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Yeah, maddox Khmer is probably as proficient as his non-existent French!

She is bat sh@t crazy

I'm sure she will find comfort with someone's husband.


Back pedling is not going to help her image.

What a pathetic cow she is.

She's nuts

She is CRAZY... Nothing more to it.

Always be a family hmmmm that's why he's not able to see the kids..... Right


She's just playing her dirty little games again. And for her benefit of course.

Too controlling! You aren't the perfect person yourself get off your high horse and face the music. Her children will be at different places around the world to get away from Her! Lol

 ı wonder..why she is insisting her biolojical girl shiloh to make like lesbien cloths and and maybee acting wrong way ..she doest have any rigth to make to her and since baby by change her life..

The funny part is on the Video , she look like she acting(her usual fake acting( pose), Nothing there on her face that look a emotion, actually her face look like struggling with the filler and botox.

It pained me to watch the video but I managed to sit through it. She is trying very hard to sound educated and soft- this is not how she really talks.

And by the way,
Will she ever stop playing the victim? Sitting on a ground of some luxury Cambodian resort to cry about her very own planned divorce and making up oh so hard daily single mother issues after the whole world was a witness and well aware of her coup to throw her husband under the bus, is nothing more than damage control.

And oh wow if that wasn't the most scripted & planned interview exchange ever. That journalist was clearly told you can ask about the "incident" & in such a way that nothing is pushed too far & Jolie can give the response she wants to give while putting on a hesitant, emotional show too.
Does two things, lets it look like Jolie has no problem being asked while also allowing Jolie to put her spin on things, she can make it so she comes off looking magnanimous & loving & all the good things with nothing to hide. But it's clearly so tightly controlled, that journalist clearly was told you can't dig too deep, you must respect whatever answer you get, phrase the question "nicely", make it so Jolie can respond in the way she wants. Usual Jolie media games going on here, muliple layers to this one.

Brad is completely so much better off,

I wouldn't believe a word she says

Don't like her never have

She's a nut case

Really?? Dont like her AT ALL. Beautiful yes...a total fake...yes...

Who love a woman for her humanitarian actions or Style when she says she has a Strong family that will get over the divorce, and allows minimum visit to the dad. She is a selfish woman and bad mother.

I know angie is crazy in her head, poor brad have been spent 12 years with unstable mental angie.

Jolie was referring to her and her kids when she was talking about family, not once did she mention Pitt as still in the picture. She's trying to cut him out of their lives, knew she was always an ice cold bitch at heart.

She has no heart to anyone only full of herself, evil!

She carried a vile of Billy Bob Thornton's blood around her neck....I think she has very deep issues. Brad should have looked before he leaped. I agree she is very much trying to cut Brad out of the kid's lives. I really think she's not all there and that makes her dangerous.
PS. She has plenty of money to get help with her kids. Making sure they brush their teeth and eat right. it sounds like she needs help with them and she should get it

Obviously I have no idea what is going on in her life or Brad's, but there is just something inherently untrustworthy about her. She seems to be very unforgiving, despite having done horrible things herself. Still I wish her kids luck and hope they have bright, happy futures.

As usual, she is again using her kids as PR. She is there to promote her career a d has no qualms in dragging her kids. They should have a private life and they should decide when adults if they want to go public.

Angie doesnt confident go public herself as she knew her imaged have damagef so she used the kids, hyphocrite angie

Fake angie trying to get sympatic of public, but everyone knew that she lost sympatic & brad get support from the world, poor mental illness angie is too late for you couse your name have damaged!

Wonder if she believes in Karma?

This woman is full of s.h.!.t

Enough of this hypocrite.

what has she done to Shiloh? Poor girl

Looks are definitely not everything in life. Cultivating inner beauty is far more important.

New cheeks, for sure, that's the first thing I noticed. She hasn't been taking this time out of the spotlight for healing her family, it's probably for healing from her procedures.

Never could stand her.

And her fame as a platform to elevate her "political" careeR. What's the betting the film goes on to be used as a tool for her to be some sort of UN type spokesperson on this!

Yup the hypocrisy is insane. I used to have a lot of respect for her, thought she really turned it around. But after everything; the PI supposedly catching brad with russian hookers, drug accusations, peeing on the tarmac and hijacking a truck, the scuffle on the plane, 'different parenting styles' and Marion Cotillard...she threw all these stories out there. Only for DCFS and the FBI to find no abuse occurred. Then she and her petty lawyer quip "Brad's just SCARED the public will find out the real truth", like little children. Its simple, if what Brad did or has done was so horrible the beans would have been spilled already and he wouldn't have any rights at all let alone unsupervised visits. She wants to preach the horrors those less fortunate suffer, yet she creates horror in her own home.

