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Nope, still wouldn't have worked. They would have broken up eventually. He should have found a non-super famous woman in my opinion. Either an industry outsider or an actress who wasn't as famous as these two. Perhaps like a Jenifer Garner. Willing to have children but not teach them crazy things. Jen was too boring for him but Angie was too crazy!

No, he was never an addict, this was a lie from the beginning, no proof of it. There is nothing he should thank Angie, quite the contrary, he was backstabbed in the nastiest way possible.
(Budapest, Hungary)

Brad needs to keep an eye on those kids because the NUT has them most of the time.

she started throwing mud at him because she new he wouldn't retaliate or risk opening Pandora's Box.

Perhaps her early menopause has affected her behaviour. After the mastectomy they still seemed close.

She was off her rocker well before this!

I wonder when she’s going to buy another child from Africa – to try and give the impression she’s not really maleficent???

I can tell you what I see: frightened kids who are dragged for their mother’s shameless papwalk. And I also see a despicable woman who accused her soon-to-be exhusband falsely.

I just watched fury again. Love him. Great actor

When Brad met Marion on the set of Allied, I bet he realized Angelina wasn't as nearly good as Marion. Marion is not only beautiful, intelligent, and brilliant talented, she also healthy, warm and kind unlike Angelina is a bag of bones and ice cold. I bet he wished he met Marion before Angelina. Marion has class, Angelina has no class.

Anybody have a guess as to who will be the next male to be swallowed in the vortex of crazy that is this succubus?

Angelina was crazy for requesting sole custody. She was so selfish. Team Brad.

Brad has conducted himself with grace which is more than can be said for Angie. And he and Johnny Depp are looking so much better after their splits. Happy for the kids...they need a good role model.

Love Brad. Angelina is a vindictive idiot.

So, what's the news? That he smoked pot? That was common knowledge. What else?

Jolie is highly manipulative, has apparently been so from a young age and was indeed described by her mother as "cunning." I would also agree that social media is having a definite (and I would say definitely deleterious) influence on the definition of many terms, one of them being "genius." A manipulator would be one of many types capable of dazzling the average poster and passing for a "genius" on social media. I would add that Jolie has at last apparently manipulated herself into a tight corner. The airplane incident was far more bone-headed than genius and has exposed her for a devious if not especially competent game player.

The Mediocre World of  Angelina Jolie

Report Marcel Thee | January 11, 2011

I’m going to go out on a limb here and guess that most people reading this — both male and female — consider Angelina Jolie to be a beautiful and talented actress; a goddess of the silver screen, so to speak.

I don’t get it.

I comprehend the nature of the fascination, but I think that this same fascination often conveniently obscures a long list of flaws, not the least of which being that Jolie is not a great actress.

I just don’t see how the overwhelming mediocrity of Jolie’s acting doesn’t seem to lessen the power of her luscious lips, lusty stare and so-called beauty.

Consider asking anyone — yourself included — to name the first Jolie role that pops into their head.

I’ll give you a hint, she raids tombs.

And yes, trying to go against the grain by taking five seconds to come up with her character’s name in “Gia” or “Girl, Interrupted,” or drawing a blank, only serves to further prove my argument.

That “Lara Croft: Tomb Raider” — also a video-game character — is Jolie’s biggest role is, to me, a major indicator of her acting ability.

This is not an attack on Jolie, but a critique of the public’s increasingly low standards when it comes to entertainment — even of the strictly commercial variety.

This is a culture where a box-office brand name can sleep his or her way through an abysmal script and still come out on the silver screen as a full-fledged actor, smelling like roses.

Jolie’s latest film, “The Tourist,” continues the tradition of the actress taking on the role of an immensely nondescript character. Not for once do we forget that it is Angelina Jolie playing a role.

We never invest in her characters because they never feel like more than a film part.

And that is precisely the problem with Jolie. It’s like watching your child’s school play; we are always aware that the actor is playing a part.

Perhaps a breakdown of Jolie’s roles — from the familiar to the artsy to the lesser known — will better support my argument.

‘Gia’ (1998), ‘A Mighty Heart’ (2007) and ‘Changeling’ (2008)

In the biopic of Gia Carangi, a nonconformist fashion model who died of AIDS at the age of 26, Jolie turns in a decent performance as the title character.

It’s a better performance than you might expect from a little-known actress.

However, the harrowing story takes over, often eclipsing the acting.

