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Never trust a woman that makes false allegations against her husband!

Attention seeking waste of space.

Shiloh looks like daddy

It's official, I have turned into my mother - but wouldn't it be nice to see her in some brighter colours rather than all that black, which just makes her look a bit like an angst riden teenager. Off to the garden centre now for a nice cup of tea...

She has hideous style!

She looks like she would be a blast to be around. NOT.

Lol she can't possibly push her own shopping trolley, her 'people' do that.

Angelina dresses like this to hide her skeletal body.

Shiloh looks just like Brad.

Looks just like Brad.

Shiloh is going to be soooooo beautiful when she grows up

Just like her daddy

Wearing nothing but black is really depressing for her children. Apparently she likes it but is only thinking of herself.

feels sorry for those kids. they are missing out on a lot of things important for growing up as responsible adults, even good schooling discipline science etc

Why is she always wearing black? So boring.

I just don't understand it, either. Is she always in mourning or something? Maybe she wears it to represent the hunger and suffering in the world. I just don't get it and she looks like she's dying or something.

in reality she never wears black, it's just that her self centeredness is so super-massive that not even the pigment can escape.

Tired of all the witchy black.

Matches her personality.

It suits her.

You can tell Shiloh doesn't like the paps.

Yeah, her mother should stop calling them.

Sounds like Angelina's PR is busy working.

Wonder if Angie has noticed how hunky and handsome her bodyguard is. Also, is it a bodyguard's duty to push the shopping cart? Isn't he supposed to be looking around and ready to protect instead of driving a cart?

It's rather the team Jolie ordered this article. I'm more than sure. He causes more respect, because he does not pour dirt on anyone ...

I think HER PR is behind this

She is a crazy crazy

Its obvious Brad flipped over Angelina. However I never understood why he was ever with her. He is way out of her leauge. She is trampish and he has so much class. Dont know what he ever saw in her.

An article about a mentally unstable woman who used her children in this divorce, she had nothing to pour mud on him, which he absolutely did not deserve. If not someone for him to intercede, I will do it. After all this rubbish, I have only sympathy for Mr. Pitt!

She is a drama Queen. She has lost my respect

Brad has been CLEARED of the allegations by FBI, CPS so you ANGELINA LOVING FOLKS = get a GRIP. My dad had unrestricticted visitation when he and MY MOM split up and my mom made life LIVING HELL IF WE VISITED HIM AT ALL. Thankful she died before him even after fifty years after the divorce so I was free to share that info with him.

Always something wrong with her

I feel sad for Brad....she's kinda freaky in many ways. Glad they want to put kids first now. Better when in the public eye.

This golden boy, as you said, has achieved everything in life himself, unlike some, and he does not need anybody's pity!

Clearly no one cares what you do Ang.  Vindictive, self-centered and arrogant, that's you.  Have fun, all alone.

Do not trust her...

OMG! She looks so old!!! I hardly recognised her..

Now she is dating someone already and wanting to get married again.That didn't take long ..

Maybe we aren't pro Brad, maybe we are pro evidence. I like to wait and see what is presented before me before rushing to someone's side. I see you obviously are an Angelina fan, and that's great for you. I actually like both Angie and Brad, prob Angie moreso.. but I just can't lean one way or the other until I really know the facts and I have only heard one side of the story. Plus you guys keep calling this spanking abuse which is really pissing me off... you don't even know what abuse by the hands of a guardian is... from the story, this sounded like a spanking or a whipping and that's just alleged.

Stop harassing a person. He did you nothing wrong. I'm sorry that there are still people who believe in the lies of this cruel woman. Unlike Jolie, Brad was never an open junkie if you forgot there's still a video on the Internet, how she orders the drugs on the phone and clearly about the buzz. But we're not talking about this now. Why does not he have a joint? Because after all this dirt it is difficult to win this one, but he tries hard, he did not give up and continues to fight for his children. There are entries from the plane, in which it is clearly visible that Brad did not beat anyone and did not break anything. She just betrayed him, because he stopped being supported by her.He wanted to teach children to discipline. She has the same permissiveness,. For this, and he paid, she is on him fbr and sots. Service set off .... I always said that Jolie's fans are as cruel and immoral as she is. Ready to harass anyone, comments prove it. I feel sorry for you. Be kind and do not belive rumors and the yellow press !!!!! 
If I offended anyone, sorry.

Legally, he has joint custody until a court decides otherwise. She does not have exclusive custody. This provision is temporary and may be amended by the private judge. At any time during a custody fight a judge may allow more time with another parent if he feels one is being difficult in keeping their children. Private Judge has changed the agreement or not.
As far as agreeing to the original agreement both have had to agree to it, or go to court and let the judge decide. It was not voluntary, regardless of how they sell. That's the big lie that DCFS sells, but it's really eiether you do it or we do, take your pick. The case was not yet closed. He had to sign it and she knew it. Amazingly, as soon as he did so a few days later, the investigation was adjourned. Jolie blindsided her staff and filed with the court making it legal. This was unethical. Wasser gave his word nothing would be shelved. If you look at the case where it is entirely easy to see exactly what it did. There are so many misconceptions about this. I agree that we do not know what happened on the plane, but we know DCFS and the FBI said that in their investigation they found that witnesses, including family members, contradicted the charges made by the caller. Someone lied.

One thing is sure: she is a witch.

Maybe being African and not a stranger to black magic,voodoo et al...i've always found something odd about Jolie but can't put my finger on it

I totally believe she would do this to Brad! Brad what you need to do now is go to your local parish and ask for the MAIN priest in charge and ask him for a "liberation" prayer. Sorta like a mini exocism.

