Friday, April 7, 2017

Brad Pitt Steps Out at 'Lost City of Z' Premiere, Film’s Stars Open Up About Him as a Producer

by Rachel McRady 1:44 AM PDT, April 06, 2017

Hey there, Mr. Producer! Brad Pitt made a rare appearance on Wednesday night at The Lost City of Z premiere in Hollywood, California.

The noticeably slimmer star was all smiles on the red carpet of his passion project. And though he didn’t stop to speak to the press, the film’s stars didn’t hesitate to open up about their executive producer to ET’s Ashley Crossan.

“He's involved in the film in that he found the book and developed it and hired James [Gray, the director]. And I think as a producer was very active,” star Sienna Miller said, adding, “He's obviously a very handsome producer.”

Her on-screen husband, Charlie Hunnam, revealed that Pitt was originally supposed to fill the role of British explorer Percy Fawcett.

“Brad had developed this for years and years and initially the intention was that he was going to star in it, and then -- I don't really know what the ins and outs were, or why the decision changed -- he decided just to produce it and not be a vehicle for him to star in it but you know, it was good for me whatever the decision was, cause you know, here we are, here I am,” Hunnam quipped.

not and source: ETONLINE

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