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unfortunately her cheekbones sliced several reporters

 Please, tell us how we should all think, perched in your gated community.

who cares what she has to say

Women support women even when they say stupid things.

 Didn't she sleep with her own brother? 🤔 I don't think that makes her an expert on immigration.

Jolie is in the same batch of elite nobodies as Lily,ewan,gary,etc,etc, why report anything they say ? It's just free publicity for their fading careers !

It is all a game for these Hollywood liberals but the people who cant afford gated communities and security it is not , Trump is not prepared to play Russian roulette with Americans lives , once these people get in they become Americans and if they do anything the lunatic left just say it was a American citizen that did it ! The Orlando shooter wife came to the US for one reason only ! Europe is a mess and looks like Hell , there is so much crime going on that is not reported in the US ! Oh and the idiot left need to know they will not give a rats azz who you voted for as proven by the 3 German girls who held up refugees welcome signs and now the one who survived has a different opinion !

i could not imagine what goes on in this womans mind

 Another celebrity speaking out. Same garbage. Different day.

Yes. A person who is famous, is known as a celebrity. If it was any other person,there would be no story.

a woman who uses her children as weapons in a divorce against a good man shouldn't criticize anyone

he's a great man and a great father, women like her shouldn't have children to use as weapons

 From her ivory tower of Delusion.

she can't even keep a husband so what does she know

nobody cares what she thinks heck she dumped Brad Pitt.

AJ simply not a valuable asset these days to speak out against travel ban..doing more damage than good. #teambrad #shecracra

and y should I ,isten to this goofball??? Wow

darling Angelina fix your messy life

 jolie why talk about someone's else's life when you can't control your own? Always be it was nice when you were secluded!

a NASTY op-ed - ooops just threw up in my mouth.

she's a actor who thinks she is mother teresa

Someone give her some tators...

Jolie is not someone I would be offering up as a "credible voice of reason."

"Powerful" really. Bitch please

and no one cares

I'll bet u that she is unaware that all of the last 6 Pres have banned immigrants multiple times

Get your house in order before you start preaching to others

Of all of the people in the world I might listen to, she is not one of them. I lost respect for her when she pretty much cut off contact with her Dad, John Voight. Now, him I respect.

Oh, shut up, you irritating scarecrow. You're not volunteering to have these refugees anywhere near you or your children in your gated community.

I wish we could ban STUPID!

Yet another furiously virtue-signalling luvvie who puts the "rights" of newcomers to the States before the safety and well-being of ordinary citizens. Some might call that being a

When leftist like Jolie destroy America, we won't be able the help anybody.

Shouldn't she be busy making herself throw up?

wish they had a spokesperson who wasn't batshit crazy

Didn't she used to wear a vile of Billy Bob Thorntons blood around her neck. Hahaha, why does her opinion matter

 She lost credibility after those false accusations....

shut up already. No one wants to hear from you.

This is what happens when you have a lot of money and little talent and no job.

Go home and take care of your family. I am so tired of these self righteous SJW.

Shame on her for virtue signaling. Your stupid ideas are ruining the US. =/

Nope! Not interested in anything she has to say because she has proven herself to be disingenuous and self-centered. (Serbia)

HYPOCRITE. Could there be an A lister that has higher walls around her homes WORLD wide, walks with more security, spends so much $$$$$, yet requests the American people accept refugees with no ID or information.

Someone has something to promote!

She should put her own house in order before she starts preaching to others!

Put her own house in order??? Which one?

All the best hypocrites are like her.

Yeah and trying to ruin your ex husbands reputation doesn't make you a nice person

So true, nor does it make her a humanitarian!!

Go and look after your kids woman and eat a decent meal.

Is she trying to regain some credibility following the circus her life has become? Sorry Ang, the celebrity band wagon is full on this one

Here we go again, another self righteous Ninny. Why don't you open the doors to your many homes, and house a bunch of families there, then we'll know you care.

These so-called celebs ought to walk the talk.

And Trump just gained a few more supporters. Ta, Ange babe. (Alicante)

Adopt them all Angelina. (Italy)

Brad, you are definitely better off without this deranged woman.


She is a terrible director so no doubt this will be awful. She absolutely massacred Unbroken

Maybe stay at home for a while looking after the kids would be more appropriate.

