Tuesday, February 7, 2017


Couldn't care. Really can't take to her!

Lets hope this is all for the right reasons and not just to raise her own profile due to the negative publicity she has been getting due to the way she has been sorting out her divorce from Brad Pitt

Not interested.

Oh for Christ sake...Cut the crap with trying to make us feel guilty by preying on our emotions. How dare you manipulate the truth. The Refugee Ban was a common-sense call to protect all Americans. You and your cronies have done nothing but divide, damage and turn the American people against each other. You are not a Leader but a Predator.and you disgust me.

Shut up Angelina Jolie, go steal someone else's husband!!!!!!!!!!

She can't even take care of her own kids. What a joke looney

said the freak who doesn't want to allow brad pitt to see his kids.

 guess miss lives in a big house with a security wall and body guards has forgotten 9/11

God forbid she should worry about children from this country.

Comments from someone who has private security and privilege
.. who gives 2 hoots what this woman thinks.

She is a joke

No thanks

 She is disgusting!!!!

 She looks like a zombie!! Shit!?

 This idiot again

 You're an idiot..No one is closing the door to refugee immigrants. We're closing the door to islamist muslims terrorists, along with anyone else would enter the US illegally. We're securing American lives safety. If you want to be a ignorant Hollywood moron, that's your right, but it's not your right to spread lies.

She can shut up with her hugs ass house and millions of dollars. She won't accept them into her home or grounds of her home. So she has no right to tell others to let them in

They say her homes are pig pens so dirty because she believes her kids can do what ever as long as they don't bother her.Brad said thet need to be taught ,but she don't even want that.A maid said they are a mess these kids do what ever they want and Brad was tired of it the kids are getting older. you know she was on drugs for years ,i think she is again.

would Angelina be willing to house them on her compound in California


you want them here Mrs.Jolie, then you let them move into your house & you take care of them

Everybody has an opinion, hers is no more credible than anyone else's.

Aww that's brave of you from behind your ARMED GUARD GATED community..

donate all your earnings to help these countries

Nut job jolie

 she also thought Brad Pitt was abusing her kids.

Who cares what she believes

 Lol !!! She is disrupted!

 Stupidity at it's best

i wouldnt listen to one thing this woman has to say....talk about low morals she is the epitome....go back to your home in france and stay there and be quiet

This from a woman who stole another woman's husband thus making her a homewrecker. This is where we should learn about the "right thing to do"? I don't think so.

She will always be a known as a HOMEWRECKER

That's a pity, I was looking forward to that. Loved the first one

His career is on the up however, hers has died a fast death and Hollywood will no longer offer her role's. I am glad they have parted and let's hope Brad get's his kids and can move forward he is a great actor and loved by many!

No no no!!! I was so looking forward to the sequel!! World war z was fantastic!

World War Z is a brilliant film.

I gotta add that Brad makes deep movie too. Allied is a deep movie. Deep love and true love. A love you won't find these days. I cried hard at the end of the movie.

My other half is a history nut, especially WW1 & 2 - he had me watch Allied with him, and you're right, he really played that part to the hilt...and I cried too ;)

I can't wait for this sequel. I love zombie movies but there are very few of them! I want this to come out soon but I want them to create a good script so I will be waiting patiently.

He is a beautiful man with depth. He makes intelligent movies. His movies make you think that is the reason I love his movies.

He looks so great after the divorce. damn hot. He will make world war z 2, don't need worry.

Angelina needs stop being jealous of Brad's success. I read she couldn't stand Plan B's movies always get awards nods/ wins.

I love World War Z, can't wait for the sequel.

No court should allow this woman sole custody of those children! Hard to believe she was allowed to adopt! Money and celebrity do not equal sanity nor competency to parent.

Whenever it will be made, I hope the sequel is more scary and has a good story line.

He produces many great movies. Moonlight is amazing.

He should make some comedies. He is actually very funny.

Well DUH.. the movie hasn't been made so NO it is not coming out in June.

 I admire what she is doing but cannot stand the woman. I feel everything she does has a hidden agenda that is utterly self-serving.

Said the lady that reported her husband for child abuse and deemed unsubstantiated by the police? Same old argument, if you don't give away your country to the world, they will get very angry. Fur(y)ous I would say.

I care about the refugees, but I cannot take anything Angelina Jolie says or does seriously anymore, not after how she has hurt her husband and children.

sn't she wealthy? She should be taking in several of these refugees into her home and taking care of them...that would be the liberal thing to do...talk is cheap!!!

 Angelina Jolie should just adopt all refugees and take them home to live in her mansions...

 It's only temporary, Chicken Little Jolie. Calm yourself.

As she accuses her husband of negligence and abuse to steal his kids and make off with tons of money.

What about her relationship and the damage to those kids and the nonsense she putting the man through

Why is Angelina Jolie quote worthy?

 Is she still drinking blood?

She should have kept the divorce on the low, she made a huge scene about it like some 90s tabloids issue. Poor Brad had to go through such messy unwanted attention. The gentleman yields.

