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Anything for a headline

What did she open up about again? Because it looks like her answers were non-answers.

Was this before or after she lied about him 'abusing' them to gain custody?

He was abusive last month but he's a great father this month? #SmellsOfShit

You left him lady, don't cry your crocodile tears and expect everyone to believe your upset!!

She is an actress. She spends her time pretending to be someone she isn't. She can turn the tears on and off. Better news our there than this crap.

Last time she said he was abusive father !!Ur story change more than ur clothes .Snorting too much coke aye

 She is playing the media to sway public opinion as she looks like a manipulative jerk

She needs to go away like now.

I don't see the point in another movie about Khmer Rouge . I saw the movie The Killing Fields (1984) and it was an excellent movie . I'll never forget the scene when the guy escapes and literally walks over a field full of skulls . Just like how they remade Mad Max and it sucked ... I wont even bother with her movie .

What a superficial idiot

Dang , you know those kids don't want to eat a spider !!!

She is so far from normal. Brad Pit was not too bright to not have seen she has many "issues". I question his judgement for having so many children with this one

Not buying it. She's on "damage control" to fix her image. Image is sooooo important to her.
Im calling FAKE

She has never been normal blood drinker brother kisser she is crazy weird that's what she is and eating spiders she is just crazy weird

 She is "adjusting" because she has to. I long ago stopped watching any movie she starred or directed.

Disney icon? Calm down Teen Vogue.

This is some of her best acting. And the sad part is she is not acting: calculating

The woman was always a Wacko!!! All the Drugs she took damaged her brain!!! Poor kids!!!!!

Blah blah blah....always a family..... right, Then splits it!

Beware. A wolf 🐺 in sheeps 🐑 clothing.

She'll do or say anything to get publicity.

Funny what people do to get media attention

What about the poor tarantulas!?!?! 😳 what did they do to deserve to be killed and eaten so Angie can look like she cares about Cambodia!!????!!!!

Exactly. Anything for press attention

Damage control. Trying to humanise her , public reaction has been very negative towards her. Bet it was a shock. Brad getting such a positive welcome from the acting community must have really hurt. For all her humanitarian work she is not liked.

 That's what I have thought ever since the awards show where everyone gave him such a warm sincere welcome. The very next day she had it announced she wanted to keep the divorce proceedings private "for the children". She really did start a damage control campaign. Now this! It really isn't our business but she put it all out there to slander him and try to make herself look like an injured party. So, now we have opinions.

I thought she was leaving acting and becoming a full time director and politician?

 You're surprised that a woman that once wore a vial of her lover's blood around her neck would feed her kids bugs? Seriously?

I'm so glad I went team Brad in the Breakup.

what a joke she is

I thought she was going to keep this all private. Oh, wait, she must have a new movie coming out and needs the publicity. My sympathies to the children.

Fly Free Brad Pitt ~ i believe in You ~ xo. = )

Shes a sick fork....shes changing her tune now bc she realized follywood tolerated her bc of brad all their discord, follywood rather support brad than her. Follywood hunchos find her unbearable.

Faux pas...My children..."our children" that says it all...she used Pitt for a sperm she wants solo control over them..

If he is a wonderful father and you will always be a family, why are you divorcing him

What surprises me most is that so many apparently find her attractive. She looks more like a monster to me

Every time she opens her mouth, pure silliness comes out.

attention seeker looking to make herself look good at the expense of brad.damning him with faint praise wont fool the public who,apart from the usual sycophants can see right through her.

she is a satanist and should be forbidden to have any children. A truly vile woman

Inevitable outcome. As soon as she started collecting foreign children and wanting one of every rainbow type, Brad should've dumped her.

This Cambodian tour was really shameless, and and she thoroughly pimped the kids for her movie promotion. Selling family life for PR, what a great mother! She should just shut up her lying mouth and go away, because I don't want to see her again for a long time, perhaps never.

She lost the PR war before she started it. I can't believe she thought she would. Maybe she is not as smart as everyone gives her credit for.

Brad should never have hooked up with Angelina in the first place.

Those poor kids tho. I would bet she is playing some crazy kind of head games with them. She won't win the PR war but she might with the kids.

It is all blowing up in her face and she is freaking out.  But it is far from over.  She will now use her children as weapons against Brad Pitt as a power trip.

How about Brad take the three that belong to him and she can take the other three.  Everyone's happy,

Of course Pitt wants his kids. But he's said from the start that he wants shared custody. I doubt he'd refuse full custody, tho. You could see in his face how miserable he was after Jolie pulled her stunt. She's just suddenly realized no one likes her but everyone likes Brad. She's flaunting those kids in Pitt's face, especially poor little Shiloh. And what sane woman feeds her kids tarantulas? Jolie is unstable. Always has been.

She is a C-list actress at best.  She needs Brad's name to be relevant.