Instead of worrying about fixing the world, why not fix the mess you have at home. If you want to change the world start with the welfare of your kids

Grotesque cyborg

solve your own family's problems first

I think she put a huge payday before the best interests of her children and that's just wrong. She and Brad have an iron-clad prenup that limits how much money he has to pay her to a reasonable amount. It is NOT enough to cover private jets for the rest of her life however, so what better way to continue her current lifestyle AND get revenge on Brad for falling out of love with her than to get 6 more paychecks for child support? She can ONLY get child support if she has sole physical custody so...

I can't take anything these rich people say seriously unless they live as they preach. They could start by giving at least 90% of their wealth away to people in need! - They would still be rich, so I don't understand why they don't do that?! It would really show me that they were sincere and not just acting! Right now they all look like BIG liars to me (Denmark)

It'll Flop flop flop.

I won't be watching.

Looking extremely gaunt and skeleton in the face. I don't like her at all anymore.

Nobody is interested in her work anymore. She is finished.

Angelina, your own household is wreck because of your crazy antics. For the love of god please spare other countries around the world from your hypocrisy. Total nut job at work. (Minneapolis)

I have no interest in seeing any project this vile woman is involved with (NYC)

I hope nobody watches it - purely because she's on it

I know someone (SIL) who worked with her @ the UN She is an actual idiot in real life. Clueless Is the word she used .

I wouldn't trust the clowns at the UN who are very politically biased and have bashed Trump

RIP You blew your image long ago.

I think she is a decent director and she obviously has a passion for refugees and for Cambodia where Maddox was adopted from. That said, by severely miscalculating her popularity and trying to drag Brad down to get full custody of the kids--she has become one of the most hated figures in the entertainment world. And unfortunately this is going to cause people to boycott her film here. And it is a worthwhile film, but because of her actions over the last several months it is going to be impossible for many to separate her from the content of the film. She is desperately trying to win people back as one can see from her actions over the last few weeks (taking the kids out, smiling, being a good mom etc), but it is too little, too late.

She is not a decent actress or director, By the Sea was dire

This woman has major narcissism issues. I feel like her 'activism' is always self-serving and superficial.

Image rehabilitation in full swing today I see. Sorry, not falling for this woman's PR tricks ever again. Convenient timing to deflect attention from her ridiculous child support demands.

She has lost her looks, or maybe her true evil has just shown thru. There is nothing attractive or radiant about her. Her charity always comes across contrived and self serving. And i hate to talk ill of a child but Maddox looks a really obnoxious teen.

Fixed your family issues first than go and worried about other countries .. home wrecker

She wants to be seen as a savior.

BINGO! Brad said it best in his last public motion filed in court...

She's nothing but a right witch.

She should open some of her homes to some of these males of unknown origin and support them in every way before she preaches to the masses.

And ISIS targeting the weak and you protecting ISIS is ok

This movie will be watched by maybe 50 people....

She seriously looks like she'd stab you in your sleep...

She looks ill.

Angelina's gone down in my estimation perhaps unfair to say not knowing what really is going on, but at the moment she's lost my respect. (Dubai)

Yet she claims the man she shared her bed with is a terrorist to their children. She can see overseas, but missed what happened at home?

Lol, pretty interesting coming from a woman who is surrounded by security 24/7, flys on private jets and has a home, that she rarely leaves, with WALLS to keep the bad people out! Try being a regular citizen, without bodyguards and see if your opinion differs.

These Hollywood loons, live behind walls and gates. Have security cameras, and security systems with alarms. They walk around with security guards, yet, they don't want the wall built and are against the ban on the refugees. I guess as long as they are protected, why worry about the rest of the country?

angelina needs to stay out of the public eye some more, that little homewrecker

Angelina should move. To the middle east

Skeletor stick ghoul should be more worried about returning all those kids back to their villages

...more accusations from this they are ALL LIES, just like the crap she tried pulling on her soon to be EX.... Angelina has become PATHETIC over the ppast year...I've lost ALL respect for that chick & removed EVERY movie from my collection that had her in it... Bye bye Angelina.

The USA should ban it's citizens from adopting overseas. We have enough kids here that need adopting.

That's what happens when you steal someone's husband!! You don't stay married. Go back to France I didn't miss your 2 cents.

