Monday, February 20, 2017


I simply do not trust this woman. She seems insecure and emotionally weak.

Crocodile tears.

"My focus is my children...our children"

She eats 1 green bean a day and has been shooting up herion, started at age 17. She’s also gay, just trying to keep up Hollywood image to get roles. She hates him and gets jelouse if he gives a smile or a hello to any girl. She hates if he’s happy at all. She is true evil.

Shes only 40? lol
She looks 50

What a hypocrite Angelina is

This woman is insane.

She needs help.

Well this is what happens when you dont eat….. you get grouchy…. maybe if she looked after hersdelf more her moods would level out….. woman looks like a skeleton…. but she was the one who ended things so i have no pity for her, she clearly thought she could screw Brad over with her nastiness but hes come out looking like the brave one not her, shes vindictive, spiteful and just nasty…. shes kept his kids away deliberately and is now crying foul…. please…. you need help Angelina… and a cheeseburger.

She can’t stand the fact that she can’t control him anymore she thinks he should be kissing her butt no matter what. She is spoiled and use to getting her way. It’s over so she needs to get over whatever is going on in her head. She is one weird person.

Maybe it (her anger) will eat her up! Maybe!!!

No….I think Angie has blown this way out of proportion! She is showing her true colors now! So the world can see! And, boy are they seeing! I’m glad they split up

Angelina is a kook. Always has been.
I pity those poor kids….

The reason she got so mad because the investigation shows that she was lying and the public took Brad side

No sympathy got Angelina Jolie. She has borderline ” queen bee ” personality. ( read the psychology). She will always think she’s right & will always blame others. She can’t help it.
Sorroudibg herself with 2 women who are just using her & the kids, divorce will only get worse.

No Angie has no right. She slammed him with a surprise divorce that she had planned for months. Then accused him of child abuse and look at her record. She is poisoning their kids with trash ideas and thoughts just because she wants to take kids out of country when she pleases. She needs to do more for our homeless anchildren in orphanages

Haha, what do you expect from the insanity and rampaging spoiled ego of this woman (aka Scott Rudin)?

One thing you forget: Angie accused Brad falsely, and no, the kids don’t look really happy, on many pics they look distressed as they are pimped to the paps, and the press again and again by their saint mother. Yes, the perfect family picture was false, especially because of Angie, who praised Brad for 12 years, and now she hates him, betrays him and lies about him to the DCFS and the FBI. Thank God, authorities are not stupid, and could see through the lies.

Angelina Jolie makes movies that don’t speak to the average person. Get the divorce over and get out of the news so the public can concentrate on important things.

Team Brad, Angie is crazy and thinks kids are possessions. She has turned her older child against Brad his become quiet a smug j3rk. I think that kid is a little twisted. Ugly to

This is a pattern in her life. Now she’s using Parental Alienation to try to destroy his relationship with his children. Children need structure & boundaries to survive in life.
She’ll get worse when she doesn’t get her way.

Evil angie trying to get simpatic & attention of people by using the kids, typecal mentall illness

Angelina is crazy.

She accused Brad falsely and she is the one who is mad? I mean she is crazy but she should just shut up after she proved to be a liar. It won’t go away, she showed her true vindictive self in public.

This wouldn’t surprise me at all. Angelina Jolie always makes it about herself with no real regard for other people and how her behavior affects them. A normal, decent person would realize this was about the children and how to make this transition easiest for them, not keep trying to villianize their other parent at any and all cost. This could have been a quiet, decent separation where the needs of the children were put first and both parties moved on with their lives while co-parenting those children. Instead it got turned into a huge power, control struggle because Angelina wanted what she wanted and to heck with anyone else, as usual. She appears to think she can behave in the most horrible way with no regard for what is best for her own children and people are going to overlook that just because she uses her so called humanitarian work to make herself look better. It’s the old, you can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig thing.

I agree completely. Doctors of Psychology diagnose it a NARCISSISTIC PERSONALITY DISORDER.

This what Angelina Jolie needs to do go on vacation far and far away and stay out of the media to not get any of attention.

No she doesn’t need go on another vacation ,What she needs is to grow the hell up and apologize to Brad for lying about him

You need help and learn Angelina is the one made the divorce announcement public to media and she the one using her children and she a saint like you think she is

Angelina Jolie using the children

Ice cold eyes and a heart of stone, she isn't fooling anyone.

listen you 'ol krazy kont, people see right trough you!!! save the tears for the movies!!! jezzzz!!!

She is an actress and this was an act.

'I have a new movie coming out, let's talk about the divorce.'

