Jolie!!! What a LOSER that woman is, she's trying to DEFAME Brad, like the lowlife that she is!!!

Great! All these good comments about Brad might make his ex-wife-to-be more psycho. Can't wait for all this dust to settle and see what new films he'll be in. Am a great fan!!!

As I recall, we have been bombarded with stories of all the antics and drug issues of Angelina Jolie, not Brad Pitt....havent heard anything negative about him until SHE said it. Pot calling the kettle black?

Dude has never looked bad a day in his life.

Stand tall, Brad! Don't let the machinations of a self-righteous ex, aka "ambassador of the world" define you. Reflect upon how this Marriage-Raider got to you when you let your guard down; when the glow of youthfulness was still in her face, and how such adulterous relationships never lead to lasting happiness.

Angelina who? Brad Pitt turns up at last night’s #GoldenGlobes in Tom Ford’s peak-lapel Shelton tuxedo …

53-year old Brad Pitt ageing well, looking better than ever as he returns to screens for the #GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt made a surprise appearance at the 2017 Golden Globes and the audience LOVED it http://

Brad Pitt's surprise #GoldenGlobes appearance was met with a huge round of applause

Brad Pitt got a standing ovation at the #GoldenGlobes last night! Why? Cause he is Brad Fkin Pitt 🙌💙

Why is anyone surprised @realDonaldTrump melted down like a toddler on twitter, the real shock was that Brad Pitt showered #GoldenGlobes

He is looking better than he has in years. Ageless. Glad he has got a lot of support. Fed up of women using their kids to hurt the Father.

My oh my, Brad's looking good!

Brad is looking fabulous. He really does.

Hes probably not all stressed out since he left that psycho Jolie.

Was very surprised, and also very happy to see him show up. I had actually thought before the show that he probably wouldn't, but it's great he did. He had the audience's support; and the more that this news story comes to light, the better he is looking as a result of it. Hate to be sceptical, but given Jolie's past and every angle that is being jabbed at him, he seems like the father just trying to do right by his kids and family. His presence at the show was very welcomed!

Do you hear that cursing and screaming in the distance? That's Jolie watching the Golden Globes on her TV.

Matt Damon is VERY happy to see Brad Pitt. #GoldenGlobes

@TODAYshow Matt Damon is all of us at home....#GoldenGlobes

@TODAYshow We're all very happy to see Brad Pitt thank you

He's taken the high road through this whole episode and Jolie well she's taken the low road. He looks better than ever these days and I hope he picks someone decent next time and not the hot lady du jour.

When Jolie takes the low road, Mr. Pitt takes the high road. Thank you for putting your kids first. First class gentleman.

Brad looks like he is doing well. Tabloid bs can make any one look bad or good. Weather the storm Brad. The bs will pass.

Mr. Pitt is the man......divorce her and move on "Dude".....she ain't worth the stuff she's putting you through......move on......

Jolie is the one who looks like a total idiot in this divorce. She is an evil spirited vixon of hate.

Looking good Brad, WOW.

53 and he's still absolutely gorgeous.

Really this was my favorite part in the Golden Globes Event. I love him because is very talented. He is awesome

You go Brad we love you

 Looking great

Brad Pitt wore a TOM FORD tuxedo to the 2017 Golden Globe Awards.
#TOMFORD #GoldenGlobes

SO BRAD PITT CO-PRODUCED #MOONLIGHT, Selma , 12 Years A Slave: investing his money on black artists AND MAKING THEM BANKABLE #GoldenGlobes

IT's ONE THING TO SAY YOU SUPPORT ME AS A BLACK ARTIST it's another to put your skin on the game to make ME bankable...

BRAD PITT's INTERESTS HAVE ALWAYS FASCINATED ME because it's clear he's investing in that OWS slogan: "a different world is possible"

IT's OBVIOUS PITT TAKES PRIDE ON THE PROJECTS HE DEVELOPS: they do stand on their own merit & aren't narcissistic reflections of who he is

SO WHITE FAM: next time you wonder what you can do as an "ally", think of Brad Pitt. as imperfect as he is, he's doing the work wonderfully

credit where credit is due. he's doing the work IN HOLLYWOOD and that's truly admirable

I didn't know that Brad co-produced Moonlight. That's so cool :)

 I like that he Isn't on a soap box about it, just does it. You don't have to shout about how  diverse you are, BE about diversity.

Did y'all see a pic of Brad Pitt from the Golden Globes? He has found the fountain of youth... 

