Friday, April 7, 2017


 I'm so happy to see his beautiful face and smile
Angelina is kinda weird!

So hot!

He looks alive again💝🌟

He is still handsome & sexy and glad he is not with his crazy ex

He looks so much happier.

Why does he still look like that? I cannot deal 😍😍

super hot .. Cause he is so handsome..

O well welcome back brad We love ❤️ you Brad. Welcome back

It's probably for a future film. And second he was never fat in the first place. Stop fat shaming with your dumb posts .



He needs to ditch the baggie pants. They make him look old. Doesn’t he have a stylist? He needs one right now. With that new slimmer figure he need to be wearing those super slim suit slacks. He is still a very good looking man. Hopefully he gets out of his funk soon and realizes the divorce is the best thing that ever happened to him.

Might be eating better since he dose not have to eat a bunch of kids junk food.

That is temporary. He will pick himself back up. His children will be his motivation to do well.

Still hot as can be!!!

He looks great!

He deserves an Oscars. Wonder why he always get snubbed.

Looking good, Brad!

IF he decided to stand down and just let her have custody that's not her winning. IF this is true, then the kids lost big time. This isn't really about what's best for the kids and never has been.

She is still a liar, nothing can change that.

Angelina doesn't have a publicist
So who is Judy Smith????Or who is Lainey Gossip??

Sure she does. She damaged her rep through the divorce proceedings. She's trying to crawl out of the hole she dug for herself. Good luck to her. She played the sympathy card with her child collection, fake Humanitarian crap and removing non cancerous body parts. All that work trying to gain public support and she's lost a lot of respect due to her divorce approach.

If she doesn't care about public . She wouldn't terrorized the media for the last six months on public nasty public war between soon to be ex husband.

That is all she cares about- no one is buying the she doesn't care what the public thinks spin she has pimped for YEARS.

 Looks great. But his spirit is in torment. You can see it in his eyes.

Brad Pitt could wear nothing but a burlap bag and look fashionable.

 I like it. He looks real and good.

He would look good in a sack 😍👍

I'm glad to see that he's out and about, working out, and moving forward. The past eleven years had to be stressful for him. Keep it up, Brad, and welcome back. You'll get there.

He looks so much healthier since his split. Good for him!

Did anyone of you think maybe that someone got a pic of him in a role for one of his movies???

First...did when Brad have been fat? So looking thinner unless it's for a movie role isn't always a good thing...also there isn't anything wrong with his teeth, he has his tongue covering them.

I don't care he still looks gorgeous ❤❤❤❤

looking good Brad.

Still look good

Still such a handsome man!

 He looks so much better these days!

still hott as ever

Still hott!

 How does he not age

There's no question that Brad Pitt is still great-looking, after all these years!

He is looking well, I hope he is as happy as he can be during this transition time!

He got his good looks back, looking good.

Looking like the before Angelina

He going to look great in anything

Soon to be the subject of Angelina Jolie's next film "My Brother, My Lover".

Jolie lives in fantasy land. She should stay there.

Don't really care about Jolie's opinion, it's not relevant at all.

PRECISELY. She can "issue" her "opinion" any time she pleases. Some will actually report it - usually in the ENTERTAINMENT section, which is a big clue. Anyone who even reads it, not to mention takes it seriously in any way, probably should go straight from the Jolie blurb to the latest Kim Kardashian news and views, for well-rounded, interest-appropriate news coverage.

She cares more about her image then all the rest of Hollywood combined. Her never having a publicist is just more of that wordplay she is famous for. She just never employed someone she called a publicist. They did the same job but were called something else. And if anything she had one of the best publicists. She was/is not clever enough to the Brangelina marketing that was done over the last 12 years. She had one of the best team of publicists but they were labelled as something else.

So simply she is lying again.

Can't be that unrecognisable if people took pictures of him...

You would look different if you just had a 60 kg tumour removed also!

Or it could be for a role

He's 53 for fuck sake. I hope I look that bad at 43!

Having money will not take that pain away.

He's fucking 53. He looks fine. Quite often men who don't blimp out actually get thinner as they get older ! How judgmental are some people.

 He's out enjoying himself now he is rid of that psycho Jolie

I never bought in to that do gooder humanitarian front Angelena used to detract from the fact that she was a husband stealer! She did it with Billy Bob and didnt think twice with Brad. Just because she is a beautiful witch she gets by with it! She waited until jennifer was married because there is no way she wanted Brad talking to her. She was the husband stealer yet she was insanely jealous of Jen!

Most people understand Angelina Jolie is a seriously disturbed woman who needs psychiatric intervention. She is wanting to find a husband quick to give her self worth. Great role model for those girls, and dream mom for that creepy Maddox who seems to follow in his uncles footsteps right to his dear old Mom’s bedroom. Hope Brad can save the kids from serial cheater and barracuda Angelina Jolie.

She’s nothing but a whore,always has been ,always will be

If this is true then that has only concreted my thought about her fame grabbing attitude, have NEVER liked her!

Brad better look out. Ask Billy Bob.
She screwed him over . Just like she does all men. Her problem is in her brain she need some type of doctor that can take her brain out and examine it , then put it back in the right way.
Angier you need help.

