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I love that they pulled the plug on her for Murder on the Orient Express in August. That was before the divorce announcement and means it was purely a result of her diva demands and inability to operate in reality. Pretty much everything Rudin had long before spoken of. Even her current film premiere speaks to this.
She is finito! They are all very clear on her at this point. Add in the PR nightmare that she has become and there is nothing but smoldering ruins left of this woman.

Her hypocrisy knows no bounds. She loves to give the impression she is such a minimalist due to witnessing the conditions of the poorer nations.

Of course she can act all nice now, she can get over her act she put on during the divorce proceedings where she accused Brad of being a child abuser.

She is a real piece of work. A terrible person who did all she could to destroy Brad and now she wants to pretend everything is great and they will always be a family!!!! No one likes her Brad was the one who got her even noticed. NOW she realizes that. She is ruining those kids! Brad get them away from her.

I think those kids are already ruined for Brad. She trots them out and they prance around her like puppets. Look how she wore that hot pink dress while her kids were dressed in drab.

Kids are just pawns to woman in divorce proceedings. Like when she threw out those child abuse allegations, like bitch you were fucking your Brother a few years back - and you think Brad in the danger? Angelina is unstable obv.

She didn't. She tried to and failed, that's why she's trying to walk it back now.

This is Angie's new role. Playing the game of savior for the downrodden. Give me a break. Has anyone noticed how scared her youngest daughter looks in each picture? Dark circles under her eyes and clinging to her mother. Perhaps ol' Angie should think about her OWN flesh and blood and quite dragging her children all over the world and start providing the stable home she says she believes in. Right. She's a mess and her children are going to turn out the same way.

Yes. Vivienne looks traumatized and her twin Knox hardly ever appears in public. I honestly believe AJ is mentally unbalanced. She encourages Shiloh to dress as and identify as male. I'm sure that appeals to her need to be "exceptional".

How much is Maleficent paying you to be her champion. She's a monster. Stay tuned.

Talk about a poison pill! She did all she could to destroy him and now she wants to make nice? She's mental, vindictive, and thinks she's Mother Theresa. And what is with all of these aging celebrities adopting foreign children? Is it because US adoption agencies would never approve them? Angelina, Madonna, Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock must not know that charity begins at home. There are children here who need homes.

She tried to destroy Brad and failed miserably thus the current campaign to restore her "image."

well we all how she dragged Brad through the mud and tried to vilify him and still keeps their kids away from she. She is not a nice person and she thought she could just toss Brad away and continue living as if he never existed.

it's public knowledge she accused Brad of heinous things. she probably started menopause and become intolerable to live with

ITA. And the double mastectomy was elective surgery, more evidence of her need for attention. Take a look at the deep throat kiss with her brother when she got her Oscar. Take a gander at the wearing of vials of each other's blood during her marriage to Thornton. She's mental.

This so much, UNSTABLE Angelina was just kissing (and presumably more) her brother and drinking blood on the red carpet a few years back. She's starving for attention, but she lost my sympathy when she threw our bogus child abuse allegations about Brad during the divorce proceedings.

public knowledge means everyone knew about because it happened. This information was everyone, not just gossip rags.

what a bitch

In the Land of Make No Money
Bored By the Sea
and now,
First they Killed My Budget

because she always consumed with Jealousy with other successful actresses.

The most un employeed actress in hollywood in the last 10 years alone, the most over hyped person in Hollywood despite the prove.

She's all smoke and mirrors. And yeah, she doesn't need a publicist, she's an expert at spinning tales and hype.Too bad it doesn't translate in her creative 

Sorry joLie. Netflix is just a small step above Liftime Movie. It's not Hollywood so she's still OUT.

I believe she grossly underestimated how public opinion of her and Brad would fall. She is backpedalling after coming out swinging re: custody. If he is clear of all allegations then there is no reason for her to be Primary Parent; in effect eliminating a true parental bond by keeping the children away from their Father. 
Shared custody is healthier for the children and keeps child/parent bonds in tact.

Oscar worthy performance she is giving. Oh that's right she has one already for a real movie so real life is easy act for her. Her timing and such on this whole situation screens contrived and planned. I actually feel sorry for Brad in this. And those kids with a nomad life - while educational and a good experience I think it's limiting on the home front and social aspects of same school same bed same stuff - but that's my opinion.

She a hoe anyway

Sure..that is why she is working so hard to keep him from "their" children.

I never thought she could actually act!! I have changed my mind...

Hahaha. I cant stand her. She would be hard work

She is always putting on a show. Don,t believe a word she says

Acting 101

Why must she discuss her personal life publicly ? Have she heard of privacy ?or maybe it's a Hollywood trend to wash your clothes in public !!! What ? Is she fishing for sympathy ?!?! Please ! Get a life !!'

Shut up and go eat some more spiders 

Struggles! Omg. She is so crazy!

Crocodile tears

I don't buy it.

I lost all respect for her


Pain ful my ass what what a lier

Looks like an idiot .

Just because Angelina "chickenpox" Jolie plays a humanitarian in a film or photo ops, doesn't mean she is one. Just because she is able to obtain children from third-world countries, doesn't mean she is a good adopter. She does not speak for any person in the adoption community because she used shady adopters in third-world countries and changed the three-year old's name to Americanize it. A three-year old knows their name.

