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a narcissistic schemer who uses the suffering of others to polish her own credentials and promote the one cause dearest to her heart – herself.

Humanitarian causes were just a stepping stone for her personal affairs

She is clueless

I've heard that she is very arrogant and self-centered. And even she is not that bad on set, nothing can make it better, thst she lied about Brad to the FBI and DCFS.

She looks very gaunt and thin in the face, she needs to gain weight

Give Brad fair access and I watch.

Angelina, your own household is wreck because of your crazy antics. For the love of god please spare other countries around the world from your hypocrisy. Total nut job at work.

I have no interest in seeing any project this vile woman is involved with

I know someone (SIL) who worked with her @ the UN She is an actual idiot in real life. Clueless Is the word she used .

This woman has major narcissism issues. I feel like her 'activism' is always self-serving and superficial.

RIP You blew your image long ago.

She isn't decent at all. She only does these real life dramas with amateur actors and crew, because they're easy to direct, mainly because of the subject matter writes the story itself. Give her an original script, a cast of professional actors and she would get nowhere. Now that she doesn't have Brad's career as her her stepping stone, it's all over.

Image rehabilitation in full swing today I see. Sorry, not falling for this woman's PR tricks ever again. Convenient timing to deflect attention from her ridiculous child support demands.

She has lost her looks, or maybe her true evil has just shown thru. There is nothing attractive or radiant about her. Her charity always comes across contrived and self serving. And i hate to talk ill of a child but Maddox looks a really obnoxious teen.

How about she move them in and take care of them? And also donate most of her money! One person does not need that much money and millions of dollars it's over indulgent. Right Angie? Spread your wealthy Angie. All those millions you have could really help them. Sell your mansions get a smaller place and donate the money to feed more hungry and homeless. Does she even help people in US her own country?! Does she know we have hungry and homeless people here too or does she just not care?

Take care of your children and stop lecturing us please.

Nope! Not interested in anything she has to say because she has proven herself to be disingenuous and self-centered.

She should put her own house in order before she starts preaching to others!

Angelina has no credibility, to call out Trump, after what she did to Brad and the kids. Talk about someone being a tyrant!

How funny Angelina Jolie is speaking out against Trump for not being nice.
She herself falsely accused Brad Pitt of child abuse, has tried very hard to destroy his very image, has tried to keep the kids away from their father and probbaly ruined his relationship with the older 2 boys by instigating that plane fight between him and Maddox.
And lets not forget that she doesn't even take care of her own kids. They all seem socially awkward, have 0 friends of their own, do not attend school and probbaly have mental issues just by being around her.
Angelina, clean up your own house first before lecturing others on what to do. Why don't you get a heart first instead of telling the POTUS to ? Stupid woman.

Whether ANGELINA JOLIE likes it or not... "Angelina works with the UN's High Commissioner for Refugees. She's also adopted 3 children born outside the country"... she is not an expert. The person that just killed 18 people was screened. On one of those notes, no American children were good enough for her to adopt, not even one? Come on, everything she does and says is for self promotion. The movie morons like her and Streep, etc, should just stifle themselves. (Yes, of course, a few movie people are smart regarding world events. Hmm, I cannot think of any.)
Too bad ANGELINA JOLIE did not bother to mention, probably because she does not know, that the USA and company and their criminal acts created the major immigrant and terrorist problems everyone is having.
Trump did good. If 'you' did not know, other countries had already started similar measures because the islam muslims are destroying them. For instance, it appears Sweden is doomed and will soon be an islamic nation. Yes, of course, sharia law is a good thing. Heh heh!
NOTE to other morons... your perceptions do not equal fact. Rid yourself of your misguided nonsense and wake up in the real world!

I don't hate her, I despise her because she falsely accused Brad. Called the FBI and DCFS on him because she wanted to get sole custody. I explain it further: Angie resorted to lies and manipulations just to get her way, which I find despicable. It's not pure speculation, this is out there in the court documents, her public announcements. Her actions show what kind of vindictive person she is, and she tries to lecture us? That's rich.
As for her directing: none of her movies are good, and they've gotten worse and worse. By the sea was painfully bad. She is just not talented, lacks credibility, that's why I predict a flop again with great certainty. There is a reason nobody wants to work with her in Hollywood. Btw this Cambodian movie was arranged by Brad, he had the connection with Netflix, and Angie paid him back with betrayal. Oh, oh.

Even if you are a diehard Angiefan, it's hard to watch that movie. I mean By the Sea. My husband and I tried once, but my hubby fell asleep after 15 minutes, and i gave it up too. That movie has a weird and not good kind of vibe. And it's boring. I like artistic and European films but this is a failure. Almost like a parody which is sad. Imo the main problem is that Angie tries too hard and the center is always on herself. This is the problem with her other movies as well.
I've read somewhere that the world premiere of the Cambodian movie will be in September, but who knows now, what's the plan. There will a Cambodian premiere this month, you must have heard of.
I have to disagree with you regarding this Netflix story. Brad made the deal with them and Angie's movie was part of it. But this not the most important element in the demise of their marriage. Angie began the public mudslinging and you are right if you worry about the repercussions. I was neutral about Angie before the divorce, but her actions turned me against her. I guess many other fans feel the same way. This was a huge disappointment and she has to reap what she sow. I believe she or one of her allies framed Brad, made the call, rent a house in advance etc. But let's assume it was not her, she could have chosen another path. But she chose war and here they are.
The drama should end for the sake of the whole family, I agree.

