Tuesday, January 24, 2017


Damage Control won't work she's to far gone..

Congrats to Brad for Allied 1 Oscar nod, his production company Plan B's Moonlight 8 Oscar nods. Brad is a real artist. Angelina gotta work hard to catch up with him.

US mag reported Brad Pitt was throwing a celebration party at a LA hotel last week. It said he took all the balloons home to his kids. I wonder if he won the custody of his kids. I would be so happy if he gets his kids back after all the drama his crazy vile ex-wife put him through.

Angelina is making a well-planned strategical move to try to restore her Mother Teresa persona. With six children to raise after taking them from their father, and millions in the bank, Angelina hardly has the time or the financial need to be the face of a perfume manufacturer. Even choosing an international brand over an American perfume reeks of deliberate re-branding. I used to defend, admire and respect her, but no longer. Despite being a master manipulator, I don't think the public is as gullible as she might like to think. Angelina's divorce antics have tarnished her reputation beyond repair. (palm springs)

I've always loved Brad!!! Hope he comes out of this big challenge unscathed. It is great to see him doing so well. I know he loves those kids...I hope he gets joint custody....I know they miss him...he's bn so good to them growing up.

 She says.......how does anyone know for sure

he looks better than he has in a long time

I've never been in to older men, but I would sooooo date him 😍

Angelina jolie is dumb

He is 100 percent gorgeous

Who's going to buy the perfume? Not me!

Angelina new fragrance poison pass

He looks real good

Lookin good!!

He's gorgeous

 Not buying her perfume

Looking good, Brad!

Is it just me.. But Brad is looking much better after leaving Angeline

Sexxxyyyy Brad!

 Rain looks good on Brad.... Anything looks good on him.

God bless you. Brad. Hope you have your children soon

Still absolutely adorable

Sexy 😍😘

Always handsome

 Brad still looks great! 😍💛

Handsome relaxed Brad

Won't she be ashamed of her lies about him?

He's stupid to go back to her

She's not to be trusted

She doesn't need a beauty campaign she needs a psychiatrist

He was out before whatever good news Angelina has just put out.  As a matter of fact, it is her "good news" that is following his.  You know the reception he received recently at the awards show and his appearance at a charity event?  That which was quickly followed by her agreeing to seal the records.  And now she's likely out to repair her image by garnering public sentiment over her mother's tragic untimely death and by letting us know how charitable she is to put her name on a fragrance for free. 
You ought not make fun of fakery either.  Is Angelina any less with her cosmetic enhancements?
As for child abuse...he was CLEARED of these charges by two government organizations.  He may not be the best father, but he certainly couldn't  be the monster of a father someone wanted the public to believe.
And no she may not call the paparazzi for vanity shots, but for someone so private who has done such an amazing job guarding her family's privacy the past ten years, a lot of information around her divorce was just released on her watch.  It is curious

Cannot abide this woman

Dont care. Never a fan ever

 What has she done to her face and is she anorexxic>.

Who cares, she blew off a great life for more attention, again,she missed the boat

Angelina Jolie your so ugly your friends are running away from you you wicked old witch

Who really needs another fake face treatment that does not work, get a real life Angelina

And I bet she takes it as a tax deduction on her income tax, meaning she did not pay it , we did.

A sick bitch!

Not interested at all

 Who the F--k cares!!

 Nobody cares

Skelator is that you

I refuse to buy anything with Jolie associated with it.

Who cares what her brother thinks.
I'm sure Brad didn't moan when Angelina started getting intimate with her own brother again.

 go back a few years and she was disturbingly close with her brother. Like passionate kissing on the lips close.

Whats it called.....BITCH ??

we don't care……

 Is it called Damage Control?

Who cares i used to.love her not now

Boney and tattooed, not a classy look

Dont believe a word of it , it is all hype to boost her Popularity .as she hasnt had much lately ..

You are never too old for balloons. Brad looks great again too

Well kept, stress-free - Single men always look better!

Is it just me or is he just looking more & more handsome every day? Apparently the single life is sitting well with him.

