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What a strange world these people certainly isn't a real one!

I can't hack this one's dual personality - that exaggerated sainted look that she applies to her Mother Theresa persona, while we all know the life of debauchery she's led and the home wrecking she's responsible for, not to mention the awful way she's isolated Brad Pitt from the kids. And also there's that matter of instilling gender confusion in Shiloh. Little girls grow out of tomboy phases, she encourages Shiloh in looking like a little lad. Jolie is a creepy weirdo.

Open your eyes to her twisted personality and you'll see the damage she does.

She just wants attention. I agree with the person who sends condolences to Jon Voight. Angelina is imbalanced and she has enough money to avoid all treatment and buy her way into doing anything she wants. She is spiteful, vindictive and dishonest. It is a sad illustration of how money, looks and fame do a person so much more harm than good. When these people take a wrong turn there is nobody to stop them.

First, they killed my father.... Sound similar to what she did with her father and her children's father.... prentending they don't exist.

Another of her vanity projects

Too much free time on her hands.

Keep the kids away from the press -- until it comes time for my movie premier

Does she have them make out with each other and wear viles of sibling's blood around their necks?

Wow, Shiloh looks just like her dad.

REALLY? Who cares? Another over rated actress that knows nothing.

blah blah blah.

if maddox really loves his home country the why don't he visit it from time to time??

Won't ever watch anything she does again! Tone-deaf Left wing Hollywood!

not one person with a smile showing teeth..weird

Haha Haha !neurotic bitch!

BBCWorld Are you the PR agency for Angelina Jolie?

The kids look so unhappy.

she looks frail and gaunt the kids look miserable

Once again, using her children to try and win back public support. Instead of this film she needs to make one about the effect her behavior and lies have had on the kids relationship with their doting father. She let them run wild to think they could say and do as they wished. He was the father figure of simple authority and manners. The way she used her son to tell lies, called the FBI from the plane etc, was despicable and selfish behavior.All the children were so happy they kept urging the two to get married.Without her brainwashing - what do they think now?

Hypocrite. Another film I will never watch.

Publicity stunt?

She is determined to make Shiloh into a boy

She looks different and its not good different, her brow is lower or something.

And a two hour movie will provide so much detail and insight into what these people experienced? Shallow. Just shallow.

Angelina should win an Oscar for her continuous role as Mother Theresa. What a phoney bologna.
so fake.

The brand without Brad. Imagine she could not exploit these kids. Would be a neverbeen instead of a hasbeen, what she is right now.
Who in Cambodia is going to see Netflix flicks? 5 people?
It's a disgrace how she either takes advantage of poor people (refugees, her brats), weak countries (Cambodia, bosnia) or eldery people (Louis zamperini) for her PR. :x
Karma is still on her

 I especially noticed the relentless masculization of Shiloh. She (I'm sorry, Shiloh is still a 'she' legally and medically) looks ridiculous, and the suit with its very light beige tone was chosen to make her stand out against Jolie and the others.
This is sadly her best effort at "good mothering" - dragging those kids once again on a long, mind numbing flight so that they might watch their mother feign modesty and pontificate and shill some product all at once. This is also Jolie's definition of an education. Eventually, those kids are going to be asked to show someone where exactly they were on a map, or how to calculate how many crickets they will need per day to repeat the journey, or what constitutes a constitutional monarchy.
What a farce. Can't believe Guerlain is mixed up in this. They should have named the new fragrance Charade.

 And look, who is the one using the kids again: Jolie. Pathetic.

Human rights activist bows down to the dude who is violating human rights in Cambodia.

What's the point to bring these kids along other than for PR? They aren't going to see that flick neither have any genuine friends there...

Wondering if Maddox is dealing with his Oedipus complex !

Dragging the eight year old twins to audiences with the cambodian king, where they cant hear or understand a word he is saying, all with the aim of expanding their mind and their mothers profile and bank balance. But do they enjoy it. How brad must be hurting seeing their pics, sitting alone at home.

Nobody is buying your Mother Teresa's act.

Mommy Dearest, turning her kids and the public against Brad Pitt.... It's not working....

her kids look miserable #forcedfun

Angelina looks deranged and poor Shiloh, she never stood a chance at normalcy

What happened with her face?


