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It's beautiful but how can she live with herself knowing the squalor & suffering from poverty of the people she visits so much & has such a "heart" for?

Did I say a word about what she has earned? Are u her conscience speaking? How can one live in opulence, while portraying a bleeding heart for poverty stricken abused women & children, continue visiting them, giving lectures & speeches proclaiming how devoted & concerned you are, then leave their sweet helpless souls while you go home to your mansion with servants?? I'm just saying, it makes me wonder about her.

They lived a couple of blocks down the street from me in the Quarter, I would see him (Brad) and the kids out walking in the early mornings sometimes. Always friendly and they seemed to be enjoying a nice quiet time out, of course later in the day they would be swamped by mobs, always felt bad for them at those times.They did a lot for the city as well.  I wish them all the best.

You are married to a man who loves you more than anything. Women wish for this. What humanitarian effort can compare to this

Biggest mistake of her life. She should focus on kids and getting her marriage back. She is obsessed with her humanitarian efforts and not her own family. I am CEO and committed to woman rights. I am ashamed of her. She would not marry h but will marry some else

Putting down permanent roots? Surely you jest. These Hollywood types rarely if ever put down permanent roots anywhere. Most of them have the attention spans of gnats. They're like vagabonds, never happy in the same place for long. They didn't come up through the studio system where they actually worked for their stardom, and knew how tenuous that status could be AND knew the true value of a dollar. Those were real stars, certainly not this bunch of lowlifes & nitwits the viewing public is mostly saddled with today. She'll stay in this house until she either gets tired of it, or some real estate agent persuades her to put it on the market for a hefty profit. That's about as "permanent" as these people get.
And that rumbling she felt the day she signed the papers for that property was not an earthquake. It was Mr. DeMille rolling over in his grave at the thought of who just bought his beautiful estate.

This is written by nuts Angelina. She should focus on her kids and getting back with brad. So selfish and self centered

Angelina Jolie's knick knack collection of kids on Brad's watch has probably cost him a fortune during the divorce. From what I read if it is to be believed - he cares and wants to be part of the kids lives - which is good to hear. The actor/ public figure's life - you get attention when you want it and you get attention when you don't want it - overall it looks like he is doing well trying to keep it low key when possible.

One of the collection of children misbehaved and caused the major problem when Brad tried to correct him.   All very weird, and in the midst of all that conglomeration Brad has children of his own that Angelina was not letting him see.   Actually, her bizarre and selfish behavior probably resulted in a better life for Brad.

Good for him! It says a lot about the man who acknowledged Angelina's other adopted children as his own even when she was left by BBT - even his own biological children! I wish him much success in his life!

good man

Well, good luck with the parenting, not to mention the cha-ching child support. But at least he's finally shed of the nut case. A good thing.

How can anyone be in a "solid" relationship with someone like Angelina Jolie?

why in the world can't he or any of thes women  just stay with one person
geez these lala land people fall in and out of love like changing underwear everyday
used and abused I wander if they think about std's sorry   I just can't fall in and out of love
that quick and easy?

still loving you brad.

My dear and beloved Brad! I wish you and your family happiness. I expect new, good films from you. You will stand it all, you are a strong and good man, and from the mistakes in this life no one is immune ...

I would love to be with this sexy hunk!!!   Brad is one hot guy.  My crush.  I just want to kiss him.

Well, it speaks volumes that she has someone on the string, and he's available.  She knows how to get what she wants at all cost.  I am with Brad.  I think he was the victim.  God bless you Brad.  I hope your evil other half get's what she deserves.

I have a half dozen female friends who I run into from time to time.  I don't kiss'm or screw'm, but I enjoy them.  I am married and have nothing to hide.  So if Brad and Sienna - both single - share a kiss, could it possibly mean they enjoy each others' company without sexual agenda first and foremost?
As people get older (like these two) their sex drive is still awake, but desperation is not part of their psyche.   Intimate conversation sharing likes and dislikes, and simply learning about each other sounds awfully good.

