Sunday, April 2, 2017


Brad looks fine. call me Brad.

Still gorgeous.

Wishing the guy the best. He is an entertainer and we have no reason to wish him harm, do we? Unless WE are pretty twisted...

All the best luck to one of the best actors ever.  He has been through a terrible turmoil and does not deserve the treatment he got.  It should be against the law for movie stars to diss on their spouses publicly.  They give us a lot of entertainment that enriches our lives and they deserve privacy and respect.  Only they know the truth.

He really looks fit healthy and fabulous. GO Brad!

Pitt was great in Troy and Fight Club.  Jolie is a total looney tune and I saw this coming long ago.

He was also very good in Seven Years In Tibet and Babel.

I think he was great in Legends of the Fall and is a FAR better actor than people give him credit for.
Being a "pretty boy' early in your career can be a blessing and a curse too. Once your not the new pretty boy, people turn on you IF you can't act. He can act and unless he decides to stop acting, he'll have a long career as a 'character" actor ahead of him. He's a big fan of architecture, he should find a HOT Lady Architect who LIVES in the REAL world and stay away from the ditzy shallow Hollyweird women.  Clooney married a gal like that and was smart to do so.

Looking good Brad ! Watch out for those 20 yr. old girls.

still a hottie. love you brad.

thank God he got rid of that psycho wife.


Hey, he looks good!  He'll always be hot and we know the women will be lining up for him!

she's a man eater she spit's them out when she is done with them!

He's a method actor, looking forward to the new film.

i think she is widely viewed as a fraud.

For 53 yrs he looks much younger!! He looks amazing and his haircut is way with the teens of today!! Wake up Daily of Doom!!

The man has just been through a divorce and a child custody battle. Of course he'll be depressed and disheveled.

one pic and a headline is made up

Jen Aniston was not for him my god she didn't want kids but brad did

it might be for a role.

I am thinking for acting role ...

For a bad photo it looks pretty good!! So no photoshop? The man looks fantastic

He looks so good, just fantastic!

You slam anyone that posts fat shaming photos/remarks on women, then find it perfectly acceptable to post this about Brad Pitt? The man looks in great shape, probably training for a role

That's what relationships do to you. When they are good you are on top of the world but when they go bad..It's like hell on Earth.

Exactly! That's life. He's human.

Or training and eating correctly

No he's trying a new look cause he finally got rid of that nutjob Angelina.

He's obviously preparing for a role. Its that easy to grasp DM.

Hes in his 50s for gods sake ... a think he looks great personally ....

How do you know it's because of the split from AJ....maybe he has to lose weight for a new role in a movie. Come, come DM, this is pure speculation again

 Leave him alone Brad will always be a beautiful man inside and out to me let him deal wuth his life issues in the way he can ...thinking of you Brad you take your time do what you want enjoy your sculpture hope to see it one day when your ready take a deep breath life can only move on when you let it .

hope he gets it together soon...his kids are still there and that is a plus...angies got problems always has and always will...hope he moves on and finds the right woman he spend the rest of his life with...

Life will get better. She is too busy saving other people instead of her own husband.
How he lasted this long in this relationship is amazing.
Her saying she felt closer to her adopted daughter compare with her biological daughter is beyond me. It was not the child fault that her parents were healthy. She is a hypocrite.

Àwesome!!!Bradpitt.Getting Older Getting Wiser!!!!fame Hollywood actor.Millions fans Around The Globe.BEST WISHES!!!Brad pitt.more life.more.more years God blessing you.we love your movies.thank you for sharing!!!

He's an artist, a legend in his own right.. Media tend to speculate on whatever news they deem worth selling .. Brad..u r still my idol ..

Nevertheless, he looks great! Way better than how he looked before the split.

Brad Pitt could have worms coming out of his orifices, no teeth, and a lisp----and he would still BE HOT!

Probably for a movie. This thing with Angelina has been going on for months. I don't think he would be losing weight just now, but we never know.

 It feels really bad to see such a versatile and handsome actor had to face so many difficulties in life! He's genuinely a good guy

He's lost weight, had a very stressful year and is no spring chicken. He looks pretty good considering.

That's what it means to be married to Angelina Jolie...

 I think he looks really good , younger and healthy.

He does look thin but he bounce back give him a little time prayers to him and his family

He constantly changes for his roles in film. His weight and hair changes every year for a film.

Guess he is no longer stress eating now that the crazy woman is gone from his life

He's probably shed the weight for a movie role.

He looks fine! He looks great actually. Find some real news

Just let him be!!! His been through a bitter divorce, sure his looking better than most of us.

 Looks great for 53!

He looks better than he has in years.

Still looks way healthier than she does.

He looks just great, fantastic!

He's back inthe Game

He's still hot as hell

Maybe he is transforming himself into a new role

Maybe he getting into character for next film?

She can't keep anyone. Her kids would leave her if they could.

'There Is Nothing Else to Fear'
except dying alone, right Angie?

anyone who obnoxious about fear and talk about it a lot, must live in constant fear.

