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Brad is great dad!

She's not a great mother - she maliciously and unfairly tried to smear him as an abuser, then kept his kids from him for as long as she could. Spiteful mare.

Old Ange is a nutcase

Angie PR

She is a crazy drama queen, life with her must be hell. Brad has the lucky escape. He will find a woman much better than Angelina.

Poor guy, she really went for the jugular. It was always her that was high as a kite on the red carpet, not him. He used to steady her! She showed signs of drug use over and over again throughout their whole relationship at so many events. How malicious and conniving of her to suddenly throw so many false allegations at him and withhold access to his children, it must have blind-sided him.

Is it just me, or does Angelina look like she had some eyework or some other work done? In photos from this trip, her face looks much tighter and without the characteristic smile lines. (She's gorgeous no matter what, but she looks different to me.)

 To the commentator who said that Jolie deserves to be "commended" for adopting kids. No, she doesn't. There is a great difference between child collecting, which is what she practices and adopting in the best interests of the child. She did not. You do not adopt that many kids in that short span of time from all different sorts of cultures when you are in a high-pressure job in which you do not have the time to personally spend to see that they are adjusted into a family with biological kids. It is not surprising that she used questionable adoption agencies. Most reputable ones wouldn't have allowed this.

Ye, drag out the kids..... these children have barely acknowledged the press in the past. Now their waving and giving speeches. Coincidence, I don't think so!!

angelina as we know is not playing with a full deck...she is probably back to cutting and able to hide it more

She realized people were questioning her story! We weren't there but I have a hard time believing that Brad was totally at fault!

She finally showed her true color.

Everything she does is calculated.

the way Shiloh looks at the ho for approval is so sad. She is utterly controlled by her.

I've noticed that for the last few years. I really hope Jolie treats her well. If not that poor kid will have it rough.

lainey is bully who got paid to bully. She ugly evil woman. She is abuser , harasser and bullier .

So staged. And AJ sure is checking out that boy going into the guitar store. She checked him out before he walked by then turned around to check him out after he passed

We just don't see pap strolls when Brad has them. He's the more civil of the two idiot parents. That's all.

She just looked at everbody face!!!!!Hey I'm here notice me

She is damage goods on a walking manish body stick

When have we ever seen her at a Target-- hey I'm suddenly an American and I shop at Target just like you. Ugh...Cunning, strategic her.
Brad really made a deal with the devil when he got with her. If you have ever been subjected to a narcissist/ sociopath you would know it is exhausting, unjust and you are lucky if you end up alive and sane.

Brad Pitt is a good father

Is a good father

He's delicious

isn't that some crap? Diagnostic right there and shows exactly how calculatingly manipulative and vile she is for sure. She has NEVER only taken the bios out. Until now. What a piece of S*** she is . Disgusting. I feel so badly for all those children.

This child has been so overexposed that it will be very difficult for her to restore her soul.

They are mere pawns used for her ego gratification. Only Shi with her to get that big bear off the street and all these other times.

I waited for it ... it was so clear that AJ made the next papstroll after Pitt was seen in the media. Poor Shi ... I'm so sorry for her and also the other kids, especially shy Viv ... What does she do to the kids and nobody intervenes

she really should not wear those aviator sunglasses. They make her jowls so prominent and gives her face a melting appearance.
Give it up Angie, you haven't pretend-piloted in years.

She looks like a badly dressed transvestite, again.

I noticed this too. She always had the adopted kids with her before the divorce and she pretty much proclaimed in interviews that they were the more exciting ones since they were not born privileged. Not to mention she was ever telegraphing her Mother Teresa image by parading them around. Since the split, we have pretty much only seen the bios and that is to make it perfectly clear that she has them and we are supposed to believe that BP is an abuser because of it. The kids are all just pawns to her. It's disgusting.
I can't imagine that a judge is too often faced with a family who gallivants around the globe. I'm very curious to see if the custody arrangement calls for these kids to be more settled and enrolled in a more typical educational arrangement, or gasp, school!

Overall, Jolie looks so pleased with herself in these photos. She obviously craves the attention of the paps and she is happy to get a dose of it.
I'm curious why she swapped out the stripper boobs for these new, more fitting ones. Obviously, when you are going thru a nasty divorce and have six kids, your boobs should be your number one priority. I wonder if she was advised that her body was looking too out of proportion to book any work. From what I hear, recovery from a boob job is pretty painful so I'm not sure why she would have traded them in so soon.

Her face is getting huge so plumped with fillers.
She is totally over Pitt but then it was over way before they walked down the aIsle She staged a wedding for his punishment for his lust fading and never really loving
She also looks a woman getting satisfaction from somewhere. Pitt was always just about getting the quarterback/ most popular guy in high school, goth girl taking him from girl next door/ prom queen/ cheerleader.
In her twisted mind , mission accomplished.

She's happy because she got her picture taken and it's what she lives for. She thinks someone is still interested in her. Little does she get that she is just a fascinating train wreck at this point.
She's winning on the level of Charlie Sheen. When industry veterans have branded you a talentless, camp event and you've lost your trophy husband, and pretty much black balled yourself via a failed, very public and nasty take down of said ex, I'd say "winning" is a far reach. Charlie Sheen may welcome her with welcome arms, but that's about it.

