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Sorry but those seemed like crocodile tears that I for one am not buying. Sadly, I think this was a PR stunt. Even more disgusting using the kids.

I care less about this than I do about how many metres a snail can go up a vertical sheet of frozen glass in 60 seconds. Do any readers care less than that?

Oh do shut up you virtue signalling attention seeker.

Angelina has an agenda - saving her public image so she can become a politician - which was always the idea. Too late and too little Angelina - everyone can see the real you: and it is not a good look.

PR team fail. No one is buying this! Team BRAD all the way!!

Personality Disorder- borderline, narcissist etc-these women are evil

There really can't be anybody who gives a crap about this woman. She fires the gun, then falls down and plays the victim!

her whole life and that includes buying children has been a bid for attention

Wow, I think she really believes that the public will buy this PR move - recent botox, sitting cross legged as if she is a guru, intimating that it is Brad that did the damage instead of her, pretending her actions were to save her family when we all know she just wanted to damage Brad .... she is really losing an already tenuous grip on reality. She honestly thinks she has fooled the public. What an incredibly conniving, toxic and narcissistic person.

Hey, how about that amazing new movie that's coming out in November called "Allied". So many talented actors including Brad Pitt who does World War II movies like no one else can. His work only gets better with time and I for one look forward to every project he is a part of.
Sincerely, an actual Brad Pitt fan.
(Incase anyone doesn't get subtleties, that was my way of saying, his private life is none of our business and he and his family certainly don't need millions of people commenting on things we know nothing about.)

what a nuisance she is. you can tell she acts like she has it together but look in her eyes and her face and she is frightened of the least thing. now she is ruining all she and brad created for some reason.. which will come out soon. you watch...

I have to agree with team Brad here. Brad had presence of mind to suggest they do this together and keep it low key for the kids' sake.
Jolie appears to not have wanted to do that because she wants total control of how the kids are raised according to her parenting style.
She isn't thinking of what is best for the kids. She is thinking of herself and having full control. She doesn't want to compromise and give Brad any opportunity or say. How is that in best interest of the children by denying them their father.
The kids are reported to not have rules or bedtimes. There is nothing wrong with discipline or structure. I'm with team Brad. He appears to really have the children's best interest at heart.
I think he lost it because it had to be her way or hit the highway. Well she did it her way and look how it turned out? Really, smearing his name to get full custody? That is a manipulating cold hearted approach to get her way.
Don't tell me it is for the kids. This is all about what her.

If Mad Maddox was throwing feces at everyone on the jet, i would have thrown him on the wing.
Shame on you Angie for not stopping the feces throwing. Shame

Gotta go with Brad on this one point, on the basis of his explanation, not knowing her side though, so really difficult to say overall. Every pancake has two sides (Dr. Phil).
If what he says turns out to be true, then it is SHE that is placing the family in peril ("unleashing hell").

Well, Mr. Pitt, you shouldn't have gotten involved with a weirdo trashy lady who had no problems with you being married already -- or had any problems with Thorton being engaged to Laura Dern -- or badmouthing her father. That horrid lowlife woman lives her whole life hurting people all along the way.

I don't believe her, her brain is skewed and only a bad mother would badmouth her children's father in public records.

Edit: She is doing the same garbage they all try to pull. Say the other parent sucks, to h e l l with any effect on the kids, if that doesn't prove that she really doesn't care about anything but CONTROL, what does? She would even toss her kids under the bus just to get her way.

She is a spoilt rotten wench. Treats Brad like dirt in front of her staff and kids. She always belittles him.
He has no say in anything.
This guy has been long suffering for a very very long time. He isn't even taking care of himself. He was just in the marrive for the kids sake. You can tell he was suffering.
Always wants her WAY. She is a spiteful wench. Am on on Brad's side.

 Looks like that just might be a big failure in the box offic

 No wonder Brad left her

 Might be her best acting yet

She was never a good actor. Why start now

Looked false to me not even good acting!!

Do the world a favor you nutta & go neck up

Errr, no. She is definitely not a nice person.

Her comments about her relationship was all acting.

Who knows what has happened behind closed doors but I have always seen her as a woman who loves her kids more than her husband. That's the wrong order.

