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She should have all of her children taken away permanently for what she did to her eldest daughter. The one she now calls John.....I believe she couldn't handle how utterly beautiful the child is and so, fostered the child's feelings of admiration of her older brothers by turning her into a boy.

The child is 8 years old and sucking her thumb. Not a good sign.

sad they have to parade the kids around, the little girl looks insecure, at that age, sucking her thumb.

One side is winter (angelina), other side is summer (her kids). LOL

Obviously all the stuff with their dad is affecting these two, an 8 year old shouldn't still be sucking her thumb! Those two children seem very insular and isolated, perhaps due to not having many friends their own age and the nomadic lifestyle and the lack of proper parenting on their mothers side! The parent who was doing the parenting and giving his children some guidance and routine is gone! and only allowed to visit occasionally!!

How sad and morose the children look.

Thank God for Golden Globes shutting Angelina's nasty mouth up, she has been quiet ever since. Foolish crazy woman.

Somebody needs to make the kid quit sucking her thumb

Why is she starving herself. Her leg... is the same size as her daughter's thigh

So silly.  She does not weigh 76 pounds!   That said she is super thin though.  Parental alienation is real and she is doing it.  That is sad.

Heroina is the one that's creepy.

Is she out of her mind? Calling the paps again while parading the kids who look frightened. Now is the time for a trauma specialist, Saint Angie. And the way she dresses...the weather must be very different for her and the kids. I guess she wants to look sexy but after her vile character assasination of Brad, I only see a manipulative, cruel snake and liar.

Don't feel sorry for her at all   karma came back to bite her good. See how she likes bing at the other end for a change.

No sympathy for bones, sorry, all self inflicted.  That said with a father like Jon Voight I understand her pain.

When you starve yourself & have an eating disorder, usually you are always cold and shivering. Which is why on a warm day, Angelina has to put the full wardrobe on and even then she looks like a scarecrow.

You're as psychotic as Insangelina.

The kids always look so unhappy

She is a selfcentered, spoiled little rich movie star brat and all the stuff she does comes with a price tag. If she wants to do good why not start at home .America

She can't sort her own issues out. What's that tell you?

Angelina is probably hiding her skinny body and the kids are dressed appropriately.

That's why she is only using them on the staged outings. Brad loves them all but she's making sure she proves she has control of him... down to the dominatrix outfit

Viv apparently is very insecure still sucks her finger at her age. With a crazy mother like Angelina, all their kids will have serious mental problems.

Fuel truck story was bogus - use the truth if you want to defend Angie but you loons can't - always have to bring the lies. (New Jersey)

Watching #Kalifornia and am reminded at how incredibly talented #BradPitt and @JulietteLewis are.

"I'm bumping this because the whole thread is so full of misinformation.

Falls International Airport isn't small, and it isn't private. This information is easily available on the internet. It's a public airport with upwards of 15K embarkations per year. LOOK IT UP on Wikipedia, on its own website.

The manager, Thor Einarson, is a professional who would not risk his reputation lying for Brad Pitt. He would not have allowed some drunk celebrity to jeopardize his reputation, the reputation and safety of the airport.

Some people are so distorted with hate for Brangelina that they've lost all sanity! 

After reading about Einarson, I am beginning to blame the FBI involvement on Maddox. I think he lied. There was no incident on an international flight that warranted FBI involvement."

If he did then it was under his mother's direction or with her collusion.

he lied.
he is a puppet of his mother and there is no truth to be found in her.
that is why he didnt want to visit with pitt. 
he knows that his lie was an attempt to destroy pitt

Damage control and press op. What mom wears leather thigh boots and a black lacy lingerie top to go shopping?

no, she can't even manager her own life. She should focus on her health and family!

 I think the government does random drug tests....will she pass?

She knows they're taking photos because she is calling them to tell them where she will be.

Jolie is really feeling herself in these pics. She's so disgusting, flipping her hair and strutting around in leather while that poor little girl is looking terrified. And Viv's outfit - those shorts are so short! I would be concerned that my 8 year old daughter is sucking her thumb. God she's so stupid.

Yeah,you can tell she's feeling some type of way about herself.
She's of course doing this for the health of her family.

It's the only thing she ever does with her kids....take them shopping , and calls the paps while she's at it . Sad she lets Vivienne be a little girl but never Shiloh

 And "surprisingly" not stylish at all.

Strange how she is covered from head to toe in winter gear, yet her children are wearing summer clothes.hclothes.heatd she's neglectful

Man he got out of that train wreck just in time.

This isn't a shopping trip with her children, it's a photo op with her props.

Why is she dressed like winter and her kids like summer?

