Tuesday, February 21, 2017


yeah -- shes back peddling now that she sees what People really think of her .wonder if she has taken the time to call her Dad Lately , since she is such a good ol family girl now .and yeah ,you thought he was such Good Dad you saw to it that he had no rights to his Children.- so, how do you explain that ?

She's a freak show!

Lying witch . She made the world believe he was a demonic lunatic addict child abuser. Now that his side gave proof, she's backtracking her bullshit.

Yup. You don't build a family that large, take the kids from other potential families that would provide a loving stable home, then turn around to make an ass of their father.

Judging her??????? She did what it took to destroy his reputation!

Jon Voight wishes he used condoms more often

All PR exercise. To late Ange. Let the kids see their dad, people might the start to believe what you are saying.

She is an idiot. Please she is psycho

enough already...move on from this freak...

Mmmm being overly nice about the ex, yep she wants something from him.

As for teaching Maddox about his country of birth at his age and never living there he isn't going to connect although he will say all the right things for his mum. She really doesn't get teenagers.

1. Do not marry crazy.
2. See above.

Americans should be relieved that Angie got through an interview without suddenly adopting a child from Botswana.

Angelina Jolie is the personification of the banality of evil in the guise of an ordinary actress. Those poor children should be in school, not being brainwashed by this malicious psychopath. At least one of them will write quite a tell-all book some day, that is if their lunatic mother hasn't made them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Oh for fuck sake..someone donate a pair of tits and a uterus to this kook , perhaps she'll get her mind back..

The only eating we will ever see her doing.

Did "Angelina Earth Mother" resist the temptation to adopt another child during this photo op?

Since her divorce, I have lost all interest in Angelina. I think she is feeling the loss of an audience too. So she's trying to get back in the news. Yawn. She was only interesting with Brad.

"Angelina is approaching it just as you'd expect: with grace, class, civility, love, and yes, a little bit of humor"......Perez you are an Ass kissing dolt. She tried to destroy Brad and failed. He may have been the WORST parent and husband, but Angelina negated that with her nutty antics and you ate it up with a Prader Willi appetite.

stick a fork in her..shes done.

She should go back in hiding. I'm thoroughly sick of her. She could have gotten a divorce without all the drama and newspaper headlines. I'll never forgive her for that. She's a black widow.

Angelina needs to eat a burger, the lady looks like a bitch.


Grace, class? That's hysterical! She falsely accused Brad publicly, called the FBI and DCFS on him, That's a dignified approach of a divorce for sure. Thank God, the authorities are not stupid, and Brad was cleared. Which means she lied. Such a petty, vindictive, manipulative and crazy woman..

I really don't care what "Estrogaea The Earth Mother" says ... about anything.

OK. I'll say it. She has issues. Eating issues/obvious disorder. She looks like a skeleton and you can't tell me otherwise. She has been looking like that for years, so yes, she has her own skeletons in the closet. Get real Angelina, face your issues and quit blaming Brad for EVERYTHING.

Really? If Brad is a good father then why she needs to file a divorce. If only Angelina is not that arrogant and give chance to Brad to fix their marriage for sure there is a big chance that their marriage will be save.

What a mental illness woman who try to keep away brad from the kids, evil witch hope shes dissapear forever!

She should be.in the Looney bin.

Divorce doesn't make any family "stronger."  It destroys lives.  To say one will come out of it "stronger" is laughable and a poor excuse.

Jolie is like Madonna... they think families are conveniently expandable, you just go overseas and buy one or two more to promote oneself

This woman has some serious mental issues......

As one sponsored into this great country by white Americans, I have always applauded you for adopting the kids. Know this. The UN may call you an ambassador but behind your back, you are a useful IDIOT. I heard it that from them. You are a lib and Dem. Quick to blame America for all that ails the world.

What a ditsy moron.  Her "family" is going through a divorce and she can only say, "WE are focusing on the health of OUR family."
The family is getting a divorce.
And people pay this gal $ to be entertained.
Would be nice if she could appeal to the hundreds of millions she has earned so far. But, no, she has none of that.
How a culture can remain so focused on total losers who trip and fall into wealth, go in and out of marriage, divorce and wealth, while the rest of us have to work, invest, save and not throw what little we have away in hopes of some kind of retirement makes me sick.
I give this moron NO attention, at all, from here on out.

She needs psychiatric help and a good rehab.

She's the worst. Leaking intentionally inflammatory info about your ex (which have been completely unsubstantiated...) then act all high and mighty? Die in a dumpster fire.

I forgot the "adopting children as props to make her look like a not terrible person" part. My bad

Her dad ,Voight,lays low,,,probably ashamed of her,,,,I would be

She's a horrible person. Dunno if it was her dad, fame, or something else... But wasn't Brad Pitt to start it.

How about we condemn her for accusing her husband falsely of terrible acts when she is indeed the one who has done terrible things!

Lame attempt at damage control  Too late.  The world knows you're a loon.

She is now in desperate spin mode now that she has been exposed as the conniving witch that she is.

She is so phony.  She is finally realizing the only way she can stay relevant is to hang on to Brad.

She is starting to implode.  Between the skeletal frame, fillers, early menopause from the hysterectomy, and overall craziness, the ugly on the inside is showing on the outside.

Wow.  She looks AWFUL.  All of that cheek filler only makes her look older.

more plastic than ever!

This is to help sell tickets to her current movie project, and nothing more. It is no different than when the "reality stars" create fake stories for ratings. She wants people to see her new movie.

Awful what she did to brad AND THEIR CHILDREN. I Hope no one in Hollywood hires her again

Angelina deserves a Razzie for that performance! That half baked camp event!