He looks great here. Hot. (london)

Man walking out of hotel, fascinating (canada)

He's gorgeous

Good to see him looking healthy again - it was clear from photos that relations between him and Angie were strained for a long time. Their movie By the Sea was so bad because there was absolutely no chemistry between them at all. Probably all her health issues had a huge impact on them, and she has political aspirations that perhaps he never bought into - recipe for disaster. I hope they can both move on and work together for the welfare of the kids - warring parents fighting over custody is the worst thing to put kids through. If she was exaggerating the row between Maddox and Brad just to get full custody then she's truly a terrible mother to try to put a wedge between the kids and their father. It will be interesting to see how the kids turn out - especially the older boys if they've been manipulated by Angie against Brad. (Washington DC)

He got hot again real fast. Wow

He lost the dead weight of Angelina dragging him down! (ireland)

Love his hair cut short. He looks bangin in that outfit. He cleans up nicely.

Amazing how much better he looks now he's moving forwards. Best he's looked in a decade. Better dressed too. Angelina's head must do a full 360 spin every time there are pics of him. Best revenge is a life lived we!l!

It requires a great deal of optimism to assume that this particular balloon arrangement is going to fit in that care.

I think that Brad Pitt is looking very well - he seems to look more like he did about 12 - 14 years ago. He is clearly looking after himself and he seems to have gained self confidence. It is nice to see him 'back'.

What a looker! Amazing how fast that happens when you kick 80 lbs. of pure crazy to the curb.

He is looking better than ever, so stylish. Just shows you how unhappy he must have been dealing with her.

I am watching Legends of the falls right now. God he was so hansom. Still is. Even more so now that Angelina is gone. (netherlands)

Sexiest man alive.....ever.

He looks so much more relaxed. He actually looks younger.

Good for him!

GREAT! All the world needs is another Hollywood millionaire elitist telling the rest of us females what to think however good her intentions are.

In another paper I read that she was donating to one of her own charities - just like when she donated the money from her children's first public pictures. The thing with that is, she collects a fine income from her charity (she can probably take whatever she wants), plus tax bonuses. Doesn't really count as being generous.

Damage Control won't work she's to far gone..

so brad was used and discarded just like that by Angelina after getting what she wanted.

 So glad he's happy, I wish him lots of luck in his future!!

Congratulations to Jeremy Kleiner, Dede Gardner, and Brad Pitt for their Best Film Oscar nomination for MOONLIGHT. The film is transcendent

matutulog na sana ako kaso pinapalabas ngayon yung Troy sa tv e :>
di ako nagsasawa hihi. pogi talaga ni Brad Pitt <33

I want to age backwards like Brad Pitt

Not Gonna Lie id risk it all for Brad Pitt

great thing to do but is it done to get her credit with fans back up since her bad publicity. She's never done it b4,

I like that he is not afraid to get wet! I usually go without an umbrella. I saw too many people running from the rain like they were being chases by a bear!

I learned that who doesn’t look for you, doesn’t miss you and who doesn’t miss you doesn’t care for you… that destiny determines who enters your life but you decide who stays… that the truth hurts only once and a lie every time you remember it. There are three things in life that leave and never return: words, time and opportunities… therefore, value whoever values you and don’t treat as a priority whoever treats you as an option.

 Purchased some Guerlain products a Shephora last week, returned them all today. Nope no Angie or Kardashian products for me.

 Love and respect The Pitt. Brad Pitt. Amen. Amen. Amen.

Peace and quiet... just the way a man likes it

I love this guy. What a wonderful actor...stuck with his wife during her tribulations...perhaps they can work out whatever the problems are.

Good for you Brad I wish you the best.

I think these children will have a healthier life with Brad than Miss Jolie - there is a very dark side to her --- something sinister about her countenance...I think she has real issues that reside deep within her soul...she is a troubled woman...I think Brad will have a much happier life outside of this marriage and the children a much better chance of developing normal...

She is #$%$. It goes beyond the kids.

Good moment to stop buying Guerlain !