Get your family back. You will be more remembered for this than any humanitarian effort

Focus on getting brad and your family back. Show the world true commitment. Show the world how real family sticks together. You will be more remembered for this than any movie or humanitarian effort. Biggest mistake of your life

Its obvious that Angie was trying to find excuses to get rid of Brad so she could persue this mew man in her life. I find it amusing that she wouldn’t marry Brad for years after they were together and shes already ready to marry the new one.
I’m curious as to what story she came up with that. Brad can only have supervised visits while she’s the one who is a bad influence on the kids.

She’s worried bout the 2 older boys-thats cuz she knows they will see her as a slut four marriages 7 months since split

she already was in the relationship,during her marriage.

You do realize it sounds like the person writing this article and Angelina Jolie or a rep of her’s created this FOR the tabloids. It sounds like it was written by a jealous 20 yr old hoping her boyfriend reads it. Dismiss it.

She will take anything she can get at this point she looks like she’s dying of anarexia…..

A slut is always a slot. Are you all sure he’s not married like Brad was. These seem to be her choice of men.

Calculating, manipulative, adulterous (even if in mind bef. body) woman-Brad is SO much better off. He should cheer (with those who support him) that he can now move on…

First of all, relationships DO NOT BREAK DOWN OVERNITE….so why ACT LIKE HANDSOME BRAD IS THE ONLY ONE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DIVORCE!….So the next time innocent acting Jolie points the finger at Handsome Brad….She needs to look at her THUMB pointing BACK AT HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Caught that fly ball some time ago – there was hissing whisper about “him” weeks and weeks ago. I think she’s making huge mistake but it will be a blessing for Mr. Pitt, eventually. He’s been HAD~


Angelina has six nannies for her children and why would Brad want to get back with Angelina after lies she told DCFS

Ya let her stay in Cambodia and eat bugs,, wierdo

She respects no one and nothing. She makes me sick.

So what just because Angelina help out other countries doesn’t make her a saint like you think she is

She does it for publicity when you are a celebrity you have to do things like that

Now it is fashionable to be engaged in charity, now everything is to be promoted on this. Charity for her is therapy. Many people say that she suffers from a person’s personality. She is a very strange person … very .. I read the Russian interview of Billy Bob, so he said that he was happy that he divorced from her….

No man in showbiz will date this vicious woman

I hope it is true she is leaving Hollywood to pursue her political career because no one wants watch her movie any more.

Who cares about Angelina Jolie anymore media news her dating someone…I will never watch her movies every again treat Brad Pitt like crap.I would watch his movies…

She's a fake humanitarian

I'm sure she'll use all that space to house refugees. No just kidding. She'll surround the place with security and only allow rich celebrities to enter.

Some of her hardcore fans claimed she would never spend that kind of money. That house that Brad bought was a Family home. She painted a picture of their lives that was not true. I don't buy anything they say anymore. Hope Brad will have equal time with the children. They are done.

She's angry and bitter because she's not young and hot anymore just another Hollywood hag

Enough space to take some refugees in.

Not that smart. She lives as a hypocrite.

Get a job, Heroina, and stop upvoting yourself.

That's a lot of $$$ but as long as she can afford her heroin everything's fine.

She's used up... Nobody wants her

great news ! there are lot of room for her beloved muslim "refugees" and migrants in that big need to lock any doors either, they are so nice and friendly, right angie ? :-)

Ugh that means she will make more movies. I see another By The Sea coming :(( she's a terrible director.

I thought she was an activist for the poor and suffering?

She's a fake humanitarian who poses for photo opportunities.

6 bedrooms? Will she and MADdox share a bedroom? He finally managed to get rid of Pitt (sneaky brat MADdox is so happy and smiles now in every paparazzi pic), so he can rule the roost.

Her lover and brother James Haven will be jealous. You only need to see the pics of Angelina and her brother making out.

Can she really afford to spend $25 million? She won't be getting any money from Brad (only for the kids) and it's not like she's still a big movie star. All of her latest projects are flops.

LOL, Silly Cow is still under the illusion that she is a (Director)

Boycott all that she does !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's beautiful but how can she live with herself knowing the squalor & suffering from poverty of the people she visits so much & has such a "heart" for?

