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I have Absolutely NO Respect for this “Person.”
I Wouldn’t even call Her a “Woman.” I Do NOT Understand WHY Any Man would even be Interested in Her. She only “uses Them up,” then DUMPS Them. WHAT a Horrible, Despicable Piece of Crap!!

I’m thinking that Ange was messing around with her new man(fool) while Brad was being a faithful hubby. So perhaps that’s why she was so keen to kick Brad to the curb. Sad she used their kids to facilitate the divorce though. She won’t win Mother of the Year Award for 2016-2017!

After reading this, I have a feeling Angelina would be saying, “So I’ve got a new boyfriend and we’re sneaking time together? Wish somebody would tell ME who the h— he is!”

If Angelina Jolie managed to find a man who wants to be with her after she’s chopped out large chunks of her body, then good luck to him. The thought of touching her makes me physically ill, she is such a skank and a lowlife. I guess plenty of men have been with physically repellant wealthy women, so it’s certainly possible for her to find someone.

I’m sorry for her, even her money will not save …Poor children .. rich children

This good news he getting out there dating people again. Iam happy for him…Brad is nice guy…I like his movies…

You go Brad, enjoy your freedom and life.

He's an idiot in only one .. that he married this Jolie .... and do not you dare to call him terrible people ...!

Brad please start making more biological kids, don't waste his beautiful genes.

He was sooooo pretty, cute and sexy when he was young. He was a male version of Marilyn Monroe!

Found someone to compare ... I hope he does not finish like her ..

I don't understand why Brad and Johnny couldn't see thru the two evil women. Everyone can see Amber Heard only cares about money, she doesn't love anyone but money. Angelina is a calculating manipulating vicious witch who would do anything and hurt anyone to get what she wants.

Jolie is the most selfish and inconsiderate person in Hollywood. Divorce was instigatted in the most cruel way possible. No respect.

She spent years putting the boot into Aniston and spreading rumours about her, making Billy Bob Thornton look a toothless fool and telling Pitt what films he was allowed to make. Her latest divorce machinations are just more of the same.

He looks so much better now. Last 5 years, he looked like a hell, their relationship was toxic.

Everybody knows what Fight Club is about, people, even younger generations quote it. Some ignorant Americans might not know about it, but in Europe and in the film industry general it's a cult movie and a respected movie, which stands the test of time. But be as ignorant as the brainwashed Americans if you want to, you know you are free to believe the sky is green, but this doesn't change reality. Just because you hate Pitt no need to deny that he starred in some iconic movies and he actually contributed to the movie industry in many ways. This can't be said about Jolie who is a mere celebrity camp event.

First off, Fight Club is an American movie, get that through your head.—an iconic one at that and widely considered to be one of Pitt's most very famous roles in the United States. It is seen as the prototypical "guy flick" and a "cult classic." But, even as a (girl) child I remember Fight Club jokes being ubiquitous and understand them without ever having seen the film. To this day people still make Fight Club jokes

Hell no he doesn't need her in his life

 She shouldn't have had any work done on her face. She was beautiful and looks dreadful now. Plus she should keep quiet about her divorce. She plays up to the good mum act and Brad is a bad father but she's publicly discussing matters that effect them

Shut that weird ass woman up

 I think he is in the depression diet, not the healthy diet this article reports. A divorce is a life changing event and most stressful event after the death of a spouse or child, enough to lose ones appetite!

Colr me confused. She claims she is family with someone she accused of child abuse court order and all?
Oops she just revealed she lied. No one would claim family with a child abuser.
Her dad left her mom and she still won't speak to him-- so much for her sense of family.

always be a family ( shaking head side to side ) Always

Still sexy!

Still so handsome

I'm a straight guy .... the guy is good looking and I believe him to be a great father ! One of my favorite actors ever .

He is better off without Jolie, she seems the type that everything has to be her way or the highway. It's too bad he is separated from his kids. Hope he will be happy soon and find someone new to love.

 He Always look Handsome one of my favorite Actors I wish the best for him. He deserves a great Future.

He knew he was getting involved with a nut case.

This part from her Hello interview is so ridiculous, she flies all around the world in her private jet and is concerned about the environment? :roll: Celebrities are such hypocrites and rely on the masses that are easily duped.

I went by the perfume department today, and the big Mon Guerlain display that was at the front is gone -- banished to the shelves that hold hundreds of other scents.

Poor Angie- another 15 minute attention fix gone and forgotten about.

