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she was crying while talking about the divorce. ewww. crocodile tears, she put on a show to try to save her reputation.

Right.  Dump your husband and see that as a way to make your family stronger.  She is such a loon.

Jolie is a far left loser.  No credibility

I think if Angelina could act she may have something going for her.
Frankly, I don't think her looks can carry her very far.

Anorexic whack job who travels the world buying children like they're dolls for her doll collection. Daddy was right you belong in Hotel Ha-Ha.

Angie's logic: "Brad is an alcoholic, drug addict, he has anger issues and he abused our kids so much I had to divorce him, but of course he is a good dad!"
Every time this woman opens her mouth, Pitt's team can open a bottle of champagne.

I don't really believe she thinks he is a good dad but her image is ruined and is trying to fix it.

You can still see the venom here in her body language and eyes when Stephanopolous asked if she still thought Pitt was a good parent. Her scripted response to any question about him is "we will always be a family".
Is he a good parent? "of course, of course".
So that's why you wasted FBI and DCFS time to investigate him for abuse? She's crazy and delusional.

i don't think I ever felt more disdain for her. Scripted non answer to deflect ~ We Are Family.
So did George ask the obvious next you and Brad talk?

She thinks so much of herself it's appalling. 

divorcing him really does her no good.

Same ole bs....
We had to hear for years:
We have KiDZ !!! 
Now its ---We Are FAMILY!
Who doesn't want to throttle her? She is insufferable.

"This affected every single individual here"
You don't say. That is generally what happens with war, is it not?
She is such a fuckwit moron. It is PAINFUL listening to her.

"We are a family" - maybe she means her and the hamsters (don't forget the rubber sheets).

How dare you utter the word family when you never respected anyone else's.

Took her long enough to catch on that Jolie is a FAKE...12 YEARS, by my estimation!

Exactly! Her use of the word FAMILY really bothers me. It's her excuse for breaking up a marriage; as if that marriage wasn't legit because there were no kids. The woman clearly has zero respect for the idea of relationships since she has moved in on countless men who were married or seriously involved. 
Well, now she can join the ranks of women who are divorced with children and too busy and tired to bother being with a new man or can't find a man who wants to take on six non-socialized children. Regardless of how much "help" she has, I just don't see this being an attractive prospect to too many men.

She was not credible when she made her bitter accusations,nor is she credible now with her attemps at backtracking. Her PR should try harder 

There's not enough photoshop, PR, editing, lighting, makeup, wardrobe or sycophantic interviews to repair this creature! She's literally spun herself out of spin! 

His attorneys are just sitting back watching her malfunctioning self-regulating mechanism

He passed all the tests they gave him - you think Angie would have??

No way! This backfired on her! He was formerly cleared by two agencies, passed all tests and will apparently share custody. He's been vetted and cleared. Thanks Angie!!!!

For those that thought Brad was the problem..........

It's okay for her kids to eat spiders, but not okay for Brad Pitt to smoke a doob. WTF?

The Black Widow eating Tarantulas!

Spent time in SEA part of each year from 64-71 and Thailand 72-73. I served with Vietnamese, Khmer Serai (free Cambodia), Montangardsm Laotions, and Thais. I don't need this nebbish from hollywood telling anyone about regional foods nor life. I knew first hand about the Khmer Rouge and know a few folks who escaped. I also don't think going from fist bumps to "peace out" to palms together in semi Wai and Namaste is really a philosophy. Please quit reporting on the idiot.

Shes a sick fork....shes changing her tune now bc she realized follywood tolerated her bc of brad all their discord, follywood rather support brad than her. Follywood hunchos find her unbearable.

She took someone husband & fiance, kiss the brother, wore a blood jewlry, take away kids from the father, fighting with her own dad, eating spider, what a crazy lunatic angie!

the father of those kids should be wondering why his kids are eating insects.. poor dad if he watches this clip of his kids

Brad must be angry. She is disgusting for using the kids and trotting them out to her awful movie premiere!

She's creepy..........and the kids think her weirdness is normal.

what's with that fake accent she's speaking with?

LOL! She thinks she's royalty.

She's just seeking positive attention now. She's an attention-seeking hoe

Who is using those kids as human shields.