Something about the way Angelina always seems to exploit her adopted children's struggles rubs me the wrong way. Those are their struggles, their stories, not her own. Always going on about how Zahara's mother died of AIDS (which is not true), and just her poor little adopted children in general. Like it beefs up her own traumatic survivor resume. Jolie is just another privileged, rich, celeb offspring, white woman from LA whose done nothing but show the world the extent of her mental issues.

She could an Oscar for that performance lol

Angie, so honest and pure...Puke...What accent is that...Born and raised in California....Team Brad....

Anyone else getting that enormous vibe of "Complete Whackamole" flowing from her- or is it only me ?

shes got a movie to promote!

Oh poor Angie, she's coping. Crocodile tears and all. There aren't enough PR firms in LA to fix her image right now.

Of course it's all about HER as usual isn't it. No getting fewer film roles, fewer phone calls from agents, left iwth nothing more than how own pretension and narcissm to protect her, and even the media no longer interested in anything she has to say except about trashing her ex-husband. So true to form she doles it out. Not thinking of the children, just a piece of poor acting that would make Lindsay Lohan cringe as she exorcises her "demons". I think a lot more of Brad Pitt these days because he has at least had enough dignity to not talk about this in public. Perhaps Jolie should think of someone other than herself and take this stuff to her therapist instead of pouring it out on a yoga-mat to GMTV.

Go away you pathetic woman

Talking to yourself in the mirror again love?

We know she lied because Brad was cleared by the DCFS and the FBI. If something really bad had happened, the authorities would have prosecuted him. Trust me, Angie did everything to achieve this, she came up with new accusations, that's why the DCFS investigation was prolonged. But they found nothing, so walked away. That's how Angie lost her credibilty.

She is a single mother with at least 5 employees in the household oh and brotherlover

What a pathetic liar.... interesting that it took that huge applause for Brad Pitt at the Golden Globes for AJ to start to play nice and after the loss in the court of public opinion to go back to her old playbook: trot out the kids and pretend to be saint one talking all the time about how amazing family they are..... But in the interview when asked about breakfast for children she was not able to say what they eat !!!...took her time to find words and finally said sth like one likes apple another not ...what a mother.....if u have nanny for every child at least have some respect and dont try to pretend like you dont.... BTW you ARE FAMILY ??!!! You dont do this to FAMILY !!!! You rent house 3 weeks before well planned divorce and instead of handling things privately or finding help if needed - BECAUSE YOU DONT TRY TO HURT FAMILY you put all on display for one reason - TO HURT and WIN !!!! and additionally when DCFS cleared him she was not happy and insisted that he did sth wrong despite all exhausting and prolonged (again thanks to her) investigation......such a "loving" and absolutely not vindictive and cunning person she is .....But true always come it came out now.....and when HW and public reacted to it now you are family ????? so pathetic....AND about family....mother should be for children, not children for is damaging and sick.....Brad doesnt need them to support him and his films and he protects their privacy especially during this tough time, but Angelina has nobody as she said - i have nobody to talk to, i talk to Brad... Using children for her PR is a horrible thing to do....poor kids....and pityful act Angelina

It's just sad and disgusting how she uses their children to gain empathy.

She's trying to destroy the father her kids reputation and go on television to say they are famiy. This woman is sick, malefic and cynical. Who believes in what she says is blind. She travels to Cambodia only to promotes her film and nothing else. Donation starts at home by sharing parenthood without wickedness.

She has a new movie coming out so let's fake talk about her divorce, but not really.

You are one sicko

fake illuminati tears

Reality check, Angelina is in serious denial. She cannot be trusted. She will pull out her daggers. The family dynamic is severed. There is no we, just two single parents trying to wrestle with custody and visitation.

She's a head case and what she did to Brad was absolutely horrible.

she's so fake

Angelina is playing the victim card

how setup was this interview crocodile tears who really cares...

It's a set piece interview, all questions will be vetted and approved in advance by Angelina's P.A

Brad Pitt Save Shiloh!

she is so sick doing that to that girl since birth, before she could talk

I hope she doesn't start giving Shiloh testosterone shots behind Brad's back.  I hope he will keep a close eye on Shiloh.

AJ needs to stop using those kids as props. Her reputation is in tatters and deservedly so after she fabricated child abuse charges (and false drug and alcohol accusations too) against BP. Parading the kids around is not going to change that. They deserve their privacy and to not grow up in the public eye that their mother loves so much.
Those kids would be so much better off if they were with their dad full time.