 Can hardly wait to miss it.

 Could care less

No Thanks

Angelina Jolie NEWS FLASH . While you're living in luxury millions of hard working Americans and retired folks are not getting by on their low incomes And you're worrying about refugees. That's would be like parents feeding the neighborhood kids while their own kids were going hungry.

 Someone please get this silcone lip induced lunatic away from a microphone... I do not need retards who never swore to defend and protect the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic...become all high and mighty saints from depravity.

Oh shut up Angelina Jolie! Why don't you work on feeding kids here in America before you go off trying to feed the world...and by the way how's that working out for you LMAO.

Brad Pitt has aged with GRACE

well that was going to be obvious when its release date was this summer and they dont have a director yet lol

 Shut up and go back to your bubble Angelina!!!

#Allied is such a good film

I saw a very awesome and very intriguing movie #Allied

Saw the movie #Allied with Brad Pitt and Marion Cotillard and it's great.
A romantic misfortune. 😢 (Brad looks gorgeous by the way!)

Yes! Yes! Yes! Long live MALEVOLENT, Mistress of Parental Alienation!

Just completed #Allied: what a great #movie! Seriously. It's VERY good. #BradPitt & #MarionCotillard gave great performances.

#Allied's ending wins the most heartbreaking ending of the 2016 films

#Allied greatest war romance eva! Check it out

This loving mum wants her kids to have the same childhood she had where the father is absent from their lives, so they can blame him for all their future problems.

Jolie herself is a horrible mother.

I played one of the embassy's workers. Working closely with Brad Pit was amazing and unforgettable. Thank you for the opportunity.

She is just using the kids to hurt Brad and that is not right and the courts will see this too.He should get full custody and the kids taken away from her ASAP before she does any long lasting damage to those children like her own Mother did to her.she likes everything her way ,God knows how Brad lasted this long.

I worked for one day on this in Brentford. I played an RAF Chaplain in the RAF hospital scene featuring Mr Pitt. It was an enjoyable day and I liked the film.

Hey Angie, keeping your children from their father AND lying about abuse also does not make you a strong woman. The ban is temporary, relax. Use one of your million dollar huge homes to house some people in the interim.

Angeline, open the gates of Miravel, or STFU.
She could probably house thousands on her estate.

I'm Braddy's cheerleader 100% <3

Just read a new article from TheWrap, both Brad and David Fincher aren't satisfied with the current script even though it has been rewritten 3 times. A new draft of script will due in 2 weeks. Fincher is still very interested in the project but he wants a script he is satisfied with.

Angelina fans say Brad shouldn't have jumped from one movie to another? Why not? Every other actor is doing it, why not him? They say he has a huge family, other actors have huge families jumped from one movie to another. Brad can do too. The problem is his wife. Other actors wives support their husbands but not Angelina.

Yes, and he had to earn the money, because Angie didn't work as much, in fact she spent the money on her directional failures.

the first one IMHO was really, and quite surprisingly good - definitely could have a sequel

All these 90s heartthrobs got betrayed by their wives. First Tom Cruise by Katie Holmes, then Johnny Depp by Amber Heard, now Brad Pitt by Angelina Jolie. What is wrong with these women? they weren't grateful that they married dreams of millions women in the world. Johnny is broke now. well just like Tom Cruise, he was down for a while and rise up later, Katie still doesn't have a career, Johnny and Brad will be fine. I don't think Amber and Angelina have any careers in the future.

Why do any one listen to her and other nitwit from soon to be the country of Cailf? She is a lier,for sure,just look at what she been saying about husband, Brad Pitt

Says the woman with private security and walls.

Angelina, zip it.

I have found that if Ms Jolie disagrees with something, I'm probably for it. This would be a good example.

And who cares what you think Angelina. Stay at your GATED property with guards and nope you don't need to worry about crap. Go find another man to screw over

Teaching children to fight over money is wrong. You can afford them with or without him.

Why should he? She has enough money of her own.

Observing Hollywood long-lasting marriages, the wives are either not in show business, or in show business but don't have a huge ego like Angelina. Matt Damon, Denzel and Christian Bale married women not in show business. Marky Mark and Mathew Mcconaughey married women who are models but they quit or retired and stayed home taking care of kids. These women are very supportive of their husbands and their marriages are long-lasting. I read Angelina's interviews, she and Brad are always competing with each other, that's the problem, she doesn't support him but competes with him, Brad apparently was wining in career. Her career was going downhill, her huge ego couldn't handle it I guess. Maybe Brad should date a woman not in the show business or not egotistical like Angelina, a woman who is very supportive of him.

The first World War Z was good, not sure it needs a sequel, but since it has made a lot money, the studio wants a sequel. I hope the sequel plot is not him saving his family. To be honest, his family in the movie was annoying. I hope the sequel is like prequel before he has family or something like that, adds new characters and a hot girl in it and some romance going on between them.