No thanks she is the evil women herself

Angelina who ??????

A lot has to do with the fact that she sold her soul

Trust me this gal has a long track record of coo coo. Always walks out of her marriages like its nothing if she dont get her way. Just ask her own dad that she would'nt talk to for years when he was caught off guard by a squirrely news reporter and said she has been doing some crazy things lately back then.

Trying to make herself look good again after she let her crazy show! Lol

Thanks for nothing Angie, why did you try to ruin Brad, but you failed.

Doing good for people who do not have to see the real you is easy peasy...

I think her motives are questionable

That smile.....pretty sad looking. No warmth or happiness there.

 I do not believe one word coming out of this woman's mouth. She is using her kids.

 Is it me, or does she look like a man with long hair in this photo?

Eww nasty. Can't stand her.

She always walks out of her marriages like its nothing. Very selfish.

 I have never been a fan of Angelina.

Home wrecker!!!

She looks strange

She's nuts

Who cares she needs help

Where has she been over the last decade?? Your image was shot, when you decided to have an affair with Brad! At least Jennifer A. can sit back and enjoy the karma that's catching up with you

I don't think her image has ever been upstanding. She made out with her brother at an awards show, married Billy Bob Thornton and wore his blood around her neck then the whole brad/Jen thing.

The worst thing you can do to your kids as a mother is to falsely accuse their father of abuse just to hurt him and keep him away from the kids. It's mean and vindictive. She obviously thought everyone will believe her just because she's woman.

look its about 15 years to late for her to clean up the public view of here and yes she has done great things yet honey just move out the way and put the energy into your kids she has the time and money for it

They're all getting so big but they always look so sad.

Brad didn't need her,she's to much controlling freek.brad is alot better of without her.i hope he wins soul custody of those kids.hes a great father and oppion.

Vivienne doesn't look healthy.....and I totally dislike that little prick standing on Angelina's right....spoiled.

I just find it so sad, for any family, that Dad is dropped so easily from the picture. Ms. Jolie was in a relationship with Mr. Pitt for 12 years, waiting 10 to marry him. I find it hard to believe that he just all of a sudden turned into some horrible monster. I hope that he will be reunited with his children soon and often.

Aww, the one on the end looks just like Brad. (shiloh)

Everyone looks so unhappy

The children NEVER look Happy.

She's picked up a few more along the way I see.

The kids look so sad.

At that age shiloh already knows she likes to dress like a guy????

Shiloh needs to learn to dress like a girl! Come on now!

 Who cares!!! Kids are adorable but with a mom like her....i feel sorry for them!

They never look happy.

Kids don't look that happy

They look sad...

She can stay there

Angelina Jolie slithers out of her snake pit to feast on the rotten carcass of sacrificed animals and drink the blood of the innocents. Bloody witch.

Hopefully she isn't using the Cambodian citizenship she just received in a ploy to keep Brad's children from him by moving out there. She is sneaky!!!

Aah. Shes not pretty anymore. Take her out with the rest of the trash.

 Promoting movie & needs to look good in the public eye. That's what's going on here. She had over 10 yrs to do this but picks Now. Promotion.

Probably hoping to pick up another kid on the way through...

Not the same without Brad. He's the fun one!

If you haven't seen A River Runs Through It, Legends of the Fall, or Thelma and Louise you haven't witnessed Brad Pitt at his finest.

If a dysfunctional heroin addict can go around the world collecting children to pass on to a nanny, it makes you wonder why good people are denied the same opportunity.

I wonder what it is like to be a Publicity Toy.

Cray Cray as Ever....sure hope it hasn't affected the children's future. Sad money can afford you the privilege to adopt whether you are sane or not. But a poor sane person would not have had to opportunity to do so.


How do you know that she's not sane?

Eoin every man she sets her sights on is married or spoken for? She snigged her own brother and wears vials if blood around her neck!! She's hardly all there lol :)

Divorce had aged her...

Not the same without Brad. He's the fun one!

Shiloh looks like a boy! Wth? and I think Angie did Brad like crap! She was the home wrecker in the beginning, then tried to bring him down and take his kids away! I really wish Shiloh would have taken full advantage of her beauty and actually glammed up! She could probably be a super model!