Yes, the months I didn't allow our kids to see their dad!!

Boring actress, with no talent.

I'm Glad Brad left this libtard

Bet it took her ages to get them to memorise their speeches,she has robbed them of a father.

She is old news !!

Why would we care what Angelina thinks? She spread misinformation about Brad abusing their children for leverage in court.

Why do they all look so miserable?

Couldn't care less what she does/doesn't do. She's done for....

Oh now she's changing her tune, after the court of public opinion sided with Brad!

She's a boil on a monkey's ass.

Angelina is a nasty bit of fluff, trying to turn things in her favour. She hoped everyone would go against Brad

Yeah, so she airs here dirty laundry for all the world to see and get Brad investigated for child abuse! You got to be joking! What a mindless, silly cow!

She is after the sympathy card. The media & public do not need to know anything about their split. She should of stayed quiet. This says a lot about her & it's not good.

Really. Jolie
you were going to air all your dirty laundry to help think you got the upper hand
but Brad shut you down to protect the children's well being
You are a phoney

When things get tough she dumps her husband so now she feels sad oh well made your bed lie in it

Really!!! She makes me sick she gets mad at Brad tells lies about his treatment of his children!!! She just makes me sick!!!!

I'm sure her millions will comfort her

She is crazy

Decided to talk just before the film..., coincidence? I don't think so. Started acting in violent films, making killing a sport and now wants to be a saint, don't buy any of it, she is only going for the headlights

She is so full of crap

So brave!!! NOT!

I would've said keep a stiff upper lip dear but seems you already have and its spread to the rest of your face.

Please she's been dragging his name all in the mud. He's taking the high road. I read the girls are angry with her because they miss their father. Just because her relationship with her father sucks don't make them suffer.

She got over it rather quickly if she can say "it WAS a very difficult time." She did more fake crying in Girl Interrupted.

She knew full well that she'd get zero sympathy if she came out and said "we're divorcing because Brad is a cheater", given both of their past form and the fact that she'd even stated herself that fidelity in a relationship "isn't important". Plus the fact that it would damage her (in her head anyway) image as the super sexy vixen that every man wants. She wasn't going to have that, which is why she was so quick to shut down any speculation regarding Cotillard - that wasn't for Pitt's sake.
Also, it is probable that it was HER ass that was dumped long before she filed for divorce and she'd already rented a property in Malibu months beforehand, so she knew that it was coming and she was raging that he'd dare to leave her.
My opinion is that she staged the whole plane incident, whatever it was, knowing full well that Pitt, not being the sharpest knife in the drawer, would be stupid and drunk or drugged up enough to fall right in to a damaging fracas with her and the oldest boy. She then set about getting her minions to report the incident, just assuming that because she is ANGELINA JOLIE, don't you know, the authorities and law enforcement would just accept her story, no questions asked if she had the kids back her up.
It just shows how deluded, arrogant and addled she is that firstly, she even attempted to do such flawed and clearly vindictive thing in the first place and secondly, she now wants to play the victim and really expects "the public" to believe more of her lies and histrionics. She just cannot accept that she is DONE.

She looks scarily bad. Her thighs are almost the same width as the top of her arms and it's like her face is collapsing in on itself. And she's talking complete nonsense.
She's obviously not coping, why is nobody close to this woman keeping her out of the public eye and getting her help?

This was a performance . When she closed her eyes and looked down , and then answered , is a technique she has used in the past.

She's nuts

The whole interview is excruciating.

She's so full of sh*t. She has literally 6 nannies to wake the brats up and fix them breakfast.
Such crocodile tears

I dont believe there is one authentic part to her ............she perhaps even hires out her voodoo.................... she is a a fraud............