Cannot stand her she is so fake thinks the better than anyone else never have liked her uses the kids to get you to feel sorry for her

If Angelina doesn't want to talk about the pending divorce, she needs to instruct the shows beforehand or else it's fair game!

Paranoid, attention-seeking psycho.

She cares about wealth NOT health.

Jolie only cares about herself and her image. Yes, she wants to protect her children but she doesn't give two shits about Brad or his relationship with his children. Yes she does amazing humanitarian work but in her personal life, Angelina has always been trashy and always will be.

Brad must be angry. She is disgusting for using the kids and trotting them out to her awful movie premiere!

She's creepy..........and the kids think her weirdness is normal.

Jolie is, IMHO, mentally ill from the get-go. Forget the substances she may use to control the voices in her head. The crazy is strong in this one, and there is no 12 step program that can fix it.

She was not tested because if she had been, it would have shown positive. And people would know Pitt was with Heroin addict. That's why she's not tested

The children always look bored with her or fearful.

So bored. You can see they both know they're on a pap stroll and aren't happy.

Wouldn't mind checking out the numbers in this guy's(Vanaka Chhem-Kieth ) bank account BEFORE and AFTER he took on the job of licking flat ass!

Never, ever pay attention to reviews from a world premiere. Especially when it's held in a place that is enjoying the exposure & basically free tourism advert that is having not only a film set there but a world premiere there. The guests are always specially selected & invited & usually have ties to the film itself (cast, crew, family of) people with ties to the country & thus who want everything to be good & to impress the foreign investors & Hollywood people so they come back & do more films there etc etc. The premiers themselves are always very fancy & the entire atmosphere of it all & the excitement at it being the first showing & the glitz of celebrity & mass media etc all make people gush even if they have no clue why they are gushing. Remember the reactions & reviews from the world premiere of Unbroken in Australia? It was as if she had made Casablanca or something, they were all so wowed by the event itself & fact they were proud/promoting Aussie involvement in its making you never get an honest view at those first screenings.
It may well be a good film, I wouldn't be surprised if it's at least a good adaptation/representation since the original author was a screenwriter & they have used people in the cast & crew who were know the history or were witness to events & so anything absurdly wrong I suspect wouldn't have been allowed to get into the film. It may be another Unbroken where the directing actually brings down the story. But don't take the word of people at a world premiere who have a vested interest in putting across a positive view, wait for more people to see it, more people who know movies, who's judgement has a proven track record.

She is such a HYPOCRITE

Shows she is completely clueless and just out for a bit of self promotion...

Marion latest photo.Sexy and pregnant. Wouldn't this sent a ho into downward spiral?
You're not seeing the whole picture. She is healthy and proportionate. She has great legs. She has real blue eyes that the covetous junkie Ho has to have photoshopped into her magazine spreads. She is a true acting talent with more accolades than Jolie has ever hoped to receive. She is respected and not a camp event.
She really is French, does speak her native language and English. She has an old world charm. A sense of humor and gets on well with colleagues.
Most of all She is Working as much as she wants and has multiple movies premiering in the same two month time period.
Not so positive, but in Jolie's eyes the most desirable trait is that she is being talked about as having had an affair with a married man....and also being mentioned as being able to achieve pregnancy without medical help. Jolie always loved being the one that interfered in a relationship and thought that she achieved a great fete with her medical assisted pregnancy. That MC may have done the first and the second quite naturally would be something that Jolie would be envious of...don't forget her last film. Written, directed and starring herself...Ho's most inner thoughts in one film. Seducing a married man, husband of a pregnant newlywed. Jolie screaming Barren!
If Marion is a graceful or coordinated dancer, that would be the final humiliation for the Ho.

Quite revealing is that no directors work with her twice.
And besides the requisite positive comments while a movie is being promoted, I never heard of any director that acted thrilled to have worked with her afterwards. No comment, but no future projects.

Jolie has become box office poison by definition: she simply can't fill seats anymore. Too bad, so sad. More significantly, she's Hollywood poison. She was never "popular" with the Hollywood crowd, she didn't have friends, didn't fit in, didn't play the game right - but anyone who makes money in Hollywood is at least tolerated if not well-received. Through "Changeling," she was still perceived to be a star, a major actress with high potential if not one who had managed to bring it on home in any film since GI. Then came The Tourist. Since then, it seems to be an industry joke that Jolie is the biggest washout since liquid Tide. Her roles have comprised a couple Disney voiceovers of a cartoon tiger and a starring role as Disney's most evil witch.
Jolie isn't just box office poison. She's the Film Terminator. She thought that she wasn't being given the right chances - out of jealousy of her great talent, perhaps? :roll: She decided she was a director and broke the best selling book by Hildebrand, Unbroken. Okay. She needed total control. Writing, directing, starring, producing, everything. She got it, with help from Brad's bank account. We all smelled fish. Rotten fish.
Hollywood will forgive mistakes with one great hit. Hollywood loves a comeback, but mostly Hollywood loves money. The only thing Jolie knows how to do with money is lose it in record time.

I can't stand the woman. Put her in Cambodia with very little money and no luxury housing and see how long she stays. She can eat all the spiders and bugs she wants, it's not going to help her image. I would suggest she not move out of the country with the kids either as Brad has more money, family, friends and support. No judge would let a crazy woman take kids away from a father who's stable and has proven he loves his kids.

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