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She is forced to come to this decision as her scorching earth tactic failed big time. It’s a little bit late now to play nice, as her true colors have been revealed.

Glad the children will be near their father. Its important to have a whole healty family. You don't have to live with someone and still love them.

I fear I am a limited capitalist - I just feel bad when people get so much for doing so little in real terms.  I do not care about her face time with the UN or her token adoptions, if she can afford a 25M house while playing lets pretend and profiling for the UN there is something really wrong in the world.  Not impressed.

She is a total wacko. She needs to show how "great" she is when in reality she is a strange bird. Brad is lucky to be rid of her.

What narcissist, crazy...

25Mil for a house.  Yep, those liberal celebrities certainly have compassion for the poor and needy.

She wants to be in the same league with CB, so she bought his old house.
She just a high-class wannabee!
She wouldn't have been hired as an extra in one of his spectacular productions!

make your excuses, they make so much for doing so little. Adopt a few foreign kids is great for TMZ but does nada for the world.

She will soon move out of this house … she’s a whore …

If it is so the children can be close to their father great but for any other reason not great !

Sounds like a her PR gave this glowy account of course of her. Not impressed with the house. Looks it it would have ghosts.The outside land is nice, but the inside is dark and not impressive.
Accusing their dad of abuse but now wants the kids to live close, umm right.

She began the all-out war against Brad now she backpedals. Do you think we should forget what a vindictive bi*** she is?

How on earth does she think she is relatable as a good will ambassador when she lives like a queen. Very questionable saint in my opinion, she is a deluded vain person.

Awful woman

All this money and some of the kids would still have to share bedrooms - talk about roughing it!

She wont live there long. She keeps moving, traveling, moving, traveling. To keep the voices in her head quiet.

6 bedroom house for a mother 6 kids and at least 6 nannies? At least each person can have their own barroom!!LOL

Looks like Brad won this round. AJ has realized or been told by her attorney that the family courts of CA will not be inclined to give her sole physical custody which would have allowed her to permanently relocate the children to London as she had hoped. (UK, you dodged a bullet here!) Let's see if the courts side with Brad and instruct the couple to formalize the education of the children in some sort of classroom setting.

Some? More like a couple of families. My council's refugee family quota would fit in that house.


Maddox never wanted Brad in the picture.

Her foundation = tax haven. That's what the rich do to save money.

The world doesn't have enough resources for some people to take all this while others starve. She is a massive hypocrite.

She 'donates' via a tax haven, the Jolie-Pitt Foundation. Makes a few pretty speeches for her PR, attends a camp or two for a couple of hours and then flies out. Meanwhile her massive ego demands she live like a princess. Her PR stunts are so transparent that only her die-hard handful of fans deny the truth these days.

Hypocrite...she goes to visits these countries where the poverty is beyond description...and then buys a $25million home? Total hypocrite. If I had the money to afford a home like that...I would buy a $3 million home that would be beautiful enough and give $22million to the people who are dying in those countries she visits.

Nice house, but I don't feel jealous at all because I'm not a slave to material things, in fact, I'm not a slave to anything! - I have more healthy life values. I want to be the best person to myself and the people around me. Because that, my dear people will make us all happier inside ;-)

Will the Hollywood dimwit tear down the high wall that surrounds the mansion and how many poor refugees and illegals is she planning to invite in?

The kids will be mental unstable like Angelina, money can't buy happiness, this family is the example of it.

That is a beautiful house. Very tasteful. I'm not jealous, but isn't it crazy the amount of money actors earn? But good for them i say, they make it themselves and people are willing to pay them those amounts but it is so crazy!

She needs 10 bathrooms but not enough bedroom for each kid? LOL, This is woman is nuts.

It's a beautiful mansion, I agree. But the people of Cambodia surely could have really used some of that money. If she plans on making money off them through her film, then she should give back to the people and the country, and not through some token amount, either.

How on earth does she think she is relatable as a good will ambassador when she lives like a queen. Very questionable saint in my opinion, she is a deluded vain person.

LOL, Silly Cow is still under the illusion that she is a (Director)

She is a hypocrite. Apparently she doesn't even donate as much as she claims.
She is a liar.

The oft repeated reason she's getting divorced in the first place was that she categorically refused to live at any fixed address ever. The kids couldn't attend a school, had to live out of suitcases traveling the world while she did her save the world I am the UN nonsense.

Why can't this annoying woman just go away? Move to Cambodia or whatever. By the way she starts to look like Jocelyn Wildenstein with all the Botox and fillers she had.

Single mother Jolie will be broke soon - or this UN puppet will find another stupid man who takes care of her and her uneducated brood.

Talk about a "low-rent Amal Clooney", eh? She's wearing her hair the same and even drawing her BROWS in thicker

That's exactly what I noticed when those pics first came out! I think she's also wearing darker contact lenses. Why not hide those blown pupils?! :evil: I wouldn't be surprised to see her come out with brown lenses and black hair soon.