Angelina Jolie may have used bigs guns like BBC and ABC to relaunch herself after the divorce but it looks like her PR stunt is not swaying the public opinion. Still a lot of hatred out there for this woman.

I cannot stand Angie after this divorce stunt. Do not think I would pay to ever see another picture of hers and I bet a lot of other people feel the same way. She is box office poison now.

nother massive "ego bath" with smug looks instead of genuine emotive acting. Her obsession with one-dimensional heroism, an kind of excessive individualism, and shallower-than-a-puddle strong-women projects is off-putting. Totally and utterly culturally unsophisticated.

I see that she's currently wearing her Groucho Marx 'fuzzy caterpillar' eyebrows in an effort to look human. Hahahahaha-hahaha-haha! We know it's still you, Ange, and we know you're still a Bee.

Sorry dear, you might as well retire. You've wrecked your family and your reputation.

Just go away... nobody wants to see you in anything because you are a horrible actress and an even worse human being.

Yawn. Over-rated actress.

"just not with this overrated actress in the lead." Yep, and you can bet your bottom dollar she'll be insisting the script turns Catherine into the one-dimensional heroine she's always playing.

She blew this one that is for sure.

First They Killed My Budget....

Even the seven Earth-sized planets in NASA's new discovery are not big and large enough to contain AJ's ego. But she should visit them anyway, after all she suits the name "Trappist". She traps people as and when she wants. And now she trapped herself. But of course, actually her kids discovered those exoplanets while they were playing professional-level tennis with the two hamsters by the sea, haven't you heard?

I want to age like Brad Pitt. Just like a fine bottle of 🍷.

What a complete freak! I can see trying it or learning about it - but she seems to be making it a meal. Do the kids have a choice? This isn't normal.

Oh, I know!  How many times has she admitted she can't cook, Brad always did it, and yadda, yadda.  How often has she EVER done interviews with her kids on full display?  And now she's doing these pieces where she's trying to look like some kind of Martha Stewart?  hahahahahaha  Oh, man.  She's such a joke.

No one "deserves" to be falsely accused of crimes against their children.

She's got a documented mental illness and has done time in an asylum.  That's why she cannot adopt children from the United States.  She's turned it around to make herself look good, like, "Oh, I want my family to look like the United Nations..." but the truth is, she can ONLY adopt OUTSIDE the states.

Angelina Jolie may have used bigs guns like BBC and ABC to relaunch herself after the divorce but it looks like her PR stunt is not swaying the public opinion. Still a lot of hatred out there for this woman.

I have never liked anything she has done. She is a crazy sick in the mind person. I hope the kids survive her, but i am sure the will be making the trashy headlines in the future.

She is stupid, now she has to backpedal big time. Brad is now a wonderful dad! Priceless! And she thinks we forget that she called the FBI and DCFS on him, she accused him falsely.

This is really bad parenting.
Am I ever feeling sorry for the real producers, executive level and otherwise, on the film.

Why the need to even say, she can be picky and doesn't have to take what she doesn't want to.
HW stars don't talk that way to media. Roles are not the plentiful. UK actors are competing too. Not even Jen Lawrence would say that. Neither would Meryl Streep (who actually does take mediocre parts sometimes).
So why do articles get written to explicitly state Holie can pick and choose roles? Clearly it isn't even true. But somebody sure wants this 'grandiose, highly esteemed person of HW' label.

doesn't this contradict yesterday's article that basically said Angie doesn't give a fuckk about Hollywood

 what in the world is that accent?

And the world gives zero f***s about it.

So why did she insist on supervised visits?

shes changed her tune, she was slating him before

She's so calculating

tl;dr  "I need you to come see my movie"

 this what happens when you're told 2 get in line or you'll never work in this town again.

She doesn’t appear to even know her own mind

he has a lucky escape from this bat-shit crazy broad.

there is nothing for her to Picky, come on this the woman who waited 10 years Cleo to be made, This woman no one give her job , She only create hype over her over Zero Job.

Can't she just drive her kids around in a Yukon XL in LA if she's so "pure and caring"? When is eating spiders a bucket list item? Fear Factor was canceled a long time ago.

Yup. This is one of those if you have to say it, isn't true situations. If she was able to pick and choose she wouldn't have to say it. If she was drowning in projects it would be obvious, she wouldn't have to say so. The fact that she has to speak to these things at all tells you everything you need to know. BTW, this clearly came straight from her camp, the self-serving spin, the shameless self-promotion and the grandiosity in her all over.

yep that what we heard for the last 12 years her narcissist wounded propaganda. We never heard non of actor or actress mention how they have to pick and choose, they are so big big , blah blah, non from hollywood have been constantly written such shallow thing. The one even like the real real box office champions. we never heard from them such a thing. Only insecure jobless spread this to feel good about herself .

She likes that Viv is insecure and needs constant support. She has groomed her to be this way.

She blew this one that is for sure.

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