There is a rumor that AJ used Brad's Pitt past relationship with Jen to create her character and the overall plot in By the Sea. I have not seen the movie, but I heard AJ's character is unahppy because she can't have kids, and she even screamed in the movie " I am barren!".
Which is a very odd, because I only hear the word 'barren' from her loons, and when she would abuse Jen with her disques account called TLOL1365. She wrote many nasty comments poking at the fact that she did not give Pitt kids, and that Jen is a 'barren' cow multiple times.
Very odd.

I have not seen it but it is terrible. The critics and those who saw it are right to mock Jolie's lack of talent as a director. She also was rumored to use Jen's personal life with Pitt as inspiration for the movie! That is disgusting!

 just be prepared mentally that it probably won't be the best movie experience in your life lol! Honestly By the Sea is also a glimpse into Angie's psyche and it's uncomfortable to watch. I was sorry for Brad because his role must have been a kind of punishment. This movie shouldn't have been made, it's not the cause of their demise, but didn't help either. Were they aware of it at that time? I don't know.

Did you hear that Maddox or Pax were the PA's on that movie?
Angelina is nuts to have allowed her kids to intern on such a movie set! She is gross!
And I do agree that movie is proof of what a untalented, unoriginal hack she is.

She's very manipulative.

People would have felt sorry for her had she not acted malicious and vindictive while trying to destroy him.
Now, nobody cares for her no matter what he does to her.

a) Most of people don't know how much she is crazy
b) nobody will be feeling sorry for a crazy mother of six who spends her time on drug binges and was going for the father's jugular.

AJ should shut up. She is only speaking out now because she has a TV movie that she has coming out. Everything she does and says is only for her own good.
This woman also should keep quiet since nobody buys her charity act anymore. She showed her true colors when she decided to falsely accuse Brad Pitt of child abuse and try hard to destroy his image. She has also shown she does not care for her own children's well being either.Terrible.

HYPOCRITE #ANGELINAJOLIE: US shouldn't shut door on refugees, BUT OK for her to shut door on #BradPitt seeing kids

"I don't feel restless, I just like to travel" Brad Pitt

hey jolie,let them all go to your house,or better yet MOVE!

Angelina doesn't care, it's just a way, for her to get into the UK House of Lords.

She doesn't even have the correct information and if you think she's mentally stable, you are badly mistaken

Look who's judging? An anorexic who cut herself w blades, made out with her brother & stole another woman's husband.

Bad wife Angelina Jolie should go and buy herself some more kids when she is bored! Sad!

I'm more likely to believe nothing she says anymore. 12 yrs with Brad and now he's a bad guy.

Just don't let her direct another movie.

shut her up.  She needs to deal with her kids and her divorce.  Paleez.

who gives a flyin' tweet what she thinks, from missouri they don't give a damn.

no one cares what she thinks.

  You lack credibility.  You are Weird.

Sorry but @AngeelinaJoIie  has gone down in my estimations.

 worry about her own damn Children and counseling they are going to need by having her as a mom. No one wants or needs her opinion

Hey ANGELINA JOLIE, ASHLEY JUDD called. Said MADONNA wants the SATAN SUPPLEMENTS you passed around at the spirit cooking bash now we know Jolie is behind this docu-trash. Trying to make herself seem like she isn't a husband thief lol!

Angelina should really check her physical AND mental health. She seems to have an unnatural need of quarreling publicly about her and Brad Pitt's divorce, and now of course she has opinions about Trump, also that in the public. This behavior strongly reminds me of Britney Spears' behavior before she got medical help. Jolie, SEARCH for help. You really need it.

Angelina Jolie is yet another celebrity with a personal life in shambles who thinks the world should follow their advice. She plays make believe for a living and according to Sony execs she acts like a spoiled baby during film shoots.
Why would anyone want the advice of a person who acts like a child and makes money playing pretend like a 4 year old?
What has she done in her life that makes her an authority on anything?

Exactly. She also falsely accused her own husband of child abuse and tried hard to destroy his very image. She also has shown she doesn't care for her own kids well being either. By leaking all the personal details about their lives and what they are doing during her divorce from Brad Pitt. She is a hypocrite at every level.

Angelina has no credibility, to call out Trump, after what she did to Brad and the kids. Talk about someone being a tyrant!

 So the dad doesn't get the custody of the children ..yet he has to pay for their maintenance..even if the estranged wife is filthy there is fight for equality on one hand and crazy alimony laws on the other ..weird dichotomy...

Absolutely second you! These are Super greedy women

Well why can't she share the kids then...Why she wants all the kids...Why not have equal parenting....Why only single parenting....Is she better parent because she is a woman...?

The person who wants the custody must be able to financially support the children or else don't ask for the custody. She has enough money to take care of those children. If she wants money then don't ask for custody instead they both can parent the kids by dividing the financial expenses as mentioned in the article by making a trust.