Well, Angelina. this coming from a person saying she has compassion, concerns,and cares for her fellow man, yet throws her own husband and father to her children out, and refuses to let him see his own children. Then tries to destroy him in public, the media, and through the courts. Clean up your own house before you try to clean up the country. Now that being said, you have no clue as to what you're talking about. Here are some facts to look up.
Sweden deports 80 thousand muslim refugees.
Finland deports 20 thousand muslim refugees.
Then look these up where ever you want to view news videos. You Tube, AOL, etc.
Sweden and the muslim trouble.
Germany and the muslim trouble.
Bulgaria and the muslim trouble.
Italy and the muslim trouble.
France and the muslim trouble.
England and the muslim trouble.
How about knowing what you're talking about, before shooting off your big Hollywood mouth.

Then I suppose she's standing up for ignorance since she didn't have the correct information

Eat a D@&& Angelina, and worry about your kids whose head your messing with by screwing up their relationship with their father.

Another crybaby liberal who hides behind armed security and only sees illegals who cut her grass and wash her cars no one cares what this has been thinks.

hey jolie,let them all go to your house,or better yet MOVE!

Wonder what the weather's like on her planet?

Feel sorry for those 50 kids she adopted, hope they get to go live with Brad.....

Dalton and/or Helic wrote that for her. Helic is a Bosnian Muslim, and Bosnian Muslims make up the world's largest terror group. No offense to Helic, but I don't trust or believe her views on anything. Angie already showed she was on the wrong side with ITLOBAH

Still waiting for her and other celebs to give up several of their many mansions for refugees to live in. And, while they're at it, pay for their healthcare, education, etc.

Precisely. They lecture the average person who has to make ends meet to pay the higher taxes, while they jet off around the world to one of their many mansions, sipping champagne.

Whaaaaaaaat?!!!! Your three bios were born in 'foreign lands' because YOU CHOSE THAT FOR THEM you sanctimonious, smug old HO! You shut down the airspace of a small African country and got their corrupt government to refuse visas to everyone except your paid lackeys and paps!!

“[Angelina Jolie’s] been with so many guys she makes me look like a baby... And, I just don’t even find her attractive,” he said in an interview with Larry King in 2006.

Straight up delusional junkie ho fax.

Human? Genuine? Jolie? Really?

And the fact the cameras are always there to capture her "genuine" moments! We have proof!

B1tch please how can you be living with someone else's husand in 2004 when they were still married and claimed it wasn't your fault. Of course you were the problem dirty HO

LIE. I have already posted here MANY times about the fact of the "MaMS coverup" that concealed the little tidbit that Angelina Jolie had been stalking the Golden marriage since WELL BEFORE 2004; in fact it was likely "since 2001". So if this documentary claims "problems in the Golden marriage "before Angelina" and by which they mean "pre-2004" well then, they are LYING. I saw the blurb in Mike Walker's column that Jolie had been signed on to MaMS in 2001. I remember it because ho was still married to BBT but hadn't yet adopted Maddox, and when I saw it I recall thinking "If I were Jen, that's one teamup I'd keep a close eye on!" Then: "Well, she's married herself now; maybe THAT will cool her 'married-man-screwing' jets! " So that would mean she was signed on PRE-2003; I have already mentioned the article in the Enquirer where Jolie brought Maddox to the set of TROY in 2003 and told Pitt "Maddox wanted to see you, Brad"! Now how could a 2 year old "want to see" someone he had never met before? Of course, they HAD met- on the set of the FIRST MaMS shoot, which was so carefully "scrubbed" in order to HIDE the fact that the ho had in fact been lurking around Brad a LOT LONGER than everyone has been led to believe!

I wonder what JEN will have to say about this "documentary"; will she just sit back or will she step forward and say "That's not how it was at all!" Is the CIA still "on board" and now coming out with the PR "goldleaf" to try and repair the gaping tear in the celebrity operative's goldleafed turd of a public image? I guess we will find out!

"Made more contributions to to human rights/is genuine"? She's about as genuine as a rhinestone Tiffany ring. Notice how the fact of HER being a HEROIN junkie is STILL being kept on the down-low and HIS image as a "drug addict" is being paraded around and around in the media like some kind of banner! So there's still "goldleafing" going on, no question! The fact that BRAD is 'taking the fall" for drug addiction and not her is undoubtedly tied to the fact that the Agency DOESN'T want the fact of Jolie's addiction to come out, lest people put 2 and 2 together between her addiction and "humanitarian' trips to drug-producing countries in private jet"-and so the media would, quite naturally, be 100% MUZZLED in this regard!

