Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Recipe for Kiioritori Japanese Steam Cakes (Mushi-pan) 

By Little Miss Bento, Shirley Wong  Thursday, May 8, 2014

Makes 8 medium steam cakes
*the muffin cups are about 6cm diameter and 3.7cm tall.
Hotcake mix 150g (I used Morinaga brand hotcake mix)
Plain low fat yoghurt 100g (I used marigold plain yogurt with sugar)
*If you are using plain yogurt without sugar, please add 50g of sugar instead of 20g stated below.
sugar 20g
baking powder 5g
salad oil 1tbsp
egg (small) 2
vanilla essence 3~5 drops
For eyes/nose/feet details:
dark cocoa powder 0.5tsp
plain flour 0.5 tsp
red icing color 
yellow icing color 
(I used Wilton icing colors)
1.Add all ingrdients (A) in a large mixing bowl and mix well. 
2. Scoop 2tsp of the dough mixture from step 1. Add red and yellow icing colors and add 0.5 tsp of plain flour, mix well to color it orange.  
3. Scoop 2tsp of dough mixture from step 1 and add 0.5tsp dark cocoa powder, mix well. 
4. Divide the remaining dough mixture from step 1 into 8 medium cupcake cups. Fill each to about 70% full. Set aside. 
  • Knock the base of the cupcake cups to remove air bubbles.
5. Place the orange dough and black dough from step 2 and step 3 into 2 separate piping bags. 
6. Draw the patterns on top of the cupcake cups filled with dough from step 4. Over here, I started with the orange color for the nose. Followed by the nostrils, eyes and feet. 
7. Place the steam cakes on a steamer rack and steam at low heat for 12 mins.
  • Please ensure that the pot is high enough as the cakes will rise when steamed. 
  • In addition, highly recommend to cover the pot lid with a steamer cloth to prevent water from dripping onto the cakes. It will spoil the design and may cause sinking. 

not mine.credit and owner: LITTLE MISS BENTO

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