And I thought women demanded equality. If you want all the children, why can't you afford financially raising them, provided you are a successful actor/artist. #doublestandards

 Females using their illegal power ^

Gold digger!

He should not pay..We are with you...Jolie is greedy woman

This coming from the beast who just spent months using her children as leverage in a divorce settlement and alienating them from their father

These Hollywood loons, live behind walls and gates. Have security cameras, and security systems with alarms. They walk around with security guards, yet, they don't want the wall built and are against the ban on the refugees. I guess as long as they are protected, why worry about the rest of the country?

Well, Angelina. this coming from a person saying she has compassion, concerns,and cares for her fellow man, yet throws her own husband and father to her children out, and refuses to let him see his own children. Then tries to destroy him in public, the media, and through the courts. Clean up your own house before you try to clean up the country. Now that being said, you have no clue as to what you're talking about. Here are some facts to look up.
Sweden deports 80 thousand muslim refugees.
Finland deports 20 thousand muslim refugees.
Then look these up where ever you want to view news videos. You Tube, AOL, etc.
Sweden and the muslim trouble.
Germany and the muslim trouble.
Bulgaria and the muslim trouble.
Italy and the muslim trouble.
France and the muslim trouble.
England and the muslim trouble.
How about knowing what you're talking about, before shooting off your big Hollywood mouth.

Said the person with security guards and living in a gated community.

I can now see why Brad Pitt was toking up so much.

Reminds me of the times people said "There's no refugee problem in Germany. Merkel knows what she's doing."

 Don't care what she thinks

Politics aside, the answer isn't listening to anorexic Hollywood narcissists.

Which gated,fenced 24 hour surveillance mansion did she tweet this from?

Lol, pretty interesting coming from a woman who is surrounded by security 24/7, flys on private jets and has a home, that she rarely leaves, with WALLS to keep the bad people out! Try being a regular citizen, without bodyguards and see if your opinion differs.

How much longer before the adults in the room usher this embarrassing child off the international stage?

 Just another "celebrity" who thinks their opinion is worth something....but its not because they don't pay my bills and they don't protect me and my family!!! In all reality they work for us cause we pay their bills!!!

Open letter to Angelina Jolie, re: opinion on refugee "ban". Dear Angie, it isn't a "ban" firstly is only an enforcement of existing laws on the books that were ignored by the former administration, secondly l seriously doubt that your limited elitist self would even be able to come up with a rational or intelligent thought....soooo..... just go and schmooz with your like minded fellow travelers and go away.

How touching? Why does she live mostly out of the United States? Has the kids ever been in school in the states? She leaves in another world. I admire for her work with kids but she hasn't got a clue on how we vet refugees.

 This chick cant even keep her own family together much less go off lecturing the US public about politics. I wish the celebrities, who live in mansions surrounded by tall walls and body guards, would just stick to what they do best.....pretending to be someone else and making a fortune at it.

Who cares what she is doing. Can't stand her, never could. I dislike her more now when she tried to take Brad down!!

Who cares what a drug addict has to say.
She's couldn't even safe her marriage, then she wants to save the world....


I love World War Z, can't wait for the sequel.

He produces many great movies. Moonlight is amazing.

I hope David Fincher will direct it. Brad Pitt + David Fincher = masterpiece.

They should keep the sequel budget under $150 million. The first one was a little too expensive due to reshoot. It is good to have a completely satisfied script before shooting it.

Braddy is very smart, smarter than ppl think, he will make this one really good and interesting. Surrounded by the best, will help him be his best :)

Whenever it will be made, I hope the sequel is more scary and has a good story line.

If Brad goes to make movie now, Angelina has reason to ask for sole custody. NO way Brad will let her has sole custody. (don't mix personal and business life)

Hope he can resolve custody thing as soon as possible, but I read Angelina demanded some unreasonable child support and Brad refused to pay. well if it is like this, custody will take a while.

I love him! <3

I agree with custody is the problem. If he can settle early this year, then he can make it later this year, then 2018 release is possible. If he settle late this year, then he will make it next year, then will be 2019 release.

Variety said it needs extra time to develop script. Paramount is hoping release in 2018 or 2019. I think it is because he is trying to get custody settled before making movie.

Why does their custody take so long? Angelina was crazy for asking for sole custody. When comes to children's best interest, Angelina isn't half the person Jennifer Garner or Gwyneth Paltrow is. She claims she is a "humanitarian", she is a joke. She is vindictive

Regular people don't read that - most have never heard of that magazine or Giles Duley. She is not winning anything - I don't know why you keep saying this - do you think if you keep posting it over & over it makes it true? Brad has already won the war. Plus the public at large now doesn't believe her humanitarian work is done out of the goodness of her heart anymore - they are cynical about it so it doesn't matter to them - have you been on any sites & read comments because you sound truly clueless day after day after day.

She is not winning anything . She accused her husband of child abuse and the FBI and the DCFS said it was unfounded and what they discovered "conflicted" with what was called on . That is a direct quote. Some humanitarian . Who does that S*** to their kids.

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