That was bad acting of her. She was so fake.

Damn, those kids are screwed.

Still using her and Brad's kids as props, I see.

No she doesn't . Don't fall for it. She's a COMPLETE FRAUD.

Yep, every single time she has a project to sell or her image to clean up she parades the kids out. Telling everyone Brad was a crazy drug addicted monster that needed supervised visits didn't go as well for her as she thought. She is soooo manipulative!

This chick has mental issues.

I lived in Thailand for three years. I saw the most disgusting creepy-crawlies in the dely section of a high end department store in Bangkok. And I NEVER saw a restaurant offering any of this "stuff" nor did I know a Thai who would have considered eating any of these bugs & slugs. Jolie is truly off dead-center by about 10 miles.

What a complete freak! I can see trying it or learning about it - but she seems to be making it a meal. Do the kids have a choice? This isn't normal.

She looks like a spider herself. Scrawny.

She is such a fake.

Makes me wonder what kind of mind control she has over her children that they'd try eating bugs for her. One of mine wouldn't eat anything that had parsley on it.

She's had much grosser things in her mouth before. Ask her brother! LOL!!

What’s a little tongue between siblings?

So she waited until she had a movie to sell and then she talks about her divorce and again shoves her kids in front of the camera. She is so transparent. She thought that Hollywood would be on her side and when she realized Brad was the real star in the marriage she is out to clean up her image.

what a freak! feeding your kids bugs and spiders NOT gonna help with your PR problem.

Of course she is going to say it is nice!! Even if it is disgusting, she is UN ambassador, she is not going to insult their culture!! Making your kids do it too tho Ange...come on, i know there is educating your children, but that seems a little too much

is it me or is she putting on a weird British/American accent in that video...strange...

People in those countries have been eating that forever, why does she have to make this out like she is introducing it? She has enough money to buy that village real food and some cows so they do not have to eat insects. She is being a jerk

Gee...I wonder why Brad left her.

She's just disgusting. Always was.

Bug eating psycho!

She's so fake it's untrue......

She continues showing the world how confident, down to earth she is. Why would someone put themselves through a distressing situation such as having to eat bugs unnecessarily? But once again she wants us to know she even enjoys it, that she is a super woman.

Does she have mental health problem? That's sick

What the hell is she and her kids doing?!?!

Turn off or over when she's on - no interest

It was the most appalling interview I have ever seen, its clear that Jolie is deluded and nutty as squirrel poop, yet the interviewer was treating her as some form of guru.

Jolie spun her breast enlargement into a medical necessity, which doctors have confirmed it wasn't. All to make her look like a saint, but it put other women at risk. Deplorable and reckless. She is a disgrace to womanhood and the medical establishment are trying to right her wrong by stopping women having unnecessary mastectomies. Jolie also has a diagnosed Personality Disorder which she refuses treatment for. Do you really want to hero-worship such a messed up narcissist?

hmm damage control more like

 Angelina full of it! Damage control.......

she's bipolar cuz she recently said he was abusive towards the kids. She wants to be relevant again. Shame on her. Smdh

she knows no one likes her anymore after what she accused brad of so she is saying nice things about him so people like her

Gotta love those fake tears she mustered in that recent interview talking about how “painful” the divorce was, and how no matter what they’re still a family. Give the woman her second Academy Award.

Already heard it.  A lame mystery fabricated by Jolie

will be interesting to see if people still care about her. I doubt Jolie can still attract a large audience.

 breaking news: netflix exec trying to date recently divorced angelina jolie

Jolie is just another hideously self serving but non entity so called 'celebrity' who collects children like stamps.

 but not wonderful enough to have shared custody? make up your bloody mind woman

Never could stand her or Mariah Carey....Brad looked the happiest when he was with Jen.

Let's remember that she is a professional actress who has been told her reputation has been tarnished by her actions ..... oh surprise, she's now ready to talk about it and say how wonderful a father he is. *golden globe nomination maybe*?

so that makes up for all the lies shes been telling the media about Brad then? humanitarians arent always good people

She's an actress and can portray whatever she wants. Most men have run ins with their sons when they are in their teens, its the young stag old stag thing, but their wifes don't usually leave their husbands over it.