I don't get these people that are all into human rights and charity and helping others and act like they are angels on earth but then they have a war at home.

I bet the reason of this papwalk was because one tabloid reported she forced hand kids over to Brad, so she took the kids out to prove she still had kids. The kids are just props for her image, she never cared about their privacy. She is trash.

she seems to be quite selfcentered to me: she accused Brad falsely, tried to destroy him, and alienate him from the kids. I wouldn't call such a person a great humanitarian.

have lost a lot of respect for her .

She was a wannabe annorexic waaaay before now! PLUS maybe she likes Brad telling people to take care of her!
Either way, she's a Whack-0!!! And should not have custody! Shared and Supervised, maybe!!
How can she be a UN Ambassador Anymore!!

She's the one who made sure he had no responsibilities. She got what she asked for.

Jolie has had long term issues for as long as I can remember . She is not emotionally or mentally start learning enough to have custody of those children .

I don't feel sorry for her. Everything thats happen to her is self imposed

Good. Evil b*tch is getting her karma. She deserves to lose those kids permanently.


Angelina is creepy

That woman is a walking wreck.

Oh she method acting for Gia Part 2

Poor Viv, she is obviously so insecure, clinging to her crazy mom like this and sucking her thumb. The ho is so contrived taking only the bios out for pap strolls. She is trying hard to appear sexy with her lacey top and leather pants, but she still hides those bones and pupils, as always.
The public sees her for what she is now. DM comments are ripping her to shreds.

she's a monster of a mother.

Brad had best buy some sage and burn it all around that house to help get the evil Angie's bad karma out. All her knick-knacks and weird collectibles need to go straight to the trash. Good luck Brad.

Yup have to destroy all mental illness angies things for better life & freedom, that witch is a bad news!

He should do some kind of exorcism too, lol.
Red Cherries, he has to fight to win back his kids, because Angie accused him falsely, and tried to alienate the kids from him for months. He is absolutely the victim of false accusation.

He was cleared, and his tests were negative for months, which means he was never an addict, it was a lie.

She is skeleton, she feels colder.

She volunteered to have her ovaries cut out for some reason. Maybe she is going through menopause at this point and that is why she's cold.

Poor kids, their mental mother wears a coat in warm weather. She is insane. She should go to mental hospital to get head checked.

Career wise, Brad's career was stronger than Angelina's in the past years. I guess Angelina wasn't happy about it.

Brad is really gorgeous, he looks so good.

Rather the Queen of the Walking Dead lol. Seriously who wants a woman who accused her husband falsely, threw him under the bus, backstabbed him, tried to alienate the kids from their father? What kind of man would go near to a cobra, who has proven publicly how vindictive and cruel she can be? And I didn't even mention that she is a nutcase as well, who should seek treatment for her numerous mental problems. (Budapest, Hungary)

Queen of the Walking Dead, this is a good one. She is queen of the Walking Dead. LOL

Angelina... you really need to see a specialist, mental illness is something serious

I think he may be packing her things for her because he doesn't want her to have any excuse to get back into the house. If I were him I would be very worried about her planting contraband somewhere where one of the kids could find it on a visit. Or maybe that she would use packing her things as an excuse for a dramatic scene that could spiral into violence and vandalism. They most likely have been discussing who owns what in their private court sessions and she probably had a long list of possessions that she wanted permission to come and get. I wouldn't blame him at all if he packed them up himself, documented it all with a photographic inventory list and had it dropped off wherever the judge deemed a neutral agreed upon location. Just my guess.

That would definitely be smarter than letting her anywhere near his property.

I agree with all the above. She's definitely too unhinged to allow her to come onto his property. Pack her stuff up, document the entire process and then have it dropped off at a court appointed and supervised location.

I think that too. She is crazy. I wouldn't be surprised if she has already coached one of the kids( probably Maddox) to spy on Pitt during their visits. She is vile.
She probbaly has taught the little ck r how to speed dial the paps every time the kids go stay with Pitt and hound him.

He needs to bring in a spiritualist who can sense energy and cleanse the home. They have ability to release the bad energy.

Damn right he should NEVER let her in the house again if he knows what's good for him! ESPECIALLY after she so easily palmed that evil voodoo amulet off on him; he should have LEARNED HIS LESSON.

This is what she's looked like to me all along. Like every time she says she donated to "charity" she never says WHICH CHARITY she donated to. It's her own. Same with the new perfume ads.
All of this calculating nonsense is what gets annoying to me. Others donate quietly to actual charities but for them it's all been PR. Yet she still is regarded as a humanitarian around the world when she's done NOTHING more than photo ops and gave a couple of speeches.

She bought herself the UN role. Nothing humanitarian in her.It's all for her image.