"We will always be a family" ..... Spare us your crocodile tears. You showed us who you were when you filed for divorce. If Brad had rolled over and given you your way, he wouldn't have seen you for dust! That's how much you value family. Your tears are for the charred embers of your image, the only thing you've ever cared about!

She has been systemically trying to bring Brad down for the last few months and it hasn't worked. It backfired in her face and she is figuring out how to make him look bad without actually saying it.

'I'm down to my last $100 Million, five homes, one jet, twelve cars and six nannies - it's so difficult to cope'.

She doesn't mean it. She is just worried about her PR because Hollywood stands behind Brad as does most of the public. Angelina did her best to ruin his reputation and she tried to keep the kids to herself so that she could move to Europe without Brad's consent. Her tears are fake, she's an actress and she was acting.

Angelina is crazy as they come. Brad made her look normal.

So righ on! She thought all her fame was from her! It was always Brad who was the star!

Notice how she said 'my kids' and then she changed it to 'our kids'. Yes Angelina, they have a father. Its like she cant grasp that idea.

She is trying to remove Brad from their lives. Totally bonkers

The judge should watch this interview. There's something wrong with this woman. She said she will VISIT her children in five years time? Knox and Vivienne will be only 13 in five years. Don't worry, Vivienne... You can live with your father in five years. You don't have to live alone.

How convenient that she talks about this now when she has a new film coming out.

She uses the media for her own ends. Manipulative and fake snake

I also find it offensive that she trots those children out in a Hermes belts, etc . When visiting their homelands. Like, " look at us! With our thousand dollar belts at age 10! "

I used to like her but this divorce made me realize how fake she is.

Always been false and insincere. A spoiled brat...always has been, always will be. Boycott the film.

As opposed to all her other divorces? I am losing count now.

In other worlds: please watch my movie

She could have just produced it & put up the money but NO she has to direct & then make the promotion all about her & her kids - typical Angie.

fake news crocodiles don't shed tears.

Oh shut up and stop using your kids as weapons.

I just can't stand her anymore.

Me neither - phony witch!!

I never could bl 00 dy well stand her!!

^Or better yet, adopt none at all. I'd prefer to live with my own destitute, impoverished family that truly loved me rather than a rich, holier-than-thou, liberal witch only looking to use me as a status symbol.

Exploiting the Cambodians. Exploiting her own kids. Dragging ALL the kids around the world this time, telling them "smile, wave to the cameras." Pulling out all the stops to try & recoup her pitch to be global humanitarian. SO transparent. Allowing personal questions so she can press out some tears. This is a bigger pitch to rebuild her toxic image - this isn't for her movie. Best thing she can do for the family is ditch the hangers-on, the pretensions, the lawyers and do some very intensive psych therapy. Then give Brad custody!

Fake! She rehearsed very well for this role. Exploiting the Cambodian's who died to serve her own PR needs, a-gain.

She quickly amended that because she must know she was criticised for denying Brad access to his own children.

goodness knows what lies she has told the children

Seriously..... what a pitiful act!! she knows full well she has come out of this break up REALLY badly.... the above is a VERY POOR attempt at damage limitation.

never liked that hypocritical face something ill leaping out of...

Also remember she was a home wrecker too.

It's called sanctimoniousness or smugness or both.

Plus she is doing that bohemian, pretentious yoga/spirituality retreat thing. I find it funny how Westerners go to South America or Thailand for this in an attempt to be 'free' and 'cleansed', but never wonder why the natives of said countries live in abstract poverty.

no one is fooled by her act, it's all fake. she doesn't care about how brad feels, only herself.

We'll always be a family is usually said when the two adults with continue acting in unison as parents to guide the kids. It is not usually said as 1 adult and all the kids will be "the family" and exclude the other adult.

when you live your life in the spotlight, when you court public opinion for your various projects, when you attempt to portray yourself as one thing you can't complain when people comment on your behaviour. You can't only have the good stuff when it suits you.

Some where, some how, all of her manipulation and lies will come crashing down on her.

and I think it will be Zahara & Shiloh that will bring reality to her life cause with these 2, you could see them being dutiful older siblings to their younger siblings, holding hands and all, but when with their dad only, they were always giggly young girls! So cleary, on Angelina outings, they had orders on how to behave, with dad, they were left to be themselves and it is clear in all the photos that they adore their dad!..and it is the two that broke down in tears the first time they were allowed to see their dad...

Terrible and you're right. Nobody really cares about her but they'll come when she talks about the divorce. Its her token to trade.

Well one way this woman could bring her family closer is to allow the children's father to have regular access to them.