She IS a witch!

She dresses in black and looks like a vampire

Yes, very true. I wouldn't be surprised if she were actually possessed. Maybe a pap can douse her with holy water while we all watch her shriek lol

I've always thought she had mental health issues, or was "crazy." I know one can use dark or demonic powers against you, call it Voodoo, it's demonic. I agree, our court system is set up in favor of the mother and men suffer from this. I also strongly recommend getting into a strong in word of God church. There you find power to fight her through faith.

looking like a very young Brad Pitt

Angelina spends her 'quality time' buying things for her children, I would like to see her 'doing' things like playing tennis, swimming, or other games, we are constantly shown her going into a toy shop, as if that's good parenting!

Looks like she is morphing into the Raven character, Maleficent.

Shiloh looks just like Brad.

Vivienne looks just like brad. Shiloh looks like Angelina and her grandfather, Jon Voight. Vivienne got Brads flared nostrils, lips, jaw shape, eyebrows, etc.

Not nice keeping kids away from their dad. Brad is a good dad who is missing his kids.

Looks just like Brad.

Shiloh is going to be soooooo beautiful when she grows up

Just like her daddy

feels sorry for those kids. they are missing out on a lot of things important for growing up as responsible adults, even good schooling discipline science etc

Tired of all the witchy black.

Matches her personality.

You can tell Shiloh doesn't like the paps.

Yeah, her mother should stop calling them.

She's no example for anyone...even the Kardashians!!

Sounds like Angelina's PR is busy working.

Poor guy, she really went for the jugular. It was always her that was high as a kite on the red carpet, not him. He used to steady her! She showed signs of drug use over and over again throughout their whole relationship at so many events. How malicious and conniving of her to suddenly throw so many false allegations at him and withhold access to his children, it must have blind-sided him.

First time, that's ridiculous and really unfair.

How humiliating for Brad, to be allowed one day/night with his kids by their w i tch of a mother. Now that they're poisoned it's not going to be easy, and the reporting back by the bigger kids will be twisted a couple of degrees to make mummy happy. Whatever, she'll not want to hear that they had fun or were happy.

Im going to say that Brad should date Halle Berry. That would be the ultimate drop kick to Angelina. Halle is beautiful and crazy so Brad will feel right at home. There is also Kate Beckensale and Scarlett Johanson possibly.

Maddox is there to spy and report back to Angelina and creepy Uncle James.......

Whomever stated that Brad knows Angie is a good mother is clearly misinformed. A good mother would send her children to school, send them to bed at an appropriate time, enforce rules and discipline, provide a stable home life, not alienate the children from their father whilst pushing her own agenda, disparage the kids father in public. Angie is pathetic and DCFS should be looking into her parenting abilities or lack there of. Angie thought very highly of herself by thinking that disparaging Brad in public would get the public and Hollywood on her side only to realize she is not the great woman/mother she deems herself to believe.

Angelina lost the war with the media, so she became kinder

Those kids must be a real handful. Undisciplined and extremely spoiled and entitled. Who makes SIX different meals so each child can chose his or her own meal?

From a staff member in the former New Orleans house--one lives around the corner from my niece there and had a long friendship with my her through their past service in a prestigious NO restaurant--is that there were no rules in that house. Those kids had no expectations of civilized behavior at home. They were taught how to be well behaved in public, so I'll give Jolie a bit of credit for that. Otherwise they had no notion of self-care nor of personal responsibility or good manners at home. My niece said she was told that Jolie believed "children of artists (!!??!!) should be free" and should have no rules. They also were raised to expect other people to take care of them and clean up their messes. Rotsa ruck with that, Jolie. Courts don't examine these things closely enough to know this.

That poor chef - my mother was our chef & if you didn't like what she cooked you could have a peanut butter sandwich instead - she was not cooking another meal for one of us. Those kids are spoiled - couldn't they all just eat pizza??

No doubt the chef can't do this for his/her own kids and wouldn't want to , on principle. We heard plenty about how these kids were raised when the split first became news. It sounded like chaos, no routines, no bed times, individual nannies and kids' bedrooms distant from parental areas on those huge gated estates. Fine for teens but not healthy in the long term

The most important thing here is the children and Brad where able to have quality time he was like a kid at Christmas to have them overnight. Hopefully this will lead to many more and on a more consistent basis.

In what world does it take 6 months to get an overnight visit with your children?

Wow so sad that a father has been put through this, Jolie is a very selfish person for sure.

don't try to rewrite history. Angelina is the one known for her drug and alcohol use. Don't believe everything that witch tries to spread about Brad.

Delighted he got to spend time with his kids but they seem to be ruined if they have a chef on hand to make 6 different meals. Goodness knows what they will be like when they grow up, ruined!

she was paranoid thinking he was having an affair must be all the drugs she took when younger,whats the saying paranoia will annoy her

Let's see how long Angelina can control the kids. Brad, don't worry, your kids will always be your kids.

This is good news for all the children they need their dad as well as their mum their happiness is more important then anything else

Team Brad here too. I wish him nothing but health and happiness.
She's not a great mother - she maliciously and unfairly tried to smear him as an abuser, then kept his kids from him for as long as she could. Spiteful mare.

Old Ange is a nutcase

Angie PR

Yeah, but no-one's buying it. Hope she's furious!

She is a crazy drama queen, life with her must be hell. Brad has the lucky escape. He will find a woman much better than Angelina.

Hope maddox stay with angie, he could ruins brad again with another fake confrontation!

Let him stay with inadequate mother and Brad not touch more....

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