Tuesday, April 18, 2017


he does not look skinny.  he looks HOT again.  he lost that psychotic woman and it's done him a world of good!!!

He looks good to me! Neat and healthy for a change.

He is a victim, of a mentally unbalanced woman who has no idea how to love someone. He looks fine to me.

I think he is happy he isn't with that crazy woman.. I read so many bad things about her.. she is not a good mother as she projects to be.. Brad looks good, he's backing to being the hot guy he once was.  It's Angelina's loss. The media is always taking her side.. why I don't know..

I think media on Brad's side, as if Jolie did not try to destroy him in the eyes of the public, people all love him exactly .... !!!!!

You never know with actors. He's probably doing it for a role. Look how Matthew Mcconaughey looked a few years back for Dallas Buyers Club and it ended up winning him an Oscar.

I think since the split he looks healthier.

nothing like a little bit betrayal from the one you love. To help you drop 30

And in 6 months when his new movie comes out.  ROL will say  It was all for a new roll.    DUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It's all acting, surprise surprise coming

He looks better than ever!!

He looks fitter, and down to fighting weight. Revenge body!

He's still a very handsome man.

He still looks great. A lot of male actors look better on screen when they are thinner in the face. They look younger. I thought Tom Cruise could have thinned down a bit during his last MI film.
Anyway, BP has a naturally good physique.

Brad is looking much better. He looks better here than the pics of him from a few weeks ago.

Looking great man.

I think Brad is keeping the weight down for his up coming movie movie Ad Astra

He's lost weight but he's not that thin!

He's Brad Pitt! He'll always be fine looking.

Looks so much more handsome to when he was with Angelina. He looked like a alkie when with her and probably was due to her craziness.

I think only a thorough physical examination would confirm his general health...

He appears to be around the same weight he was 13 years ago

Good to see him out and living his life.

Of course he looks slimmer - he just dumped 85 lbs. of crazy.

I have never seen him over weight or fat.

53 years old....staying in shape....looks to be just fine !

Brad still looks good.

Ouch. If that's 'looking bad' then 99% of guys would probably like to look that terrible. Jus' sayin'.

Brad Pitt has always been handsome and at 53 he's nothing but.   Good looks run deep.

First of all why does age matter?  Who really cares except Hollyweird and media obviously.  Second, he looks good and let's leave well enough alone already.  You go Brad!

Yummy, yum, yum -  he looks sexy.  No dad body, no big belly, no double chins.  That's an old man I can get under. Yikes!! I never had daddy issues before (so ashamed).

He looks good.

unfortunately in LA  if you are fat no one wants you and if you are thin everyone thinks you are dying    it is a no win situation     so live life

No wonder Pitt is "rarely" sighted.....whenever he steps a foot outside his door, the vultures are ready to swoop down and pick apart every single aspect of his appearance.
Leave the poor guy alone!  He is grieving the loss of his children!

Brad looks great and hes always looked great.

See nothing wrong here...looks pretty to me ; ^ )

Getting in shape for Fight Club 2!

Brad looks fine.

I love Brad PItt.  I think Angelina is a nutball for divorcing him.  Now those poor kids will not have a normal man for a daddy in their lives.  Kids need a father.  He will just be able to visit them and that is not enough.  He wanted kids so bad too.  He is heartbroken I am sure and I don't blame him.

looks like being rid of her makes him healthier.

You've got to be kidding.  I am sure there are many women who would date him.

'Gaunt'? I wish I was that gaunt...

Maybe when he had problems with depression. Now he looks clean, well dressed. Finally no grandpa pants anymore, the jeans is a little narrower and you can see his long slender legs. I think he looks great. I hope he can hold out and does not start drinking again. And I hope he will allow his children to finally lead a more normal life, let them go to school, meet with friends and play. No agreement for AJ to fly the poor kids on the plane through the world for their PR and "humanitarian work". And please no ordered Pap strolls, which AJ with the children love so much. Especially the younger kids are afraid (Viv and Knox) or annoying (Pax, Z and Shi) of the obtrusive paparazzi. You can see it in the pics. Hopefully, he can go against AJ, so far he has not done so. The faces of the kids should be pixelated in the photos, this is legally feasible. Brad, you owe it to your kids to be strong for them. Go Brad, be a man and Make It Right!