Also if you look Jolie's body language in the little video posted some pages ago of Maddox & Shiloh speaking, she barely reacts to them before & after the speeches, no hug, no touch on the shoulder like a "well done", not even applause I think, nothing at all that you might expect after what would be a fairly daunting thing for a 15 & 11 year old to do (speaking in public is daunting for anyone but espec kids & you could tell neither was entirely comfortable with it) It all came off as very, very rehearsed, like they've gone through this many times in private "I'll finish my speech, then you come up, say X, you introduce your sister, she comes up & says her bit, you all move back to your starting positions, quickly, quietly" it was all very regimented & clearly planned & Jolie was not diverting off plan or allowing her kids to ruin it. Also odd even in terms of Jolie's usual PR games, would think this would be her big moment to be like "look at me, look how I congratulate my child for speaking". Whole thing was weird but especially so jsut looking at Jolie.

she is full of sh*t. I don't know why she's so afraid to let the world know she has massive, full time help.

Sounds like she's trying to emulate what she thinks a real mother does in the mornings. She's clueless as to the hecticness of it. My mornings are a jumble of trying to find a matching pair of shoes per child, let alone pancake batter.

Yeah, like when she claimed 12 or 13 year old Maddox loved to lie on the floor of the green room and colour when she was ready to go on television. :lol: Or when 4 year old Zahara cooked for her. Or when 5 year old Pax baked for her. She's nutso. She clearly has no idea how real kids act at real stages of their lives.

 I guess someone on her new PR team must have told her to fake a tear or something to appear more sympathetic to women.

This was exactly what I thought when I saw that video. There is no warmth from her at all towards Shiloh. And it's uncomfortable, because I always think of all of them she always looks so eager to please her hag of a mother and hopeful of approval. That never comes.

Well she's blown the image of the loving mother and she and Pitt as doting family oriented parents out of the water. The whole world has had a peak at their sick dysfunctional relationship and toxic family life. 
The illusion has been ripped apart. And so has her image. 
But unfortunately the filthy H0 will be back with more PR tricks soon. Don't count the conniving witch out. She'll be back with an Anne Curry interview, fake charity work and a Syrian orphan.

She said she'd keep the adopted kids up on their culture. So why is Maddox speaking California English and little Shi speaking Khmer?
Because he can't. He's as intellectually challenged as his mother because he has had the same lack of education and discipline. Her braying to the press that he's such a genius and fluent in Khmer is just another one of her fantasies. 
My guess is that he couldn't be trusted to deliver those couple of lines precisely because he's NOT the proficient bilingual his deranged mother makes him out to be, so their scapegoat had to stand up. If Shiloh makes little mistakes in context or accent then it's just cute, if HE does then people start questioning Jolie's lies.
^^^THIS! Poor Shiloh. Being used to shield favorite again.

She doesn't want them to be able to support themselves. The whole point of their existence in her batshit crazy world is that they are there to support HER. They have to need her, but be a slave to her at the same time. She's bred and acquired another six James Havens. 
And they'd better bring in the dollars as well.

She problably realized finally she won't get that and is spinning a new fantasy

family don't do what you been doing to that man and to does kids,so much fakeness...there she is trying to show how perfect and good she is..and how mutch she is suffering with it...People already know who you are, sick woman.

She is a freaking loon ALWAYS has been.

Fucking bitch, you lost.

Disgusting. The fake tears are laughable. She did everything she could to publicly destroy the father of "her" children. When Brad got a near-standing ovation at the G. Globes, I'm sure her PR hacks and two paid, sycophants told her to start showing her face in some kind of sympathetic manner. She fools no one, and not only because no one can stand her, but because her bad acting has come through loud and clear -- again. Shame on her!

Give her an Oscar.Don't believe a word that comes out of that womans mouth.

Emotional display? Not possible with the amount of Botox that she has in her face.

Bad actress! If she really cared about "family" she wouldn't have drug "her" children's father through the mud in an effort to convince people he's an abusing father. No wonder no one can stand her. I bet the children are praying the day comes soon when they can get away from her!! In time, they will see what she did to them. So, save the fake tears. Looking forward to reading about Brad finding a new, decent love. AJP will never, ever find anyone to love her the way Brad did. Disgusting!!!

It seems that she is upset that he has actually moved on and not said anything publicly about her. She is trying to bring the attention back to herself and make it look like she is hurt and a victim. He should continue not making any public statement about her.

Family looks like a meeting of the United Nations. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of American children live on the streets and languish in orphanages because they don't become Hollywood "stars" trophies.

Oscar worthy! (CROCODILE TEARS)

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