She's not getting healthy. She had a whole round of procedures done. There were even blinds about her procedures. Her face is full of fillers to give the illusion of weight or health. Her limbs are still just as bone thin. Notice she is keeping her chest covered now so that those bones aren't revealed. She probably had fillers there too but perhaps those haven't settled as well yet. Jolie won't gain weight because it goes straight to her gunt. She's got a short body trunk and with her jelly belly she looks like a pear with spindly limbs. It's hilarious that she is having to try so hard now. She's even wearing color instead of black.  The anti public, not the loons, own her. Her  team is working hard to make her look normal.

Jolie has to cling to someone, usually keeping the person close to her most of the time. James has been kicked to the curb. Holly hasn't been seen. Arminka and Chloe are the new constant companions. I'm voting Arminka is the new partner.

Jolie is a junkie and an alcoholic. How many times do you all have to see Pitt half carrying her or steering out of some venue to realize that she's high as hell and he wanted it on record to use as leverage? He was doing this for years as his back up plan. He also has Jolie fake suicide attempts every time he left her. During the years he was with her, the tabs put out dozens of stories from Pitt's camp that Jolie was trying to manipulate and control Pitt by using her weight and frailness as a tool so that he couldn't leave her and another dozen tales about him leaving bowls of fruits and nuts and cereals around the house hoping that she grab handfuls as she walked past. Pitt likes his women svelte, not skeletal and certainly not with rocket tits.

Oh you know she never would leave unless she was with someone else.
I know people just like her.
And I do think it is one of the woman you mentioned.
Perhaps she has I met her match. A manipulative vampire just like her

She had good plastic surgery for awhile, but it never lasts. She looks like crap now.

The sad thing is, I think she thinks she still looks like that. She has no idea how badly her looks have faded.

She is a junkie and a mental case. It's alarming how her looks have faded despite the overt plastic surgery.

Jolie did not gain more weight. :lol: She got her face pumped up with fillers. Her arms and legs are still stick thin. She is wearing clothing that cleverly disguises her emaciation. No more cami tops. She is wearing clothing with sleeves, and tops that cover her chest up to over her collar bones so those chest bones and shoulder knobs aren't visible, etc. Judy Smith is advising her and earning her money. Jolie is obeying her for the present.

She wants to appear as if she is still desirable. If it is true, I hope for the sake of the children that they are not the attraction that seals the deal to be her next public husband.

Evil angie

Most selfish and inconsiderate woman in Hollywood

Most selfish and evil woman in Hollywood.

Brad Pitt, took 5 of the 6 children, to Missouri, to see his family this weekend for Easter. Did you see any pictures of him at the airport with the children? Did you see pictures of him arriving in Missouri with the children? Did you see pictures of him and the 5 children, in downtown Springfield this weekend? NO? Of course not, because HE isn't the one that exploits them!
Now think about when Jolie was traveling all over the damn place a few months ago. Then ask yourself which parent exploits the children!

He looks much better now, but hope he doesn't lose anymore wait.

Nice to see a man in his 50's who is healthy

He looks the perfect weight for his height and he is definitely not gaunt. He looks slim and healthy.

He is looking his absolute best.

He looks great!!!

His lost weight is probably for a part.

He probably weighs the same as he did 25 years ago yet he wasn't considered gaunt then. Terrible article as normal.

He's on the divorce diet. He'll be fine.

It is true. Amazing how that happens. Been there myself.

Been there too! You get nervous and the pounds go off, no efforts, no awareness. When I look at my old pictures with that 'heartbreak body', I think it's insane.

He looks fine to me.

New Yorker, he's usually a bit bigger due to muscle. Nobody's talking about him being fat, because to my recollection, he never has been. There's a difference between being heavy because of fat and because of muscle.

New Yorker, EXACTLY! Per DM Rob KarTRASHian is the epitome of HEALTHY!

maybe he lost the weight for a role. he's still a good looking man though.

I don't think he looks gaunt, but I'd have to see him naked before I could give my professional opinion. ;-)

Hey! Get back in line. You're definitely after jumping the queue.

I'm sure you'll need a second opinion. ;-)

Looking great Brad.

Still looking good Brad!

Brad looks better than he has in years. Gone is that puffiness and lord knows he is in a better place without cray cray by his side!

depression. that's what it does to you. he probably isn't eating.

very true... eating is nearly impossible in that circumstance

True, divorce diet!

I think he looks great

Hmmmm, still looks mighty good to me.

Heartbreak diet: quickest way to lose 30 pounds. But you feel awful throughout


His new role is a very thin officer, it's a biopic and he got the look right by losing weight. It's just work.

He looks fine. As he should look. But Americans have re-calibrated what normal or good is supposed to look like. So unless he's 15/20 lbs overweight, people in this country will think he looks gaunt and thin. That's just the good old OSA...Obese States of America.

Steady on, get in the queue!

Hey! Get back in line. You're definitely after jumping the queue.

I don't think he is "gaunt". Pitt knows what he is doing and knows how to get lean muscle when he wants to. Remember, Tyler Durden from "Fight Club"?

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