Thursday, April 6, 2017


I'd bet he stays single for the rest of his life after THAT

except that all his exes have spoke well of him. juliet lewis and jennifer aniston have both done so relatively recently (in the last few years), and gwyneth paultrow described him as "the one that got away". the only 'bad' thing any of them have ever said of him is jennifer's "sensitivity chip missing" comment - the full context of which was actually in defense of him; "Brad is not mean-spirited; he would never intentionally try to rub something in my face. In hindsight, I can see him going, 'Oh¿I can see that that was inconsiderate.' But I know Brad. Brad would say, 'That¿s art!' There¿s a sensitivity chip that¿s missing." even THAT infamous comment isn't really attacking him. and besides, however many relationships brad and angelina may have both had before isn't all that relevant to a father having basic rights to his children and the s--tshow AJ tried so hard to pull in very public fashion.

He's certainly looking well again and not gaunt as reported a few days ago. Film looks good too, will go see this

he never looked guant in the first place - that was hilariously blatant click bait. they printed the same photo of him using his tongue to suck something from his teeth (try it yourself - your jaw juts out and your cheeks very obviously suck in) in order to rack up views. it worked - >2000 comments in a day. but it was a classic case of "present what we want for $$$" reporting. he looks lean, yes, but fit and healthy.

I'm so glad to see Brad out and about and looking amazing. Especially after being publicly stabbed in the back by his wife. So glad she's gone.

She shot herself in the foot with that,as she came off looking like the villain,and she actually was.

Handsome fella but what's up with his pants?

He looks ok, just gain a few pounds and have a good haircut. He will get over the betrayal of Jolie, he will be much better without that snake.

He's still a very handsome man!

Brad is the rare movie star, he is so famous but he stays humble. I don't know how he can stay so down-to-earth.

Having the understanding that there is more to life, probably.

The thing I love him the most is he is never full of himself like his ex-wfie Angelina.

He has aged so quick in few years. I hope he is doing good.

James Gray is so tall, Charlie is 6'1, he is at least 6'2. Brad looks great, so much better without Angelina.

What's up with his clothes? it is not fitted for him. where is tom ford.

Hardly drowning, he's been under a huge amount of stress. He looks fantastic... back to his old self. Go Brad!

Nothing like a good old grief diet to take off the pounds! I'm glad he's doing ok though and the film sounds interesting.

Drowns himself indeed - they are baggy trousers.

Wow...he looks great!That smile...;)

Brad is knock-out gorgeous. As soon as he starts dating again, Jolie will be back just to see if she can get him away from his new love. Jealousy, she has tons of it.

Charlie Hunnam is a younger version of Brad Pitt. Both are gorgeous.

Ever since Brad took up with Angelina his look changed in my opinion and not for the better. I know he's lost weight but he looks like he's getting back to his former self. Proving he's still got it!

Brad will marry again and have more biological kids. This time he will marry a more down to earth woman I bet. He needs more children because all of Angelina's kids will go off the rails i.e. drugs/rehab.

It's a combination of regret and embarrassment-

This film is getting good reviews.

He looks like his old self in the face back to normal.
So he posed for pic with the guys in the cast...but none with Sienna ? I mean he can't even be in a picture with another woman. ..what the eff? Sienna looks gorgeous.
Where is the after party I hope he and Sienna get together there.

I think he looks good especially when he smiles. He looks a dang lot better than when he was with the sucubus. Also, he can actually do red carpets without his children, or anyone else, as shields.
In this, I say good for him and I hope Jolie is gnashing her teeth right now. This ain't working out how she planned at all.

She has her coven to console her

He looks good...But He's very skinny.

Ah yes she needs to bring awareness to the masses that already know about it. She needs to stay home and take care of those traumatized kids instead of being captain obvious.

This would figure, the kooks at the "news" network would reach out to her for her "expert" UNHCR advice on Syria. What a bunch of celeb-ass-licking fools they are.

Maybe this is Jolie's fax. After that story a few weeks ago about how Jamie is no longer in the picture, she came up with this to point the finger at Brad and how he couldn't handle how close she is to her brother.

I also think that Jaime has been dreaming of her splitting away from Brad for a long time, thinking that he would finally get to have her mostly to himself. This will never happen. She takes him totally for granted and wants another 'trophy' as her PUBLIC partner. Others being envious of her is something she needs in order to have personal self worth. She also learned the hard way that there are huge PR consequences to openly being with her brother.

her need to feel desired is a constant. Manipulating those around her makes her feel powerful. Superiority, desirability, and power are all things that she has to have at all times in order to feel good about herself. Without these things she will break down and feel like she has lost. Losing is something she cannot stand- it's why she never goes to awards shows unless she is nominated. Jealousy is debilitating to her. The ability to feel joy for others is missing. This is why she always tries to steal the limelight- even from her own husband. This is probably the real reason for the inevitable split from BP

Always seems Jolie is at the center. Instigating. Watching.