The tagline could apply to Jolie’s Generation X schtick at the time: “Too Beautiful to Die, Too Wild to Live” — words that helped to cement Angelina Jolie as a brand, but not an actress.

When she does take on roles with more emotional depth, as in “Gia” or in her portrayal of Marianne Pearl, the wife of slain journalist Daniel Pearl in the heartbreaking “A Mighty Heart,” or a mother who lost her child in “Changeling,” it is because of the story that we automatically empathize, and not due to any on-screen conviction.

Compare this to, say, Robert Downey Jr.’s role as a robotic/metal-armored superhero in “Iron Man,” or even his cartoonish creep role in “Due Date.”

Great actors dictate the strength of their character (even when it’s a comic book superhero), while mediocre ones take second lead to the script.

‘Girl, Interrupted’ (1999)

Jolie won an Oscar for her role as Lisa Rowe, a sociopath who — in keeping with her public image at the time — is nonconformist and aggressive.

As the on-screen nemesis of protagonist Susanna Kaysen (Winona Ryder), she claws and swears her way through this dizzying tale of girls in a mental institution.

At the time of the film’s release, Jolie was not as big as she would become after her Oscar win, yet she already carried with her a celebrity-conscious habit of completely indulging the public’s perception of her.

This please-the-audience attitude is, I feel, the root of the stubborn mediocrity that dogs her more recent roles.

The only difference is that in those days she pleased fans by acting like a grungy rebel who hated the spotlight.

These days, Jolie seems content to ooze sex and act a bit tough.

‘Lara Croft: Tomb Raider’ (2001) and ‘Lara Croft: The Cradle of Life’ (2003)

Indulging the fantasy of her testosterone-driven male fans, Jolie’s best-known role is a dog of the highest caliber.

This time, however, there was no safety net storyline to catch her.

As a result, Jolie takes a hard tumble.

It’s hard to watch her struggle to keep up the pout during this painful attempt at a tough girl heroine.

Luckily for her, this film came at the beginning of her superstar years when audiences would simply go to a movie to watch “Angelina Jolie play a [take your pick].”

‘Mr. & Mrs. Smith’ (2005)

This is when the whole Brangelina-Aniston thing began.

And boy, did it give this torturously dreadful action/comedy (hey, that’s what I was told) a whole lot of publicity it didn’t deserve.

Indulging in their own perceived importance, Brad Pitt and Jolie flirt through this mess of a film.

They shoot and kiss and we are supposed to care because tabloid magazines think it matters.

But never mind the film, this is about Jolie, who automatically resorts to shooting and pouting while always looking like she just stepped out of a hair salon.

‘Wanted’ (2008) ‘Salt’ (2010) and ‘The Tourist’ (2010)

The Jolie brand is going full-tilt here.

Playing “Angelina Jolie playing a role” atop an acceptable film does nothing to convince anyone that Jolie is not subconsciously content with doing the same thing ad nauseam.

I don't trust that William Hague fella. Dodgy eyes isn't it.

Never give anything to any charity if you work your giving it to aid even if you don't want to, charity is a pure scam. who has ever given you anything!!!!!!

It's interesting that you say that they get stuck at the age that they first began to realize their manipulations worked. Jolie when she was younger would run around like a "Wild Child" her choice of words. She had an erratic overly flirtatious and risky weird way of behaving. (The limo ride with BBT comes to mind.) A while ago I watched the movie Lolita with Jeremy Irons. And it was weird has the girl was acting the same sort of way. Turns out the actress was directed to act very hyper and unpredictable.
I think AJ sold that image for a long time and in a way that's what sold her as an actress in movies like Tomb Raider and Girl Interrupted. But as she's gotten older she wants to be seen as a serious actress and it just doesn't work at all. It completely falls flat and comes across like"Actress Mc Actressy." One of the articles about her pointed out that the acting itself is not good. It's the topic of the film that gives any levity to her performance. (The Changeling, A Mighty Heart.)
When she first hit the scene she didn't take herself so seriously. Now she does and she thinks the entire world does as well. This is because she's managed to portray herself as this very important Humanitarian. But in reality it's boring to most people who are not impressed with it any more than you are impressed when you find out someone went to Harvard when they were younger. So the schtick she's trying to sell now doesn't play and she's totally confused.

What a wacko

I do not like her, sam i am...

Is that a skeleton?

Who cares, she is a nut case!!

Angelina is a nut case. Pure and simple!