At some point I am certain that the UN will find someone younger and better connected and less controversial to have as a representative of their humanitarian programs. Angelina is too old to market and still uneducated in anything other than her latest self-created dramas. I do believe that the UN should unload her; they don't owe her anything and it's not like the UN can continue to let celebs use their organization as a launchpad for the latest trendy cause celebs hold close to their hearts. I do not believe there is any point for the UN to hold on to Angelia. She brings nothing to the table anymore and she's using the UN as a way to burnish her own image, not contribute anything of value.

She is nuts.  Drags her children around the world. Has done drugs. Dumps. Her husband for her career.  Is not there for brad if he is struggling.  But she is a humanitarian.  I don't think so.  Be a humanitarian in your own home first

Jamie seems to have jumped the crazy train. He probably got sick of Brad, then sick of Dalton and Helic. Poor Jamie was no longer numero uno in sister's eyes.

Pretty bold statement "there is nothing else to fear" when you smoke, get high, and are malnourished. Takes a rampaging ego to think she is in control of her life just because she thinks she "outsmarted" the BRCA gene

Pitt only appeared to stay that long for the kids. He was actually out the door years ago.
Now it will be interesting to see if she can keep her woman or women longer than she could keep a man without the kids as leverage.
What do you think Arminka or Chloe? You two think she can keep a woman lover longer than she can keep a man? 1365, what's the game plan? How are you going to blackmail your girlfriends once their salary money runs out and there's no new babies to blackmail their affections with since Pitt has decided to fight for visitation and you can't share his kids with your new lovers/target obsessions?

Crazy is fun and exciting at first, but it gets old fast - kind of like the Ho.

She's always been ugly on the inside which used to be why she couldn't keep men around (that and the insanity). Now the ugly and crazy is showing more and more on the outside. Men wanna be with a woman who is happy and easy going, I don't even think anyone would find her "hot crazy" anymore, the wild child got old really fast.

 she lies so much she believes everything she says and does not ever consider others will not.

The thing with Jolie (that has to a degree worked to Pitt's advantage), is you cannot believe a damn thing she says.

Question? Do you think this is malicious lying, where she knows she is being deceptive and patting herself on the back because she thinks she is so clever to pull off yet another whopper, or do you think she might believe her own BS, weaving a tale with Lefsetz and then creating a whole false reality around it which she herself comes to believe? I'm not sure I have a solid opinion on this one. Just wondering what your take is. We know she's lying...but does she know?

Great question. I go back and forth. I think she enjoys playing games and roles and because she seems to have no moral compass or real empathy for others, she appears to make statements that are in line with her theme or angle or what ever image she is trying to fashion. I think for her, their veracity is immaterial. It's almost like she is always playing a part and there's a script that goes with that part; so her statements are always valid regardless of them being true or false. She seems to believe her spin after a time. On the other hand, I think she trusts no one and enjoys lying or omitting because it gives her a thrill and sense of control.

Very well reasoned, I completely agree. Much of it is a role she plays. She was, after all, raised in a family focused on roles, parts, acting. That is what counts to her, more than veracity, which she only knows as something you may try to project in a scene for a certain effect. As you stated, she lives in scripts: the children script, complete with charming stories she has filed away for use as needed. She had the relationship script with Brad, stressing their support of each other and their dedication to the family. Yeah, that was real. :roll: But in a certain sense, I still have to wonder if these are lies per se. Some are, sure. But she is more often than not off in a role which she may for that moment believe, as she has been told a good actress does. Mother role. Partner role. Humanitarian role. Underneath all of these roles is the one true role she dare not reveal to the world - narcissist. Self-absorbed star thoroughly convinced of her utter superiority and yet completely vulnerable and insecure in so many ways.

In short, this woman needs more couch time than Serta, Sealy and Tempurpedic combined could ever give. Freud himself would have thrown up his hands and walked out the first time she tried to grab his crotch.

She's like a drug addict; she's addicted to drama and chaos. She has some kind of determination to be on top of something and she's always going to make something up if she has to. Her 'war room' for her divorce and utterly asinine 'causes.' She can't cope without her fix and that is why Brad became such a mess; no one can be around that for long without being dragged down or (for the sake of their sanity) making a complete break.

The brother is a weirdo and so is she...  Those kids will be all kinds of mental cases.

Everyone knows this woman screws anyone and everyone.  Incest is her middle name that is the problem between her and her father.  She's afraid that at his age he will spill that secret.  It would surprise me if she has already slept with Maddox and saying that she was teaching him what to do with women. THE LADY'S A FREAK

They both, angelina and James, are extremely odd, to say the least. Yuck.

Jolie is a pervert, Always has been.

There is so much wrong with Angelina Jolie and she is so screwed up in her head that it would not surprise me to learn she had had incest with her brother. She probably did it in a sick way to lash out at her hated father by screwing her own brother.

I don't know what Brad's thought about it but Angie and Jamie are creepy. And that brotherkissing ew... They have an unhealthy relationship for sure.

you did see the clip of her French kissing her brother on a red carpet right???

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