Monday, February 27, 2017


I think we won Brad in the divorce

Guess he knows talent when he sees it.

Plan B is amazing and #Moonlight is a masterpiece! Iconic moment in film history tonight!

holy hell that was Pitts company? lol don't make a movie unless Plan B is doing it lol

Yes and he is so low key with it! So rare for a Hollywood actor.

Brad Pitt's Plan B Entertainment has produced 3 Best Pictures winners including Steve McQueen's 12 Years a Slave & Barry Jenkins' Moonlight

Honestly I want to thank Brad Pitt who silently but remarkably helped to  produce and Finance 12 years a slave and Moonlight

moonlight is destined to be a classic

Brad Pitt helped finance and produce Moonlight? That's dope.

Moonlight cost $1.5M. A cast of unknowns. Best Picture.

S/o (shout out) to brad pitt #moonlight

Brad Pitt's Plan B production company stays in the mix for Best Picture: The Tree Of Life, Moneyball, Selma, 12 Years A Slave & Moonlight.

RETWEETING MY #BradPitt #GoldenGlobes MUSINGS because i will scream it forever: He's the kind of White Ally we need more than ever

"Moonlight" shattered an Oscars glass ceiling for black films.  Became the first film with an all-black cast to win the Academy Award for best picture.

Brad Pitt making all these black movies though he the real winner lol

The ultimate winner from last night is Brad Pitt, whose company produced Moonlight. Won his 2nd best picture Oscar!

Brad Pitt is becoming the Ozzie Newsome or John Elway of the movie production business: the list of films from his Plan B shop is amazing.

Brad Pitt and his production company are here for the culture: Selma, 12 Years A Slave & Moonlight. #Oscars

I also like that Brad Pitt's subtle in the promotion process. He's focused on supporting fantastic films without making it all about him.

#Salute to #BradPitt for producing black movies 🎥 with his #PlanB production company

Brad Pitt really gets IT

At $1.5 million, @moonlightmov became the lowest budget film to ever win Best Picture (inflation-adjusted) #Oscars. 🌙 Support indie film

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