Sunday, February 19, 2017


I have nothing but contempt for Angelina Jolie! She's damaged goods. What she did to those kids & to Brad is unforgivable.

she is doing PR dragging out the kids, really who cares, husband stealer, whose next victim?

What tough time is this talking about?

nothing. Just dramatic language to convince herself and her fans that she is on some grand crusade on behalf of humanity

slow news day? WHO GIVES A SHIT?!

 i guess she considers Cambodia  HER family.

Angelina Jolie has it SO hard guys! She's only extremely rich and famous have some sympathy for the bourgeoisie

will your children see their father ?

 I very much doubt I'll ever have the frame of reference to 'understand' what it's like to survive genocide even with this movie.

 ..... who gives a flying jolie !!

As if anything even affects her, she lives in a protected elitist hollywood class.

why all the fascination with this actress and her globalist causes? Charity begins at home & Lord we have no shortage of them here

she should move to Cambodia, problem solve

Why doesn't she move there then? @AngeelinaJoIie  the world would be a better place if sh did!

Angelina phony ass grates my nerves....never thought I would say this

But is America bigger than her lips?

This from a woman who hasn't lived in the US for years.

Says from a rich woman not living in the US.

What is this woman talking about?  America is a democracy  with an elected President.  Does she live in this USA?

easy for someone who doesn't have to worry about Medicare and social security to say.

Right... Now she's a good person, unlike the time when she falsely accused Brad Pitt of abusing their children 💩

Who cares.  Tired celebrities who've proven they're barely hanging on themselves being put on undeserved pedestals.

another Hollywooder wanting to be in politics, #tiring

Again, who cares about cheap actors statements Remember someone else writes there lines....

another lost Hollyweed liberal lost - pls move to Canada or somewhere else don't need you in U.S. Tom sure doesn't

That's how she became "Saint Angelina", thanx to the sellout suck up media which she pays to always talk wonders about her despicable persona.

why cant she be in the spotlight without the kids..... still using her own children for her own satisfaction greed :( :( :(

This lady is disturbed due to her childhood and I fear she may also disturb her children's childhood.....

 PR bullshit

eating tarantulas?  What about not harming animals for the exploitation of making a sorry-ass movie?

@BBCWorld @BBCNews Why do you give this movie star so much coverage and platform? I'm for one  am not beside myself waiting for this.

Angelina Jolie - what a virtue signalling, pretentious self important person. I'd hate to have anything to do with her. Or watch her films..

 AngelinaJolie is not adept at policy& her history takes play out like her plotless movies. She does more harm than help. #Annoying

Angelina Jolie validates the HunSen regime. She points to the aftermath culture/chaos as "Cambodian culture". Just flat out wrong.

all for self praise!!!

 she's so concerned that she doesn't live here and doesn't adopt American children.

She has no idea what difficult is.  Is she some political genius in the eyes of the drmocrats

Nobody in the US cares about her.

Is that what the Brunettes in Hollywood are doing this year? Reminiscing on past genocides ? Is she going to adopt a Cambodian?

we don't give a rats arse what this has been actresss has to say.

OMG Angie what the hell are you smoking in Cambodia it has fried your brain ,now I know why Brad split

Just wish she was just as committed to her marriage as she is her philanthropy. #lostallRespect

no one give a fuck about Angelina Jolie she's another self promoting narcissist leveraging the poor

Crocodile tears. She is a master manipulator and I feel for brad and the children she uses

Looking for PR for her movie and sympathy big time.

What accent is she going for here? Is it Australian or British? Is she practicing for when she takes up her new role as leader of the UN and Queen of people's hearts once she's managed to get full custody of the kids so she can move to the UK? LMAO

I lost so much respect for her,and lies....

Don't trust you Angelina

 ever heard of defamation of character that's exactly what she did to Brad Pitt yes she does Good Deeds for children around the world but she's got an inner Darkside she always did

You gonna steal somebody else's husband you might as well stay with him till death do you part.

Well she kinda did steal him

oh please! ur full of it! phony also! u don't even want the kids around him! your hateful!

AJ is a worthless piece of filth. Hope Brad gets the kids. Lying about child abuse is not getting anyone to like you more, AJ!

That's what she gets for stealing someone's husband. What goes around comes around

 girl bye. The only peoplw i feel sorry for are those beautiful kids.

She is an actress even now...

Jolie is and always has been an incredibly ugly bitchy broad. Hate her.

Maybe she underestimated Brad?!?

I don't know what she did to her face but she looks bad. She needs to stop the fillers

U r a nothing w/o Brad!

She is crazy!!!!

Angelina Jolie, does read the press. She knew that her image took a hit after her horrible behavior during the split with Brad Pitt. Now we are going to get the PR treatment to try to do damage control. I'm not listening to any of it. My opinion of her behavior during the split will not change.

Every one sees her true evil color.

She honestly though the public would believe her. The only credibility and likability came from her being with Brad Pitt. She thought wrong. She put her children through unrest due to her mental issues.