She is being forced to address the divorce issue now that she is trotting out to the media to get publicity for her latest directing disaster. BTW, Angie looks terrible. Her skin is sallow and has no plumpness due to her starvation diet. She is really looking like the dried-up loon that she really is.

Wow. Can't say his family didn't warn him, but how heavy is Brads regret and time lost/wasted on this dumpster, side show freak?!

After seeing this, I know that Brad is much better off.

Ah yes, the Black Widow, eating a Tarantula.

She's lost all credibility, no one cares about her.

I hope never to be that desperate for anything, especially attention.

When it comes to food, Angelina sure has some strange tastes. Is feeding the family bugs and tarantulas perhaps her way of getting the family "healthier" after the divorce. What would "wonderfu father " Brad have to say.

I've never liked her.

Promoting her movie in her mother Theresa mode. We're not buying it.

Does anyone still believe anything she has to say?

Angelina, just go away now. Nobody likes you.

She has obviously realised that she messed up in a big way. She was always the problem from the get go.

OMG ! You just ripped him a new one and now the tears .

Since when is a demanding 2 yr old allowed to demand to dress like the opposite sex? Gosh, my kids would be barefoot - always - if they weren't made to put their shoes on. Poor Shiloh should be making decisions about herself in the future now, not when she was 2. She just looks "scattered, & embarrassed" now. Thanks mother!

Angie.. you are totally fake... if you want to be healthier eat something, stop smoking,and share real time with your children, (not at the airports)

Here comes the back peddling.

Word is that she was finally threatened with her own medicine. The skeletons in her own closet are way more cray cray than Brad's!

Who cares

Looks like minimally talented has had some face work done for this latest PR push. Is there an Oscar for self-promotion?

Who cares? Another day, another divorce. You should have tried harder. Boo Hoo. Bye!

Seems like an absolute phony. The very definition of manipulative.

A manipulative sick woman who thinks we can all be fooled

If your children mean anything to you get out of the public eye and look after your children properly! You are disgusting!

Another Hollywood nut job on the loose. Round these nuts with the squirrels and put them in a quiet park away from us.

This woman is not playing with a full deck.

She tried to destroy Brad but took herself down instead.

Having a bit of trouble with the negative publicity ? - cos Brad is sooo popular ? ... Haha .

Her campaign to get revenge on Brad and have sole custody of the kids has blown up in her face.

Those who have been sucked in by her with this forget she's won a few oscars for her acting...do they seriously believe this is anything other than a good performance? It's certainly not heartfelt and as you say, an huge amount of back-pedalling.

Can you say, "Bi-polar?" Appears to be untreated, too. What a wacko.

genuine charity? lol can you read the stories from actual charity workers and see what happened to beckham recently?

This is simply playing to the audience to garner favour because she knows the balance of sympathy lies with Pitt. If he is such a wonderful father then why did she accuse him of assaulting his son ?

Yes, damage control for her inability to "self-regulate".

So he's moving on and she's back peddling like most women who kick their husbands out.

Hmmm too little too late?

She really looks like her pre-Brad, Billy Bob crazy days. Brad seemed to finally give her stability and respect that she's now thrown away. I read that Shiloh thinks she's a boy.

Her narcissism has made her delusional.

Angie is just trying to repair her image. This divorce is good for Brad, maybe not so much for the kids.

indeed, Brad Pitt is probably better off out of it that mess......

Why was she so NASTY to Brad if he was so wonderful a father Vile creature

She is an idiot.

their private life has been made all too public by this harragan, and it does seem that it is Jolie who is the one full of hate - and I agree she is pathetic.

There is no such thing as a good divorce for children. People that try and explain their selfish decision away are fooling no one.

He looks better and she looks worse since the separation.

She wanted sole custody and to destroy Brad's image. She failed so she is going for another approach. Manipulative and sneaky

Spot on - she got the backlash and now her PR team expect some good acting from her

She isn't fooling anyone. Its all scripted by her PR. She hates the fact that she didn't manage to destroy Brad. Shameless woman

I hope Brad Pitt never goes back to her! She's totally barmy.

All of your comments are awesome! I think we are an amazing group of thinkers. Happy Tuesday everyone!

Body language says everything. When asked if Brad s a wonderful father she she states "of course" but her head shakes no.

Brad Pitt is probably very happy being a Man Going His Own Way.

Make her family 'healthier'? Start with yourself, woman: you look 15 years older than your age and in LA years this like being in your 60s. She comes across as manipulative and nasty, I guess she got everything so easy in life but finally her true soul is shown on her face.

Too late!

Most people didn't believe any of her spiteful lies. She is untrustworthy.

Give her a break f fs. She's obviously deranged.

just what is she on ?.

Exactly, she needs to start with herself. Let's not forget this is a woman who committed herself to the psych ward at UCLA for 72 hours at one point and has child collected in a ridiculous fashion.

As many things as she can get away with and still stand upright and (sort of) still be thought of as comprehensive. You'll notice her speech is quite bizarre, she always trails off and fails to finishes her sentences, probably because she can't remember what she was talking about. She rarely makes sense. She said that she will hopefully be visiting her children in 5 years time - the twins will be a mere 13 in 5 years. This type of nonsensical speech is her only consistency. Jolie is a "functioning ju nkie".

Ah yes, but tooooo little toooo late, I suspect!

I'd say I want some of whatever she's smoking/popping, since it's obviously a gigantic high, but I do so enjoy being able to finish a sentence. Functioning addict anyone?

She's just disgusting. Always was.

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