Not 2017, hope for 2018 release. Meanwhile I am rooting for him to win custody battle. Go Brad. Angelina ruins herself.

She created the drama. She is only doing this to look good and divert attention away from the fact that they falsely accused her husband of abuse.

Let her go live with or adopt more refugees

She is a martyr, control freak...goes with anorexia. Everything has to be about her, for her...because of her..because shes that wonderful...that good,,,all her self worth is tied to her image.
One day her kids will grow up and the truth will come out,

She won't ever recover from this. She is hated by the public and in Hollywood.
She could admit all the horrible stuff she has done but knowing her ego and her nastiness, she won't.
She isn't even sorry for all the realtionships she has wrecked.

Brad deserves what he is going through with creating a family very quickly with a very unstable and evil woman!
I think Maddox is a spoiled brat though. I don't think Pitt hit him or abused him at all. Keep in mind Angie likes to make up stories all the time. She did lie about him being abusive. Otherwise DCFS and FBI would have found evidence of it.

I really don't think Pitt abused the kid though. Angie made up the tale and it turned out to be false.
Besides, just by looking at Maddox, you know he is a kid with rage issues.
If Pitt really did hit him, I think Maddox would beat him up. I mean, Pitt was seen with bruises on his face in 2014, and he claimed he got it by 'falling up the stairs'!
I think Angie or Maddox hit him.

Angie was not pushed by anyone to behave this way. This is all on her. She is a 41 year old woman , has 6 kids, is on her 3rd divorce and has been in Hollywood for over 20 years.
She is an adult responsible for her own actions.
Brad is not saint I agree, but I don't think he did any of the stuff Angelina accused him of doing. He was proved innocent by DCFS and FBI.

World War Z is a brilliant film.

Braddy is very smart, smarter than ppl think, he will make this one really good and interesting. Surrounded by the best, will help him be his best :)

Angie did not bother to promote By the Sea after its embarrassing box office revenue and its many awful reviews. She hid away like a coward. Brad also wasn't seen either.
Angie was delusional. She has no talent or skills as a director yet is demanding that she be nominated for every category at the Oscars? She is stupid!

AJ should shut up. She is only speaking out now because she has a TV movie that she has coming out. Everything she does and says is only for her own good.
This woman also should keep quiet since nobody buys her charity act anymore. She showed her true colors when she decided to falsely accuse Brad Pitt of child abuse and try hard to destroy his image. She has also shown she does not care for her own children's well being either.

Well he definitely did not sneak out of this hotel . lol he walked with a thumbs up and flaunted the booze as if to say FU Angie! Nah, this is fiction . He was never court ordered in to any rehab at all. Nice try though . Her team is not giving up.

Like we need HER opinion. A batshit crazy drug addict with "daddy" issues and a nature so malevolent that she attempted to destroy the father of her children just because he dared to escape. She's a skin crawler alright.

Why does Angelina automatically get child custody? Oh yeah I forgot... fathers get absolutely screwed in child custody.
Won't ever see a feminist complain about that inequality though.

Hahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hahahaha hahahah!!!!!!!!!!
100,000 a month??
Please, your children aren't a income lady

It should be a set price based on facts
A child does not cost more to raise simply because the father has more money

First you have no idea what you are talking about .
You are peddling the UN line.
That is what you do.
Second straighten out your own life before telling others how to do theirs.
Move to Paris with your family and see how they are doing over there.
Or move to Germany they may love your line of BS or NOT.

Angelina... why don't you build a refugee home over in Beverly Hills, and let me know how that works our for you. #sickofcelebrities

 You have not aged very well and your opinions are that of many celebrities. But, There are thousands of homeless veterans and homeless who are citizens and need these same medical, living conditons and some job with income for their self respect. Why have we not heard you same celebrities on these citizens?

From a woman who French kisses her own brother. Is so mean to her own father. Had no contact with him for years. Wears blood around her neck and has been in witchcraft. God only knows what she does with her children. I would not trust her to take care of my pet goldfish.

Oh please she is not classy and I have been to third world countries....they are not innocent.....and it's just checking them out which is good rather lose more people by terrorists....if they are ok then no prob....and who has she stood up for.....why not the poor ,the hungry children in her own country, the women here......hmmmm

 what a POS......shes a shitty entitled actor, its not that she can not have an opinion on things, but you are not an expert either that needs to have a camera on you to politicize things ....i am sure there are many moer qualified people to speak rather than old tomb raider here.

I don't care what this twit says... she needs to go away... she's not someone we need nor should want support from....

If it doesn't have a good script, it is better not make it. If David Fincher decides to direct it, it must be a great script because he is very picky on movie scripts.

Came across this video where AJs eldest son M (when he was a big toddler and a little big to be babied like that?) was attacking a journalist (beginning at about 4,40 minutes into the video) and AJ not doing a darn thing to stop him or put him down on the ground, maybe she didn't want to make a scene but I tend to think she just didn't care, she couldn't even handle that 1 child

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