I feel so bad for Brad Pitt. He treated all his children so well! Getting angry with family members is part of life.

is she "transitioning" too? What is with the laser treatment on her hairline? Looks masculine.

Any real damage done to her family was orchestrated by Jolie. Now she is trying to do some serious backpedaling. Nuts.

Smells likes damage control

 She's the one who instigated this 'difficult situation '

Crazy person

Pretty sure no sympathy.

She screwed up. Brad is a good man. She really messed up leaving him. He was very devoted to her and the kids

No one cares Jolie. You're a bitch and we all know it. Everyone should Boycott your movies and EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR. W H O R E

She's a weirdo.

hate her !

OK. I'll say it. She has issues. Eating issues/obvious disorder. She looks like a skeleton and you can't tell me otherwise. She has been looking like that for years, so yes, she has her own skeletons in the closet. Get real Angelina, face your issues and quit blaming Brad for EVERYTHING.

Since her divorce, I have lost all interest in Angelina. I think she is feeling the loss of an audience too. So she's trying to get back in the news. Yawn. She was only interesting with Brad.

She should go back in hiding. I'm thoroughly sick of her. She could have gotten a divorce without all the drama and newspaper headlines. I'll never forgive her for that. She's a black widow.

"Angelina is approaching it just as you'd expect: with grace, class, civility, love, and yes, a little bit of humor"......Perez you are an Ass kissing dolt. She tried to destroy Brad and failed. He may have been the WORST parent and husband, but Angelina negated that with her nutty antics and you ate it up with a Prader Willi appetite.

stick a fork in her..shes done.

Angelina needs to eat a burger, the lady looks like a bitch.

Ice cold eyes and a heart of stone, she isn't fooling anyone.

Brad Pitt will always be their father, rather she tried to destroy his reputation on the media to get the kids full custody, which was a low blow even for her aka a former drug addict with daddy issues.... "poor rich girl" who never learned the value of a real family and now is dragging those poor kids to her mud. Adults divorce all the time, but why the need to divorce the parents from the kids too? very sad.

Angelina Jolie is a monstrous woman and those poor children are bearing the brunt of her malicious and vindictive behavior. The truth has been obvious for years. Brad pitt is a good and decent man who made a terrible mistake choosing the mother of his children, and then was put in a terrible quandary by leaving her and trying to quietly lead separate lives. Jolie is widely known to be unstable and nasty in so many ways, while Brad Pitt is well-liked and respected by all. There was no way Angelina Jolie was going to destroy him despite all her threats. Ironically she only did harm to herself by doing such disgusting and inhuman things to the father of her children. Any mother who tries to alienate the children from their father is subhuman.

'I have a new movie coming out, let's talk about the divorce.'

"We will always be a family" ..... Spare us your crocodile tears. You showed us who you were when you filed for divorce. If Brad had rolled over and given you your way, he wouldn't have seen you for dust! That's how much you value family. Your tears are for the charred embers of your image, the only thing you've ever cared about!

She doesn't mean it. She is just worried about her PR because Hollywood stands behind Brad as does most of the public. Angelina did her best to ruin his reputation and she tried to keep the kids to herself so that she could move to Europe without Brad's consent. Her tears are fake, she's an actress and she was acting.

Seriously..... what a pitiful act!! she knows full well she has come out of this break up REALLY badly.... the above is a VERY POOR attempt at damage limitation.

Notice how she said 'my kids' and then she changed it to 'our kids'. Yes Angelina, they have a father. Its like she cant grasp that idea.

Fake! She rehearsed very well for this role. Exploiting the Cambodian's who died to serve her own PR needs, a-gain.

How convenient that she talks about this now when she has a new film coming out.

I used to like her but this divorce made me realize how fake she is.

In other words: please watch my movie

She could have just produced it & put up the money but NO she has to direct & then make the promotion all about her & her kids - typical Angie.

Anybody can say, we'll always be a family. But when she says it, it sure sounds weird, creepy and like a prison sentence.

Oh shut up and stop using your kids as weapons.

I just can't stand her anymore.

I never could bl 00 dy well stand her!!

Me neither - phony witch!!

Okayyyy...getting all teary eyed ! Cue (he ruined our lives)
But, usually, I just wake up trying to figure out who’s going to get [the] dog out, who’s going to start the pancakes and did anybody brush their teeth.”
Remember Pitt always talked about in many interviews how he was the first one up and he made the pancakes !
This was her official statement . I wonder how long she practiced this in front of a mirror.

She's such a bitch. .. there is a reason why women get married and married over again. It's called a Black widow

I'm sorry nobody gets divorced just like that over one altercation with their kid... and there's no proof of it! Hmmm

Again....WHO CARES????? Do your good deeds and keep them out of the press, you attention wh 0 re

Seems like fake emotion in an attempt to garner public sympathy.

Why has she always dressed one of her daughters like a boy? Also, why does the girl have a boys haircut? That's how messed up this woman is and I'm surprised Brad Pitt allowed himself to be manipulated by her.

I think most people see through this woman. That was an Oscar winning performance for the interview.

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