Skeleton Jolie is using this latest movie of hers as a pretext to parade the children around & try and look like the good mother that she is not.  Ain't buyin it.

So many people help those in need, but the constant need to advertise herself doing so and shoving it down people's throats makes me sick. I can't stand AJ and her fake humanitarianism.

Shiloh needs a therapist

Shiloh realized at an early age her mother was not interested in her. I've seen lots of pictures and none of AJ holding her as an infant nor holding her hand as a little girl. Then Shiloh decided, or was convinced, she wanted to be a boy. The child was smart enough to understand this is the only way to get mom's attention. If Shiloh grows up confused and angry, it will be because her mom just refused to accept her as a beautiful little girl.

She should just stop with the lies and drama, and go away.

Ah cruella trying to squeeze sympathy from her 3 fans. When she talks of closer and family she means with Brad totally cut out.

She will do and say anything to try and stay relevant.  She just needs to go away.

Not so much coping as acting like she is coping.  While off-camera plotting how to back-stab her husband, Brad Pitt.   And now panicking because she has been exposed.

Fake. She know no one likes her.

If she thinks for one minute, that we believe that she or one of the kids make the pancakes in the morning, then she's underestimating the intelligence of us.  She has chefs.

So who cares if she's coping? I sure don't. And I imagine this movie is as big of a flop as her others.

Who cares, she is a home wrecker who just wants attention. She made all versions of her bed. I feel sorry for Pitt and those kids, they are the real victims in this.

She didn't have to split from her husband and the father of her kids in such an insensitive and public manner. That will have a lasting impact on those kids.

Hard to feel sorry for her.

Was a HUGE Jolie fan until this mess she could have handled better. Brad is better off and she needs a good therapist.

That PR clean up is not going to work.

Hang on, let me just have a peep in my bag of f*cks.
Nope, none to give.

"We are and forever will be a family" said she while trying to have sole custody of the children.

She said this after a long sigh, when a reporter asked her about it, when the subject was really her film about the Khmer Rouge's brutal regime.
Because that's what's important, right? The breakup. Tell us about the breakup.

Yeah Angie, after you accuse Pitt of being a druggie and abusive father and try to take his kids away, "you'll always be a family". Right, a dysfunctional family with one member who is bat**** nutz.

Wah, Wah, Wah, a rich crybaby...women without any means/money go thru this all the time...they could only wish for a huge bank account, maids and nannies!!!!!

And the Academy Award goes to ..... for best performance while trying to promote a new movie. Why is she even news?

Stop airing your dirty laundry and trashing your children's father ... your children are watching!!!

 Who cares.

She uses her children in a way that makes her such a hypocrite.

 Yeah that drug being a few drinks to deal with a batshit lying crazy woman. She's so noble - as well as her trying to be a leech in the divorce.

 that woman has serious issues...I'd have a drink or 2 as well...

Why does nothing surprise me with her haha. She is the one who made out with her own brother.

Don't trust you Angelina

She sure does care….she's always manipulating the press, trying to project the image she wants of herself.

Her and Billy Bob also kept each other's blood in a little vial around their necks

No wonder things didn't workout between her and Brad Pitt

Are we surprised, really ? She's the type that this will be her thing, only now we have proof. And she's breeding an entire generation just like her.

She's a freak anyway. No surprise. She wears lovers' blood around her neck. Sick!

Take away the kids and give them to brad. This broad has lost her mind and the kids shouldn't have to suffer.

She's so weird

cruel why she has to do that it's not like she's starving it's all about cruelty for vanity

it's all for show

 Jesus! Times must be hard since Brad left. What's for dinner mum? Insects. Off her bleedin' trolley.

 kinda how she treats men. Second nature

no wonder Brad left her. Uuuuggh!

Totally agree with Brad...

that woman is just...nasty.

always acting - but surely there's a menu for more options with her wealth?

 Why does she do this for them? You clearly see from the kid's faces they are not enjoying it.

ugh. I remember when she seemed mysterious and intriguing. Though good humanitarian efforts, she seems way off the rails anymore

why Angelina why

 I'll raise her children if she can't do it. Nannies & insects...

Go take care of your family.Expose them to everyday normality as it should be. U nor they need the publicity.Peace begins insideU

Jolie might be the weirdest person in US public life. I never quite got her thing.

 I feel bad for her kids

Full custody should go to Brad. She's a nut job

Ah, the black widow of Hollywood

Millionaire airhead kills and eats sentient beings for photo op.

This explains the divorce

She's messed up

She is sick in the head, and always had been.

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