Brad rejoice that you broke away from this crazy drug addict. Live healthy and happy dear friend!

Jolie is a terrible woman, who only does it to make herself public … she has committed a life to two beautiful people and how to treat her with respect ???? Noooooooooooooooooooooo

Because DCFS and FBI found no evidence of child abuse on Brad Pitt meaning Angelina Jolie lie to DCFS and that Custody take time

I cian’t stand Jolie because she’s a psyco, brother kissing, man stealing , narcissistic and is using her children for pawns. What is with her strange relationship with mad. And why do all of beads kids look like little ragamuffins when the others are in nice clothes with their hair fixed and the Shiloh it totally being encouraged to be a “boy”. Cilren go through that but usually outgrow it around 10-14. Is Angellina so narcis sistic she has to be queen at all times even over her daughters. I think brad loves them unconditionally. God help those children and quit using them as pawns. Givve them their father!!!

Brad is a loving father and that Angelina made up lies about him for her own selfish gain

She’s a fake and a phony.Brad is a good guy .

Bullcrap Brad didn’t pressure Angelina to married him and did you forget Angelina is a two- time homewrecker whore who broke two relationships

Iit goes to show what a slutba g she really is. What a low life to take her kids around another man so soon. Ho to London and let Brad have the kids.

Her PR team has to deeply regret they did not cut her off from her fax machine. The custody battle is still on, yet this idiot paints herself as a crappy mother AGAIN.
You see, a divorce is a giant trauma not only for the spouses, but also, or maybe mostly, for their children. The Jolie-Pitt kiddos family, as they know it, just collapsed. They did not even manage to get used to the new situation, hell, they don't even know who will be their main caregiver after the divorce is final, yet their mommy is all ready to drag a new dude into their lives.
Yeah, I know that this dude is, most probably, a pal of Lefsetz and comes from Jolie's imagination, but it still is a massive PR shot in the foot. Or rather in the bony kayak thingy.

So the legs are open for business then. Her zero contribution to her charidee fund indicates that she needs to hit pay dirt again, and soon. She's probably opening those legs so wide right now those bony knees are in different time zones.
Slaggedy Slag is back and sniffing for dollars again.

Not buying it. There is not going to be a rich man who wants to take on her six kids. Rich men want a young, uncomplicated, available beauty. I don't doubt there are still a few men that might take her out for a spin but I don't see anyone buying the car.
Most ex-husbands would be doing the happy dance if they thought their ex wanted to re-marry. It safely takes the ex off their hands.
This is Jolie wanting to make herself look desirable. Again, not buying it! Notice how this pops up on the heels of the rumors of BP and Sienna.

Mrs. Bonkers. At. The. Fax. Machine. Again.

It's not just the many children. Jolie is a mentally ill psycho and who would want to live with her?

Marriage obviously doesn't suit her. She was married and divorced twice before the age of 30. Now she can add her third divorce to that list (has the divorce even gone through?).

 Oh wow! Lucky guy! Every man dreams about throwing a hotdog down a hallway with an unstable mother of 85 kids! Sounds like a love story written in the stars.

 She needs to make up her bloody mind,shes the one that has lost out ,Brad is the lucky one to get outta that marriage,shes a nutter and thinking of getting married to someone else not long after the devorce from Brad she will never be happy,I really hope Brad finds someone who will truely love him.

 She's needs to be on an island by herself and take her dramatic bullshit with her. She needs to focus on the bunch of kids instead of running around.

May be a little too soon, but the kids are going to end up meeting their parents' new significant others at some point. It's not like either one of them are going to stay single forever.

I always said this one was not trustworthy. Can't change a hoe into a housewife. I feel bad for the kids. I for sure think Brad should have them. She's to unstable. Plus her marriage values are clearly off. Isn't this going to be marriage number three or four. After stealing Brad with the allure of children you think she would at least try and make it work. She's a joke. Deserves no respect.

She's crazy! Probably filed for divorce because of the boyfriend!

She is such a disgusting, tasteless human! All for the sake of staying relevant. Team Brad!!!

She is not stable.

 Wanting to marry soooooo soon after divorce, she doesn't suit to be a UN ambassador whatever that means .

She looks like a real bit#%.

Well she was prolly cheating for years lol

She's twisted anyway..

 That's because she needs mental help desperately.

Can't turn a psychotic "Ho" into a housewife!

The guy better run real fast! Run Run Run

All men need to RUN AWAY FROM HER

Angelina Jolie looks like a corpse.

That's to tell you that the bitch was already fucking around while still married to brad,no wonder she was in a hurry to push him aside.She should have just come clean instead of framing brad,I guess the FBI saw through her deceit, that's why they dropped all charges against brad.Well for me its just good riddance to bad rubbish,brad can finally move on.Celebrities no longer want to work hard to make their relationships last,its all about what am getting if I walk out.Yesterday Janet Jackson is excited about getting 500million dollars as divorce settlement from husband of 5years.Its more like a trending behavior, and it sucks.Y'all should workbhard to make your marriage a success, it ain't easy,but with a little patience you will succeed.

 I cannot stand her!!!

She is. A ho

she is trouble

She moves on faster than lightning....

 She's sick! Get some help woman!

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