"This is more of shilling and promotion being done by Angelina Jolie's team. I didn't even get through the entire thing and I could see that it spent two paragraphs reiterating how "generous' the Jolie Pitts were and then spends the next too pushing the idea that AJ has been doing all this humanitarian work and showing how "connected' her advisers were.

More PRETEND Jolie is a Humanitarian nonsense. Stop and think about what she has actually DONE? She's given a bunch of speeches that were written for her a bunch off different events and done some photo ops.

This is not much more than any actor does when they make their rounds to promote their films. And she's an actress. Memorizing a speech is a piece of cake for her.

So essentially she's used her charity to write off trips around the world for her and her six kids. (Most people who do this kind of work as a regular person simply could not AFFORD to take their kids with them. She gets to for free because she opened a foundation. Notice how she spins it as sacrificing of HER to take her kids along)

Stop and think about a typical actor promoting a film

So she's basically traveling around the world doing the same type of thing that a celebrity does for PROMOTION except she's showing up in refugee camps and other charity events.

But what has she actually DONE? If you go to her page on UN she's got BUPKIS. Obviously the page was written to make her look amazing. But you'll notice that she donated 8 million dollars to charity. And yet when it comes to ACTUAL Charities? She's donated an "Undisclosed sum" to Cedar Sinai and only $50,000 to the Red Cross.

So it's pretty likely that the 8 million dollars she donated to a "charity" was to the Jolie Pitt foundation and the other charity she opened with the other women. Ask yourself why they have to open yet another charity if they already have the Jolie Pitt foundation?"

What a mess, take care brad, hope you have peacefully live ending this time

I like him better without her.

Glad he's doing so great. But she isn't. She needs professional help. Love em both though !

Jolie is toxic!!!!!! She s crazy!!!

good for him.... move on

Good for him You can do better

Be gone angie

You go brad

Wishing him strength and peace...

but people are determined to ignore it. That's how people like Jolie get away with so much: because of people like YOU.

"Look at me, the great humanitarian, look look look!"

God bless Brad, he is the greatest man in Hollywood in my opinion. Hope he will find true love in a great woman who truly deserves him. Angelina never deserved him. He was beyond her level.

save a marriage with a crazy? no, no one should endure craziness. Angelina belongs to mental institution

He seems to be good hearted... her on the other hand, cold as stone. Good for him.

Brad has dignity and integrity that Angelina seriously lacks

Brad always wanted to be a father. Being away from them must have hurt him to no end

I wonder if they will split the kids, biological kids live with Brad. adopted kids live with Angelina. Angelina loves adopted kids more than biological kids anyway.

She's got 6 troubled kids and looks at least 10 years older than her years.

I just think those people who are perfect [are] all full of s–t.' 
'I think there’s something fascinating about a person who projects perfection or is very judgmental of others who is clearly just swimming in their own discontent.' 

good news happy for him

so happy for him

Brad is the man put his kids best interest above his own. He is amazing.

He's looking fitter and sexier now he's not with Angelina!

The stress of dealing with her drained the life from him. (Dublin, Ireland)

He lost an 100lb weight off of his shoulder's, that's why.

She's crazy as hell! They should give him sole custody of the kids.

Angelina was crazy for requesting sole custody. She was so selfish. Team Brad.

She only backpedaled when it started tarnishing her public image.

He scrubs up well when not with her, looks like he lives a healthier lifestyle too.

I am touched by how classy Brad handled the whole ordeal, he has my deep respect.

Best thing for the kids is to have their Dad in their lives. Glad her evil plan didn't succeed. (ireland)

Brad has conducted himself with grace which is more than can be said for Angie. And he and Johnny Depp are looking so much better after their splits. Happy for the kids...they need a good role model.

Angelina gotta thank herself for destroying her own reputations. I really thought she changed to a good person during Brad's era, then she did this vicious move to Brad. she is still the evil person. Evil never changes.

Love Brad. Angelina is a vindictive idiot.

Not estranged wife..... More like deranged wife.

Angie jolie only know how to feed her own ego. I really pity brad pitt.

From what I've read, everyone in his family is still married. Kind of sad that he has the most fame but the least love-life stability. I think he should have found a nice woman from near his hometown in the Midwest or at least a woman in the industry who wasn't SUPER famous like Jen and Angie. If he had chosen cautiously, he could have been HAPPILY married with 6 kids. Jen & Angie were both too Hollywood.

Brad has my highest respect. Although so much garbage has been poured over him, he has not given up fighting for his children. I hope he gets joint custody and has the chance to send the children to a school. Good luck Brad, I wish you and your children a quick and successful end of the mud slaughter. (Germany)

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