This definitely sounds like the way she would play it. 
This story seems like another attempt to point the blame at BP; that he couldn't accept that she is close with her brother. It seemed like the brother dropped out of the picture long ago and I don't recall seeing him pop up again until the Father's Day when she was in NY with the kids and BP was in Europe. The relationship was clearly over at that point and she was leaning on her brother again. I think he was already flown the coop though.

Sounds like Ho likes to keep all of her males antagonistic towards each other and fighting each other for her affections.

She probably sees it as competing for her affections. Sicko.

She has always defined herself through her relationships. Pitt was her zenith and I'm sure she thought she could trade him in for an even bigger catch.

No decent family man is going to want her. A man interested in having access to children and/or her money is who she will wind up with. I predict a very lonely future for both her and her hostages.

you go brad!!!!

Still handsome,but he needs to take care of himself and show her what she's missing.

She is definitely not looking for a family man. Her "family" came about solely as a means of trapping Pitt. She is only interested in a man of high status, power and wealth. 

My handsome brad pitt, i will marry you lol!

What a babe!! He and Charlie look like brothers.

Brad i really adore and support you but those pants.... please do not wear them again.

He looks good. I like the lady in the background in the first photo - her smile is so big! looks like he made her day!

James Gray only made 6 movies in his whole career, but he is highly respected in the industry. Both Brad and Marion had great admirations for him. Marion once said it was not important to get Oscar nod but James Gray wrote a role specific for you was more important. Gray wrote The Immigrant especially for Marion Cotillard. James Gray once said he loved Brad so much and Brad was the greatest guy because he stood by Gray all these years and supported him. It was Brad sent Gray Lost City of Z book to ask him to write the script and direct the movie.

Hasn't looked happier in years.

Brad should be out and about more especially support the movies he produces. He produces a lot movies. He looked great definitely not gaunt as DM previous reported.

I can see them doing some good things together. Brad is very smart. And he has some amazing people working for Plan B. It will be interesting to see what they do together if this goes through.

Awesome company that makes commercially viable thoughtful films (Plan B) money losing vanity project (Annapurna). Regency should break the bank to keep Plan B around and Fox should help underwrite it.

How impressive is Ellison!! With money no object, she’s made fabulous choices in personnel and material. Money is no guarantee, only with the best instincts could she make this work. Tough tough business, hats off from an astute observer not in the biz

I think that is actually such a great idea for them to get together! Both of those companies are just filled with some of the sweetest people. That said, as Meghan Ellison & her brother at Skydance both have a great companies of their own & a Dad to help them financially if they actually need it… I really think she & her brother should take this whole producing thing to a whole new level & actually try make a studio of their own. And I think a great way to start that is by, after merging their own companies together, merging Plan B & some other in with them too. Just putting that out there. Think big you guys! :D

Don't blame him one bit. They french kissed in public. Can't imagine what they do in private.

he looks good! 

Brad actually looks happy,healthy and fit.

You always know her faxes by the details in the text.

Just saw video on the a Insider he looked happy, relaxed and friendly to the crowd.
Totally over her and having fun without her barking orders.
Well done Brad.

Lainey is paid by Jolie. Lainey is paid by Jolie to write positively about Jolie and very negatively (she's very trashy) about Jennifer Aniston. I'm surprised you all think that's actually her preferences. Nope. She is paid by Jolie. For years now. It's all business.

Well of course you're going to be trim when you lose 98 pounds of crazy from your life

He's still a good looking guy, why is he dressed like the bad half of the 1990s????

Brad is so handsome, especially when he is smiling. Just loved Brad in Moneyball, he's my favorite actor

The movie is based on true story in 1920. 1920 men's pants fashion is big pants, Brad could go retro style here. Deadline reports Brad is expected to star in James Gray's Ad Astra next. Plan B is considering move to Megan Ellison's Annapurna Pictures. Annapurna Pictures is a heaven for creative artists. Megan Ellison wants Plan B badly, if Plan B moves to Annapurna Pictures, that mean Plan B will go even more artistic direction in the future. Annapurna Pictures does produce, finance and distribute, has completely control of a movie project. Remember Megan Ellison was so mad how Harvey Weinstein messed up Killing Them Softly 's distribution. Now her company can distribute movies in her way and she 100% supports the artists.

Looking good, Brad!

He looks better now than he has in years. I just hope that he doesn't get fooled by AJ again. She seemed to have some bizarre power over him and his "head".

I'm so glad to see Brad out and about and looking amazing. Especially after being publicly stabbed in the back by his wife. So glad she's gone.

James Gray is so tall, Charlie is 6'1, he is at least 6'2. Brad looks great, so much better without Angelina.

The thing I love him the most is he is never full of himself like his ex-wfie Angelina.

Brad is the rare movie star, he is so famous but he stays humble. I don't know how he can stay so down-to-earth.

He still looks gorgeous and he looks way healthier and way better than to have that terrible woman on his shoulder all the time I hope you find a really good woman and has a Wonderful Life

We love you Brad! Keep strong and healthy 

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