I sincerely doubt Brad has to 'win' his children back. He never lost them emotionally to begin with. If Angie weren't afraid they'd all go live with Brad, she wouldn't have had to break up with him the way she did. Brad will most likely be the winner in this situation and that will be best for the kids.

Mental illness jolie

Bad mom who sacrificed her kids

Good for him and the kids.

He does have respect for himself! Kids are all that matter to him and her not destroying that relationship he's trying to build with them. She's a sick individual.

Run Brad Run

I do believe she is a little physcotic

Another drama that jolie created to get attention & simpatic, sad angie has nobody but only full of herself

over rated actress i would say yeah

The goodness of her intentions is debatable. She never does anything without announcing that she is a saint. I think the real intention is self-promotion and brand image, as always.


As he was never an alcoholic, that's right, those tests must have removed, as they were absolutely unfounded from the beginning. Remember: Brad was cleared by 3 agencies, which means he was falsely accused.

He looks as hot as pre-Angelina Brad. Good for him.

He has always been a gorgeous man to me. And I don't care what anyone says.. I loved he and Angie together. I wished they could have worked it out. But it doesn't seem to be the case. So hopefully they both can move on and be better apart; and raise their children together with some respect for each other.

Angie is a lying nut and Brad is not going back to her.

Those kids are HERS and HERS ALONE and always have been! She only "let" Pitt near them because she had to for publicity purposes (so she could come out with all that dreck about him being a "good father", but I'll bet he NEVER had ANY say and any time, in anything concerning them) So "proper schooling" was never an option; "Jolie's way or the highway" was clearly "house policy" there!
After all we now have even MORE proof that they were living HER lifestyle now: she has made it clear that they way the kids were being raised (i.e. "global lifestyle") was dictated by HER and HER ALONE. More evidence that Jolie was the one "controlling the reins" and by extension, the relationship, and that it was in nowise a "parenting partnership". Now that he has some "say" in the disposal of the kids, the hidden imbalances in the relationship are coming ever clearer to a discerning eye!

"She's only got her loons left now and they're all cheeto eating Trailer Trash"

I think this ad campaign will be a valuable study in marketing. We know how an image/celebrity can enhance sales. Now let's see how much damage a rampaging spoiled ego camp event can inflict on a product. I don't think Guerlain understand how much negativity there is surrounding the Ho. I guess they will find out soon. And it will become a case study for Marketing:101.

She's donating it to her own charity, aka: tax haven...

I believe he really loves them. That was not an image, he really loves his family (sans Angelina). That's why i despise Jolie because she hit him where it hurts most, that was a really low blow.

she loves the attention

The airplane incident is just an excuse. and it was PROVOKED.

Angelina overreacted. fathers should discipline his children, especially sons. that's how they become men.

Angelina doesn't respect her dad so she has no idea about damage to her children

AJ will feed the media.

AJ has said BP is a good dad until Isee proof he did anything Team Brad

Angelina fucked him over big time

She is most likely a hateful bitch when she does not get her way..

Angelina was a sneaky bitch on this. All the rumors that Brad was going to leave because of her anorexia and boom several months later out of the blue she is filing for divorce and accusing him of being an unfit parent. That Skeleton doesn't know what an unfit parent is. If anyone is a danger to their children it is her. She is 80 something pounds. She does not want to get help for her EATING DISORDER, and this is the stunt she pulled to try and get full custody of their children. I only hope the courts will one day see that bitch withering away and give Brad full custody. Because any woman or man that spitefully tries to take a child/children away from either parent for no good reason, deserves to lose full custody and know what it was like to have walked in that other persons shoes.

Angelina was conspicuously absent from the Women's Day Anti Trump March. Guess having to compete for attention with so many other Hollywood A listers present, especially ones that hate her guts, wasn't going to work well in her favour.

Hopefully everyone now sees "Saint" Jolie for the evil, manipulative witch that she truly is. I never understood how a serial adulteress/marriage wrecker like her got so much public support, i never liked her. She deserves not to work again, and certainly not to be any kind of humanitarian ambassador.