Just eye-candy for the girls! You're welcome #BradPitt #KIIS1065

Brad Pitt gets standing ovation from Hollywood elite during surprise Golden Globes appearance

Congrats 👏👏👏👏👏 #Moonlight the entire cast and the amazing people of #PlanB #BradPitt @moonlightmov

Apparently #bradpitt got custody of the Hollywood friends in his divorce from Maleficent. #GoldenGlobes

Brad Pitt might just be the real Benjamin Button. Looked better than he has in years at the #GoldenGlobes

When brad came out I was like damn he is back. He looks so much better now that he is single

Fight club 2 please

The huge round of applause from the HW elite for Brad was a big fuck you to Angelina.

Brad looks great!!

Hella hot!😍 Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you the rare creatures called movie stars. Two Classic leading men.

Brad looks good. Glad Plan B and Moonlight were winners tonight,

Brad is vampire, he is my dad age and so damn hot 😌 And Leo has a contouring make up! Lol

Brad Pitt was gorgeous tonight! Eat your heart out Angie.

Bravo para Moonlight y para plan b,,,,

he got custody of us all.


Wasser's reputation is going down in flames together with Jolie's.

No matter what Jolie ain't a victim . All this crazy left and right to be a victim ain't works

It's been revealed that the actress organised for photographers to pap the outing in order to "humiliate and devastate" Brad, according to New Idea.

Angelina is scared of possibility of joint custody because she is afraid the kids will end up liking to live with Brad more. Kids like freedom but in some time they start to crave stability. Like Madonna’s son

The public supports him because Angie has said a million times what a great person and dad he is.  She now trashes him - lies.

He sure looks happy since the wicked witch dumped him. He's a lucky guy to be hid of her.

Well it might have helped her cause had she not immediately engaged the press in every aspect of her separation. I don't feel bad for her but I do feel for the kids because I think she is manipulative and will use them to get what she wants from him and to garner sympathy from the public!

He is regaining some of the life she sucked out of him over 12 years... Looking fabulous, Pitt.

Who do you think linked it to the press? She has controlled every bit of publicity throughout their relationship. She chose to make the incident public. We don't know what happened on that plane. We do know he has been cleared by both the FBI and Child Services. Regardless of what any of us think we don't know anything. There are children involved and their world has come apart. Only 1 parent has made any of this public, and that's her.

I'm usually the first one to stand on the side of the woman in these incidents. But Jolie has never been an innocent victim. Any parent of teenagers can tell you that there are moments when they push way too far. As far as I'm concerned if he was cleared then that's that. For her to keep bringing it up only makes her look bad. Maddox needs to spend time with his father to heal whatever was broken on that plane.

She is made the bad guy because that has how she chose to represent herself. If she really was about putting those children first, this could have been done out of the public eye. There are many people in Hollywood who are able to keep their lives private.

What are you talking about? He hasn't "played" any kind of pity card but ahe did ny making untrue allegations that both the FBI and LA Police determined were unfounded. Makes her a vindictive liar, and that's just so far.

Why is this a surprise? He had the job of announcing a category, plus his movie was nominated for an award. Is he supposed to hide out just because he's going through a divorce? Or just because Jolie wants ALL their personal business to be public, so their children can read about it when they get old enough and see what their "mother" did to their "father"? Another false headline by another biased journalist.

Jolie is the one who looks like a total idiot in this divorce. She is an evil spirited vixon of hate.

no doubt the warm welcoming he received at the GG had something to do with this....I'm sure she is trying to preserve her image by agreeing to play nice now...

With all due respect, that's what she should have done in the first place. Please put your ego aside and put the children first. The things she's claimed are concerning, but he was cleared of them, so it makes her look really bad. 😕 I've also given this advice to my ex but he sadly won't listen, being childish doesn't help especially when I don't want you back.

Exactly I am starting to think he probably has something also on her which is why she did a 180

For the sake of the children, I hope it works out. That means keeping Angie the media manipulator under control. Good luck.

She is all about control. She should have done that in the first place. Selfish. She always has heen

 Brad, be done with this crazy lady, you deserve so much better!

Yeah until she finds a way to stab him in the back again lol

Angelina Jolie looks emaciated!

 Crazy biatch, doesnt care about her kids. Shes been slinging mud for months. I don't believe her accusations!!

Angelina needs a taco or 10!

Angelina Jolie is a nut job. I bet Brad regrets ever starting up that affair!

someone give that women a burger! please! haha

Pitt won. Jolie is a master manipulator. He should get sole custody of all the kids.

Somebody, buy her some food!

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