An accurate timeline of the time the contract was proposed (and by who) ,signed, and given the green light vis a vis, say, the Allied shoot and the suspicion that there was an affair going on, would, no doubt, be revealing. And a good way to "launder" dirty money, too. That Guerlain guy looks FAR too weasel-y not to be the type who wouldn't "cooperate fully" with Jolie-type tactics of persuasion and bribes. And it serves them right that they are now connected with a skank who didn't wear a bra in front of a religious figure and who made false accusations of child abuse against the father. Looks good on them.

This ad sells Angelina Jolie, not perfume. That's fine if Angelina Jolie is paying for it and she is the only product, which of course is not true...

Brad in his worse moment is not as bad as her. He isn't the who who called Shi a blob and dressed her in blue for the People mag cover.
He didn't even say those things about Jen...ho wrote the answers to the questions.
It was her idea to put together the child army-- he went along.
She managed their PR all these years.
Yes he was complicit with a lot such as jumping on her atheist stuff but I never thought he felt that way, just trying to copy her.

And finally: who benefits from her posing with refugees for an hour or two in some opium-producing country before she decamps to do whatever it was she was REALLY flew there in that private jet for? Hint: Not the refugees whose misery is being exploited for photo-ops.( You'd think I wouldn't have to explain this, but after all, it has taken a shockingly large sector of the populace 12 YEARS to catch on to Angelina so I'm taking no chances)

As for her delusions of royalty (if you count being the designated "W.hore" of Hollywood Babylon as some sort of Dashwoodian standard of royalty, then yes, I suppose she is), I have no doubt these delusions exist and are , not after seeing her one-up Queen Elizabeth herself. I would have given a LOT to know what went through the Queen's mind when Jolie did that. Is there video footage of that meetup? I'd love to see it- with the sound OFF.

Tired of formula action movies (unending mindless chase scenes).  Go see "Lost City of Z," produced by Brad Pitt.  Well worth it.

I can't STAND liars

I bet their marriage fell apart when her stinky movie, By The Sea, tanked. Then she had Arminka Helic and Chloe Dalton get in between them.

Brilliant actor. Underrated by many

He looks perfectly fine and healthy- the man is in his 50's and has no signs of any plastic surgery. He looks great.

handsome & attractive!

You mean: he looks handsome.

Not gaunt at all, he just got fat with Ange.

fiftyphwoar to me !!

Angie vampires the sexy out of him

Why he settled for that woman I couldn't fathom.

It was probably good at the start,blinded by lust and all that,but it all went pearshaped.All good things must come to a nasty end,as it did for this couple.

I have a soft spot for Brad. I hope he finds happiness and wish him only the best.

I have to say, I think this divorce diet/misery has done him well - this is the best he's looked for a long time. Time and patience heals all wounds.

I hate that he's stalked, but love looking at him. Gorgeous guy, and fabulous father.

Brad hasn't been single since 1998, he needs a minute to figure it all out and Angelina probably has a voodoo doll of him with pins in her house.

He was bloated with Angelina, he is now back to his normal lean build. He buffed up for his movie roles, once the movie is done, he loses the weight. but he was with Angelina. the bloat was there for a long time. Now he is back to normal.

Stop saying he's gaunt you freaking cray. He looks smoking hot

He looks cool on motorcycle.

He is so much better off without the witch wife.

He is enjoying life and doing the things he loves like riding motorcycle.

The poor guy, he can't be left alone. Every few days we see DM commenting how "daunt" his figure is by constantly taking picture after picture of him. He can't catch a break.

Love you forever Brad, I will take care of you...! :*

He doesn't look gaunt to me. He looks great.

Here we go again with the gaunt series

Lol...he looks taller now.
with long slender legs, looks fit to me

His weight loss was by design for the film and fits the role. He has steady work looks like. Anyone know where it's filming?

The more and more I'm inclined to believe this weight loss is for the movie, Ad Astra. His look fits the role.

Oh, now we see the reason why Angelina's chosen to dump Brad... She's bored of him and desperate for some adventure with another man. Good luck to ya .

This is clearly a source prob Angelina herself trying to get back at Brad. Especially with the part about letting the kids meet him. This is clearly her way of making him jealous and getting even because she refuses to look like a loser while Brad gets closer to the woman she thinks he cheated with. I think it looks good on her. She shouldn't have cheated with him.... She is so shallow and insecure(from other articles) and she plays the game well but I started as a fan and she turns my stomach now.

That's why Brad Pitt is good men,because he love his children,  and he's good father!

 I can finally conclude that she is an evil bitch. She stripped Someone of her marriage and is this how she treats Brad? That's heartless.