Jolie has always put her own personal agenda above the agenda she is supposedly fronting. She is all hot air and big hair. What difference has she made to anything but her image? And there are more in the wings, hoping to get her exposure. Documentaries like this will hopefully expose the fauxmanitarians and let the real heroes get the stage their works need to progress.

Angelina seems to be type who has temper tantrums when she doesn't get what she wants.

Angelina has tarnished her image from the way she has behaved over this whole mess.

Lol. We all know the reason for their divorce, one of them is nuts... and it isn't Mr Pitt.

really bored of people lacking the ability to comprehend this very simple fact - there was no judge involved. there was no court involved at all. it was a PRIVATE agreement that he signed as a TEMPORARY measure while he was under investigation, and 100% standard practice with dcfs. a judge was not involved, and did not become involved until he moved to make it all private with his application to seal documents - she initially opposed that, got some bad backlash, and then changed her mind and agreed about a month later, after which they hired a private retired judge to speed the process up and keep it all behind closed doors (which should have been what was done in the first place).

Brad must rue the day he got involved with this woman, the only good thing is his gorgeous children who hopefully will see him lots and when they are older they can decide for themselves who they want to be with. No doubt Angelina will go on to scoop up someone else's husband along the way that is her pattern.

Angelina's career is over because of all this. She ruined what was left of her image.

She appears to be a vindictive woman.

Brad is an open book. he seems to have the usual laid back habits of many men, loves architecture and even got stuck in trying to help New Orleans. He is a complete magnet for women yet no scandals have emerged, and if they did so what ? Brad is NOT a deliberately nasty person whereas she attacks others all the time.

Angelina had a terrible start in life and her supposedly saintly mother was a bit of a split personality - with some of the wonderful qualities she's attributed with - but also a dark side that entirely cut anyone who displeased her in a way that was permanently unforgiving. Angelina grew up thinking that it was the woman who was strong and I think her view of men was not great; but with her charms she was easily able to manipulate and gain power over them. But the sort of family life and public role she sought to take on were overwhelming and their lives sounded a mess - on and off planes all the time, shooting films one day - in refugee camps the next - she needs to ground herself; stay well away from both cameras and camps and get her domestic life in proper order. The irony is that this period since she split with Brad has probably been the longest period the children (and she) have spent anywhere since their births. (Brussels)

we dont care

The only reason for the divorce is Angelina Jolie.No other reasons needed.I bet she was a nightmare to live with.

But what is she going to do know?? Brad was her only friend :(

She used to be pretty but now she looks like a scary bony witch with claws. Brad's still HOT!!

Sad that it seems she's using the children as a weapon in the divorce

I'll love that, Brad fell in lust with this vampire, he was everyone's dream man .I hope he finds love again with a lovely sincere lady like myself.  (ireland)

Angelina just likes the hunt and ruining relationaships, once she has them she doesn't want them, on to the next guy!! And she is an ambassador of good will, LOL!!

Because she worships Satan

Angie's overbearing feminism

I don't need to see a documentary to know why they split: she's bat-excrement crazy! (france)

Troy's in HBO but I still haven't forgiven Orlando Bloom for killing Brad Pitt.

Living without the ice queen, Brad looks younger and happier, like a huge weight has been lifted off of his shoulders.

...This is going to be epic...He may have some dust on him after this but I bet she's the one coming out the dirtiest...She has become so shady and unlikeable...Unless Brad beat his children to within an inch of their lives there's not much going to drastically change my opinion of him...Except, I think he was cosmically stupid for leaving his wife to go to maleficent that remains...(he wanted kids of his own, he wanted family)

Brad and Jennifer aren't made for each other. He said he was really bored while they were married etc. Plus they had/have different aims in life. Her fans need to let it go.

We already know it was her fault
I respects fathers that care about their children even when their marriages break. Many cant be bothered as they are too busy with their new relationships.

You should have left her then she is a nasty piece of work

She's a head case! Never liked her and now I like her even less.

She is a nut job and if anyone shouldn't have control of the kids, it's her.

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