I wonder why she is changing tune now, the house is close to Brad Pitt's house.

How many refugees could she help with that much money? She is a fake humanitarian.

stunning home. in unstunning purchaser.

I've never understood why some houses have almost twice the number of bathrooms as bedrooms. Are they built for the terminally incontinent?

Beautiful home, What an evil, cold hearted old witch though, broke up a marriage , gave birth to 3 of his children and then dumped him like a sack of trash.

Moves on, really? She moved on before her split from Brad. All she needed was a good enough lie and a scene to get rid of Brad for good. Keep asking - why did she contact the FBI o meet the plane. Why on earth should they have been involved in any way? She is and always will be a spiteful, selfish B...h

You would have thought she could stretch to a bedroom each... two kids will have to share!

what, no new refugee camp in the garden or so? miss UN-ambassador-of-good-will and charity person has spare 25 mil for a house? how many refugees could that feed? holywood, eh?

I'm so jealous. What I would do to live in that house and step out into the sunshine. Stunning

6 bedroom house for a mother 6 kids and at least 6 nannies? At least each person can have their own barroom!!LOL

Looks like Brad won this round. AJ has realized or been told by her attorney that the family courts of CA will not be inclined to give her sole physical custody which would have allowed her to permanently relocate the children to London as she had hoped. (UK, you dodged a bullet here!) Let's see if the courts side with Brad and instruct the couple to formalize the education of the children in some sort of classroom setting.

Enough space to take some refugees in.

Some? More like a couple of families. My council's refugee family quota would fit in that house.

It's beautiful, but with 6 children, I would have gotten something a bit more kid friendly. This estate looks so austere for these soon-to-be teenagers. Maybe I'm wrong, but she could have spent less and gotten more in a different area of California. I would hate for anything to happen to any single item in these rooms. It looks like a museum.

And how much money will this humanitarian donate to the suffering and poor?

1/3 of her earnings

Yeah because she didn't adopt 3 kids from poor countries or does anything for refugees ....smh

Awww look at Maddox. He's so happy that he managed to get rid of BP and he can rule the roost now.

Why are 10 bathrooms more important than 10 bedrooms?? 7 people, 6 rooms. Who will share? For that price I'd want 15 bedrooms.

In big houses, you typically have more bathrooms than bedrooms. Most bedrooms will have an en suite bathroom, and then you have extra powder rooms for entertaining.


Close to their father so this is good for the kids. At the rate she burns money though, I wouldn't be surprised if Brad is buying it as part of the settlement. Still, its a positive step for her to finally provide them a home instead of dragging them across the globe weekly

She doesn't stay in one place long enough to settle. She keeps moving.

7 people with 6 bedrooms. Guess the twins will share one room.

They aren't going to be cramped

10 bathrooms. That's a lot of Harpic.

Especially for a woman and children who often look a bit dingy. They do not need the 10 baths ... LOL


She needs to spend about $1 million working on her mental issues.

In 6 years, Shiloh will be able to get away from her.

Can't wait the kids write tell-all on their mother. You know she is mommy dearest.

She has really mental problems. The kids need home not house after house.

Very pretty house, I'd love to have a library like that. Hope she and the kids will be happy there.

Her humanitarian acts are just cover up for her messed up personal life. She is a horrible person in personal life, break relationship, break marriage, break family, make out with her brother, cut herself, drug addict, starve herself, lie about her husband in order to get sole custody of kids. She needs humanitarian act to do damage control for her messy personal life.

Look at all the room for the refugees that she loves so much.

She thinks moving kids frequently is good for kids. what a crazy beetch. Brad is well off rid her.

Because everyone needs 10 bathrooms....

Thought she gives all her money to charity. Ha ha.

What a beautiful estate.

The house is extremely beautiful. Shame that Angelina is going to move her undisciplined children there. The home's beautiful historic features will be damaged very quickly.

Rich ppl truly live in their own buble :-D

she has six kids and about six nannies how will that be big enough to house all of them or will the nannies live in a hovel on the estate and the kids bunk up with each other or does one get to stay with in her room and i can guess who

The house is a waste for this insane woman.

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