This picture of her she looks sick wow you better do something to save this girl

Not any way close to the heavy duty stuff  Miss good 2 shoes Angie did. She is such a phony.

I don't like her!

It's never cool to accused someone child abuse. She should be ashamed of yourself


She can piss up a rope


I despise parents like Angelina Jolie.she lets her daughter live like a boy.she ain't old enough2know better

 if she wants to wear pants that's ok..but telling her she is a boy and calling her John that ain't ok

Poor guy Angelina Jolie decided to be literally destroy this man's personal life what a bitch

Leave this poor guy alone... his wife is evil.......

all lies, only he knows his own truth.

I hoped Jolie will be crushed after the break up and turning to porn,i am one disappointed man.

 She was only in it for the wonga from the start fucking leach she knew what she was doing as soon as brad fired his dirty muck into her boom she knew she was sorted for life she's still a slut in my eyes

Angie's team still at it with the smear campaign I see. Give it up Angie, you have, once again, been exposed as a manipulative liar. #noonebelievesangiethecraycrayliar

LOL!!!!! What??? Brad Pitt, one of the biggest movie starts of all time, a legend who has a HUGELY successful producing company Plan B has less money and status than Angie cuz she had a mediocre hit with Maleficent, which btw BRAD'S company Plan B co produced? You are either trolling or beyond mega stupid.

Bit desperate

I'll be fine.

Stay strong

Things are looking up for him because he's not with that crazy bitch anymore.

 She's a stupid fucking vindictive bitch. I hope she loses Custody and he keeps them away from her so she can see how it fucking feels.

She weird and vindictive.

He shoulda just killed her off in mr and mrs smith

Jolie you get the karma. !

This is amazing I hope that this spawns a new era of building all over the country of these green homes. that is what we truly need in the united states is energy independent homes... God bless Brad Pitt and his program to build homes for the native american people..

 why do you have to take this so negatively. This man doesn't have to spend money on anything he doesn't want to. He can have lunch in Paris tomorrow. Instead he builds homes for the less fortunate. Quit your whining and be happy about this for Christs sake. Aho.

 brad is doing it again. he helped rebuild homes after katerina

This is fantastic. If I had his money I'd do it to. What a great idea Brad Pitt. Your a good man.

She thinks she is above everyone  , I find her to be a talentless diva

She's done worse too!  She's admitted to doing "every drug out there," and even admitted herself to a psych unit. I can't stand her. He will be better without her

I don't believe this. What kind of sober party it was, where not only balloons but bottles of champagne and wine was carried away in his car?

Casa del Mar is a HOTEL!  It is not a rehab facility.  He proabably went to a party there and RadarOnLine made up the rest.

this was an illogical and fishy story from the start.

This drug addict thing was a lie, he was tested for months and all were negative. It's hilarious that Saint Angie has the heavy drug issues and past, she is the one who looks like it, looked unhealthy for years, she always has sunglasses on, so you can never see her pupils, but you claim that Brad has issues.

This story is bogus, already shot down by other sites. And there is one mistake, I would like to point out: he is nopt the one with long documented drug use, Angie is the one.

i don't hate her but despise her for falsely accusing his husband because she wanted to get sole custody. What kind of person does this to another human being?

This mental nut case should not have any children at all. By the time Angelina gets done with the kids she already has, there will be 6 more messed up & dysfunctional adults in this world. Ugh…

Oh no, she is mental.

I hope this story is true and Brad Pitt has finally triumphed over all the evil machinations of Angelina Jolie, my vote for world’s worst mother. I pray those children haven’t been too damaged over the past four months she has done her best to estrange them from a good man and good father.

Good for him, i agree. But she is crazy with her demands. At least the whole world can see she s not only nuts, a liar, a fake but also a greedy person.

Anyone with money can donate millions, it definitely does not make her an expert.

She's desperate to be in charge. She can't put a deadline on anything or dictate the amount of child support ordered by a judge. It's psychosis at its finest, and she can't see how bad it makes her look.

She can't give deadlines. She can't dictate child support amounts either, especially as they will very likely end up with 50/50 custody and if the figures given here are correct, there isn't that much difference in their net worth.
They were only married for 2 years. They have a pre-nup. She is only entitled to a portion of what he earned during those two years (minus expenses) and vice versa. Given that she did Maleficent, she actually might end up owing him money...

She's a straight up lunatic control freak.

the kids have suffered. heroin addict angie has permanent brain damage from so much drugs.

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