She just needs to shut up she's embarrassing herself.

One thing is for sure, she didn't write this, but these are her asinine ideals. Dalton and Helic wrote it no doubt.

This is shameless self promotion for her film in 2 weeks.

Exactly, impeccable timing - she's always predictable like that.

Helic, a Muslim herself, most certainly had a hand in this. If Trump's Executive Order is bad, then Helic's meddling in US politics and fuelling the upset over it, is equally as bad. Do you know what, but out. None of your business.
Likewise Jolie, who is using these people for her own PR and to try and shore up a collapsing brand. Despicable.

There is a video on the DM website - she looks terrible.

Jolie credited Maddox with convincing her to make the film after it languished for years.

No wonder there was an altercation on that plane between this teenager and his father. She's bloody insane to let a 14 year old believe he's some hot shot production assistant, or whatever. Set runner, tea maker, maybe. Those kids are going to be as insufferably arrogant as she is. You can see it already,

wow! her uneducated and spoiled brat is soooooooooo smart. he might be able to support her financially soon. looks like we all underestimate the power of unregulated home schooling

That's the problem, her parenting ideas are terrible for the children, but she doesn't see it.

She has done those children no favours by isolating them and denying them a proper education. They are all going to be as educational and social development is going to be as stunted as hers.

Exactly. Seriously how disrespectful of her to word it the way she did. So some teenager "read the script" and decided she should do it? Give me a break. It would have been worded better if she had said he wanted her to share the story because of his cultural background. I can see all of Hollywood's screenplay writers and script doctors rolling their eyes collectively.

She is not a real director - that is the problem. This is another one of her oh so worthy Vanity projects. And the last one paid for by Pitt. She'll have to find another schmuck to bankroll these flops now.

Real directors don't traffic in selling anything other than their movies! She is so laughable

Maybe 100 loons will watch this? That's about it. She looks like she has one foot in the grave.

Angelina should really check her physical AND mental health. She seems to have an unnatural need of quarreling publicly about her and Brad Pitt's divorce, and now of course she has opinions about Trump, also that in the public. This behavior strongly reminds me of Britney Spears' behavior before she got medical help. Jolie, SEARCH for help. You really need it.

Angelina Jolie is yet another celebrity with a personal life in shambles who thinks the world should follow their advice. She plays make believe for a living and according to Sony execs she acts like a spoiled baby during film shoots.
Why would anyone want the advice of a person who acts like a child and makes money playing pretend like a 4 year old?
What he she done in her life that makes her an authority on anything?

Says the heroin junkie...

What and who is Angie-Loonie:
A drug addict/user and chronic smoker who drinks blood, has an incestal relationship with her brother, who yet cannot have a healthy relationship with FOOD ... Who is Cancer ridden loosing all her private parts due to her mental deficiency of poor life choices, while collecting knives and bones.
This bat chyte crazy Angie-LOONIE is nothing but a raging, washed up, trashed out, Illuminati Puppet that
gets naked in groups , sacrificing animals for sick rituals, that belongs in a mental institution (she actually brags about it on video).
Go away with your failed marriage and try managing your own mess of a life & leave our President alone.
Brad and America loathes you.

Why doesn't she fork over a few hundred grand and take care of them herself. Have them build a tent city inside her mansion and she can feed them, bath them, provide them healthcare, etc.

angelina troll-lee

She's a wack job. Next!

This broad is nutts

Hypocrite, Angee, back in action. Redirecting issues once again to make herself look good. Where were your heartfelt comments and/or letter on 1/27 when Trump introduced his new immigration/travel ban? HHMMM?? True activist(s) (ACLU), would respond in a blink of an eye NOT wait until 6 days later! What do you say to that, Ms. UN? Narcissist back in action...

Either way, Helic and her useful idiot Jolie are not helping. They are weighing in out of self interest only.

Why does she still fancy herself as a 'filmmaker?
Her 'directing' career never took off and she is dunzo. What a loser.