"My children er sorry I mean our children " says it all really how she thinks ..Brad you really walked yourself into it with that nutjob...

She threw Brad under the bus and is now going for the sympathy vote. Its so obvious. She is a devious one.

Divorce? No. Let's talk about family. They will always be a 'family' and you have to believe her. But this SAME woman wants full custody. Strange.

concerned.....Angelina dictates the questions...For God's sake !.....You are watching a performance. Her hesitation, her diffidence, her meekness, is ACTING.....She wishes to garner sympathy, and Brad, is no match for her.....He does not have the deviousness. I feel very sorry for him..

she definitely only pretends she's above hollywood and CHOOSING to not work so much. the sony hack showed the reality; she's loathed in the industry. no one wants to work with her, despite her begging various directors. look at her imdb - sparse b movie action flicks and kids stuff. it's not a choice she's made.....she just can't get roles. so that's how she spins it to pretend she's still a relevant a lister. but it's ludicrous to believe she's actually above it all when celebs depend on their exposure and public image to make money, and this woman's the biggest media manipulator of them all. total phoney through and through.

Yes I am sure she is coping fine not being separated from her children and with her 10 nannys to do all the parenting work for her... my heart bleeds!

Well, that's one more Oscar winning performance under her belt...

I'm glad u said this! Never liked her! She comes across as very cold and calculated

my thoughts as soon as I saw the clip...the over exaggerated sigh. must have worked on that in the mirror for weeks.

She's not fooling me. She's not a very good actress; she was never in Love with Brad

She is selling a movie!

She's an actress acting

She should just say I don't want to talk about it. You are no longer a family and definately not a stronger one. What a lot of nonsense!

wendy williams is a chat show host who is evidently against angelina, but the comments support her fully and defend her actions. Even though brad has done nothing wrong he is being called out for his weed use. They fail to see jolie took even worse drugs, has been diagnosed with many mental illnesses and is keeping the father away from his children

Yep, definately going for a UN position or something where she can gain more GirlPower. Lifewreckers like this normally leave a trail of destruction-she ain't the only one.

Well, Wendy Williams told on her show that Angelina contacted some powerful PR agency to help her to "clean her reputation". I can see they are working hard on this!

Textbook NPD...SMH.

She is playing the victim. Blatant PR and spin. Brad is lucky to escape.

Maddox is head of the family now. He has stretched Brad up like a kipper. His face tells all.

you're right about Maddox, probably the source of the problems!

Best I've ever seen her acting

Oscar winning performance for the sad faced BBC exclusive interview...

What a joke. She's the Hillary Clinton of Hollywood - nothing real or honest about her. Too bad America has seen through her and knows what a phony she is.

She is an ACTRESS and is as false as the rest of them. I don't believe a word she says and think Brad has dodged a bullet there although I do feel sorry for the children. I expect they will end up as drug addicts or alcoholics to try and dull the memories of her being their 'Mother'.

She used to be attractive, now more gaunt and weird

And the Oscar for the most contrived performance goes to ,.........

Wah wah wah

I have a feeling that the film might actually be a flop just because of her. People just don't like her and especially the way she's apparently treated Brad Pitt. and also because it is not  a reliable and inaccurate film.

Oh just bore off. Nobody is bothered about you and your whining. Why do these luvvies seem to make these interviews so boring, as they stumble for the words to say. Just shows that they can only speak lucidly when acting out a script. The best thing for these idiots to do is stay in their fantasy world and leave the rest of us to get on with living in the real world.

that is the whole point - they are no longer a family. The children have been deprived of daily contact with their father by this affected narcissist.

Shut up, you are a conniving two faced cow.

Don't believe a word she says. All part of an agenda.

Nobody cares about you Ange, you come across as cold and manipulative

The picture with herself and all the children meeting the King of Cambodia is unusual,as most mothers would put the youngest children next to her...just to keep a close eye on them. To have the adult children next to her and to leave the little girl so far away...seems a bit uncaring.

I've never thought of her as sensitve. Maybe I've been wrong.

Don't care, Shut up. Don't care. Shut up.

I'm coping. Boo hoo. I am a victim.

Air head who lives in la la land

Gosh, poor lamb. Fancy having all that money, having been over paid and spoilt rotten for all that time, and now having a career to promote, and now having to go to the media with absolutely nothing to discuss other than a desire to get as many pics and column inches as possible. Bear in mind that lambs tend to end up finding what mint sauce does for a life. Absolutely no story here in this headline. Still it makes a change from having Wayne Rooney on the front page.

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