"Jolie opens up"....
Well, close it back down please.
When you get the chance...take some more acting lessons.  You're horrible.

So she's pushing a product and using her dead mother to get people to buy it?  I'm not seeing this as a tribute.  It seems more like an ad campaign to me.  Whatever.  She's still a home wrecker.

FACT : She's a full Fledged Certified Degenerate Holly'Weird Whacko' , so full of herself its pathetic .Frankly nobody really gives a flyin' Sheets about this Communist Liberal Ba'Foon from Holly'Weird ~ !!!!!

Whacked out HAG...  She fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

What does she have against white kids ?

Who cares about this Liberal parasite.She has never done an honest days hard work in her life and blowing directors for parts doesn't count as gainful employment.

She looks like a drugged up psychopath.

Another HollyWeird nut.  Go away!!

Angelina, why, why, why? Some quack Hollywood doctor looks up your family history and then convinces you to start lopping off body parts. Yoiu look like death warmmed over. What else have you lopped off? legs? hands? teeth? You need to see a psyciatrist! I used to think you were beautiful!! I don't anymore.

Beautiful???    Some one needs glasses. She is not close to pretty.  She turned into ma nasty person.  Hope her 15 minutes are up. Would never watch any thing she is in.

You can't make a bag of bones look good. Ditch the idea. It's a bad one.

Maybe she should worry about her gazillion kids. Nut case.

No one likes her#Team Brat. She used to be young & sexy. But now...She didn't treat Brad in respectful way.

The most beautiful woman? This skeleton? Thanks for the laugh radar. She has never been so beautiful, this was only hype. Now her looks deteriorated even further though she had extensive plastic surgery.

Her gowns are purposefully dowdy to cover her painfully-too-thin body. All she needs to do is eat properly and do some exercise.

Yep, he and she will move on, but the kids have lost their family forever.

I will marry him lol

He looks like his normal self again,having got rid of her claws.

Ah Brady, why are you so far away from me ???? I would dispel your sadness ...

With his fame, looks and current status, Brad is a fool to be "dating" at all. He should just be having fun with a string of hot, unsuitable women to get his mojo back. He's a complete beta male.

Glad to read this. Can you imagine hearing that Brad Pitt is back on the menu? I bet the local women are falling over themselves. I know he's in his fifties now but he's still got it. I'd love to see him dating someone nice.

Ah but he hasn't met me, the love of life yet :)

Team Brad Pitt all the way.

Safe to say he won't have much trouble getting laid.

Good for him. Maybe this will remind him that there are normal women out there and he is much better off without that manipulative, selfish shrew.

Why can't he be alone for a while? Why is that men can't stand to be alone? Be by yourself for a while...be with your kids....think about life...then after a break you might be a better person, father, mate.

Six months alone already. And maybe longer while in the marriage? Why does someone have to be a martyr or mourning for years.

I think they must have been over for a very long time before their separation. If I was in the middle of a sudden divorce there is absolutely no way - zero - I'd be thinking about dating again. It is way too soon for a variety of reasons. Most of all, he needs to learn to be alone despite the fact that he must be very lonely being alone and without his children surrounding him. Hope he meets someone extremely grounded and interested in HIM and not his career or helping her career.

He looks so much better now. Last 5 years, he looked like a hell, their relationship was toxic.

He's lost too much weight, still I wouldn't say No haha!

I am sure Brad and Johnny two sexiest men alive learned their lessons. Angelina and Amber two snakes.

Both Johnny Depp and brad pitt look good after moving away from the bad bi@ches

He looks like he's back to his pre-Troy physique, which is no bad thing.

Most beautiful woman in the world? Sure, if you're a preying mantis.

Who would not be there, run the man, she’ll eat you!

I hate Angie..i analyze that in their divorce she just stand as victim..All the trouble seems come out from Brad but of course it’s not..she just want looking for new guy..Brad couldn’t satisfied her anymore perhaps..

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