Filmmaker? Tell that to Rudin. :lol:

This is nothing but a big commercial for herself and damage control. First she dresses up like a hooker and takes a stroll with the twins because her perfume is about her being all woman and sexy ya know , and is tied also to this film. Then she decides to drop this before she heads off for Cambodia , but of course she had to tell everyone she has six children. Hell , is there anyone in the freaking world that does not know that ? NO
That was to remind the judge that she is a good person and deserves sole custody . This was all after she leaked Brad was in rehab . Notice this time his camp again said they are adhering to the confidentiality contract , but stopped short of accusing her of breaking it by leaking to the tabloids as they did in that last court document .

coming from a woman who want to shut the father of her kids from having any communication unless there is therapy present for five minutes. and also coming from a woman who can't even help a penny to the mother of her child, while the mother of her child living in mud .

hypocrisy at its finest!

Because no one will hire her as an actress.

After ByTheSea, no studio will hire her as a director either.

LOL so true!
She directed 3 failures and has the nerve to still call herself a 'filmmaker'?
Angelina needs to do what Malia Obama is doing, which is maybe go back to school and learn the craft! I bet little Malia knows more about how to direct then this loser does!

Yeah, she's pretty much self-funding her vanity projects at this point.

A woman who lies about her husband committing child abuse and tries hard to destroy his reputation and his relationship with his own kids!
And apparently is demanding millions and millions per year in support from him! When she has her very own money and filed in the docs she did not want money!
Angelina is absolute trash! This was Op-Ed was nothing but to help rebuild that tarnished image.
Nobody is buying her BS act anymore.

I think its safe to say she is a failure as a director. She should stop calling herself one. Its really embarrassing.

Angelina Jolie should house all 2000 refugees on her own land, or as many as she can.

they would flee her kingdom before too long and become double refugees.

Comments on DM and yahoo :twisted: she can't win. Karma is never going to leave her

Yep the biggest hypocrisy nut in hollywood is Jolie. Here it is claiming that she scared/feared of a man she live with for the last 12 years, without no noise of having problem , suddenly she feared and she try to shut the father out the kids , and also, this the same woman who went out her way announce Zahara mother had aids died, and even after all knowing she alive, she did not have a single effort to help, Yet she want attention in the middle of her own mess.

All PR for Jolie. It's only about her image and promotion for her new vanity project. She doesn't give a chit about politics or refugees.

From what I have read, she is being slammed all over the net...

Too bad she doesn't live in the real world!!

she's not an expert just because she adopted some

Who cares of Jolie

 Every people got each own problem, too obsessive in one makes u vulnerable to being a drug dependent or depression.

 go over to Middle East to do it! Or adopt them all

Just love the way you treated your husband.Lies Lies Lies

 Take care of your kids, we do not want your political views.

oh shut up and take care of your life its a mess

 too bad nobody cares what she thinks

Why doesn't #AngelinaJolie just adopt them. She can hire a nanny for each one. 🙄 Typcial elitist.

she wanted all these kids from foreign countries! Let her pay for them! There not even all Brads children!

what a leach

Man she really reeled him in and trying to suck him dry. What do these kids possibly need for 100k a month

She's a Hollywood actress that lives in a gated community away from the things she preaches for.

This appalling woman terrorises her husband with false charges, sows family division & the NYT gives her SPACE??

 Angelina Jolie can write?

Keep your mouth shut! Tend 2 kids and bad acting!

I can't be the only person who'd rather read what an actual refugee had to say than some holier than thou uber celebrity.

The Original Miss DoGood ,, publicity seeker , talks rubbish , don't live in the real world .

 let's adopt them all then have a a contentious divorce and make their lives miserable

She is a head case, ask Brad Pitt.

 she has a large home , she should do her duty and house them !!!

she can't even keep her man why would we listen to her trashy tattooed ass?

She's thinks she's such a smarty pants on family values, lecturing us, yet has been through how many divorces? Typical liberal, "do as I say, not as I do".

Hard to believe , isn't it? She has the mind of a simpleton yet....she thinks she has influence because she thinks everyone else is just like her. heheh.

So how many is she sponsoring and putting up a financial bond for?
What's that? I can't hear you.

Go back to drinking Billy Bobs blood and sucking face with your brother Bitch.

 She is a self absorbed bitch focused on the spotlight and a stealer of other people' husbands. Soo glad Brad has finally dumped the whtich.

She has issues. We dont want to go there. A mother yes but all there doubtful. This is the same woman that tongued her brother come on

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