LOL...... A-listers get paid to attend grand openings at resorts, etc. Jolie's paychecks have to include the #1 Bio and are at Target, the new McDonald's/ToysRUs cash  Jolie looks happy :witch: because she has a new source of revenue.
Oh how the mighty have fallen. Making appearances at Target, who have been having a hard time since the hacking of their customer's credit card records. Nice pair up though, Jolie's been having a hard time since the Sony hackings and Hollywood's true opinions of a celebrity camp event were revealed.

hope nobody gives her jobs and pitt doesn't get her jobs because she's baby mama. she and the brats should just fade into oblivion. one cares about her.

He's the most searched actor in 2016..So it shows people don't care about her!

She doesn't look happy to me. She looks obtunded. Shiloh looks burdened. 

That poor child looks so unhappy.

She's so pathetically obvious in everything she does. What has Target been in the news for the past few years? The transgender bathroom debate. I bet you anything this was step one of making a deal with them to get pics of Shiloh going into the boy's bathroom. She just wanted an upfront parking lot pap payday first.

DM has only 72 comments on this article. Nobody cares lmao.

And can you imagine the lack of interest if she would go all by herself ? 
If even Shiloh, the money maker, can't generate comments, 
you can bet a nickel,
that she will call Pitt's team to sort out some patchwork family photo op.

Her mother probably made her carry it in order to 'look like" Shi is interested in a music career. That way she can pimp her out to music executives as well as movie executives, female as well as male.

Still trying to rehabilitate her reputation, I see.

I actually feel sorry for the kids who have a normadic existence as they are dragged around the world to suit their parents' work schedule. They will one day grow and hate the fact their childhood from stolen by their feuding selfish parents. They should be in school; making friends and having a routine and purpose in life.

She is everything I do not want to be.

I wonder if these kids socialize outside of their family. And are they educated at home?

Was unaware that ghouls could survive being in daylight.

Unfortunately they have been left to develop in a rule free environment. Poor Brad tried to install some parenting and look where that got him. Maddox ousted the father figure. Very unhealthy set up.

It is such a shame that Brad and his family can't have more influence on the children. They would benefit from some structure and regular upbringing rather than being paraded before the media to suit Angelina's agenda.

I bet those kids act like entitled monsters

It's hard to think about it but 13 years ago when she adopted this kid, she was a druggie and mess and a nobody who was wearing a necklace with Billy Bob's blood in it. I have no clue how on Earth she got an Oscar? Now she is Mother Teresa giving political and social advice, teaching at colleges when she probably doesn't even have a high school diploma.

Somehow, after the divorce drama she created instead of going privately. I lost all interest in her......

Angie's latest PR. Taking one kid out at a time for "special" bonding while alerting the press in advance of her itinerary.

This is once a month thing. I bet these pics are offered to the media by her agency.

she has her people calls the paps. It was reported in a reputable German newspaper a few years back.

I'm so tired of hearing about this egotistical person

This is an open public forum, anyone is free to make a comment and add their opinion, that's why the DM boards are so popular. The Angie fans may not like it but people are bound to come here to voice their objections and concerns. In the same way that the Angie fans lurk around the Aniston articles making derisive comments.

It is good that most people are finally seeing through her humanitarian charade. She is a narcissist.

So, she and a slew of bodyguards and nannies and secretaries and her war room crew and 1 adopted kid went out for a meal. Big deal.

Angelina is FAKE

Repeat after me: every single successful actor in Hollywood is a FAKE. P R is a well-paying career in that town for that reason. Even the most "likable" celebs are projecting a desired image.

there are degrees though. Yes, everyone projects an image in public but there are some that the public just know are promoting an absolute lie. Jolie is one of those.

Cannot stand this egotistical woman

Terrible how she uses her children to try and make herself look good. She parades them like props I do believe they are treated as such behind the scenes as well.

I agree. it's fine to call the paps on yourself (in a not too frequent way) since you're in the industry, but quite another to expose kids to that kind of scrutiny. Nothing natural about her public appearances; 99% of the time they're choreographed to a tee. Some German pap confirmed she has her people call them every few weeks.

Jolie PR St work

I'll admit, I used to kind of like/relate to Angelina back when she was a young messed-up weirdo. But she just comes off as cold and smug to me now, and like she never really grew up even after having a bunch of kids. Who just up and divorces their spouse for yelling at one of the kids ONCE in how many years? And publicizes it? Seems like she just wanted out, and manipulated the situation to try to make herself look good... but whatever her image strategy is, it hasn't been working for quite some time.

Because that's what 13 year olds want most, expensive restaurants! Lol!

Used to love Brangelina until she wrecked him as a father in the public. The only ones that will suffer are the poor kids. Brad's positive public appearance at the Golden Globes with the huge round of applause must've had her seething. I'm sure that's a big indicator who's really the bad guy in Hollywood

Her pap walks are always choreographed. Fake, and people can sense it, only stupid ones like you believe the image she is trying to convey. She is too calculative.

Pax was close to Brad before the incident. His name come up then too
Plus she has had all this time to brainwash.
Suddenly she is partaking of LA when before she was a stubborn child who didn't want to be here. What is she still doing here anyway?

I'm agree with you..They were so close..He always was with Brad.

Narcissists doesn't have emotion, only for themselves only.

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