Man eater, always has been-always will be

Classic Angelina!

tsk tsk angie.

Who s that man who s going to be destroyed later

I would not eat or sleep either if a monster had my kids . Plus it all looks like the monster (set) him up prior to the divorce to make herself look so wonderful just before she runs off with a new victim RUN BRAD the Art District is not far enough away

Talking about Angelina Jolie aka Skeletor

Not that my opinion means jack, but I think Brad Pitt should do whatever the flaming foo he wants to do-esp. after what he’s been dragged through. …

Brad too much of gentlemen to trash Skeletor aka Angelina Jolie

Angelina made false child abuse allegations against Brad meaning she lie to DCFS back in September 2016 and when DCFS and FBI find no evidence for of Brad being abusive and Brad never trash Angelina through the media and he never will.Angelina was the one who trashed Brad through the media and she stop when she realize Brad had support from Golden Globe awards

 Angelina was the one keeping the kids away. ! I'm sure she had 2nd thoughts and want him back. lol. Joke. He's such a well mannered man.

Brad needs to take his three kids away from her.


He needs to get those kidd away from that nut

Caught on date- like its a fuckin secret. Let the man pound away in peace

How the fuck can you get "caught" when you're single? Who caught him? The priest?

Good for him👌I never like her after what she did to Jennifer 😬 KARMA 😂😂😂🤷‍♀️👍

 Give the man his privacy, for fuck's sake. They relationship was an iconic one in Hollywood, sure, but he doesn't have to be reminded of that every step he takes.

Who says a single Dad with 6 kids can't find a date?

Good! Bye, bye Angelina. I've waited for this day ... you were the home wrecking ...

 who the hell cares!!! he isnt married anymore let him do as he pleases!!

Caught? He is single and free from that crazy woman.

Good for him!..can't stand that fucking stuck up angelina.

Serve her right home wrecker, cheaters never last

Good he deserves a normal partner

When life gets you down ,there is no better self help therapy than jumping onto a motorbike and going on a long ride...Being alone with just your thoughts and the bike for company is awesome........It works for me and I havnt been happier since I became single..Looking good there Brad...

He's Brad Pitt. Do you really think the lack of female company has him looking like this? He's clearly cut up at the break up of his family...

I agree! He looks like he's missing his family. I think he would have gone on with the marriage despite many disagreements they, reportedly, have had. See them being interviewed by Tom Brokaw on youtube.. If I remember correctly, almost 5 million views. He talked about keeping the family together as long as possible... This divorce must be her choice. I wonder if there IS somebody waiting in the wings.

Stress takes a terrible toll...he's human, like the rest of us

Lookin' good now that she's out of your life.

He looks good, slim Brad > bloated Brad. Angelina was a witch, he looked so bad when they were together.

He's going thru a tough time, evidently. But he will come out on top in time. I don't know the whole story but it just appears that she was nothing but a witch and she drained this man.

He probably has a film role coming up soon. Who knows

He looks so much better now compare to to marry her. He was so bloated. When I saw him bloated, i knew the marriage was wrong, he gotta divorce, the woman was killing him. So they divorced, he slimmed down quickly and looked amazing at all Allied premieres. He is a little thinner than at Allied premieres may because he is preparing for his next movie role.

Living with a vampire sucks the life out of you -- I feel sorry for her next victim!

Certainly her personality doesn't seem attractive, there's no humour or sunshine in the woman. Way too intense, egotistical and serious about herself.

He is so much better off without the witch wife.

He looks cool on motorcycle.

He is enjoying life and doing the things he loves like riding motorcycle.

Jolie is a major PR Wh**** compared to others. She definitely uses her kids and family life for PR. She constantly sells out her life while trying to project the image of a saint. All her efforts scream fakery. The public is gullible, but now they see through her lies. She lied so publicly about Brad, did she think we were all fools? Now she is tainted as a vile, vindictful crazy woman and rightly so.
That ' s her true self.

Hmmm the alcoholic compulsive gambler who cheated on his wife with the nanny or the one that was devoted to his wife, kids, and charitable causes. Let me thin

Living with Angelina prob scarier... lol

Seen posts like this before. Then, it turns out that the actor is training or preparing for a part or a role in a film. Then all is well. How about just leaving people alone. Let them breathe and be humans.

 I wish I looked this good after a breakup

He doesn't look gaunt to me , he looks fine , I expect in his next film he needs to be thinner.

 Still looking good..

Not a fan but he was really good in the movie "Allied."

He looks fine. Stop trying to make an issue.

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