She has been looking like a boy for a long time. I haven't seen a pic of her in a dress or anything since she was like 2

No longer team angie. Sorry.

She is creepy

I still see the horns on her head!! lol 😈😈

Me too shes probably already screwing someones husband

 the psycho mom lets them do whatever they want and Brad brought structure and dicipline to the household. Kids always love the "good" parent and feel intimidated by the "bad" one.
Their loss.

Looking for another married man....on a film set near you!! Her first husband was in a long term relationship, her second husband was living with Laura Dern...she only found out Billy Bob was with Angelina when she came home from filming to find he had emptied the house out and got married, and her third husband was married to Jennifer Aniston at the time she got her claws out!! Seems to me the woman isn't interested in having a healthy relationship with a single man!! And she wonders why it always goes wrong lol....

She never had cancer. Ever. She had the genes and had elective surgery to remove her breast tissue and ovaries I believe.

She lies

These adopted children will continue to keep her in the headlines. A calculated decision made by Jolie ergo the removal of Brad Pitt from custodial rights. Her plans are to permanently move to the UK and apply for citizenship while receiving assistance by the political activists there helping her along

Get out with this BS. She is Batshit Crazy... Unfortunately Brad found out the hard way because he acted like a SUCKA. But he will recover.... But she will not- She will go down in history as a psycho home wrecker . Poor Kids


These kids don't dress normal

Shes so creepy and evil

Great movie to take the kids going by the title!!

I'm so sick of Angelina and what she has done to Brad.

Mean spirited woman. Now she wants to drain his pockets as if she has no money.What a joke!

Poor Shiloh.. She never had a chanc

 Brad was maddox"s father figure. He,should give him the,respect he deserves. I can not picture Brad hitting a,child but I wasn't there.

Jolie's adopted kids and the one girl that dresses like a boy, are all weird and ugly. Just like her. I cannot stand Jolie. She shouldn't be allowed to be a mother.

She is one strange person.

She's a freak

She is a wacko. She dissolved the marriage. Her kids do whatever and whenever. Wait u will see. Move on Brad. You deserve better

Nasty woman loves the limelight

used to love she is an evil witch.please do not keep Brads children away from him and also your career is over

She tries wayyy too hard to make her daughter gay for the attention of it. Has never let her decide who she is for herself

Of course she brings her kids. She uses them as a shield.
She's finished.
She's been exposed as the snake she's always been.
Her teary smiles convinces NOBODY.

This woman needs GOD !

Who cares. I feel sorry for the kids having such a psycho mother.

She is so fake.

For some reason, I imagine one day these children will be similar to Joan Crawford's kids and write a 'tell all' book about their mother. And, it won't be kind .... Shiloh is a beautiful young 'girl' and since she was born, her mother has forced her to look more like a boy. It's sad ..... People can say she has a choice, but she has been made to be a boy since she was born. So it's not a choice by her.
One never knows what goes on behind closed doors. Just like Joan Crawford. But I really believe this woman, Angelina puts on a good show for the cameras.

She is a player and out for vengance AGAIN for what ever reasons. WHY she had to return to our town of Crested Butte, Colorado when for years this has been Brad's go-to, safe, quiet, sacred place--- she had to ruin that for him--- and for all of us locals. I have since moved but we all knew what she was doing and that she was using the kids to do it.
The lowest of low.
She is wholly self-abosrbed. It's all about her- and her alone.

why cant she be in the spotlight without the kids..... still using her own children for her own satisfaction greed :( :( :(

Being gorgeous not a given that you normal .

Black Widow Man-eater!!!!

Normally I find german (the language) ugly but damn Brad Pitt speaking German got me fucked up

 her film should be retitled to first they killed my father then I falsely accused my husband.

It seems to me Angelina Jolie is more proud of her adopted kids than her on flesh and blood kids. She uses them to promote herself!

Public Apparence with all six kids wearing soft makeup ... check Public Appearance wearing a "Statement Dress" check PR's attempt to re establish her image ... fail Angie while you may be beautiful your inner beauty know seems diminished.

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