Don't believe her tears. Thought she could 'fake' tears alot better considering she's an actress.

 And she thinks brad has issues

And George is interviewing Angelina Jolie and asks what she thinks Trump ought to know. Lol. Uh ... Didn't she French kiss her brother on national television? Probably barely made it through high school. Feeds her kids bugs and wore a vial of Billy Bob's blood around her neck ... Not my go-to person for government affairs. Lol. George! Come on! Tsk ... Tsk ...

 Oscar worthy performance she is giving. Oh that's right she has one already for a real movie so real life is easy act for her. Her timing and such on this whole situation screens contrived and planned. I actually feel sorry for Brad in this. And those kids with a nomad life - while educational and a good experience I think it's limiting on the home front and social aspects of same school same bed same stuff - but that's my opinion.

Angelina Jolie confirms retirement: 'I've never loved acting'  2014
Angelina Jolie Says She's “Absolutely” Quitting Acting
Angelina Jolie to Quit Acting: 'I've Never Been Comfortable as an Actor'
Angelina Jolie confirms plan to retire from acting - Telegraph
Angelina Jolie confirms retirement from acting | Film | The Guardian

A lot of more *Witch films

Don't care and what did she do to her face. She looks like a completely different person..not in a good way. She's only 41..what is with these actors who go nuts with the Botox and face lifts or whatever when they don't even need it... odd... they all end up looking homogeneous. Aren't actors supposed to show expression on their faces...ridiculous that they freeze their faces...

 Who cares.

That he abused his children and was a threat to them, basically called him a bad father and none of the kids corroborated her fake story line! Anyone who tongue kisses their brother is a sick corrupt person!

Didn't Mister Rudin already tell us that she is a diva? Hahaha, maybe it is true after all.

Must be her spin doctor is working full time to dispel her new reputation for being disloyal.

 Spin bitch spin. Team Brad

 She can't hold a candle to Cate Blanchett

Put her ass under the jail. These women, claiming abuse after the fact. Paula, Angie. This is the trump card that they play. Amber and Johnny. Why can't the judges see what they are doing.

 Angelina feels she can do just what she likes and when.

She did this to promote a movie in cambodia.

This fucking girl is sick freak physcotic bitch

Catherine the Great is perfect for her. I couldn't imagine anyone better to play a narcissistic, delusional and vicious Queen Bee who would do anything to anyone in order to get her way.

Can't stand her! So false!

Yeah she doesn't have a publicist, she has an entire team of crisis managers & advisors! She is involved herself as she is a complete control freak but never forget she has employees & people she hires as & when needed that fulfil the job of a publicist even if their job title isn't publicist.

because they are not lable as publicists, They are called hidden smear campaigns .

I think Judy Smith would beg to differ. This is clearly a ho fax determined to rebuild her image as the strong, independent humanitarian woman

She chose to speak with respected news networks instead of with publications such as People or The Hollywood Reporter, which shows maybe she doesn’t care so much about the opinions of Hollywood insiders.
Whatever, she may have interviewed through her sycophants B B C and A B C, but there were tons of articles in her preferred outlet, People. Also U S Weekly. She made sure to cover all the basis with her propaganda.

And don't forget she started the whole divorce drama & months of subsequent leaks to fuel that gossip to the epitome of modern day Hollywood celebrity/paparazzi, TMZ.

And this did not win her any respect, so it was a wasted effort. :mrgreen:
Jolie has such a rampant ego that she wants to be seen as superwoman. That's why she hides her crew of nannies and is now hiding her PR.
Nobody is fooled by you Jolie 

Lol--yep. I'd say she wrote it herself, but it's too well written. Still a bunch of lies. And she totally did pimp her kids in the media to create her false public image. She's just such a sociopath that she can't always figure out what people will respond positively to. Human emotions, empathy, etc., are all foreign concepts to her.

Of course she lies that's what lying mother do after a break up, that's why I don't believe it's the father half the time, it's the mother fault why the father not around or seems them twice a month. Bad mother and judges are destroying families. Of course no feminists to be found with this ether .

She's a homewrecker that likes to play the victim

 She is Crazy.

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